More Adventures with my Co-Worker


Ahhh! Lisa. Just to recap, Lisa was a co-worker of mine. She’s about 5’4″, a great smile, sparkling eyes and a great-looking body. I would guess a 34C x 24 waist x 36 hips and a GREAT pair of legs. We knew each other for a few years before anything got serious.

One day she came to my office and said she wanted to talk. She looked sad! She had some tears in her eyes. We went to a back room where I could still see what was going on but we had some privacy. She came close to me, gave me a big hug, told me that she just wanted to be held & hugged. She told me that she thought her marriage was falling apart and that I was the only one she could talk to.

I was leaning against a table when she turned around; she took my arms, around her and leaned back. My cock was getting a little hard and I’m sure she felt it against her ass. Especially when she leaned back further. Her head tilted back and I kissed her. She raised my arms around her to just under her chest. She turned around facing me… My legs were spread. Her hands went to my crotch, touching me. Lisa bit her lower lip as I let her unzip me, reach in, and hold my cock in her hands. I stood up, letting her stroke me. Her eyes got so wide! She smiled as she stroked me. “He’s not as big as you!” I really had to hold myself and not cum.

While she was stroking me, I slowly reached under her sweater. I discovered that she had a lacey bra on. Lisa’s’ breasts did not need any support and she favored front closure bras. I could fee her erect nipples poking thru the flimsy material. I opened her bra and I lightly touched her breasts. Her eyes closed and she smiled. When my hands, brushed across her nipples. They were so hard! Her breasts were warm. That was as far as we went that day.

A few days went by when she called me. She wanted to meet & have lunch at her favorite place. Lunch was nice and leisurely. I asked her how things were going at home. She didn’t want to talk about it. After dessert, she said she wanted to see where I lived.

She followed me in her car. After arriving, we held hands as I led her to the back yard. It’s nice back there. Partially covered by trees, I have a wood deck, a table and chairs and a hot tub. Lisa said, “that it’s nice to have someone to talk to & listen to you”.

As we stood back there & chatted, she got closer and hugged me. She was wearing a fisherman’s’ knit sweater and when she pressed against I felt her breasts. I had one arm around her. As we hugged, I slowly went under her sweater. I got an encouraging hug and a whispered moan kartal escort and my hand went higher till I reached a bare breast. She moaned, ” that Hot Tub looks inviting” as my finger found a hard nipple.

When I heard that, I think I pinched it a little too hard. “Ouch.” Lisa told me that her breasts were tender and bruised easily. She reached down and ran a hand across my jeans touching my crotch. After taking a deep breath, I took her hand “let’s go inside and get some robes.”

We both undressed quickly. Lisa had no problem undressing in front of me. I thought ” nice smile, nice legs and a nice ass.” When I saw her naked, I think my cock jumped. This is the body of a real woman! NOT a FAKE


She smiled and said, “Looks like you’re enjoying the show. I am.” Cupping her breasts for me, her dark pink nipples standing erect, craving my attention.

I came closer, kissing her from her lips, down her neck, to her earlobes. “ahhhhhhhhh!” With deep breaths I continue to kiss and explore her chest. My tongue licks round & round a tight nipple then moving on to the next breast. I reached down to finger her clit. I could see that her juices were running down her thighs. “I ahhhhhh think we should continue this outside,” she whispered.

As we walked outside with our robes on, we stopped where there was a table and some chairs. The area was also hidden from neighbors. Lisa winked at me and pulled me over to that area.

We started kissing and as we did, our robes opened and fell to the ground. Looking down, she saw that I was getting erect. She knelt down, stroked me, took me in her mouth and sucked me till I was very hard. Stopping that, Lisa laid on some towels spread on the ground, spreading her legs. I didn’t need another invitation. Her legs were spread as I went down on her, her vagina opening like a beautiful flower, Licking, sucking and teasing her pussy. Moaning that she wanted me to fuck her “Please fuck me!” Lisa’s’ legs spread even more as I crawled up her body, we kissed and I thrust in!

I’ve never been as hard as when Lisa and I fucked. She told me once that she could only cum if she used a rabbit sex toy when she and her husband fucked. Although she was very wet, she was still tight. I thrust in and out as she moaned and whimpered “fuck me hard! Deep! Harder! My husband can’t.” We were in our own world of sexual bliss and loved it. I don’t know how long we fucked but I said I was ready to cum. I pulled out of her and shot cum on her belly and tits.

We lay there maltepe escort bayan for a few giggling & catching our breaths before we made our way to the hot tub. We were sitting in the hot water for about 15 minutes, relaxing, when she raised a foot and rubbed it against my cock.

I moved closer to her, putting an arm around her and with my other, brought it up to tease a nipple. We came closer and kissed. As I was still tormenting her nipples, she started to grasp & stroke me. “Ohhh my god! You’re so hard!”

My arm went down to touch her pussy. Just as I thought we were going to fuck again, she sat up and moved toward my growing cock. First she turned and rubbed her ass on my hard cock. Just as I was about to reach around and cup her swinging breasts, she then turned again; dropping to her knees and took me into her mouth. One hand stroking me, the other cupping my balls. Lisa stopped sucking me till she was sure I was dry. Getting up,

“I’d love to fuck again but I do have to get home to my family.” Lisa quickly grabbed her robe, went back into the house, dressed and left without another word.

A week or two went by when I rec’d a picture via email of her. It was nothing x-rated. Just her outside, in a housedress, knelling. Some cleavage showing but nothing more. When I replied I wanted to see more, she replied, “Some girls gotta have some mystery.”

I asked her if she wanted to meet me at a Halloween Party store. I needed a costume for a Company party. She said she would.

I drove to Halloween Expo, secretly hoping that they would be out of costumes. It turns out, they had an entire room marked FOR ADULTS ONLY! I opened the door and entered. I was slowly walking through, looking at all my choices when a masked Pirate came out of one of the dressing rooms.

“Oh! Excuse Me,” I said as we almost bumped into each other. Although I couldn’t see who it was, she appeared to be very beautiful. Nice body I thought.

She asked me if I could zip her costume up for her. I followed her into a changing room. Looking at her bare back she said, “See anything you like?” There was a chance of being discovered.

I thought mmmm nice toned body! No bra! There was plenty that I liked. Where was Lisa?

She turned around, her Pirate shirt open, and her body was very exposed. She leaned into me and we kissed. We came closer and closer until we were one. I pushed the Pirate shirt off her shoulders and explored my found treasure. Our clothing was cast aside as I softly fondled her breasts. escort pendik “These breasts have a familiar fee to them,” I thought. Her nipples hardened when I

lay my closed fingers on them. Pinching each one, the Pirates’ breathing got deep and shallow!

She reached down and started to unzip me. Reaching in, she pulled my cock out, stroking me till I was erect and hard! A bit of pre-cum appeared on my purplish helmet. Looking down, biting her lower lip, she ran a finger across my helmet then up to her tongue. “Yum!”

Her pants were open and her legs were already spread for some exploration. My hand went down to push her thong aside. I explored her pussy with first one finger, then two! Her hips started to move and she was breathing faster. I knelt down, spreading her pussy lips, “ohhhhh God,” she yelled as I licked her. Her hips moved! I thought she’ll cum in a few! Starting at the top of her pussy, I licked and sucked on her clit. It turned out my Pirate was a squirter. She came in my mouth as I sucked, nibbled and finger fucked her.

She held my head there as she came again, her legs quivered.

Both of us were so ready for a Treat. I turned the Pirate around, facing a wall; we fucked like there was no tomorrow! She was still shaking as I stepped between her legs. I took my erect cock, lined it up with her wet, puffy pussy and pushed in with one hard trust. Grabbing her hips, we were fucking hard & fast. My Pirate was moaning and grunting “Ohhh God! Fuck! Don’t stop! Ohhh God!”

I was grunting loudly, thrusting my cock deep inside of her. I was going to cum soon. After one last long trust, I pulled out and my hot cum hit her ass cheeks.

Passionate! Urgent! Fast! Hot sex! It seemed to last forever although in fact it was probably a few minutes.

After it was all over, she excused himself to find a bathroom.

Out of breath, I got myself together and put on my clothes. I came out of the changing room and started looking for my Pirate.

I didn’t know her name either. I walked to the Woman’s’ Bathroom, asked someone who was going in if there was a Pirate in there, tell her I was waiting outside. Unable to find her I wondered where Lisa was. The woman re-appeared, said there was no one else inside the bathroom. She did find a note in an envelope. Maybe it was for me?

The note explained that it was Lisa. She had to be home in time to pick up her husband. She wrote that she really enjoyed the sex filled rendezvous and it was something that she would never forget!

I did find a costume. It was a Doctors’ Lab coat with an ID badge identifying myself as Dr H. Prick.

We did meet again several times over a five-year span. Once when her husband stayed out of town, we made love in every room. That’s another story. Want to hear about it?

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