My brahmin wife and gym master


My brahmin wife and gym masterSo here is my story in disguise i want to share it with all of you. Currently i am married and leading so happy life i have got no c***dren as my wife says she does not wants a c***dren.We are married for 1 year now i am 27 and she is 24 she is very demanding and very dominating and she wants all of the things in the world which comes in best of her use.She is about 5’5 , tall , fair , with lips pouted out made for sucking the dick, very chinky type eyes her boobs bounces every time and always wears saree at home with one part of her boobs uncovered with her pallu and i dont know why she always does that , usually she does not wear any bra she has 36C round and firm boobs , with ass jiggling and wobbling and finger nails always polished making her looks so sexy , she always spins a ring in her home and hates doing any works and so i have to do all the work in her room and all she does is sit eat , fashion and sleep.She was getting bored with all of the daily routines and all the boredom was killing her and she was getting a bit fat too by all days sitting and eating and doing only a little of her works . So she decided to go to the gym. There was a near by gym only 5 minutes of walking so she decided to join the gym. She would go to the gym by wearing tight yoga pants and only a tang top and my god she looked so hot .She would wear anything she wants , on the tuzla escort first day she wore a pink tight leggings and a blue tight tang top with no bra , she walked in those dress and looked a sex god she , as the leggings were so tight her thigh’s , legs were so heavily build that it was wobble when ever she took a step on and her ass oh my god..that would made any old man’s cock hard and want to burst that cock inside her ass , her boobs with her nipples visible would bounce like a bounce ball and she was not at all ashamed of it instead she was very much desperate her hair was pony tailed up and and walked full of confidence and pride in her.She would take it sometimes 4-5 hours in the gym that too in the starting days , So after lots of suspicious thoughts i thought of joining the gym too . I decided to join and i joined the gym it was a very posh gym with all new equipments but i was shocked that when we would go for exercise there would be very less people or only 2-3 peoples working out , to my shock i noticed that it was a combined gym both males and females but to my thoughts i decided to lets see what my wife does and what is going on around it. To my utter suprise and to my biggest fear i saw a hung who is a gym instructor 6’4 in height , black full of facial beard and very muscular she introduced me to him.So the session started on she was wearing that day brown leggings and tight brown tuzla escort bayan cotton top her boobs and ass usual the center point and her face slutty as hell the gym instructor asked me to do the treadmill to get off the less fats in my body to be perfectly healthy and fit first and she was doing it too. To my eyes i saw while she was running in the mill she was purposely doing it wrong would fall off attracting ahmed to her and doing it wrong again and again and ahmed would always grab her hands and her waist to put her in a good running positions. I got suspicious and from next day i left the class early and hid outside in bushes to see whats happening inside actually after people have left.I like to put the further happenings in my wife point of view.He said we’ve established by now that I know what’s best for you.” He caressed my face with one hand before moving it gently behind my head where it closed, suddenly, on a handful of hair at the back of my head causing me to tilt my head back, exposing my neck. With his other hand on the small of my back he pulled my hips towards his, I could feel his erection as he began nibbling at my neck.I stepped back again, but this time to hop up on the desk and spread my legs so he could move between them, pressing his crotch aggressively against mine as we kissed. I gave in completely to what was about to happen. The thin lining of his gym shorts escort tuzla and my leggings wasn’t keeping anything a secret. He started pressing his hips into mine rhythmically, I think he couldn’t help himself. I wanted to blow him first, to slow everything down. I slid off the desk and onto my knees in front of him. I looked up — he was smirking again.His low-hanging gym shorts were no obstacle at all and I simply pulled them down to reveal his erection. I was flattered that he was so hard for me.He put one hand on his cock and guided it into my mouth and his other hand on the back of my head, guiding my receipt of it.After a few minutes he guided me up and I removed my pants completely and laid back on the trainer’s desk. He laughed for the first time since I’d met him as he grabbed my thighs and pulled my body into his, entering me.He lifted one hand to caress my face and slipped his thumb into my mouth. I welcomed it into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it while I sucked on it. I wanted to show him that I trusted him. He thrusted hard as he held my thighs, ensuring I wouldn’t bounce too far away. I think that turned him on even more because his speed increased and I delighted in turning him on and gave into the rhythm of his body on mine. He was going to make me cum. This whole time I’d been so good about not making noise but as I felt that tension roll up from my crotch through my bell and my eyes roll back into my head I began moaning. He quickly covered my mouth with his hand and lifted me off the desk, holding me in his arms and continuing to thrust into me while I cummed all over him.

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