Mrs Riesin’s Son Ch. 04


Anne’s hand trembled lightly as it slid downwards across her soft belly, snaking it’s way under her sheer black panties. With a soft gasp, she plunged her middle and ring fingers deep into her pussy as she lay on her bed in the dark, trying hard not to squeal too loudly in carnal delight as her fingers curled and squeezed at her insides – prodding desperately for her G-spot. She struggled to remain quiet as she fantasized in the dark; the object of her sordid desires – her 4-inch tall son Luke – was asleep on his pillow on the floor by her bedside. Sticky girl-cum welled from within her, coating her fingers and soaking her panties, while with her other hand she pawed and squeezed at one of her enormous pale breasts as she recalled the tantalising image from earlier in the week…

She remembered teasing and taunting her helpless shrunken son as she sat in the kitchen, coaxing him into admitting his admiration of her soft, round bottom, when her fun was interrupted by a knock at the door. As Margaret bounded off to answer the door, Anne had acted on impulse and shoved her tiny son Luke deep into depths of her steamy, clammy cleavage. Her pussy throbbed as she thought of little Luke pinned helplessly between her soft giant tits, her heady scent and sweat dominating his experience. Her heart had pounded as she struggled to maintain her composure during her conversation with Claire, a nosy neighbour from her street who had dropped in to visit in the hopes of gaining some gossip on the sudden departure of her son.

“Military college you say? I had no idea that Luke was interested in that sort of thing” said Claire, her straw-blonde hair bobbing in time with her emphatic motions.

“Oh yes, it’s a quite prestigious one too. Although I’m afraid I can’t tell you too much about it. All I can say is Luke has always been interested in serving those he loves.” She felt him squirm and wiggle between her tits, and her face flushed as she imagined the torment her big sexy body was subjecting him to. Her pussy hummed at the thought.

“That’s just wonderful that you have a future hero in the family Anne, truly it is. You must miss him awfully though, no?”

“Oh I do” replied Anne. “He was always the man around the house for Margaret and I, and it is hard to be without him. But we keep him close in here.” She raised a hand to her left breast, pressing her palm into the flesh above her heart and squeezing Luke even tighter between her tits. She imagined him groaning, smothered and helpless in the depths of her breasts. “That’s what bad boys get for squirming around when mommy is trying to have a conversation” she thought to herself with glee.

Her favourite part of the experience came once Claire had finally taken the hint and excused herself from their house. Anne had seen her neighbour to the door, and then began to hum a tune as she idly began to tidy various items in the kitchen, Luke still trapped within the confines of her considerable bust.

Margaret, who had been watching the encounter with a wry smile, began to speak.

“So uh Mom… is that where we’re keeping him now?” She gestured to Anne’s tightly packed sports bra.

Anne looked down at her own impressive tits, her son packed tightly somewhere beneath her cleavage. “Oh, I suppose I should let him out!” She exclaimed with a laugh. She put both hands on the front of her bra and stretched the fabric out and away from her chest, relieving the pressure that compressed them together. As air and light flooded back into the valley between her tits, her tiny son came into view. He was turned upside down, awkwardly trying to right himself by pushing against the flesh of her pale breasts, heaving for air and covered in her sweat. The rigid outline of his tiny cock was visible in his little trousers, and he looked thoroughly embarrassed. The two Riesin women had looked down at the humiliating sight and couldn’t contain their booming laughter…

As Anne lay writhing on top of her bed lost in her sexual excitement at the memory of her humiliated shrunken son, Luke awoke with a start. He sat up on his small cushion, and as his eyes adjusted to the low light of his mother’s bedroom, a familiar sound became apparent. It was the sound of panting, breathless squeals, and a wet, slick repetitive noise. He knew his mother was masturbating, as she did almost every night when she thought he was sound asleep. These moments often brought out mixed emotions in Luke. When his condition was new, he had tried to shut out the noise and go back to sleep – he always considered his mother beautiful, but had never thought it felt right when he found himself inadvertently lusting after her. However edirne escort since his recent experiences and discussions with his sister and mother, he had new ideas about the women in his household that wouldn’t leave his mind.

Luke quietly scrambled down from his pillow on to the hardwood floor, and tiptoed his way towards the dresser at the end of his mother’s bed. As he quietly crept across the flood and rounded the corner of the bed, his beautiful mother came into sight. His heart pounded in his ears as he caught sight of the silhouette of his mother’s plump, strong legs as they twisted and kicked while she pleasured herself on her back on the bed. From this angle he could only make out her legs as they hung of the end of her bed, but even the silhouette was exciting. He could see the outline of his mother’s full figured bottom half writhing in ecstasy, toes curling as she played with herself quite loudly. There was no mistaking the slick wet noises of his mother working her pussy in the night.

His erection now raging, Luke decided that he needed to get a better look at his wanton mother. He scurried across the floor to the dresser opposite the end of her bed and looked up. From on top he would be above the height of the bed, and would be able to see his mother’s masturbation session in full view. The front end of the dresser had sparse handholds to climb with, but he was so horny at this stage he knew he had to risk the climb. There was no turning back.

Using the crack in the carpentry between the drawers and the frame of the dresser, Luke began the climb in the dim light of his mother’s bedroom. It was slow, hard and frightening work, and when he was two thirds of the way up the four-foot high dresser, Luke had a moment of doubt and was unsure that he had made the right choice.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Mmm. Oh fuck!” panted his mother lewdly from just a few feet behind him as she furiously worked her pussy in ecstasy. He looked over his shoulder as he clung to the carpentry, and from his new vantage point he could see her sprawled out on the bed. There was more light available coming through the window from this angle, and he could see the soft milky curves of his mother as she twisted and turned and twitched on her bedsheets. One of her hands was grasping one of her enormous motherly tits – the very same pair he had been unceremoniously stuffed between the day prior. His mother’s other hand reached down past her navel, where she had pulled her dark pair of panties to the side and was working her fingers furiously back and forth across the slick mound of her drenched pussy. Luke’s mouth dropped open in awe at the sight. He had seen his beautiful sister’s nakedness in the past few weeks in their torturous games of cat and mouse, and while he regularly admired Anne’s shapely form (particularly her soft round ass) as she went about her business in her tight fitting yoga pants or flattering pencil skirts, there was only one other time Luke could remember where he came anywhere close to seeing his mother this naked.


It was just a few months prior when he was still a regular sized teenager, and he had been waiting outside the door of her ensuite bathroom because he desperately needed to pee before heading to school. Margaret had been taking her time in the shower in their other shared bathroom, so Luke had been desperately knocking on the door of his mother’s bathroom instead.

*knock knock knock* “Mom! Can I get in there?! *knock knock knock* I need to pee! *knock knock knock*

“One moment sweetheart!” Called his mother from the other side of the door. “I’m just on the toilet!” She said in exasperation.

“OK Mom I’ll hold on, but please hurry!” he cried to Anne through the door as he hopped from foot to foot impatiently.

As luke waited, he leaned against the door and placed an ear flush up against it. He could hear faint noises from within, and was intrigued. As his hearing adjusted to detect the muted sounds from the other side of the door, he heard the unmistakable sound of a fart ringing out into the toilet bowel. Luke was stunned as he pictured his mother on the toilet on the other side of the door, squeezing her tummy and pushing out her anus outwards to release the sound he was just witness to. He imagined the curve of her soft round bum resting on the toilet seat, and his cock stirred as his mouth went dry. He pressed his ear harder against the door. He could hear his mother breathing heavily, and then squealing with a girlish grunt. This was followed by a lengthy crackling noise, punctuated by a heavy splash and a trumpeting of several small farts in quick succession. Luke’s cock sprang straight up as his mind processed the sounds on the other side of the door, and his imagination conjured up scenes of a his own mother’s asshole opening wide to release a long, hard turd from the valley between her giant, perfect ass cheeks.

Luke must have been lost in that thought for longer than he realised, because before he knew it the bathroom door was opened from the inside and he stumbled into the small room. As the door hinged shut behind him, his nostrils flared in alarm as he breathed in deep; his senses assaulted with the thick smell of the recent contents of his mother’s bowels. His mother laughed as she turned away to the vanity basin and began her morning beauty routine.

“My my. Someone is certainly eager to smell what mommy cooked up this morning!” She laughed, eyeing her son mischievously through the reflection of the mirror. “What do you think baby – does Mommy smell good?”

Luke stammered, struggling for an answer with his mouth agape as he looked up at his mother, standing with her back to him in front of the vanity. She was bending over the sink and applying her eyeliner, and wearing what she had slept in; a white tank top which was stretched thin across her enormous breasts, and no bra underneath which left her large dark nipples poking obviously through the front of her shirt. But Luke’s eyes were immediately drawn down to her beautiful round white bottom, which was covered only by a pair of scant white panties – strained so tightly across every curve her voluptuous butt that they appeared almost sheer. The result was that the deep crevice of his mother’s asscrack was visible through her underwear. Luke couldn’t look away, and his cock poked an obvious tent into the fabric of his boxer shorts.

“Umm. Yeah” Luke said breathlessly, before catching himself. “I mean no Mom – it smells gross!”

Anne laughed with glee at her son’s awkwardness and arousal. “I heard the truth come out the first time, darling – I love it when you give me compliments!”. She blew a noisy kiss to her son through the reflection in the mirror. “Now do your business so that Mommy can finish what she started. I know you get embarrassed when I give too many details – but you interrupted me mid poop – and I’m very kindly doing my best to hold it all in so that you can use the bathroom! So go on, get peeing!”

Luke nodded and stumbled towards the toilet. He lifted the seat and was immediately shocked by the sight of the toilet bowl. Dark streaks of shit coated the porcelain from his mother’s morning dump.

Anne laughed at his reaction to the mess she had created. As Luke turned to face her, she wiggled her considerable backside in his direction. “This thing isn’t just for looks you know sweetheart” She giggled. “Actually I was thinking, you’re getting older now and I think you need to pick up a few more chores around the house young man. After we’re done here, I’d like you to start cleaning my toilet and also the one you share with your sister, and on a daily basis I think.” She spoke authoritatively.

Luke gulped and nodded, turning back to the toilet to do his business. There was one major problem; his erection was throbbing and pointing straight up at the ceiling. There was no way he would be able to pee in the next few minutes without calming down first. But backing out meant explaining to his mother his humiliating arousal. Luke stood awkwardly, knowing this wouldn’t end well.

“Well sweety? I’m not hearing any tinkles. What’s the problem?” Anne said slyly. “I can’t hold on forever you know.. in fact..” Luke looked over his shoulder at his mother. Her scantily clad backside was pointing directly at him from less than two feet away, and in the vanity mirror he could see Anne’s eyes closed in blissful relief, as he heard a long slow hiss with a slight flutter come straight from the tantalising dark crease between her enormous milky ass cheeks. As the smell of her fart assaulted his nostrils, Luke couldn’t help but reflexively close his eyes and take a deep sniff of the tainted air, consuming the heady gas that was until a moment ago pent up in his own mother’s ass. His dick began to pulse uncontrollably in his boxers, and he knew he was about to come. He opened his eyes in a panic, and saw his mother looking directly at his reaction to her fart through the mirror, a sultry, enthralled gaze in her eyes.

Luke was mortified as his knees trembled, and he felt hot jizz begin to spurt from his cock and soak the front of the boxer shorts. “I’m um. I’m going to pee in the garden!” He awkwardly blurted as he began to run from the bathroom in a futile attempt to hide his shame from his flirtatious mother.

He still remembered the sting of humiliation as her howls of laughter rang throughout the house as he ran back to his bedroom.

“I expect you back in here later with a scrubbing brush young man!” She had called out after him.


Back in the present, Luke had climbed to the top of the set of drawers at the base of his mother’s bed, and was unashamedly watching her masturbate in the night. Lately he had found himself lusting more and more after his own Mom as their new routine began to develop – him only 4 inches tall and being cared for night and day by his undeniably sexy mother, who was almost twenty times his size in comparison. It was becoming impossible to ignore her finer features; ample cleavage and her fantastic bubble butt, in addition to her frustratingly tantalising scents – both pleasant and pungent. He didn’t care how wrong it was any more – he simply had to witness the object of his fantasies in real life. He walked to the edge of the drawers, dropped his tiny trousers around his ankles, grasped his tiny rock hard cock, and settled in for the show.

Anne was working her pussy with one hand, and tweaking one of her nipples hard with the other. Her fingers plunged deep into her pussy, and emerged covered in sticky, milky girl-cum. She could feel her orgasm building slowly, but knew this was going to be one which needed some work to reach in full. Her soaked panties beginning to annoy her, she wriggled her butt as she worked the sodden garmet away from her crotch. The cloth strip that had been wedged deep within the confines of her sizeable ass cheeks came away with a satisfying squelch.

Her ass now free of its confines, Anne had some ideas for how to get closer to the sexual release she was craving tonight.

Luke watched in awe as his voluptuous mother took one hand to her face, licking her fingers and coating them in a thick layer of saliva, and then drew them down past her swollen pussy, to reach her tender, pulsing asshole. She simultaneously drew her knees up and away from the edge of the bed, spreading her ass wide to the night. Luke had a perfect view of his own Mom’s perfect brown asshole as she began to slide her wet fingers around the rim of the tacky orifice that she shit from. Anne let out a low moan of pleasure at the slick sensation and squealed in delight as she released a short, bassy fart from deep within her ass. The rush of gas felt exhilarating as it escaping her most sensitive spot.

Luke pumped his dick furiously, his mouth dry in excitement. This was better than he expected. This was amazing! Possibilities began to run through of his mind of the potential perverted scenes he could witness by easily sneaking around at his size. Apparently life at 4 inches tall had its perks afterall, he thought.

Her asshole feeling well coated in slick saliva, Anne was ready to up the ante on her masturbation session. She sat up quickly on edge of her bed, reached out for the top drawer on the dresser at the end of her bed where she kept her arsenal of sex toys, and slid it open. The dresser rocked as she opened the drawer, and she heard a peculiar thud in the darkness. Squinting against the dim light it was difficult to spot her object of desire for the night, so she reached forward to switch on the lamp that sat on the dresser.

“I hope I don’t wake little Lukey tonight, Mommy needs a workout” She giggled breathlessly to herself. Light flooded into her corner of the room, and she immediately spotted what she was after – Set amongst a plethora of assorted dildos, vibrators, lube and butt plugs of various sizes was a set of six translucent silicone anal beads strung together with a loop on one side. Her anus pulsed in anticipation at the sight. She reached into the drawer and plucked her prize from within.

“You’re going to clean Mommy’s pipe out tonight.” She whispered to herself with a wicked smile. Dirty talk always got her going.

Suddenly, she heard a whimper from within the drawer. “Mm… Mom?”

Luke lay sprawled in his mother’s draw of sex toys, his fall broken by butt plug of his Mom’s that looked almost as big as he was. His pants were caught around his ankles, and his erection was engorged and flopping about. He looked up at his mother, who stood beautiful and naked in her bedroom, with her cheeks flushed red and her auburn messy from her masturbation session. In front of her enormous perfect tits, she held a giant set of anal beads. Luke watched in trepidation as his Mom’s expression jumped quickly from confusion, to concern, to outright anger.

“You little fucking pervert!” She whispered harshly.

Luke yelled out as his giantess Mom reached her free hand into the drawer and grasped her son, lifting him out and squeezing him tightly in her grip…

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