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My Cousin Who Fucked Me HarddeletedThis is NIKILA baby again… I am so glad that you guys loved my previous story.. I got a real good response. Any ways like I promised that I will be back with a new story and here I am. Now this story is about how my cousin brother fucked me hard hard hard.For those who don’t know me I am 25 and I am super sexy. Boob size 34.Ok so the story about me and my cousin Hrishi. He is 25 and he lives in Mumbai. From c***dhood only we were each other’s pet. We used to share everything. So this is what happened last year in May. We were chatting and randomly asked him if he watches porn. He said “if you can have live sex then why to watch porn” I was shocked and I asked him “ did you have sex before” he said yeah “ 3 times with 3 different ladies”I was upset because he did not tell me. But he managed to make me happy by saying that he always desired to fuck me but was afraid that I would leave him. I laughed and asked him if he really wanted to fuck me. He said he was always fascinated about my body. And he was saying something about my ass and that time suddenly I sent him a nude picture of me and he was dumbstruck. He said he wanted to fuck me. We were sexting for a while when he became serious about sex. We could not meet all off a sudden because parents would inquire. So anyways we were going to meet for our cousin sister’s wedding in Mumbai we planned our date there.He told me to tell my parents that he will come to pick me up from Goa. He said he would book train tickets and not flight. I agreed. My parents were also supposed to join us but I told them that the bride needed me so I’m going 2 days early. So our plan was set. Hrishi came to take me and we left for the railway station. We were roaming hand in hand. We boarded our cabin and we had booked the full cabin. We locked it. I went inside and took off my bursa escort jacket. My back was facing Hrishi.I was folding my jacket when he came from behind and squeezed my boobs. I dropped my jacket and held his hands. Aah he was so strong. I pushed him and made him sit till the train left. I could see his dick rise. I was horny. My nipples were hard and he could see them protrude from my t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra and that is why I wore a leather jacket.He could control no more. He called me towards him.. I went and sat on his lap. And we smooched. He was squeezing my boobs and I was biting his lips. He removed my t-shirt and just stared at my boobs. He was touching them this time, not squeezing. He looked at me and he said ‘baby you are a bomb’ I laughed and said ‘now fuck this bomb’ he just started sucking my boobs aah aah aah.He was biting them and I screamed yeah baby I love the way you do it to me he was biting and pulling..yes yes.. in no time we were naked. He put me down on the seat spread my legs and again just stared at my pussy. He went down and kissed it. Aah that shiver in my body. Uff, he licked my pussy while I was squeezing my boobs and I gave out a moan aah. He started fingering me and licking my clitoris, I loved that sensation how I moaned. UmmmHe was fingering me hard in and out in and out then he stood. I could see his erect dick. Damn it was really huge. He took his cock and was going to insert it inside, it was my first time, I held my breath, he rubbed his dick on my pussy, and he inserted it in with a bang and I screamed! Aah! That was painful, It was hurting but then I go used to it, I started liking it, the way he was fucking me. I screamed Hrishi!! Fuck me, drill that fucking pussy, aah, he held my hands and fucked me. He fucked me with the motion of the train. My hands were on my boobs, he fucked me for quite bursa escort bayan a long time, then I stood up.He pushed me towards the door and fucked me in the standing position. I was pulling his hair and he was kissing my neck. He bit mine and I bit his neck. He sucked my boobs and also gave me some amazing love bites. He was shaking my boobs like WOW. I kissed him and bit his lip. He pulled me close and spanked my ass. Uff I loved it. Aah, he spanked me harder, I screamed oh baby! He said Natasha, you have been a bad, bad girl, you need spanking. I said yes I am bad spank me more, aah. He made me position in the dog style. He fucked me more that way. How I loved everything he did to me. That pain was so exciting. He bent down and licked my ass hole. Aah, beauty. He inserted his dick then, and drilled me. Oh yes!We fucked and then we slept, when we reached, my abdomen was hurting. It was first time bang! I was happy that I lost my virginity to a hot guy like Hrishi. So we reached home and we didn’t do anything at home. The bride’s mother told Hrishi to go and order dry fruits, and she also told him to take me along so that I would see some parts of Mumbai. Me and Hrishi looked at each other and winked. We both were so happy, we got a chance of being together without even planning. We decided to go to Hrishi’s house because nobody was there at his place as everyone was in the wedding house.So first we went and ordered dry fruits and then we went to his house. It was grand, I must say. I have been there many times before but this time I was feeling excited. He showed me up to his room, I was wearing jeans and top. I went and jumped on the bed. Swinging my hair and touching my boobs. He took off his shirt and jumped on me. I turned him around and I got on top of him. I was sitting right on his erect dick.He held my waist. I took off escort bursa my shirt. Pink bra, I leaned towards him and kissed him. He squeezed my boobs. We kissed for some time when he pushed me over and pulled my pants down (though it was little bit difficult because my pants are little extra tight) he too took off his clothes.He kissed my waist and then my abdomen and then the middle of my boobs and then my neck. He came down and sucked my boobs. Then I got on top of him. He had given me so much in the train now I thought it was my turn to return. I sat on top of him, rubbed his dick on my pussy. I could see his face how much he was loving it. I was jealous of the girls he had fucked so I wanted to be the best one. Then slowly I inserted his dick in my pussy and I screamed oh fuck! Oh yeah! This time I fucked him. He said oh yeah baby oh yes. I love it I love you come on yeah. I did it faster. He enjoyed.I slept next to him and he fucked me under the blanket. He was hot as hell, I was hot as hell. Literally we both were on fire. He kissed me and then he was fingering me, I was moaning. I loved everything he did. A shiver runs through my spine. I went sown and gave him a nice hearty blowjob. I kissed his cock and thrust it in my mouth and sucked it. I sucked his balls. I had given three guys blowjob before so I was kind of a pro at it. He was holding my head and he was moving it. He cummed in my mouth. I loved it. I drank it all. We slept naked for some time and then we went home.We didn’t get time to fuck after that because we were too busy in wedding preparations but we gave each other time for a hand job. On the wedding day we went aside for sometime but he could only rub my pussy because of the lehenga I was wearing. But I gave him a blowjob. We couldn’t fuck because I had to go back with my parents.And that was all guys. Hrishi was the guy who broke my virginity. I know this story made all your pussies wet and erected your dicks. I am sure you must have enjoyed this story as well. Rate me a 5 star. I love you guys. And comment my pics and stories….

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