my best friend needs me


my best friend needs meSo i had just got a job in santa monica through a family friend and i was loving it. Only problem was that I had to start the job without finding an apartment. Luckily my best friend/secret lover Elle was living five minutes away from my work and graciously let me be a vagabond on the floor @ her and her husbands tiny studio apartment until I could find a place. Things were bound to get hot because me and her have never stopped lusting for each other. Every time we touched was heart pounding and the last time we got close was a few months prior in another apartment but that’s another story. Life was looking good and on top of that I got to spend time flirting with her through little things and ways we had picked up over the years. A brush against the cock here, a finger slide up her pussy there. All while her husband watched football mindlessly. This went on for days. So one night, me and her are outside smoking and drinking, just starting to feel a buzz. We are having a good conversation with a little sexual innuendo here and there. She was biting her lips, staring at my cock getting harder in my pants while her feet kept rubbing it when all of a sudden we heard her husband shout cuz his team scored. I shook my head thinking why would you care about football when your wife’s wet pussy is quivering for her best friends cock to calm it. Now, I had noticed that her and her husband seemed a little distant so I tried to give them time by leaving work late, doing laundry, etc. but as the conversation wore on she started to tell me things bakırköy escort about the relationship with a straight face. Thing that made me feel bad for her. Things that made me want to make her feel like a woman. To make a long story short….. she thought he might be gay because of a drunken night she walked in on. This made me want to fuck her like the tequila nights of our early sexcapades. So the night moves on and another one of her alcoholic girlfriends (lets call her drunky) comes over and starts to shotgun beers with her and her husband. I just pound a few beers as the hours wear on cuz in my mind Im thinking how to get us alone for a quickie. Maybe i can say we’re going for food. I turn to tell her this and notice her and gayboy had went to bed. Oh well. So i try to hold a conversation with her friend, but she is waaaaay gone. drunky wants to go to sleep and i stay to finish my cig. I head on inside after five minutes to find drunky passed out doggystyle with her face on the ground. I tried to wake her up and noticed she passed out trying to blow up an airbed. She was snoring and her ass was at cock level as i tried to pick her up but she was dead weight and was not exactly a skinny girl. I tried bumping her ass with a cock thrust and she fell over onto the airbed. Haha! I then make my makeshift bed right next to and underneath elle’s side of the bed. I lean in to give her a little kiss on the forehead and lay myself down to sleepI was laying back adjusting my cock cuz it had been strangled in my underwear from beşiktaş escort being hard all night thinking of elle’s juicy wet pussy gripping it. It was right then when i noticed her leg reaching down to my cock. I guess my laughing had woke her which was a good thing. I was feeling a little horny so I pulled it out and started to stroke it. Now all the while her husband is sleeping facing the window next to her and drunky is passed out facing the bathroom next to me. This doesn’t stop me so i continue. I notice elle watching intensely so I tell her to reach down and stroke me. She does for a few strokes and stops cuz drunky snores loud and scares us. I then tell her i wish she could suck it. She says “o.k” and i then ask if she’s sure. To which she responds by grabbing my hand and making me feel her warm dripping wet pussy. I then kneel down next to her head and place my throbbing cock near her mouth. She listens real quick for movement, hears nothing and sticks her tounge out like a frog catching a fly and reels my cock in. I feel her grab my ass and pull my cock deeper down her throat. I bite my lip trying not to moan cuz i know she can take it past tonsils because she has no gag reflex. I keep switching from watching my cock go down her mouth, to watching the back of her husbands head, to looking back at drunky to make sure she’s still out. I pull out and whisper to her ” are u sure he wont wake up?” She says ” trust me, I made sure they would be deep drunk sleeping by shotgunning all those beers with them but actually beylikdüzü escort using used cans for a few of them.” ” I went to sleep early to try to wake u up late night for fun.” I couldn’t believe she had planned to suck me with danger on both sides. She then grabs my cock and shoves it back in her mouth as i run my finger along her body. She sucks so quietly but so hard. Each suck makes me clench my ass. At one point she made a loud suck noise and we both froze with my cock still throbbing in her mouth and yet no one woke. I could feel her tounge lick my balls as she deep throated my shaft. I looked down at her cute tight boy boxer shorts which are completely soaked. I reach in, slide my fingers inside, to which i feel her grip them tightly. I then pinched her nipple which made her look me straight in the eye with a look of extasy. I realized elle was cumming cuz this was all so hot, kinky and dangerous. She tried to keep quiet by keeping my cock in her mouth and riding this orgasm out. She stops quivering and i reach down, dip my fingers in and lick her delicious cum off my fingers. She gets so turned on she starts sucking super hard, only stopping to tell me to cum in her mouth. I take another dip and lick and she sucks just the head which makes me cum. I shoot my huge hot load deep down her throat and she sucks every last drop out of it. she continues to suck and kiss it as we both calm down. I couldn’t believe how drunk passed out these two were! She could believe it though. She knew he wouldn’t wake up. Thats why she took the chance. I then told her i wish i could have made her cum by fucking her but she said that cumming from just sucking my cock was crazy. She’d never done so. I then told her than we shall continue and we went back to sleep, but only to wake up to more sexual adventure…… but that’s… to be continued …….

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