Mother Comes to Stay Ch. 02


Darren would be the first to agree that his household is one of the strangest that anyone is likely to come across. It is a classic ménage-a-trios except that the triangle is made up of himself and two women, Debbie, his wife, and Jenny, who was his mother, and that combination must be rarer than rocking horse shit. It had begun several months ago when his mother had come to stay with himself and Debbie while her divorce from his father went through. Within a week she had seduced him, as, unbeknown to him, she had already seduced Debbie some time before. Now they all lived and loved together quite happily, sharing each others beds and bodies as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and he was now a happy man. Not that he was telling the world about his domestic arrangements, you understand, and anyway, it hadn’t been the smoothest of rides to get to this point. It had been a difficult adjustment that had come close to tearing the family apart, and it is the subject of this chapter.

The arrangement now worked quite well, suiting the participant’s natural inclinations perfectly. Debbie was passively bi-sexual with marked submissive tendencies, Jenny was aggressively bi-sexual with a very high libido and, though not into bdsm as such, she was definitely dominant in the bedroom. As for Darren, well he was an easy going randy male quite happy to fuck whatever pussy was made available to him and he could be slightly dominant or mildly submissive as the situation demanded. If the fact that Jenny was Darren’s mother could be ignored, then the three fitted together perfectly, though one twenty-seven year old man with a twenty-three year old woman and a fifty-two year old woman might sound a little odd.

They had worked out a code of practise so as not to invade each others privacy too much, and it was simply that if a bedroom door was open, then entry was allowed, but if it were closed then privacy must be respected. On one occasion Darren had gone upstairs to find his own bedroom door closed, and then he had simply gone into Jenny’s room to sleep, leaving the women to it. Had the door been open, a threesome would probably have followed as it had on other occasions, and it must be said that Darren liked threesomes with his wife and his mother a lot. The first one had been only a few days after he found out about his wife and his mother being lesbian lovers.

That first one just about blew his mind. It came about after his contrite and anxious admission to Debbie that he’d had sex with another woman, and that woman was none other than his own mother. The response of ‘that’s ok darling, so have I!’ had left him completely gobsmacked, and he hadn’t known if he should be angry, happy, or worried. In the end he’d settled for being randy and getting his wife to tell him how it had happened whilst fucking the arse off her as she’d whispered the sexy details into his ear. She must then have told Jenny, her mother-in-law and lover, that he knew, because by the next evening the whole atmosphere had changed, though it wasn’t until the following day that anything happened, and that’s when shit and fan came together.

The first he knew that something was on the cards was when he walked into the lounge to find the two women in a clinch in the middle of the room with his mother kissing his wife passionately on the mouth. For a moment he recoiled in shock, but then he remembered his own and Debbie’s revelations of the night before, and their unspoken agreement for all three to play freely. He made a mumbled ‘excuse me’ and turned for the door, but the two women broke their embrace and went to sit primly side by side on the sofa.

“No, Darren, you don’t need to go. We’re not doing anything, and anyway, if we were it wouldn’t matter now.”

His mother’s words called him back, but he still stood a little nervously, not quite sure how to react.

“Did it bother you, seeing us kiss?” She asked him.

“It came as a bit of a surprise, that’s all.” He went and sat in his favourite armchair facing the television, the women still just visible in his peripheral vision. It had bothered him, but he didn’t really want to discuss it now.

“Well dear, now that you know about us we’re not going to hide it anymore. In fact, there is no reason why we should, is there?”

Darren was still feeling guilty and embarrassed and nodded agreement just to end the conversation, his eyes fixed on a blank television screen. He needed time to adjust to what he had learned, not to have it thrust down his throat.

“Darren dear, look at me.” His mother’s tone reminded him of his childhood, but he instinctively turned in the chair to face her. “It’s no use pretending nothing has changed, but if you can get over the guilt thing we can have a lot of fun together.”

“Back off mother, please, let me get used to the idea of you two being in bed together before you flaunt it. And I’m still trying to come to terms with what you and I did.

“Debbie and I enjoy each other, that’s Escort bayan all, just like you and I enjoyed each other. If nobody minds, where’s the problem?”

“Mother, I don’t know how you can be so matter of fact about things.” If it was going to be spoken about openly, then Darren needed to have his say. “What you and I did has a name, it’s called incest, and it’s against the law. And you pretty much forced me into it. Besides that, I’ve found out that Debbie has been two timing me with my own bloody mother, how do you think that makes me feel? Especially when I walk in and find my wife and my mother snogging like a couple of adolescents.”

“Well, my darling, I hate to have to point out the flaw in your argument, but you were also quite happy to cheat on Debbie with me the other night, weren’t you? Nobody forced your dick to get a hard on! At least we’ve now brought it into the open. And as for incest, yes we did commit incest, but the law was made to prevent genetically handicapped children from being born, I’m fifty-two and post menopausal, so how likely is that with me?” Jenny’s voice had a hard edge to it.

The reminder that he had actually committed adultery as well as incest hit Darren hard, especially with his wife present to hear it, and he didn’t really want her justification of their incest either. His temper got the better of him and he lashed out verbally.

“I do know how old you are, mother. What I don’t know is how a lovely girl like Debbie would want to fuck with an old woman like you.”

“I notice you don’t wonder how come you want to fuck with me.” Jenny retorted. “I suppose that’s because being a man any cunt will do, eh?”

His mother paused, then went on. “You are sore because you felt guilty when you’d been to bed with me, but then found out that Debbie had been there as well. It didn’t sit well with your fragile male ego, did it, little boy?”

Darren coloured up, his temper rising at his mother’s hurtful remarks, but before he could reply Debbie jumped in to try and rescue the situation.

“Darren, I’m truly sorry that I’ve cheated on you all this time, but I just didn’t know how to tell you. I mean, how could I come home and say ‘Darren I’ve something to tell you, I’m bisexual and I’ve just had sex with your mother’, think about it sweetheart, how could I? And you have to admit, she is very, very sexy, isn’t she?”

Darren sighed. “I suppose have to agree there don’t I? I’d look a right twat if I committed the world’s greatest moral sin with an ugly old cow, wouldn’t I?”

He smiled faintly as he finished speaking, but Debbie grinned openly.

“How could a man as good looking as you have an ugly mother?”

“Look, I’m glad, genuinely glad, that you both find me sexy, but I’m not in the business of exacerbating marital problems that I’ve already helped to create. So if it’s going to cause friction, I’ll move out.” Jenny looked from her son to her daughter-in-law before adding more quietly. “Then we’ll all lose out.”

Darren waved his mother into silence and then looked at Debbie with his serious face on. “Do you really want to keep going to bed with M…Jenny?” He stumbled slightly on his mother’s given name.

Debbie replied equally seriously. “Yes, I do, if you’ll let me.”

He turned to his mother. “Then there’s no way you’re moving out, because if you two are going to get it together, and I think you will whatever I say, let’s have it where we all know what’s going on.”

“And what about you and I? Do you want us to do it again?”

“I think that was a mistake.” He went silent for a moment. “But, if I’m going to be absolutely honest, I can’t guarantee I won’t want to make the same mistake again.”

“Does that mean…”

Darren cut Debbie off. “It means that we’ll see how we go. Right now I’m feeling too mixed up to think straight. So if it’s alright with you two, I’d like for us to rule nothing out, but if anything does create a problem it stops straight away, yes?”

“Done!” Said Debbie, relief colouring her voice.

Man and wife then looked at the ‘other woman’ expectantly.

“Done!” Said Jenny, then to herself… “And so I want to be – often.”

Then she looked hard at Darren.

“So how would you feel if Debbie and I kissed each other now, in light of what’s just been said?”

He couldn’t see why it had to be right now, but… “Do it, and let’s see.”

“Don’t worry, darling, it’s only a kiss to seal our arrangement.” Debbie was back pouring oil on their waters.

Darren wasn’t completely convinced, and in fact he was still feeling a bit hot under the collar from the exchange with his mother, but he wanted his wife to enjoy herself, and in truth he badly wanted to fuck his mother again. He was prepared to bend his conscience quite a long way to accommodate his needs.

“I hope you will stay and watch. But if I look and see you’ve gone I’ll know you’re just jealous.” His mother turned to Debbie and held Bayan escort out her arms.

Darren bridled momentarily at her remark, but then sat and watched his wife slip into his mother’s embrace in a kind of disbelieving haze. Debbie obviously didn’t object and when their mouths opened to kiss, it showed for the briefest of moments that her tongue was ready to play, and he felt a shudder pass through him. Even though he knew it wasn’t true, he couldn’t help but feel rejected. Strike one to Jenny.

But so erotic was the tableau before him that after only a few seconds his instinctive aversion disappeared and he sat transfixed, openly staring at the two women. They had both moved closer together and half turned so that they could fit into each other’s arms. They embraced tightly and kissed deeply, both clearly enjoying every moment, and probably even more so because Darren was watching. He sat fascinated, unable and unwilling to look away, leaning forward in his seat as if to get a better view.

After a short while of almost non stop kissing Jenny glanced towards Darren and then took hold of Debbie’s top, pulling it up and over her bra, leaving it rolled above the swell of Debbie’s bosom. Jenny’s hands could now caress Debbie’s bare back, gliding softly and smoothly over her naked skin, and Debbie closed her eyes in obvious pleasure for a moment or two before pulling away and raising her arms to allow the top to be pulled over her head. It was strangely exciting for Darren to watch someone else undressing his wife, as he had himself so often done.

Even as her top fell to the floor Debbie reached around and unhooked her bra, letting it fall forwards onto her arms and then onto the sofa, leaving her naked to the waist. Jenny gazed at her daughter-in-law for a moment and then began to unbutton her own blouse, turning to look at Darren at the same time.

“You have a beautiful wife, dear, I’m sure you don’t really mind sharing her with your mother, do you?” Her blouse fell to the floor and she reached back for her own bra clasp. Darren didn’t answer, he wasn’t quite sure how much sarcasm there was in the words.

With both women now naked to the waist Darren couldn’t help but compare them, and was pleasantly surprised to notice that his mother’s breasts were almost as high as those of his wife. As the two went back into each other’s arms Debbie’s pale pink nipples were only an inch or so above Jenny’s darker ones. No wonder, thought Darren, that I fancy fucking both of them equally.

“You don’t mind seeing us like this, do you?” He just shook his head at Jenny’s question, not certain enough to actually say ‘no’.

“Does it turn you on?” Darren nodded this time, unable to deny the bulge in his jeans.

“Good, it’s nice for us with you being there.” Darren noticed how Jenny had spoken for both of them without consulting Debbie, though he didn’t think that Debbie would disagree.

Jenny was now clearly taking control on the sofa too, twisting towards Debbie and leaning over her to push her back onto the sofa, kissing her hungrily at the same time. Both of Debbie’s hands encircled Jenny’s back, but Jenny placed one of hers on Debbie’s breast, squeezing and moulding the flesh beneath her fingers. ‘Pull on her nipple’ advised Darren silently, drawing on his own knowledge of his wife’s preferences, but Jenny continued just to squeeze and knead Debbie’s breast. Not that Debbie was complaining, far from it, she was making that little purring ‘mmm’ that Darren knew came from pleasure and she was clutching tightly to her lover’s back and holding her close.

With Debbie laying back on the sofa Jenny’s free hand was able to explore her body with relative ease and it soon found its way to her knee, where it circled for a minute before starting to slide up her leg, pushing up her skirt as it went. Darren watched spellbound as his wife’s legs swung open to admit his mother’s hand. His cock was now pressing against his zip and he was breathing hard, wanting to join in but at the same time not wanting to spoil the scenario unfolding before him.

It wasn’t long before his mother’s hand had found its way past the tops of Debbie’s hold-ups and onto the creamy pale flesh on the inside of her thigh, stroking and caressing, teasing and circling, but all the time creeping closer to her crotch. Darren could hear her repeating the words ‘oh, yes’ under her breath as the hand crept closer. Debbie’s legs were now held as far apart as she could manage and she was pushing herself forward a little in an unconscious effort to get that hand to where she wanted it most. But she didn’t have to wait long, Jenny soon reached top of her thighs and, pausing just to pull her skirt out of the way, began to massage Debbie’s pussy through her skimpy white panties.

“Oh, yes! That’s lovely, please don’t stop.” This time Debbie spoke out loud, imploring Jenny to keep going.

Jenny replied to Debbie’s pleas with a question. “Do you like me rubbing your pussy?”

Darren Escort had already discovered that Jenny enjoyed talking dirty during sex and it turned him on even more to hear the words directed at his wife, even though he suspected Jenny was laying it on a bit for his benefit.

“Oh yes, I do.” Debbie pushed herself forward a little more.

“Would you like me to play with your pussy under your knickers?”

“Oh, God, yes please.”

Jenny’s hand burrowed under Debbie’s panties, pushing them to one side to give herself more room to play with her pussy. Darren stared, watching his mother’s fingers seeking and finding their way between his wife’s pussy lips, spreading them a little and finding her clit. He could see from where he sat that Debbie’s clit was engorged and standing proud of its sheath, just waiting for the attention it was about to get. Jenny was obviously used to playing with Debbie and knew just what the younger woman liked, running the flats of her fingers back and forth across the tip of her clit in just the same way that Debbie asked Darren to do. He couldn’t help but wonder if Jenny hadn’t done it first and Debbie had then asked him to do the same.

“Would you like me to finger your cunt?” Jenny’s earthy language was getting to both Darren and Debbie.

“Yes, please finger me.” Debbie was now gasping from arousal.

“How many fingers would you like up you?” Jenny’s voice was also getting thick with lust.

“As many as you can get in.”

“No, I think we’ll stick to two, I can get deeper into your cunt with two.” Jenny hooked two fingers and plunged them full depth into Debbie’s tunnel.

Jenny didn’t finger fuck Debbie in the same way that Darren did. Instead of simply pistoning in and out of her, Jenny did it much more deliberately, sliding her fingers deep into Debbie and then withdrawing them entirely to rub up between her labia and press against her clit. Then they were reinserted deep into Debbie’s pussy just as purposefully. Darren watched Debbie’s enthusiastic responses and listened to her little pleasure whimpers, mentally noting what Jenny was doing so that he could try the same thing himself.

“Is that good?” Jenny was asking questions again, making Debbie verbalise her feelings.

“Oh my God, yes.”

“So you like to have your mother-in-law fingering your cunt?” Jenny looked across at her son with triumph in her eyes.

“Yes, God yes.” Debbie was getting close to a climax; Darren could recognise the telltale movements of her hips against Jenny’s fingers.

“Tell me exactly what you like.” Jenny was pushing Debbie to speak.

“I like to feel my mother-in-law fingering my cunt. I love her to finger fuck me while my husband watches.”

Jenny paused, deliberately teasing Debbie, who was on the verge of cumming.

“Oh no! Please don’t stop.” Debbie’s need was urgent.

“What will you do for me if I keep going?”

“Anything, whatever you want.”

“Will you lick my cunt?”

“Yes! Anytime you want.” Jenny’s fingers began to move in and out of Debbie’s pussy once more, but very slowly as if maintaining the tease.


“Oh, yes. I want to!” Jenny’s fingers speeded up, now she was just finger fucking Debbie as hard as she could, sensing that she was about to cum.

“Will you do it now?”

“Yyeeessssss!” Debbie exploded into orgasm, her hips leaving the seat as she thrust herself onto Jenny’s probing fingers, the older woman’s sexy questioning sending her over the edge. The orgasm was a good one, Darren stared as his wife’s hips bucked and jerked under the waves of sensation that he knew must be ripping through her. She clung to Jenny, gripping her lovers back hard enough to leave red marks on the skin afterwards, and she cried out, repeating her ‘yes’ time after time.

When eventually Debbie subsided into a panting heap on the sofa, Jenny looked across at Darren with her head cocked to one side and an eyebrow raised.

“You see, if you can get over your stupid guilt trip, you could have two women in your bed whenever you want, and, treated right, most women will do anything you ask of them.”

The implied offer made Darren’s cock stand sharply to attention, but as he thought about it he realised that Jenny was only rubbing his nose in what Debbie had promised her. She was crowing about the influence she had over his wife! He turned on his heels and stalked out of the house, not wanting another row but deeply angry with his mother.

For nearly an hour he patrolled the nearby river bank, head down and taking no notice whatever of his beautiful surroundings, just going over and over in his mind the things that had happened.

Yes, he agreed with himself, he had allowed his mother to seduce him, so it was equally his fault that it had happened. No, it shouldn’t have happened, but it had, and he had to accept that. Yes, it was the taboo excitement that attracted him in the first place, but then he had enjoyed fucking her anyway and badly wanted to do it again – and again and again, for that matter. Her dirty talk, especially when she reminded him earthily of their relationship, really turned him on. If only she’d get off his back.

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