My crazy revenge after being dominated by that lad


My crazy revenge after being dominated by that ladSo this story begins with my filipina ex u can see in the album. I was her world at this point. I owned her. Never what I intended nor knew about at the time, but looking back its true.She was so gorgeous. Smaller then me and I’m small! She had this mesmerising tight yet perky little arse that I will never forget… She was topless and the air con on was on full blast.. Her nipples poked out on her perfectly pert boobs. Her boobs were small, neither of us looked or do look the age we are 25).. U could mistake her for a teenage girl,But it wasn’t her perfect pert girly breasts that made her sexy, nor her thighs or her eyes or her pussy.I mean admittedly she had her pros and cons in those areas but none of that mattered… Because her aura and demeanor towards me was pure heaven. She loved it so much and gave me some of my best sex. The day I made her squirt was the day she was mine forever…. There’s nothin more fulfilling in this world in doing something to a woman that they couldn’t do to themselves!So as I lay there I was in a moment of anarchy. Yet another moment of madness for me. I wanted revenge for drinking that cum. On anyone available! So long as I could make them submiss.One thing about me in Asia is ground work. I get it in early and cue them up for my pleasure when I can.. I had met a ladyboy outside a high street wen I asked her for directions…. She had made herself look completely like a westerner. Like a European sexy Latina style Trans.She was canlı bahis just my type of girl. Super feminine in her manner and wow yeh just to die for. You could see she thrived on sex…So me and the filipina are having our usual chilled week night in.. She’s topless and her nipples are like little rocks from the cold. I approached her and cuddled her in my arms like her dad would have. I held her there thinking what she means to me but also thinking about the bitter taste of that ladyboy cum last time round.After me and my ex had warmed up she instantly went to my cock, she loved my pre cum for some reason, my little Hoover. I spanked her arse hard as she sucked me, us both laying down lazily..Her eyes sparked at this and she sucked my tip as hard as she could so i yelped. She smiled perversely in the same way that ladyboy did after holding my nose on his stomach suffocating me while I gagged on his thick gooey mess that went straight to my tummy.this smile just released something in me and without her expectation I slammed her down on the bed hard and held her mouth so she couldn’t scream.I told her she’s “my little girl tonight” and she looked scared for a moment but we softly kissed and she wanked me perfectly as I bfelt the horny pheromones streaming off of her again, as she swallowed more precum.I got close with her oral skills, so I tied her hands and kissed, sucked and kicked every last inch of her until she was so warm I was melting. She begged me to pound her hard.. I will never forget her pussy gleamin bahis siteleri at me at that moment. God I’m hot writing this. Angel to the eye but my slut in bed hehe…She was always so loud when she got close.. This time no different.. Shouting jibberish Filipino words and noises. She always whined like a girl.As she headed towards her first penatrative orgasm of this session I felt her clampen up rhythmically as I grinded slower in and out of her, putting all my weight into each slow hard thrust. She screamed my name again and I spurted a little straight into her completely unprotected fertile hole once again. We lay cuddling looking mystically into each others shy. Shortly after she fell asleep in my arms. With her pussy dripping slowly .It was loving,passionate, she was my angel and did as she’s told but I needed more. I needed revenge for what happened with that ladyboys thick cock using me as his sissy… I did not have the heart to use my girl in the same way… If she sucked me first then sure use her throat and control her, putting my pleasure before her mild pain… I couldn’t just grab her out the blue and shove cum into her throat use her, hurt her and make her eyes water and treat her the same as a slut I want to use…. Filipina was great but I needed a nymph.With in one hour, the filipina was sound asleep for work in morning, with her pussy still dripping slightly, asleep legs open like a true submissive slut.. I jerked myself till my erection pumped like it was gonna burst from the pressure of bahis şirketleri my firm cock… I zipped my shorts up and drove to meet my little secret sissy.I pulled up on the motorbike, I could see this young Trans wasn’t shy, super flirty and girly In her mannerisms again… Hmm I thought to myself… U wanna act like a girl then I will treat u like one.She had nice small hormone infused boobs, not as big as my ex but a different thing entirely. She wore tight fitting clothes that sported her tiny tight body with unreal wide hips and quite broad shoulders. And lips that screamed fuck doll.I knew she wanted to go and fuck but I wanted to see reactions of the public , if I took her for a drink to relax her before I forcefully exhibit my fantasy.At the bar we sat and drank her opposite me. I knew she fancied me so much from the look in her eyes from moment we met… I took full advantage of this and flirted outrageously using key words in general conversation that if used individually would imprint sex on anyones mind.let alone a slut like her.I could see her lips getting flushed as I talked. It was almost time. But first!I suddenly grabbed her little boy package tight in my hand under the table and squeezed it tight enough for her to think I’m crazy. She leaned towards me in response to this pain and I grabbed her chin romantically and tenderly.. She looked in my eyes half scared and half excited… I gave her my crazy eyes and quietly told her “Tonight you are my little slut. U take everything and follow everything i say to the dot even if it hurts”She looked at me anxious, paused and thought then smiled pleasurably and in her softest little girl voice said “okay” in true Thai ladyboy fashion… Well some that is!To be continued

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