MOTHER IN LAW KNEWWhen my wife and I were just Boy and girl friend we took chances as the only place we could have sexy games was at her house(I was on leave from the USAF in West Germany on leave in London, england. In those heady days she always drew the line at “going all the way” but loved sucking my cock and Always swallowed each and every spurt of my heavy ejaculate saying my cum tasted delicious! As a reward I in turn used my mouth, two fingers and long tongue on her hairy snatch which would emit sexy smelling juices I Didn,t mind swallowing myself. We,d also taken to doing a full sixty nine, but had not been able to make each other climax at the same time yet, but were working on it. One particular evening Sarah,s father was working late on monthly overtime while her mother sat in the tv lounge next door watching evening soap operas. Sarah had earlier excused herself to go for a pee and came back with an old tattered bath towel. “What,s the towel for?” I asked naively. “To catch our body fluids dummy! Mum who,s fast asleep watching her soaps won,t be happy if we get cum or my pussyfooted juices all over her new settee will she?” Sarah answered coyly. “Oh you wanna play do you?” “I sure do! You get me so hot and wet when we kiss I now want to suck you dry!” she sighed passionately. “Don,t you want to eat my pussy then?” “Sure I love canlı bahis eating your cunt!” I answered with a broad smile. “ Then take your trousers and pants off so I can get to work on your lovely cock!” she ordered. My garments were removed in record time as She placed the large towel under her bum and spread her legs wide so I could straddle her face allowing her to reach for my cock and lower the knob into her hot mouth and start gently sucking at first both of us increasing our pace as we got more turned on. Despite trying to keep quiet and almost biting her tongue Sarah still emitted a low groan as she experienced such pleasant sensations through her entire body and if her mother hadn,t been in the adjacent room I might have groaned my pleasure as well, but it certainly Didn,t deter our sixty nine as we drove each other to fantastic heights of sexual pleasure, but as usual Sarah climaxed first, her copious juices flooding out to be eagerly lapped up by me as I savoured the aroma emitted by her highly aroused twat! She stopped sucking me for fear of biting my sensitive cock, but once she,d recovered her composure she attacked me with renewed vigour having me turn onto my back now as she bobbed her head up and down, her sucking vacuum of a mouth now making loud slurping noises which would surely be heard if her mother was awake, bahis siteleri but no one rushed in to stop us or protest so soon the old familiar tingle signalled my approaching climax then I erupted like a volcano spewing red hot semen which she happily devoured, even squeezing my shaft and balls to drain every spurt of my heavy ejaculation. Finally she released me “Mmmm I So Love how delicious your baby gravy is, so hot and tastey I could drink it all day!” I smiled. “There,s plenty more for you sweetheart!” as she licked excess globules away with her tongue. We Didn,t hurry to ourselves up and soon Sarah excused herself to go wash her well juiced pussy out before I went to use the loo as cumming usually makes me want to piss! When I came back I had to pass the tv lounge and as Indid her mother turned and smiled at me giving me a warm look that seemed to convey “I know what you two are up,to” but she said not a word and turned back to the tv. A few years later her mother confessed that she heard everything we did and it got her so hot she had to sneak up to their bedroom and masturbate. The morning she confessed this to me Sarah and I had been trying for a baby, this day I had time off while Sarah was at work, her father was away at work and Sarah,s Mother Wasn,t due in to her receptionist job till 11 am so once she,d made me breakfast bahis şirketleri which she sometimes did she sat on the settee next to me in just her dressing gown and soon showed me she had Nothing on under the garment. “Ken doesn,t like to fuck me much any more and he was never one for using his mouth on my pussy. I know you make Sarah climax a lot by eating her out. I,m hoping you,ll do the same for me. Make me cum and I,ll let you fuck me?” She offered. Well at the time she was forty three, petite and brunette unlike the statuesque blonde big titted Sarah with her hairy cunt. Janette was about five feet four tall with a shapely body, small yet perfectly formed stick out nipples and one of the thickest pubic thstches I,ve ever had the pleasure of fucking and eating out. Like Sarah she Loved being eaten and getting her nipples played with. She wan,t one to hold back with her moans of pleasure and inspired me to cum in her twice before we decided to get dressed for the day. As we lived with Sarah,s parents I ended up fucking Janette fairly often as Ken only ever fucked on a Sunday afternoon she needed cock more often so I ended up with two pussies to satisfy and to this day Sarah doesn,t know, or does she? Eventually Sarah Did get pregnant and banned me from fucking her till son zrick was born. To make up for it she gave me lots of blow jobs, but Janette now got my cum though she was on the pill and wanted no scandal of having her son-in-law shooting any babies in her. I,ll tell you about a few more adventures I had with my mother-in- law RIP another time.

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