My Daughters and Me Ch. 06


Hello readers, I’m back after being away for awhile. Life has taken a hold of me and I haven’t been able to spend any time in the Literotica World. It’s so good to be back. Work has slowed down and I hope to be active in here again. I hope everybody has been well and I’d like to thank you for reading my stories. Your feedback is very much appreciated. Everything is great between my daughters, Jenni and Amy, and I. The stories that I write are true stories involving my daughters and I. Because they took place years back I might not totally remember every last detail. When this happens I use literary privilege and fill in the missing blanks. Nothing is written to deceive you. This is part 6 in the series; I encourage you to read chapters 1-5. Enjoy!!

Well, as you can see Jenni, Amy and I are having the sexual time of our lives and don’t see any looking back. Summer is approaching and it looks like we’ll be spending a lot more time at our “new” favorite beach. We have now adopted a pretty much clothing optional lifestyle around the house. Why bother with clothes when we’re always groping, touching and stimulating each other? It feels so good to be worry free about what we’re doing and we’re enjoying every minute of it. School is coming to the end of its year and the girls don’t have any plans other than hanging out at the beach and enjoying themselves. I’m such a pushover not making them work but they’re only young once.

“Hey Amy, do you have any plans for this weekend? I’m thinking that the three of us can rent one of those campsites at our beach. I know Jenni said she’s free and she’s chomping at the bit to return to San Onofre since we haven’t been there for a few weeks now.”

“I’m free mom and God I can’t wait to go back!! Just think of all the fun we’ll have staying an entire weekend over there. Count me in!!”

I figured we’ve all been so busy lately and that we haven’t spent any “special” time together due to school and my work. I figured we could spend the entire time on the nude beach and camp at night while making love while listening to the waves. So we all made plans on what gear we were going to need and got ready for a fun weekend ahead of us. I told the girls that there were a few things that we were going to need for the weekend so I’d be away for awhile to tend to the list I made.

The big day finally came and we were all packed and ready to go. San Onofre Beach here we come!! The campsites are a few entrances away from entrance 6 where the nude beach is but the walk wasn’t too bad. We got there early Saturday Escort bayan morning and set up camp. After we were finished we couldn’t wait to get our clothes off and have some fun in the sun. I was especially looking forward to getting in the water to cool off. We found a nice spot and set up our towels and headed to the water.

The girls looked so hot in all of their naked glory. After rinsing off we came back and started to apply our sunscreen on each other. We all worked on each other. Amy looked so hot with that thong tan line that she always has, shaved pussy and pierced nipples. She was especially excited to show off her new pussy piercing. Jenni has since gotten her belly pierced but hasn’t taken the plunge of getting her nipples pierced like her sister has. They wanted me to join them on their piercing trip but I decided to hold off on my belly piercing. But I tell you I’m getting close to going for it! I was so turned on looking at my daughters and feeling both of their hands on me applying the lotion to my naked body.

Amy was working my lower half paying special attention to my ass and cupping my wet pussy. Jenni was working my titties and having a great time doing so. I turned my head and she kissed me as she was groping my titties from behind. The beach didn’t have much activity yet so the girls were pretty obvious in their intentions with me. Amy finished with my bottom so she started working on Jenni’s ass and legs. She told us to quit making out and have Jenni lie down on the towel so she could oil her up.

Jenni propped herself on her elbows and Amy went to work on her ass in earnest. She managed to rub her sister’s pussy up and down with her fingers while squeezing that perfect ass. After squirting some oil on her sister’s asshole she started to rub that cute rosebud and even snaked a finger in it for a little bit. Jenni loved every second of it. I worked on her back but my attention was on my two daughters. Seeing them play with each other’s bodies is such a turn on for me. Jenni turned over and we both worked her front side. Those titties got a nice workout and her nipples were the center of my attention. Amy was able to play with her pussy a little bit from the front. After we finished, Jenni and I got to play with Amy’s sexy body with the sunblock. We worked her up so good that Amy pulled me down and started kissing me telling me that she was so turned on and needed relief.

We started attracting a few onlookers who had the entire beach to themselves but just had to place their towels close to us. We didn’t Bayan escort mind we loved giving them a show. We made our way to the water again and took a Frisbee with us tossing it about playing keep away with the pretense of running at each other playfully grabbing and tackling each other in the water. We each made special efforts to keep our hands on each other teasing the heck out of the people watching. After playing about for awhile we returned to our towels and of course made it a point to dry each other off. It was hilarious to see the reactions that we received.

We decided to take a walk down to the south end of the beach and came across the “gay” section of the beach. It was odd at first because there were only men there and nobody paid much attention to us. But I have to admit there were a lot of nice looking cocks lying about. And unlike the other side of the nude area these guys had no problem walking around with hard ons. We even came across a couple of guys making out, some even stroking each other. I was excited seeing all of this hot action. What a trip!!! We headed back and decided to take another quick dip then head back to our camp.

As soon as we got back to the campsite we all went into the tent, tore our clothes off and went at it. We were all so horny we couldn’t wait to tear into each other. Amy pushed me down onto the air mattress and starting eating my wet pussy like there was no tomorrow. Jenni and I were making out and grabbing each others titties. My hand found its way to Jenni’s wet pussy and I played with that kitty while we were making out. I could kiss either one of my daughters for hours. I love snaking my tongue in their mouths and tasting their sweet lips. Amy proceeded to eat me and stuck her finger inside of me and finger fucked me while she concentrated on sucking my clit. Jenni was working my titties while this was going on. My nipples tingled with every swipe of her tongue. After many mini cums Amy had me get on my knees so she could lick my ass. While she did this Jenni got underneath me in a 69 position and started licking my pussy while her sister ate my ass.

My mouth attacked Jenni’s pussy while both of them had their way with me. I stuck my tongue as deep as it could go inside of Jenni’s wet pussy. Amy was licking my ass so good and even stuck a finger in there and Jenni pulled away from my pussy so they could kiss. We changed positions so I could lick Amy’s pussy. My ass was in the air and Jenni came from behind and fucked my pussy with her hot tongue. Amy was grinding her hot pussy against Escort my face and was letting out moans that were increasing in volume. Jenni was alternating between my pussy and ass. That girl just loves licking her mommy’s hot ass and I enjoy her so much. Jenni fingered my pussy while keeping time with the thrusts of her tongue in my ass. I continued to suck on Amy’s hard clit making her cum again and again. Jenni wanted her pussy sucked so she got on her back and Amy licked her wet pussy.

I pulled away while they went at it and reached into my bag and pulled out a special treat. They didn’t notice that I was away so I got to get ready without them noticing what I was doing. I came from behind Amy who had her ass in the air while she was eating out her sister and stuck my new toy into her hot pussy. We had never used a strap on each other before so this came as a total shock!

“OH MY GOD!!! What the heck is that?”

“It’s our new friend Sweetie, you’re gonna get really fucked now Baby!” I proceeded to fuck my youngest daughter with the hard black rubber cock. Jenni looked up and saw me fucking her sister and let out a yell.

“Holy shit, how hot!! Fuck her mom, fuck her good!!”

I proceeded to work that ever hard cock into Amy’s pussy thrusting in and out slapping myself against her tight ass. That thong tan line she has was such a turn on to me while I was fucking her. She must have loved it because as soon as I started fucking her Jenni’s moans became even louder as her sister continued to eat her out. So Amy must have been doing something special to her sister’s pussy. Jenni pulled up on her elbows and told me that she wanted some of this cock so I pulled out of Amy and Jenni got up and proceeded to suck all of Amy’s juices off of our “new” cock. Jenni worked that cock like it was a real one sucking and licking the entire length of it and even taking all of it down her throat.

I took that hard cock out of her mouth and bent her over doggie style to fuck her from behind. But before I stuck the cock inside of her I licked her pussy making it nice and wet. When I finally stuck it inside of her she let out a soft moan. I worked that cock in and out of her wet pussy and gave her a fucking that she’d never forget. After I fucked her for awhile I pulled out and Amy came over and sucked our cock clean. What a sight watching my youngest daughter on her knees sucking that cock licking it clean.

We all collapsed in a pile on top of each other and started laughing. They asked me when I got that cock. I told them that I had told them that I was going to go shopping for supplies for our camping trip. I mean, what did they think I was going to buy, firewood? We all started laughing. And you know what? Our day barely started. We still have a couple more days!!

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