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I was whored out by the lifeguards many times over the summer and even beyond that. Numerous frat parties at Pace College, businessmen in the area and other small private parties. I was getting quite a reputation as a really good young party slut. I had fantasized about doing a bachelor party and Dean and his lifeguard friends made it happen. A friend of one of them was getting married and Dean offered me as the party whore. They were thrilled that they weren’t just getting a stripper and cockteaser.

The evening of the party they drove to my house and picked me up. I was wearing a skirt and blouse and as soon as they got me in the backseat they started making out with me. It wasn’t long before they had my bra and panties off, forcing cock down my throat and putting fingers up my cunt. My hole got really big, wet and open, but they wouldn’t let me cum. They teased me bringing me to the edge and then backing off. I was dripping.

We drove a little ways out of Yonkers into a nicely kept neighborhood. There were several cars in the driveway and music coming from the house. We all went in and they introduced me as FuckPig. There were six guys in the house including the manisa escort groom, Michael. The three lifeguards that were with me left saying they would be back in three hours to pick me up. We sat around drinking beer and smoking pot. The guys on either side of me on the couch started rubbing my legs. Their hands went up to my hairy crotch and they saw I had no panties and was very wet. They wanted me to get in front of Michael and put on a show. I swayed back and forth to the music and turned my back to him, bending over and giving him a good look at my open cunt. I backed up right to his face and rubbed my ass on it. The guys were howling. I turned around and slowly unbuttoned my blouse letting my huge hanging breasts out. They were sagging down to my belly button and my nipples were big and hard at the very bottom of my sagging breasts pointing down and in, right at my cunt. I put my tits in Michaels face and smothered him.

I told him he could only watch his friends use me and had to sit there and rub his cock. After everybody was done with me Michael was going to fuck me in the ass. The five guys stood up and got around me in a circle. They unzipped their pants and took out their cocks. I went from one to the other licking their pricks and balls. Then one of them shoved his prick down my throat while he held the back of my head. I couldn’t breathe and was gagging. Every one of them face fucked me hard slapping my tits and ass. My tits and ass cheeks were getting red and I was making a whining moaning noise. Two of them stuck fingers in my cunt and rubbed my clit. I was going crazy. One of the guys said he had never seen a cunt so big. I told them if you lick it you can fuck it. They all took turns eating me and sucking on my clit. It stood out like a tiny shiny penis.

Two guys held my legs up in the air and another shoved his cock in my pussy. He fucked me hard and moaned, “I’m coming”. When he pulled out the cum poured out. The guys took turns fucking me and the cum made great lubrication. Another guy would squat over my face and shove his prick down my throat. They fucked my cunt and mouth until everyone was exhausted.

I got up and walked over to Michael. He was stroking his cock and enjoying the show. I put his prick in my mouth and sucked him hard. He moaned and said he was going to cum. I said, “Oh no, not yet”. I got on all fours sticking my ass in the air and told him to finger my ass. He did very slowly at first. Soon he had three fingers in and I begged him to fuck me. He put his hard cock by my asshole and I backed onto it. It didn’t take long before he let loose a load into my ass. The cum ran out onto my cunt and down my leg. The other guys lined up and took turns fucking my asshole. I was having a lot of little orgasms. I told Michael to come over and put his prick in my mouth. I told the guys, “If you cum in my ass, I will blow you and you can cum in my mouth”. I cleaned all their cocks and told them I loved it. They called me a dirty slut whore and I loved it. I told them I hope their future wives will fuck other men for them and be good ass to mouth whores.

At the end of the night two of the lifeguards came to pick me up. They made me sit between them in the front seat and play with their cocks. They took me back to one of their houses where there were several more guys waiting and drinking beers. As I walked through the door I heard, “The slut is back”. They made me show them my cunt and hold it open making more cum run out. Then they proceeded to use me every way a whore could be used. At the end of the night I truly was a used piece of fuck meat.

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