More Action for the Third Wheel Ch. 01


Continued from “Finally Some Action for the Third Wheel”


I woke up in my bed with a raging hard-on and the memory of tag-teaming my slutty friend, Stacy, with her boyfriend, Dave, the night before. In case you don’t know what is going on my friend Stacy is one hell of a nasty whore. I live in a two bedroom condo near the beach with her and her boyfriend. Things started a few weeks ago with Stacy teasing me and the two of them leaving their bedroom door open to put on nasty sex shows for me. The teasing quickly led to me fucking my best friend and doing all sorts of nasty things with her. I thought she was cheating and that I was being a perverted asshole but it turned out that Dave was in on the whole thing. His girlfriend is too much of a cock fiend for him to handle alone so he welcomed the chance at having someone else to help keep her occupied. So that was how last night ended up with Dave and I double stuffing Stacy with our fat cocks. After last night life was going to be very different in the condo.

I rolled out of bed and pulled my hard cock out through the fly in my pajama pants. I had just woken up but I was already horny and ready to have some nasty fun. I walked out of my room and could hear someone playing a video game in the living room and someone doing dishes in the kitchen. I knew there was no way that Stacy was playing the video game so I walked down the hallway to the kitchen, letting my swollen member lead the way.

I walked into the kitchen and the sight before me made my cock stiffen even more. Stacy was standing at the sink doing the dishes without any clothes on. Let me describe Stacy for you real quick. She has long blond hair, blue eyes and a sexy body that she keeps in shape with yoga every day. She’s not a skinny girl but she has a nice, tight, curvy body with wonderful, grapefruit-size tits and a juicy ass that any black guy would love. Right now that wonderful ass was arched back for my full viewing pleasure.

“Good morning,” I said as I hugged Stacy from behind, pressing my hard shaft into the crack of her ass. I could instantly feel the steaming wetness of her tight snatch.

“Mmm, good morning to you too,” Stacy replied as she ground her ass and cunt back onto my throbbing cock.

I was incredibly horny as I wasted no time in pulling back and shoving my fat prick into Stacy’s tight pussy. She let out a surprised moan as my entire fat eight inches buried itself in her sopping wet cunt. I grabbed Stacy and bent her over the kitchen sink as I started to pump my cock into her.

“Ugh…I see someone….unnhh….woke up horny…..uumph….this morning,” Stacy groaned as I started to brutally pound into her. I could hear the sound of my balls slapping against her thighs as my thick shaft slammed into her snatch.

When I woke up this morning I had come to the decision that I was going to treat Stacy like the degraded slut that she was. She had tricked me into thinking that I was helping her cheat on her boyfriend (which I had felt really guilty about) when she was just toying with me. I decided that I was going to get back at her by getting as rough and nasty with her as she could possibly handle. If Stacy like acting like a pornstar whore than I was going to treat her like one.

I grabbed a handful of Stacy’s hair and yanked her head back so that it was next to mine as I continued to relentlessly fuck her. “You had fun with your little game the last couple of weeks but now it is my turn. You are a filthy slut and I am going to treat you like one. Prepare to be punished.”

“Oooh, bring it on fucker,” Stacy said as she mashed her lips to mine and shoved her tongue into my mouth. We explored each others tonsils as I relentlessly pounded her pussy with my cock. I reached around with my left arm to maul her juicy tits.

“Sounds like you guys are having a sweaty morning!” Jason suddenly yelled from the living room.

“I have to punish your slut of a girlfriend for playing her game with me these last few weeks!” I yelled back as I bent Stacy over the sink again, still fucking her.

I looked down and enjoyed the view of my thick shaft spreading Stacy’s cunt lips wide each time it mashed its way into her womb. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them so I could get a better view. Her puckered asshole looked inviting and for a second I considered pulling out my cock and burying it in her ass when I decided to skip it as I could already feel my load building.

Instead I pulled my cock out of Stacy’s ass with a wet pop, spun her around, and push her down to her knees in front of me. Stacy stared at me with a look of lust as she opened her mouth wide, knowing what I wanted. I did not disappoint as I aimed my swollen cockhead at her open mouth and started pushing it in. Stacy’s tongue slurped on my cock as I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed down. I felt the tightness of my best friends throat as my throbbing member slowly forced its way down her gullet. Stacy gagged samsun escort and gurgled as her nose came to rest in my pubic hair with my cock fully engulfed in her mouth and throat. I moaned as I felt my dick pulsate and swell in the tight confines. After about ten seconds Stacy tried to pull back but I denied her as I held her head firmly in place.

“Breathe through your nose slut,” I said as I tried to force my cock even deeper. “I want to feel my load pump straight into your stomach.”

Stacy snorted some air through her nose and looked up at me. There was no anger in her eyes as they appeared to be glazed over with lustiness. Her face looked so wonderful with my shaft buried in her mouth. I reached down and stroked the front of her neck, feeling my hard cock in her tight throat. Every once in while Stacy would gag and choke a bit but for the most part she kept my dick lodged in her throat like an absolute pro. After a couple of minutes I felt my cock getting ready to explode.

“Uuuggh, prepare for your breakfast protein boost!” I groaned as I felt my prick erupt in the tightness of Stacy’s throat. She had no choice but to work her throat muscles as fast as she could and gulp down my gooey seed. I gripped the sides of her head as it felt like I was pumping a gallon of cum right in to her stomach.

When my orgasm finally subsided I pulled my softening, wet cock out of Stacy’s mouth. She looked up at me and smiled as she licked her lips for any remnants of jizz. Her smile grew even bigger when she looked over and saw Dave standing in the kitchen doorway, stroking his hard shaft. He must have watched me fill his girlfriends belly with my cum and decided to get some action himself.

“I’m gonna hit the shower now, she’s all yours,” I said as I moved past Dave so he could get in the kitchen. As I walked into the bathroom I heard Stacy gag as Dave grabbed her head and shoved his prick down her throat.


The next few days were a nasty, x-rated dream. Stacy’s sexual appetite truly was insatiable. She was in the mood for a hard cock any time, anywhere. Any time my dick twitched and I felt a little horny all I had to do was grab her, stick my cock in one of her lovely holes and go to town. She was never not in the mood. She still ate regular meals but she was consuming huge amounts of cum as well.

There was even one time when I woke up in the early morning around 3 AM to the sensations of Stacy slurping on my cock. While I was half asleep, she got me hard and then rode me until I filled her snatch with a load of cum. I thought it had been a dream in the morning until she confirmed that it had actually happened.

That was how things went for a few days. Dave and I would wake up, have a fuck and suck session with Stacy and then we all go to work. After work we got home and it’s nastiness all night until we go to bed (we watch TV, eat and do other stuff in between of course).

When it was Wednesday Dave informed us that his family was coming out to visit from Friday until next Tuesday and then when they left he was going to fly back home with them for a few days. His mom, dad, younger sister, and younger brother would be staying at a hotel nearby. Of course they wanted to meet Stacy and myself and do all sorts of activities, meals and sight-seeing. We were a bit bummed as this seemed like it was going to put a damper on our sexual activities. I decided that I could deal with it especially considering that when they left Dave was going with them for a few days. This meant that I would have Stacy all to myself for a little bit. I was already forming ideas in my head of some nasty fun we could have without Dave around. It was going to be a tough few days to get through.

We got as much nasty fun in as possible in the next couple of days and then Dave’s family rolled into town. Dave left to pick them up in the morning while Stacy and I stayed at the condo. They arrived just minutes after I had blown a fat load of jizz down Stacy’s throat. She was in the bathroom freshening herself up when they walked in through the front door.

Dave’s dad seemed like a really nice guy. His name was Hank and he looked like an older version of Dave except he seemed to be in better shape then his son. Dave’s mom, Janice, was short, dumpy and not very good looking. Hank was a handsome guy and I thought he could have done better than what I was looking at in front of me. Love is love though I guess. Dave’s sister, Sara, was next. I had to will myself to keep my dick from hardening at the sight of her. Sara was 19 years old but I imagine she could have passed for 16 if she wanted. She wasn’t even five feet tall and she probably weighed in somewhere in the 95 pound range. She had one of the most petite, sexy bodies I had ever seen. Her delicious body was tight and toned with an unbelievably gorgeous ass and a nice set of tits for such a compact frame. This lovely body was combined with the face of a pixie. Sara had short, brown hair, trimmed at her shoulders and sparkling green eyes. When we shook hands there was something about the look she gave me that was not innocent all as she seemed to size me up in some way. I got a very interesting vibe from her. Lastly came Dave’s little brother, Todd. He was 16 years old and looked exactly like a younger version of his brother and father. He looked to be in great shape just like his dad.

Eventually Stacy came out and introductions were made once again. When Stacy met Hank she gave him a huge hug. Everyone else was chatting so I was the only one who noticed the sultry look that Stacy gave Hank. He responded by briefly pressing his crotch into her as they finished their hug. After seeing that I was starting to have second thoughts about this family visit being a bummer. Things could get interesting after all.

Once introductions were finished it was decided that everyone was hungry. Stacy had prepared a picnic lunch that she thought would be great to take down to the beach. Everyone agreed and that was decided to be the plan. We loaded up with all our chairs and towels and other beach stuff while Stacy went to finish getting the food ready. When we are ready to go she announced that she still had a little bit left to prepare but that everyone else should go ahead. Hank had already been helping her pack the food up so he announced that he would stay and help her and meet us down there.

We were half way to the beach when I realized I had left my cell phone at the condo. I was expecting a call about a new job so I needed to go back and pick it up. I let everyone know what I was doing and that they should keep going and get us a good spot. It was a nice day so I knew the beach would be a little crowded.

When I got back to the condo I walked in and heard some odd noises coming from the kitchen when they instantly stopped. Stacy peeked around the corner with a look of relief on her face.

“Oh good, it’s just Jeff. Trust me he is cool.”

I walked down the hallway and looked in to the kitchen. I was only somewhat surprised at the sight of Stacy bent over with her bikini bottoms around her ankles and Hank standing right behind her with his very large looking cock sticking obscenely out of Stacy’s tight snatch. His prick was so thick and long that it looked like a veiny arm reaching up into her sucking pussy. Hank still looked a little uneasy at the sight of me standing there in doorway.

“Damn Stacy you did not waste any time did you?” I said as I pulled down my board shorts and released my hardening cock. Stacy immediately leaned forward and took my member into her mouth. I placed one hand on the back of her head and pushed down, shoving my dick down her tight throat. Stacy was choking on my cock as I extended my other hand out in a handshake to Hank. “Nice to meet you again Hank.”

“Haha, yes Jeff, it’s nice to meet you again too,” Hank laughed and smiled as he reached across Stacy’s back and shook my hand. With that he put his hands on her hips and resumed thrusting his fat prick into Stacy’s snatch. She moaned and gurgled around my cock as Hank pumped into her. “So my son has himself quite the girlfriend it appears.”

“Oh man Hank, you have no idea,” I grinned. “He’s cool with it though. He realized that there is no way one man could keep this slut satisfied.”

“I can see that. Wow there are some nasty chicks back home that I enjoy fucking but this girl is something else.”

“Oh man you haven’t seen anything yet. I don’t think she has any limits. Do you have any limits Stacy?”

Stacy made a gurgling noise around my cock that sounded like a no. Hank laughed, put his hand on the back of her head and shoved it towards my cock. Stacy’s nose mashed into my pelvis as my shaft was as deep down her throat as it could possibly go. Stacy gagged and a bit of saliva drooled out of the corners of her mouth.

“Damn that is some hot shit,” Hank said as he held Stacy’s head in place. “Not too often you find a chick who can deepthroat a big cock like she’s doing. What a nasty fucking slut.”

“You look like your packing a pretty big weapon down there Hank. You should see how good her deepthroating skills really are.”

Hank nodded and pulled his huge prick out from Stacy’s wet cunt. It made a wet plop as it slapped on to the top of her ass. Hank’s massive cock was dripping and glistening with Stacy’s juices. I could not help but be impressed by what Hank was packing and amazed that he was able to get it inside Stacy’s tight pussy. His cock had to be about 11 inches long and was ridiculously thick.

I released my dick from the confines of Stacy’s throat as she gasped for air. Hank grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards him. Stacy smiled as his huge cock smacked her in the face.

“Mmm, your cock is so big Hank. I hope it can fit all the way down my throat. I bet your cum would shoot right into my belly.”

“Oh Stacy, your so pretty and nasty I think you will find a way to make my dick disappear.”

Hank aimed is monster dick at Stacy’s face and she opened her mouth as wide as possible. Her lips stretched wide as his prick entered her mouth. He was able to get a couple of inches in before he hit the entrance to her throat. Hank put a hand on each side of her head and began to force his cock down her gullet. I watched in amazement as Stacy’s throat stretched and bulged as inch after inch of Hank’s thick cock disappeared down into her mouth. Stacy snorted air through her nose and made choking noises as Hank really had to work hard to get the last couple of inches down her throat. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed to try and help out. Finally Stacy was looking up at Hank with all 11 inches of his cock buried in her mouth and throat.

“Well holy shit, I can’t believe it,” Hank said in shock. “I can’t believe how fucking tight her throat feels around my dick. I already feel like I could blow my load.”

“Do it then Hank. Pump you man goo right in to her stomach. Stacy loves a belly full of cum.”

Stacy looked up at Hank with his cock buried down her throat and did her best to nod in agreement.

“Well all right then. I hope your hungry slut cause I’m gonna blow big time.”

Stacy moaned around his cock as he held her there. Hank groaned as he flexed his prick in the tight confines of her throat. A steady stream of drool was spilling out the sides of Stacy’s mouth as she breathed through her nose and maintained her deepthroat action. Finally Hank let out a loud moan and forced Stacy back against the kitchen cabinets as he tried to forced his cock even deeper then it already was. I watched as Stacy’s throat muscles worked frantically to gulp down what seemed to be a huge amount of cum. Hank was groaning as he seemed to be unloading an endless supply of jizz into her stomach.

Eventually Hanks orgasm subsided and he slowly pulled his softening cock out of Stacy’s mouth. She let out a small belch as she seemed to be fighting to keep her semen meal down.

“Oh my God, that was so much fucking cum,” she said as she licked her lips. “I feel like you just filled my belly with a gallon of jizz.”

“Think you got room for a little more?” I asked. I had been stroking my hard cock while I was watching Stacy deepthroat Hank and was about ready to blow my load.

“Mmm, I’ve always got room for more,” Stacy answered as she crawled over to me and took my cock in to her mouth.

I felt the jizz rush up through my cock and I exploded in Stacy’s mouth. I moaned as she gulped down wad after wad of my cum. Stacy was a pro as she drank down her second huge load of cum without spilling a drop.

After I was finished I pulled my shrinking cock from Stacy’s mouth and put my board shorts back on. Stacy went into the bathroom to brush her teeth while Hank and I finished packing up the food. When Stacy came out of the bathroom she had a smile on her face.

“Looks like I already had my picnic lunch. I literally feel full from all that cum you guys fed me. What a delicious meal.”

I felt my dick twitch again in my shorts. “Come on Stacy you gotta cut that talk out now. Your gonna make me and Hank show up at the beach sporting huge boners. Could get us in a bit of trouble.”

We all had a laugh at the thought of that bad idea. As we walked to the beach we made sure to chat about everything except sex. We successfully joined the others without growing huge protruding hard-ons.


We spent the next couple of hours lounging in the sun and frolicking in the water. I had to either go in the water or stay in a folding chair in order to hide my constant erection. I could not help but get hard every time I saw Sara running around in her bikini. It was solid black and did not leave much to the imagination. Her tight ass and pert tits looked amazing as she ran around. I could have sworn that it seemed like she was purposely bending over in front of me every once in a while so I could get a great view of her ass and even see the outline of her pussy lips. Sara’s tiny, petite body was unbelievably sexy.

As we finished up eating lunch Stacy announced that she had forgotten the cookies she had for dessert and was going to go back to the condo real quick and grab them. To my surprise she asked Todd if he wanted to go with her. He instantly agreed and as they were leaving she turned around and gave me a wicked look. I knew exactly what she intended to do and could not believe she was going for Dave’s little brother. She truly was a degraded, nasty slut.

It was a five minute walk to the condo and they were gone for twenty minutes. As Stacy was walking back to join us she seemed to be walking a little bow-legged. She immediately announced she wanted to go for a swim after the walk and headed into the ocean. I followed her in so that I could find out what had happened.

“So did you fuck Todd too?” I asked as we bobbed in the waves.

Stacy looked at me with a devilish grin on her face. “Of course. I found out that kid is actually a filthy little pervert. Just the kind I love.”

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