More TS sex


More TS sexSome time passed since my first encounter with the lovely transvestite and I often remembered it in my lonely bed. But I couldn’t make the decision to seek her again. Maybe afraid from being seen, as she used to walk around near my office I started leaving office before dark.When I went out, before returning home I crossed around in my car passing by the zones were TS usually had their hunting zones, but decidedly I was only looking and thinking how it would be.One night I saw that the police was doing a raid near my office when I was cruising around. I turned into a dark side street and two girls came running to my car, begging me to help them. I let them into the car and went on. Both girls were in front with me and I immediately noticed that both were transvestites. They told me that they had seen the police and were trying to avoid them and at the same time seeking for action somewhere else. “But (said the one directly next to me) pendik escort maybe we don’t need to go, maybe we have already found the action that we needed” At the same time she was sticking her tongue into my ear and fondling my erection. How they did it, can’t say but the second one had her hand into my pants and was fondling my ass. I told them to let me drive without risk for our lifes and we decided to go to a motel on the outskirts of town.There we took a room and after agreeing about tastes and monetary compensation (it was a long time and lot of experiences before I had my first TS sex only for the pleasure of the sex!).They pushed me backwards on the bed and started undressing me. I was enjoying the show they made undressing each other. Both had firm boobs, excellent bodies and, hidden behind a minimal slip I could guess two real big cocks.When they had me naked, one of them made herself comfortable between kartal escort my legs and started sucking my penis. The second I could only see partially in one of the mirrors, but I’m sure she was doing an excellent blow job to her friend. Then she got up and came over to me. When she was kneeing to my left I couldn’t take my eyes from her big,thick cock, bouncing in front of me. I grabbed it and she came over, letting herself down over my chest and I couldn’t resist: Her cock landed in my mouth. I felt as it was a giant lollipop, but with a different taste. With one hand I was playing with one nipple, and with the other I was caressing her balls. I didn’t touch her penis, because I wouldn’t put my hand into my mouth!I noticed her cock growing inside my mouth, it’s head going down my throat and started coming in the other girls mouth.They didn’t need recovery time. In minutes I was sitting on a beautiful dick maltepe escort rammed into my ass, while the second one was sucking me ready. When my erection was in a acceptable size (I really had very few complaints about my dick, mostly were that it was to thick!) and she helped me to lay over her friend avoiding that the cock I had inside slipped out during the position change. When she had me she lubricated her ass and let herself on top of my erection. I was after a long time, again the ham in a sandwich, only then I was with to guys. But I really enjoyed again to fuck and be fucked at the same time.After coming all of us and a needed recovery time (at least, needed by me) we changed positions, but me remaining in my favorite place: Being the ham. This time I had the biggest one into my ass, but with all the prior exercise, I could enjoy it all.We took a quick shower together, I paid them (with a generous tip for special efforts) and I took them back near were I found them. I went straight for 2 blocks in order to do a legal U-Turn, When I passed again the corner were the girls were, I saw both her asses, because the heads were already inside a car. I smiled and thought I would like to know how that guys experience would be.

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