Morning Routine Pt. 02


A while later, after Anna was laid into our bed by Sara, I am sitting at the table in the living room and watch some stupid TV show, as Sara kneels next to the couch and Anna is sleeping upstairs after her punishment.

I drink my coffee and nothing really interesting happens, so I decide to give Sara her fair share of ‘gentle’ treatment.

‘Sara, sweetie, would you please come here?’ I ask, my tone implying that she has to obey.

‘Of course, master.’ She answers and seats herself next to me on the couch.

She sits very close to me and I can see how lovely she is, just like her sister, and how lucky I am to have such beautiful slaves to myself. I pull her into a hug and guide one of her hands into my pants, making her feel my growing erection.

I smile and she smiles back at me, as she gently starts to stroke me without freeing my tool from my pants.

‘Suck it, Sara.’ I command.

She immediately gets to work at freeing my manhood, moving lower along my body and gently pushing my pants away. She smiles as she finally reaches the tip and gently gives it a kiss. Kissing the head and licking her way down to my balls.

Then she moves back up, taking in the first third of me with ease and sucking gently. She rubs my head with her tongue and starts to move back up, just barely leaving the tip in her mouth before moving back down. She repeats that process a couple of times, moving a bit lower every time she does so.

Until she reaches the second third, where she starts to gag and to tear up. Tipobet She looks up at me, her eyes teary and wide open and I nod. She knows I want for her to take all of me.

She rarely gets to use her mouth because I think her sister is much better, but in fact, seeing Sara tear up and tentatively bobbing up and down along my spear is such a pleasure in and of itself.

She tries to move further below, but she can’t get over her gag reflex, so I decide to ‘help’ her out. I grab her head and push her further onto me, her nose touching my trimmed pubes and her eyes must be full of tears.

Luckily, she doesn’t use make up because as I pull her off again she gasps for air and tears are streaming down along her cheeks.

‘Please…master…more’ She pleads, barely able to talk in both pleasure and lack of oxygen.

I push her back onto me and keep her there for 30 seconds before I let her gasp for air again. A strand of her saliva connects the tip of my dick with her mouth.

‘Would my dirty little slave like to be face fucked?’ I ask, to which she can only respond in a nod.

I proceed to grab her head with both hands and force her to take my manhood, before I start to thrust in and out. Her gags and suppressed moans fill the room. She drools as I ram my cock over and over again into her mouth and throat.

I see her eyes become clouded with lust, her cheeks flushed red in her arousal. Her scent filling the air. As I grab her harder, yanking her around with her hair, I pull out and she Tipobet Giriş gasps for air.

‘Get on all fours, Sara.’ I command and throw her against the ground.

She quickly complies and presents both her delightful and wet pussy and her tight asshole to me. I know she’s eager to serve me by any means and that’s what she’s drawing pleasure from. She’s a total submissive and masochistic slave, unlike her sister. She needs to be dominated and abused, she needs to serve.

And both of us know it.

I ram my cock into pussy, bottoming out immediately and bringing a breathy moan from Sara. I start to thrust hard almost immediately after my balls slap against her skin.

I fuck her hard without any care for her pleasure. I know she loves to be used and abused. I fuck her into the carpet, rubbing her face against it. She spasms and shudders over and over again.

I feel myself to be close and pull out. I hear her moaning in disappointment and tell her:

‘Not yet, Sara.’

I move away and leave her lying there, still spasming, her juices building a puddle as she is still cumming.

I say: ‘I’ll be out for a bit, use the time to clean up, get a shower and make Anna ready, make sure she doesn’t masturbate again. I’ll give you more orders through the phone, so stay with it.’

Sara nods and I pull back up my pants. I grab my own phone and text them both the things I said to Sara.

I go out to meet a friend of mine.

Later that evening I get a text from Sara: Tipobet Güncel Giriş

‘Everything is done, master, any more orders?’

I answer:

‘Get yourself dressed in short skirts and slutty shirts, matching please.’

‘Of course, master.’

Five minutes later Sara texts me a picture of her and her sister in matching clothes, short light blue skirts, barely covering their asses, and white T-shirts, which they personally shortened to barely cover their boobs until below their nipples and which show plenty of underboob.

Their navels are visible and they’re definitely excited if their hard nipples are any way to tell.

I respond with a simple ‘Wow’.

Sara then sends a picture of what is below their skirts, and as I like it, they’re not wearing any underwear. Both are dripping wet, I can see the light playing on their moist lower lips.

I respond with another ‘Wow’ and then I add:

‘Make each other cum once and then go to your positions next to the door.’

‘Thanks, master, of course!’ I get as an answer.

I return to my previous occupation and enjoy myself for a couple more hours until I decide to go home.

On my drive home, I think about what I’ll do to my lovely and submissive twins, if Sara or Anna receives my cum, or will I edge again because neither deserves it?

I could tie them to each other and use their pussies as their bodies slide against each other at every thrust and their sweet juices of arousal mix.

Or I could just walk past them and keep them on edge for a while, because they need to be shown that any disobedience will be punished.

Or I could make Anna give me a blow job in the door way as Sara stimulates her, keeping her on edge.

I can’t decide on what I’ll do or how harsh I’ll be.

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