My Brothers Wife’s SMRITI ..!! A Ro-MAN-tik r

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My Brothers Wife’s SMRITI ..!! A Ro-MAN-tik rWell I, Always wonder when it come for sex it should not always be sex as the mistress just do not want us to put out penis and strike it off.. well in turn she ask you to play with her , cuddle her , poke her and do every nasty stuff so that she get what she actually deserve..!! and thanks for the replies i got from you.. especially a lady called Ramya… she was very much fascinated with what i expressed in my last experience and wanted to meet me not just for sex but as an individual to be a great companion with!!Well , with this i would like to narrate with happened with me and brothers wife…!! Hope you will like it.. do comment if case you like it and also.. if any mistress looking for some serious adventurous fun…feel free to mail me to the ID given below will be waiting for your mails..!!I have had the opportunity to have sex with a close relative that is with my younger brother’s wife. And whenever I read the i****t stories it reminded me of my flings with my beautiful bhabhis and Lustful neighbours and of course my Lovely aunties…!!We stay in a joint family. We live in a big palatial house, the ground floor of which is occupied by my parents and the first floor by me and the second floor by my younger brother. We took turns in making food for the entire family. A week it was my wife’s turn and the next week would be my brother’s wife who would run the kitchen of the house.We had domestic help for the chores and the food will be served in the common table. First, all male members will eat and then the ladies ( As we generally do in Marwari families). Now the story must unfold after a brief intro.My name is Sunil , my brother is Anand. I will not name the place of residence as it could give away the identity of the family.Our father Mr.xxxxxxxx is a famous businessman in our locality and hence he will have a lot of visitors every now and then. My wife, Smriti was in the final stages of delivery and I had to drop her at her parent’s house as this was her first delivery. Traditionally, the first delivery always happens in the mothers place in our community.This day I was having plenty of business and came home late. It was the turn of Smriti (my brother’s wife) to serve us the food. I was late, and my dad had a lot of visitors and hence my brother’s wife was very very tired. When I came home, I was very hungry and went straight to the dining table. But there was no food as the maid had cleared the food to retire early.I then went to my brothers room, knocked it and expected my brother to open the room. But Smriti opened the room and I asked where Anand is? She said that being the secretary of the local club, had to stay back for arrangements of a club function the next day. He may come in only after midnight.I said Smriti, sorry to disturb you, but I’m feeling very hungry. She said Bhaiya, since you are alone will you allow me to serve you in your room rather than take all things to even in the ground floor. I said, Fine by me. I went to the wash room, changed in my pyjamas and sat on the sofa in my room watching TV. Smriti came in with food and placed the food in front of me on the coffee table.These tables which are designed to be used as coffee tables are low tables which are meant to be kept in front of a couch or a sofa. The table being low, Smriti had to bend maltepe escort a couple of times to keep the food. First, the chappati bowl and Dal Bowl and then the Sabzi bowl and finally the water bottle and glasses.Each time that she bent, she gave me a clear view of her deep voluptuous cleavage which was seen clearly because she was in low cut blouse. I could not get a glimpse of her nipples as the fabric of her bra was clasping her boobs. I just got to see her deep cleavage.While I was watching her cleavage every time she bent, she also noticed me watching her but seem to ignore. This happened even while taking back the things as well. Smriti is young lady having sharp features and is very beautiful. Her beauty was the talk of the town. She was around 26 years at the time of this story.She was married to Anand from the past one year and they have had no issues as Smriti said that she wanted to enjoy life before taking a leap on motherhood. Usually at night I also drink milk with a spoon of turmeric powder and honey. She came in with a glass of hot milk. But the cleavage sighting of Smriti had left me in a horny mood.Had it been my wife, I would have torn her apart. I did plan to fantasize Smriti and masturbate that night, but I suppose destiny had better plans for me that night. Usually Smriti does not wear such low necks, as we always have dinner in the main hall and all are well covered with a Pallu ( Ladies in or community have to keep their part of saree over their forehead to respect the Elder the younger one it is since centuries in marwari families) but I was comfortable with her she did not keep the pallu on her forehead. Then she said she would get the Milk for me which was a regular one as i said before in our family we generally used to have with.She again came into my room to give me milk. She bent down again to keep down the glass, and dammmmmmmm she was staring at me to catch me staring her private parts. I was bold enough not to be perturbed and come what may, I planned to see again. So when she bent again, I did see her again.This time I was shocked, as her low neck had one more button opened up and the bra was missing, thus giving me a very good view. Bhaiya, she said, you look nervous and also you are sweating profusely despite the air-conditioner in full blow. What is the matter? I gathered courage and said, come what may, I will tell the truth and after all she is also giving me an open invitation.I was scared as well as emboldened. If she has to say anything to Anand, I can defend saying that, it’s her fault as no bhabhi will enter brother in laws room without a bra with low neck blouse with buttons open. So with all courage, when she asked me what is the reason of my nervousness, I said, Smriti, it’s all because of you. She pretended not to understand and asked, what did I do?You bent forward giving me a clear view and im aroused because of that. And adding insult to injury, you have removed the bra and also opened up button to give me unobstructed view. Rather than reacting sharply she said, did you like what you saw? I said, who would not? What if Anand finds out? I said only a mad man will disclose all this to someone else.She said that she loves Anand a lot and could not afford to lose him, but is also attracted by me mainly because I love my wife very much and care for her. I care for her escort maltepe so dearly that, our relatives say that a happy couple must be like Sunil and Payal ( My wife Name). This quality of mine attracted Smriti to me and she was also impressed with my height and mannerisms.I then asked Smriti, if she would only give me teasers or can I watch the entire action unfold. She said, it is for a man to enact and cannot expect a gild to stoop lower than that. This was enough for me to hug her and taste her lips. My lips met with her and we started exploring each other in and out.Trust me, those seem to me the wettest lips and the tongue that went inside me was having a lovely effect on my metabolism. I touched her boob and squeezed it. This place I must explain her features to you. Smriti a 26 year old lady, 5.3 feet in height, 60 or 61 kgs. As she said and yes, the boob cup size must be 34D.She was neither fat nor lean, medium built, wheatish colour and a strong bodied person as her boobs did not sulk and were round and firm. Her butt was protruding out, big, firm and round. She had very good features, sharp nose, a big forehead. She may not be that fair, but definitely not dusky but very beautiful. She reminds one of Ayesha Takia or Tanushree Dutta.I took no longer in making love and removed her blouse. To give me another surprise, she was not wearing the panty either and was totally undress. Her navel was broad and deep and her cunt was small and cute or so it looked in standing position.Smriti, I asked, have you ever taken a penis in your mouth. Rarely she said, and did you like it. She said, its okay, no reservations. I then slid my pyjamas and brief at one go to expose my manhood. It was already in full force and in its full erection.I am 5 feet 11 inches tall, fair and handsome according to my wife, Smriti and also a few more girls. My tool can be around 6.5 inches and thick as well. Smriti went on her legs to get to the level of my penis and suck it well. She moved so well that in 6 minutes I exploded the sweet salty mayoniii in her mouth.She went to the washroom almost vomiting as she had never eaten sperm. But I was so carried away that I followed her behind and was enjoying seeing her butt crack while she was vomiting. She had to bend over the sink to vomit. I planned to see her butt hole and can see only if she bends fully.I went down now and started kissing her ass. I spread her ass to see the black hole. It was so sexy and intoxicating, and when I fingered it, it was contrasting more. I then started licking it, at first I did not get any taste, but later, dammm it was heaven on earth.. her aroma … i should say that was the fulcrum which arose me for her to explore more.. I remembered they do all this in blue films is beyond my wonder i was really experiencing it live…!! We came back to the room and she said, Bhaiya, Anand loves to explore this place (pointing to her clean shaven cunt) and not the shit place. I said I also love to do so and gently pushed her onto the bed. I got between her legs, spread them as much as possible and gave a full blow job of her cunt.She was moaning fiercely and I felt all her muscles getting tighter. her face turning red and a small flow of liquid followed. She was nice and easy now. I licked her clean and now inserted her. She was tight as I had wiped her clean with the maltepe escort bayan bed sheet and I started pumping hardly. My excitement was such that made her to yell and scream like anything and said.. dammm i never had such a wonderful insertion …..deeeep gp deeeeep Sunil… i would like to feel the love you care for your wife… Man then i touched her G-SPot and she suddenly starting to tighten her muscles i knew she is cumming but i ignored i took her in the missionary and just a like an butter fly opened her legs and started jerking like and statllion… after 15-20 mins I said i am about to shed she wanted to me release every drop of it inside her cult so did i respond to her and damm.. that was awesome… I loaded her with complete stuff of mine and she said lie on me.. and then.We rested for few minutes and started all over again and in different positions till Anand poped out as we could her his car coming inside she said i need to start but gave me sexy kiss with a wink…You indebted me… lifelong i owe you. and went and changed her dress and straight to her room. Post which i slept nicely.. We continued our plays whenever the opportunity knocked us. In fact, we were madly in love with each other and in those days when my wife was at her mother’s place and my brother if not in station, Smriti and I used to sleep in one room, one bed and as husband and wife.The only thing we missed was a Honeymoon. But even that was not far behind, as anand had to go to Delhi from the Rotary club. Smriti was all alone and she was permitted to go to her mother’s place. But we had different plans.Smriti went to her mother’s place and after a couple of days, she said that she must go to a Kodaikanal, A hill station in Tamil Nadu, to attend a friend’s wedding. The truth is she has no friend at Kodaikanal.I told my aging parents that I must go to seminar at Mumbai. But we actually took off to Kodaikanal and had a lovely honeymoon there. Since it was quiet far from our native town, getting caught by people knows to us was remote. But still we were very careful and would go to deserted sight-seeing places where normally not many go.There is a dense forest in Kodaikanal which can be accessed only after taking permission from the forest department and we went there where not many tourists came and really experienced actually what dogging is all about..!!Hope you all will like my experience. Do comment . And ladies.. I am yours feel free to mail me and discuss with me. As i said its not sex always we need companions to share our emotions and feelings and share our heart.. Being a close friend.. and if things and time permit us we can initiate and believe me.. It just the GOd who just created a Women but when asked what shall be done to satisfy womenhood… He should have said… As and when you need some one you will always finf someone or the other you select with whom you can share your emotions with and if sex then it is just a need of Human Body…which again can be done with Toys or vegetable or by any mean but to have true gentleman you should be blessed with..With this I complete my story.. Feel free to mail.. and Yea I may be best person to have sex with but more than that i am human being who consider woman are the best and wildest individuals created and its upto bestow them with what they deserve the best.I will writing a another story which happend between me and my Wife’s sister … When i went to her mothers place when she gave birth to my c***d…!! Till then Keep reading and Happy Jerking… and ladies… Do mail me..!!!Chennaipouring_at_gmail_com

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