My Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 04


Quite what she was planning would clearly have to wait, she wasn’t going to tell me now. I watched as Chris came out of the shower with just a towel draped round his lower half, Charlotte walked over to him and kissed him deeply. Her hand resting on his chest. He gave her bum a firm pat and squeeze as she walked past him into the bathroom. All through the night he had hardly said two words to me, he controlled Charlotte, but clearly, she controlled me. But as she turned on the shower and closed the door and we left alone, he spoke.

“Shes a fucking gorgeous girl isn’t she” he spoke as he dressed. I had half expected him to stay the night to be honest, but clearly, he wasn’t doing so. I wondered if this has been arranged previously. It probably had.

I nodded in agreement. I suppose he had to say something to fill the silence.

“You were lucky to have her” he smiled. The use of the past tense aroused my attention. It was telling.

“Yeah I was” I met his use with my own.

“I’ve gotta admit this is all new to me, this whole scenario of yours, and I found it more than a little weird at first, but when Charlotte told me how she felt, I knew she deserved being treated better. So I agreed, and, I must say, its been pretty empowering fucking her with you not being able to do a single thing about it!” he smiled at me.

“Thank you so much for being that man Chris. She does deserve better than me and I’m so pleased shes found someone. She knew who she liked as soon as this thing came up and I’ve watched her leave and return from her dates with you with a spring in her step and smile on her face” It was the ultimate act of submission. Humiliating, degrading, part of me couldn’t believe what I just said. But it felt so natural.

He finished getting dressed just as Charlotte came out of the bathroom. Wrapped in a towel. She headed straight for him, and kissed him again. They said their goodbyes, he told her he’d text her in the morning, said how much he’d enjoyed the night and couldn’t wait to do it again, then left. Without so much as a glance in my direction.

From that point on everything seemed to be more or less straightforward. We slept in the same bed, the only difference being me being caged. We cuddled a little then we fell asleep. We awoke the next morning, dressed, and I carried the bags as we walked down to check out. This was a subtle change. Normally we would each carry our own, but this time, she made no effort to pick up hers as she just left the room and walked 5 paces in front of me. It felt different, it must have looked different. Especially as she half flirted with the male receptionist as we checked out. Me standing back watching. She looked confident, she moved with a certain assuredness that she definitely hadn’t had before.

This was Sunday. The rest of the week passed by without anything spectacular happening, and still no hint of what I thought Charlotte might be planning. Had I been wrong? No, I remember vividly the way she had looked at me. There was something there. She went on a date with Chris again on the Wednesday evening, dinner, again paid for by me. No fuss this time, she told me as soon as she came home that she wouldn’t be around for the evening.

“Don’t worry though, you’re not going to miss anything” she winked as she left.

On Thursday night she revealed her plans for the weekend.

“I’m going out with the girls tomorrow” I nodded. They hadn’t been out for a while.

“Ok cool” I replied. I knew what this meant, I reached immediately for my wallet and gave her my credit card.

She giggled “Oh thanks! How did you know?! I don’t need a new outfit this time though, I’ve got something in my wardrobe I haven’t worn for ages. Anyway, I’m gonna introduce them to my hot new man” she smiled.

“What? I errr…already?” I stammered. I hadn’t considered this prospect at all. It hadn’t even entered hatay escort my head. Wait, do they know about this already. I asked the question.

“Of course silly, they’ve known all along! We girls tell each other everything you know!”

Oh god! I didn’t know what to do. After an easy week this made it all hit home again. I found groups of women intimidating before. How would I feel now?! All laughing at me, at my situation. I went bright red. Embarrassed and humiliated didn’t cover it.

She laughed as she saw my face play out all these thoughts. “Relax. They think its a great idea. I think they’re a little jealous if I’m honest.”

Friday just passed me by. I was home before her, as usual, and when she came in she just headed straight for the bedroom. “My outfits on the bed, I expect you to be here to help as soon as I get out the shower” I walked slowly to the bedroom to find a thigh length floral floaty dress, sheer nude tights, lace lingerie and some stiletto heels.

I helped her into her lingerie first, slowly, then her tights. She dragged this part out, knowing how much I liked them. They were Wolford Fatal 15’s, my favourite brand. I rolled them slowly down for her, then held them out for her to slide her leg into. She watched as I slowly rolled them up her leg, right first then left. Pulling them up gently, making sure her gusset was properly in place, smoothing them out, pulling them, making sure there were no creases. She twirled round for me.

“How do I look?”

“Amazing” I replied, transfixed.

“Crawl under my dressing table” she ordered. I did as she asked. She kicked me as I crawled. I knelt down underneath, as she sat on her chair and pulled herself forward a little, she crossed her legs and rested her dangling foot on my face. I breathed in the aroma of her tights, as she applied her make up, then her perfume.

“Good boy” she said as she stood up and walked over to her dress. “Come on or I’ll be late” I helped her into her dress, then her shoes. Last thing was a necklace, this was new. It must have been a present from Chris. It was a little black choker necklace. It looked a bit like a collar. My cock was straining in its cage.

“What do you think?” she said as she walked towards the door, grabbing her bag as she went.

“You look amazing”

She smiled “We’ll be back later, I want you awake when we return.”

I nodded. “Yes Charlotte”.

“Good boy, have fun” she giggled. Knowing full well I was in for a restless evening.

She’d been gone about an hour when my phone pinged with a notification. There was a picture on Instagram. I logged on to find a full length pic of her and Chris together, his arm around her, pulling her tight to him. She was looking up at him as he smiled into the camera. She looked amazing. Her tights shone in the flash of the camera. Her dress was barely thigh length. She looked amazing. I double tapped to like it. Next came a message, “Haha :)” was all it said.

Her friends were commenting, saying how much they liked the picture, how they thought they looked perfect together. This was modern day public humiliation.

4 hours after they left, they returned. When she had said we earlier I had half expected all her friends too, but it was just Charlotte and Chris. Both a bit tipsy.

“We’re back” in an authoritative tone.

I ran to meet them. Chris was bending down to take his shoes off. “Don’t do that” she said “That’s what hes for” she nodded in my direction. He laughed.

I bent down and undid his shoes and held them as he stepped out. Then I did the same with Charlotte’s. She pushed me away with her nylon foot, smiling as she did so. I followed them as they walked through to the living room and sat on the sofa.

“Did I tell you to stand up?” she asked. This was new.

“No, I errr…I’m sorry Charlotte” I got back down on my knees.

“Go and get us some drinks. I’ll have a wine, Chris a beer, then you’ll sit quietly over there.”

i did as she asked. Upon my return I found her and Him locked together in a passionate embrace. Soft moans emanating from her as his hands wandered all over her legs and up her dress. I waited on my knees next to them until they finished, then handed them their drinks and did as I was told.

“So you liked the picture Sam took of us then?” she asked.

“Yes, I thought you looked as she said, perfect together” she laughed on hearing that.

“They all thought Chris was much better for me than you didn’t they babe?”

“Yeah. God I don’t think they liked you very much” Chris said. I was shocked. I always thought I’d got on OK with them. “They weren’t surprised that this had come about”.

I looked down, the humiliation just kept on coming.

Charlotte laughed. “You don’t need to worry about that though. You’ll have your own friends soon and they’ll soon forget you ever existed” I looked at her. There was that look again. What did she mean? My own friends. My imagination went into overdrive.

She straddled Chris and started kissing him again. I watched as he started kissing her neck, she threw her head back, in the throes of passion. She suddenly stood up, grabbed Chris by the hand, lead him through to the bedroom. Silently beckoning me to follow them, which I dutifully did. Once in the bedroom, she pushed Chris onto the bed, and began slowly doing a striptease for him. We both watched, transfixed, as she shook her hips and removed one item of clothing at a time, smoothly and slowly. Throwing each one in my direction. To my disappointment she slid out of her tights this time. When she was finally naked she walked over to me, bent down, and gave me my orders.

“Why don’t you go into the spare room tonight, leave me and Chris alone. You can take my clothes with you. I’m going to let you put them on. Alpha males like Chris would be disgusted at such the thought, but beta males like you, well I think you’ll enjoy it. Think of it as a reward for being such a good little cuckold. I’m even going to uncage you for the night.”

I looked at her dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say, well, what could I say? I nodded “Yes Charlotte, thank you Charlotte”. I scooped up her sweet smelling clothes. Behind her Chris laughed.

“That’s it you fucking pussy, run along, I look after Charlotte now”. He was more vocal tonight. Both of them more forceful too.

She reached for my key and roughly undid my cage. I crawled out of the room. As I turned and closed the door Charlotte was already on her knees undoing Chris’s trousers. He winked at me and laughed as I closed the door.

The spare room was directly next to ours, if I could say that now. I walked in and closed the door behind me. I was shaking. My cock was rigid as I proceeded to slide into the panties she had just given me. She was right, I had got more than an interest in crossdressing, in fact, I’d been doing it for years, secretly. It had all started when I was younger, but that’s a story for another time. Then followed my favourite, the tights. I slid into them slowly and carefully, so as not to ladder them. They were so smooth and sheer. I could smell her on them. This was driving me crazy. I pulled them up and smoothed them out. Walking over to the mirror I admired myself in them. All the while I could hear Chris’s moans through the wall. This was, indeed a treat. I twirled round admiring myself. Then I put on the bra, black lace trim and silver satin, matching the thong. I padded it out, then slowly put on the dress. I knew that it fit me perfectly, I’d worn it before. I stood admiring myself in the mirror. Fighting the urge to play with myself. I wanted it to last. I was lost in my own admiration for a minute, and was brought round by the sudden ceasing of the moaning from next door.

Suddenly I heard their door open, then mine. In walked Charlotte and Chris. She looked a mess, her make up ruined, and her face and hair glistened with what was obviously his load.

“Well look at you!” she exclaimed. I looked down. I didn’t know where else to look. “You look stupid! You’re only half dressed! You fucking stupid cuckold.”

“But, but, I did as you said Charlotte”.

“Look, I know about your ‘things’. I know you have a wig, and some make up. I thought you’d get the hint. Clearly you’re more stupid than I thought.”

That was a revelation. I had no idea she knew. I’d always been careful and kept my things well hidden. Well, what I had thought was well hidden.

“Put on your make up and wig. Do it NOW”

“Y-yes Charlotte. Sorry Charlotte”

She span round and exited the room. I dug in the back of the wardrobe in the spare room, which is where I hid some of my things. I pulled out my wig. It was a little tangled but once brushed it would be OK. I sat down in front of the mirror and slowly applied my make up. My hands were still a bit shaky but I soon managed to find my rhythm. The moaning had started again, this time it was both of them. Followed by the banging of the headboard against the wall. I heard her call his name. Then how much she loved him. I looked at myself in the mirror. What had happened to me? Did I really want this? Alone in a bedroom, dressed as a female, while my girlfriend, the love of my life, was calling out the name of another man. I looked down and saw the outline of my cock through the dress…was it all worth it? I stood up and walked over to the mirror, God I looked good. I shook myself. I had wanted this to happen. It was too late to back out now. That would be too easy. Besides, I was enjoying myself. I assumed Charlotte had wanted me to wait for her, so I sat, and listened. This was a long session. Every so often it would go quiet, but then 5 minutes later, the moaning started again. Then, it stopped. I waited.

After half an hour, their door opened softly and closed, then mine opened. Charlotte stumbled in. “Fuck, that was immense” a big smile on her face. “He is absolutely amazing” she looked at me. “There that’s better” she giggled “You know what, you actually look pretty good, that dress suits you! You make a better girl than a boy! Let me look at you”

I span round for her. “Hold on sissy, I’ll be right back” she left the room and returned immediately with her phone. I looked at it. She looked at me, smiling. “Oh I think you know whats coming now don’t you?”

I had more than an idea. She held it up. “Smile sissy”. I smiled. She took the picture. “You’re standing wrong, you need to be more upright. And put your feet together, girls don’t stand like men” I did as she said. “Now pose a bit for me, let me see what you’ve got” I did as she asked. Putting one hand on my hip and smiling. Then another, and another. “That’s it sissy. Work it. Sit on the bed. Cross your legs. Good, yes, like that. Let your dress ride up, that’s it, a bit of thigh is good. Now blow me a kiss. Good” I was getting into this. It was fun. I forgot myself for a bit, lost in the moment.

“There, I’ve got a good selection there sissy” I liked her calling me that. “David will like those”.

Wait. Who was David? My head shot round, I looked at her.

“Errrr, Charlotte? Who’s David?”

“Oh you don’t need to know about him just yet. When the time is right, I’ll tell you. Now go to sleep sissy. You’ll find some sleepwear in that bag in the corner. I bought you some the other day. On your card of course. Don’t forget to remove your make up. You’ve got a big mess to clean up in our room without having one in here too” she giggled as she turned to leave the room “That is of course, unless you’ve already made one” she winked as she left. I was alone. I heard her climb into bed with Chris. Everything was quiet. I was left alone with my thoughts. And what a mass of thoughts they were too…

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