motherly secrets


motherly secretslanother true story..wen i wuz a k**, my mum used to tease me bout my growing curiosity towards women. she would have friends over & they would play mah jong til wee hours. my mum belived dat i was her lucky charm, so, she had me hang around dem, playing on the floor or wathn tv. my mum would be wearing a “daster” its lyk a nyty made in our country. wit no panties on. i would often be teased & toyed wit by her friends. dey honestlu all had enormous tits. @ some point my mum had to go upstairs & tok to her lover. i would then try to spy on dem wyl dey pull a istanbul escort quicky..imagine ur mum juz pulling up her nyty then ridin dis dudes cock wyl holdin d door open. dat turned her on. i pulled out my then 5inch cock & stroke it. until i heared her moaning & callin my name..”huggie, son..fuck me” she was imagining it was me under her..her cunt was then exploding wit cum! i ran down & sat by my aunt’s legs. as they continued playin, my mum sed for me to go upstairs..aftr a couple o mins, my mum came up avcılar escort & blindfolded me & stripped me to my briefs! then she sed, “relax anak..let mama & aunty take care of you..” they started touching me & askin me to tell them my fantasies. i pretty much unloaded ryt @ that i layd down & slept. woke up an hour taking off myp fold from my eyes & marveled @ my mum’s, aunts’ bodies. as i stood up, my mum pulled my arm to her & told me to stay quiet..i had a boner by then. she sed, i need you to know that u are my dirty secret. şirinevler escort she then sucked my cock hard & fast. wyl plying wit herself..then she sed, i want u to fuck ur aunt!! i wuz confused & horny @ the same time. so i got on top of my naked tiya & started fuckin!! she woke up moaning calling my name & saying “look @ ur mum wyl u fuck me..” my mum wuz pretending to be asleep wen it wz obvious her hand wuz moving under her dress..i pulled my aunt towards my mum so i can touch her..she pulled me bak & sed..”i’m ur mum ryt now!! fuck me!! fuck me hard!!” so after fuckin my aunt, she fell bak to sleep. then my mum pulled me then stradled my dick & fucked me hard!! “fuck me anak!!! fuck me anak ko!!” we then went downstairs & fucked besyd my sleepin uncle, her b*o..her pussy wuz so wet from cumming she kept making sluring sounds..hit me up if u wana know me, it will change u..

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