Ms. Baker’s Class Ch. 01

August Ames

Grant and Bennie were best friends sitting next to each other in Ms. Baker’s English class. Graduation was near and couldn’t come soon enough. Both of them failed a couple of years of high school and were damn near twenty. Fortunately, they decided to get back on course and their day was coming soon.

Grant spent most of this time training for football, basketball, and track. That interested him more than some boring history or economics classes. That was also why he was so far behind. He was the social butterfly guy and was usually friendly until he met Ms. Baker.

Bennie was the one always being called out in class for being off-focus. He had and attention span like a kid watching a documentary about World War II. Bennie had a brain but he usually kept it on the top shelf. When he finally decided he wanted to pursue a career in acting, he learned that it would probably help if he graduated first. There was only one thing in his way. Yep, Ms. Coral Baker. The very person he expected would help him.

Using the tablet attached to his desk, Grant checked his grades on the school website and he couldn’t understand what he saw. He couldn’t figure out why he had a “D” in the class when he turned in everything with an “A” or “B”. More of a mystery was how Samantha, who missed at least three assignments and was late turning in another, had an “A.”

He tapped Bennie and asked him to check his grades on the school website, too. He was worse off. An “F” was staring him in the face! It didn’t make sense. He didn’t miss an assignment and never saw a grade less than passing.

Ms. Baker was sitting with her legs crossed on the edge of her desk while she explained the details of the book report they had to complete to pass the class. She stopped talking mid-blabber and stared at the two friends.

She was a tough one to figure out. She spoke with an accent that suggested she was from Texas most likely. She never raised her voice, ordered pizza for the class on Fridays, and went over every question that was going to be on tests prior to exam days. She would always beg the principal to let her take the class on field trips to get them out of class. She was a few years out of college. Despite all her positive traits, something seemed off-center.

Ms. Baker slid off the desk and straightened her skirt. “Did you have a question, Grant?”

All forty eyeballs in the room whipped around to look at Grant. He didn’t care.

He grumbled. “My grade for this class isn’t right. Neither is Bennie’s.”

“You’re free to see me after class. I’d be happy to discuss it with you!”

She was over-the-top happy. Like she was about to go to the amusement park not discuss a progress report.

Minutes later, Ms. Baker dismissed the class and Grant and Bennie went to her desk. Samantha was hanging around for some reason.

Grant looked at her. She had sandy brown hair straight to her mid back. She was taller than everyone in the room and gave off the smell of a flower bed. The smile she had made her face glow. Her eye shadow, blush, and all her makeup was perfect. The question was what was hiding beneath the prettiness?

“Okay,” Ms. Baker said as she pulled her gradebook from the drawer, dropped it on the desk, and flipped to the current grades for each student. “Grant, you have a ‘D’ in my class right now. Looks like you received a zero because you turned in your book summary late.”

Grant slid behind her chair and glanced at Samantha’s grades before Ms. Baker closed it.

He said, “I e-mailed it to you just before midnight. My computer kept freezing but I got it to you.”

“I did get it—at 12:02! I’m sorry but did you remember when I said it would be a zero if it was late?”

He recalled what he saw in her gradebook. “How did Samantha get an ‘A’ on her summary?”

“She spent a lot of time on it and she came to me for help. If you ever need help, you can ask me.”

Grant remembered that he overheard Samantha say she never turned hers in. What kind of help was she getting?

It was like steam was blowing out of his nose and ears but he kept calm barely. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Also, don’t be late handing in your parts of speech homework tomorrow. You’re so close to graduation but you have no room for error. You’re almost there! You can do it!” she said while pumping a fist into the air.

Grant shook his head and stood aside to let Bennie have his turn.

He wanted to spank her pumpkin-shaped ass so bad for what she did. He dismissed the thought. That could never happen.

Grant walked over to chat up Samantha who was sitting in one of the desks in the front row.

She was a fire head wearing her version of the school uniform. Her collared shirt was hiked up to just beneath her breasts showing her belly button ring. Her skirt was up around the middle of her thigh. She was like that all day and Grant wondered how that escaped Ms. Baker’s attention. He was beginning to think something was up between those two.

“Hey, Grant,” Samantha said while tossing Tipobet her fluffy locks off her neck. “Are you going to be at the Starlight Club tonight?”

“What’s going on at a club on a Monday night?”

“The Spicy Soup band is playing! Don’t you like them?”

“Yeah, but I’m trying to graduate. I’ll go to the club on the weekend. Is your homework for tomorrow finished already?”

Samantha’s eyes shifted upward. “Yeah, I did it early.”

Grant scoffed. “Whatever. I bet you did.”

“I did! Ask Ms. Baker!”

Bennie moved towards the door and said, “Come on, man.”

He sounded like his girlfriend broke up with him.

Grant stepped into the hall at his side. “What’s the matter, bud?”

Bennie was pacing in circles while blowing out in frustration. “It’s fucked up! I’m failing because of my attendance? I only missed five days! How many did Samantha miss? She’s taken three vacations this year alone!”

Grant crossed his arms and tilted his head. “Calm down. So, you noticed she’s playing favorites with Samantha, too. If we could prove it, we would have her right where we want her!”

Bennie calmed himself and stopped pacing. “If we get this proof, are you going to tell the principal?”

Grant smirked but it turned into an all-tooth grin when he thought more of his plan. “I have something else in mind. I think she needs to get a lesson.”

Bennie approached his friend. “Oh, you have to let me hear this…”

The next day, Ms. Baker let everyone work on their book reports and wasn’t teaching a lesson. Some of the class’s attention was in their novels but others were on their phones watching movies, filing their nails, or sleeping. Samantha’s desk was occupied by air as usual.

Grant was staring out of the window while gnawing on his pen. The sunlight was so bright, it illuminated the whole room. It lifted everyone’s moods especially Grant. He couldn’t help but grow a bulge in his pants when he thought about what he wanted to do to Ms. Baker. If his plan backfired, being expelled was the best he could hope for!

When he heard the door open, he whipped his head towards it. Samantha—forever and ten minutes late, staggered in and plopped in her seat. All she had was a folder and her neon pink phone!

Grant patted Bennie’s arm. “Sam’s, here. I know she didn’t do the homework but I bet she gets a 100 on it. We need that proof!”

Bennie was slouched but rose up and leaned over towards Grant. “I’ll get her phone. Maybe I’ll find something on it.”

They waited for her to leave the room. She left her phone. She probably forgot it!

Bennie walked by her desk, which was at the front near Ms. Baker.

With an inconspicuous hand swipe, he had it and walked out of the door with it!

Grant shook his balled fist and smiled. A couple of minutes later, his phone vibrated with forwarded text messages from Samantha’s phone!

He opened them. One of them was very intriguing.

“Samantha, I corrected your homework so that you made an ‘A’ on it. Check your e-mail. I sent you a copy of Friday’s test. I thought that might make your day. Tell your mom and dad that I said hi.”

The next message was a picture of Ms. Baker with Samantha and her parents at the park.

Bennie returned her phone to her desk and fell into his seat.

Grant said, “This will work! Good! Ms. Baker is friends with Samantha’s parents. Of course she won’t fail her. We’ll show her what we found after class.”

He was fidgeting in his desk for the next hour and a half waiting for the end of class!

When everyone left, Ms. Baker stood at the front of the room with those puffed up cherry cheeks and said, “Hey, guys. I see you’re staying late. Can I help you with anything?”

Grant and Bennie had their novels in one hand and writing with the other but dropped everything when they had their teacher alone!

“I do want you explain something,” Grant said as he pushed the button on his phone to send her the incriminating texts. “Check your phone. I sent you something.”

“Okay…” Ms. Baker said as she opened her handbag and dug through it to find her phone.

Grant couldn’t wait to see her reaction!

She stopped like in suspended animation as her chin was about to drop and hit the desk. A lump appeared in her throat when she swallowed hard.

Bennie intruded on her space. “We’re waiting, Ms. Baker!”

Grant was overfilled with joy watching his teacher squirm. He was having fun with it but Bennie’s personality was deadpan.

Ms. Baker sighed and mumbled something nobody could understand.

Grant said, “I can’t hear her. Can you, Bennie?”

“No,” Bennie said. He leaned into her ear. “Speak up!”

His voice boomed and could have sent a wolf into hiding.

She was trembling but tried to cover her nervousness by lashing out. “I said I don’t have anything to say!”

Grant said, “Don’t get mad at us. This is your fault. You need to learn that you can’t do this. Samantha doesn’t Tipobet Giriş do anything and she’s passing? That’s crap.”

Ms. Baker watched the students walking around the schoolyard. “Grant, I’ll count your book summary towards your overall grade and Bennie, I won’t count your attendance against you.”

Grant tossed both hands up and let them drop. “Oh, that’s supposed to make everything better like that? I don’t think so. Like I said, you need to be taught a lesson.”

“How do you think you’re going to do that?” Ms. Baker asked with arrogance and her nose tilted north. She propped up her arm and rested her face on her palm while looking at him.

He returned the look with a scowl. “I’m going to give you a long, hard spanking until your ass is so sore you won’t be able to sit for a few days.”

Ms. Baker snickered. “Not going to happen.”

“Alright. I’m sure Principal Hooper would love to see these texts. Maybe even the Education Board.”

“And I’m sure he’d love to know you want to do inappropriate things to your teacher. Don’t get expelled. You’re about to graduate.”

“Bring a paddle with you tomorrow. I decided you’re getting a paddling, too.”

“I’ll see you two in class tomorrow!” Ms. Baker said as she returned to her jovial self.

She wasn’t taking them seriously, which burned out more than one fuse within Grant.

He was beginning to think this may not have been the brightest of ideas. Something gave her enough confidence to mock him. His only hope was that she was bluffing.

When he got to class the next day, Bennie was hanging around outside the door.

“Hey, Bennie. What’s going on?” he asked upon approach.

He said, “I don’t know. She told me to stand out here. I think we’re in trouble.”

“The only one in trouble today is Ms. Baker. I don’t know what she’s trying to pull.”

Ms. Baker appeared before them. She was wearing a white blouse with another skirt, peach, with a split riding halfway up the side. Despite his displeasure with her, Grant couldn’t help but fixate on her tanned legs for a few moments. His fixation kept rising higher where his imagination took over where her fabric covered the rest of them.

“Good morning, Grant,” she said. “Let’s go see the principal.”

Grant and Bennie looked at each other with horror. They wondered what she was up to.

They took the stroll with her through the maze of students chatting in the halls and moving about while stuffing chicken biscuits and cinnamon rolls into their mouths.

Grant watched Ms. Baker’s cheeks roll around in that skirt and he wanted his hands on it so bad. He was already hard and surging with arousal.

When they stepped into the principal’s office, Grant was attempting to meditate himself into a calmer state.

Ms. Baker presented herself to the principal. “Hi, I brought these two from my class. It seems they wanted to speak with you.”

Principal Hooper was shaped like a human-sized pear and almost as big as the three of them put together. He face was covered in a greyish brown mat. Grant may have played football but he wanted to stay out of his way!

“What is it, young man?” he asked Grant as his chair squeaked when he laid back.

He watched Ms. Baker. For some reason, she was unable to stand still and playing with her hair.

He whipped out his phone. “I wanted to show you something on here.”

The bells in the halls rang and Ms. Baker covered his phone’s screen. “Um, class is about to start. Maybe you want to come back? I wouldn’t want you to miss your lesson.”

Her voice was breaking into pieces. That whole thing was weird. Who in history ever had a one minute visit to the principal’s office? Grant wasn’t complaining but it was still strange.

Grant stuffed his phone back into his pants pocket. “Okay.”

She faced the principal. “I’m sorry about this. I thought I had more time before class started.”

“It’s fine. You can catch up with me later.”


The trio went back into the hall.

She said, “I wanted to see if you would actually show him the text. I need my job. I have student loans to pay off, a mortgage, and…”

Grant interrupted. “And I need my education. That’s important, too, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but…”

Bennie shushed her. “Be quiet. I’ve heard enough out of you, Ms. Baker.”

Ms. Baker hung her head. “I guess you have me. What do you want me to do?”

Grant took a few steps and pressed a little on her lower back to signal her to start walking with him. “Did you bring what I asked you to?”

Ms. Baker shook her head to say no.

Bennie said, “Well, you’d better get it before class is over.”

When they arrived back at the classroom, Grant said, “We have work to do. Now, try to be a good teacher for once and do what I said!”

Grant and Bennie took their seats. Ms. Baker was in the hall for a few minutes before she came in and announced to the class she had to take care of something and would Tipobet Güncel Giriş be back soon.

There was an empty seat next to Bennie and Samantha slid into it.

“Hey, what’s wrong with Ms. Baker? You were just with her,” she whispered to the guys.

Bennie said, “I think she’ll be talking to you about it really soon!”

“Why is that?”

“You’ll find out!”

About a half hour later, Grant was writing when his phone buzzed. He looked at his new text message. It was from Ms. Baker!

“I apologize for what I did. Please don’t do this. I’ll do better, teacher’s promise!”

Grant smiled and texted back, “Class will be over soon. I would get back here if I were you. Be careful!”

Towards the end of class, Ms. Baker returned with a plastic bag sticking out of her handbag.

Samantha flew to her and was trying to ask her what was wrong but she shooed her away. Eventually, Sam left the class in a huff. Grant and Bennie were enjoying it.

The bells rang indicating the end of class. Grant was so excited that he couldn’t contain himself but he had to do students everywhere a favor by punishing Ms. Baker.

When the class cleared, the two comrades made their way to the front of the room.

Grant aimed his finger at the door. “Hang the ‘do not disturb’ sign you use when we’re taking tests on the door and close it, now.”

Ms. Baker complied and stood before them.

Grant rolled her chair into the open from behind the desk, sat on it, and said, “Come here.”

She took tiny steps when she went like she was trying to delay the inevitable as long as possible.

She squeezed her hands together. “I’m sorry.”

Bennie stood at her rear. “Sorry? Really? That’s all you have to say after cheating people?”

He drew his hand back and popped her ass!


Grant clamped her wrist and guided her over his lap. “Maybe you’ll truly be sorry after this.”

He was salivating at the site of her ass looking up at him. He lifted his hand and popped her. His smack was softened by her skirt but was enough to make her squirm. He gave her ten spanks in a row and she was wiggling her feet.

Bennie walked over and spanked her left cheek while Grant was spanking her right one at the same time.

She lowered her head and cried out from underneath the hair that was draped over her. “Stop, please! Oww!”

They spanked her harder for another minute. “Pop, spank, smack.”

Grant raised his hand for Bennie to stop.

He massaged her ass and gave her a little relief but he was trying to feel her up, too. Her cheeks were somewhere between firm and soft but felt so good to his touch.

He grasped her skirt at the bottom where it hung at her knees and pulled it upward. Her hand flew back there but Bennie grabbed it and kept it away!

Ms. Baker was wearing pink panties. Grant almost lost it. Damn, she was sexy.

He kneaded her and was sure he heard her let out a sigh. He went back to giving her a spanking as he pulled her closer to him with his left hand and gave her ten smacks on each cheek. The flesh sticking out from her panties were glowing.

Ms. Baker, through sniffing said, “I’ve learned my lesson.”

Bennie said, “I don’t think she’s getting it, do you?”

“Nope,” he said as he grasped her panties at the waist and whisked them down her legs.

She was shaking her bottom around and couldn’t stay still. Free of obstructions, he groped her with roughness and she released another soft moan. He spread her cheeks to stare at her dark asshole.

Grant wet his fore digit on this tongue and plunged it into her ass and she squealed. He fingered her, twisting it around inside her, and slapped her backside with his other palm.

He took it out and ran his hands between her legs. He moved his fingers in circles over her pussy. She was damp and emitted a sexually arousing scent.

Grant said in a low voice, “You’re enjoying this too much, aren’t you?”


“Sigh, still being dishonest, I see. Okay, have it your way.”

He spanked her bare right cheek with five more pops and Bennie smacked the left again. “Pop, pop, pop.”

The spanks smacking her flesh resonated through their ears.

“I think she needs a paddling now,” Bennie said.

Grant was thinking that she had to be pretty sore but thought she could handle a bit more.

He said, “We’ll give her ten swats with the paddle. Stand up, Ms. Baker and lean on the desk.”

She whimpered as she rose to her feet. She turned just a bit towards the desk but froze.

Bennie helped her out as he forced her to the desk with her breasts pressed against it. Her skirt had fallen over her ass so he lifted it.

He gripped her hair, yanked it, and said, “You do what we tell you when we tell you.”


Bennie put enough pressure on her lower back to keep her immobile, cocked his hand back, and spanked her so hard five times that her tits were dragging back and forth across the fake cherry wood. She was louder still and Grant hoped no one passing by would hear her.

He took the paddle from her handbag. It was made of maple wood and slender. It didn’t have the holes in it like some of them did but it would have to do.

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