My Day Out


My Day OutI decided I needed to go visit my friend as we only spoke on Facebook for the last few years and as she is moving away so I won’t get the chance to see her hardly at all now, We met up at the local park with the k**s and she was telling me her and her partner had broken up as she caught him in bed with another woman. I was shocked they always seemed the perfect couple. On the journey back to her place she asked me how me and my husband have been getting on, I replied that it was good and we get along well, she asked me if I trust him and I said I did so she asked me if I wanted to test him as she had met him when we all loved close by and since I moved away she had heard rumours. I decided to ask her what’s wrong as I thought that was a bit strange thing to say and she replied that her sister had said she had slept with my husband just before we got married. I felt like she was just making things up but as she had mentioned testing him I thought I’d let her. On the following weekends invited her to come and stay with us. On the Friday we was all drinking something me and my husband don’t normally do, the conversation soon got round to sex and my husband left the room to go play Xbox. We carried on chatting for abit and the went to join him in the other room where he was past out on the sofa we was still on the sex topic and she asked me how many women had I slept with since I came out I was bi and I told her about 6 which to my surprise she said wanna make it 7tonight I thought she was joking as I know she had never slept with a woman so I just laughed. At this point she got up put her glass on the table walked over and kissed me, as she kissed me she put her hand between my legs and I said I thought you didn’t like women her reply was I’ve never had one I liked as much as I like you. I pulled away from her kiss so I could her face she looked beautiful and I couldn’t help but kiss her again knowing my husband was asleep a few feet away bebek escort from us we was pulling at eachothers clothes as we kissed and touched eachother. I hadn’t been so turned on by a woman in ages we grabbed the covers I had got ready for her to sleep the night and laid them on the floor in seconds she had her head between my legs and I couldn’t help but let out a little Yelp on excitement to which. I thought I may wake my husband but I think he had far to much to drink. Her finger was deep in my as she sucked my clit and long lips, I was becoming louder and she took my hand and took me to my bedroom and we had so,e of the best sex with a woman I ever had her body was amazing and her boobs are perfect I loved playing and sucking them as I’m way smaller than hers. After we made love we fell asleep next to eachother and when we woke I felt so guilty about cheating on my husband I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. She offered to make me a coffee in bed so I said yes please and lay there thinking about my husband downstairs and what he would say or do if he found out. My husband is a loving man but this he wouldn’t forgive I just know it. When she came back to the bedroom with my coffee she told me he was awake downstairs and was keeping the k**s occupied as he thought I had a heavy night and would need the sleep. If only he knew what I had done I felt stupid but yet having her in bed was making me horny again, we heard my husband shout that he was going to take the k**s to the shop so I made my move kissing her and putting my hand up her top she immediately stopped me pulled the covers off and told me to lay there while she took my vibrator and put some KY gel on it then started to slide it gently into me as she kissed me. I love the smell of her and couldn’t help myself even tho I knew it was wrong. She made sure she use my vibrator and her tongue on my till I arched my back I a shuddering climax I levent escort screamed in pleasure as I stopped shaking and calmed myself we heard th key in the door and they was back. Later that day we decided to take the k**s out for a walk down to the local beach, and as my husband ran along with the k**s we just held hands and walked behind him she kept kissing me on the check which I liked but I still felt guilty. As we was on the beach she went to get everyone ice creams and my husband came over and said you to are abit to close and I felt the tingle run through me partly of guilt and partly because I couldn’t stop thinking about last night with her and knowing I was her first it made me feel very wet between the legs. I said to him I have a confession and I need to talk to him later when we’re alone and at that point I heard her say ther ya go this ones yours and handed put the ice creams she had just gotten for us all. On the walk home once again as my husband ran ahead of us playing with the k**s we was linked arm in arm on the way home and was talking, and she asked me if I was happy in my married life to which I replied he loves me and I love him what more is needed she then asked if I trusted him again and I said how could I not I had your head between my legs I’m the untrustworthy one out of the 2of us. She stopped me as they turned the corner and she began kissing me passionately telling me that when she goes she is goin to miss me I said well don’t go. She spent the next few hours after. We got home trying to convince herself that she wanted to go but I don’t think she did really. As the nighttime got closer and the k**s was all put down for the night me and her had a glass of wine while he watched TV. We was just starting to get the conversation dirty when my husband said he would leave us to it and go to bed. But she had none of it and insisted we all get into bed together. Me and my husband halkalı escort always slept naked but because she was there he put on some bottoms and kissed me where she pushed him out the way and kissed me in front of him I thought he was going to go nuts but instead he said, well I’m getting in the bed you 2 will have to join me or just stay there and kiss, my guilt had me jump in the bad as I was standing there nak d kissing an old friend of mine in front of him. I cuddle up to hi and he put his arms around me I felt him get instantly hard as she got in behind him and then she started waking him off over me. I was worried I didn’t know what was going to happen so she said to him if he goes down on me she will go down on him, with hesitation he was between my legs fingering and sucking at my clit she placed her mouth around his cock and started sucking him I orgasumed almost instantly and couldn’t take him licking me anymore. I waited for my body to stop shaking and went to lick her using my wand on her clit. Watching her take every bit of his Huge cock in her mouth was impressive I could never fit him all in. Then she got on all fours and told me to get on all fours so he could swap back and forth fucking us, at first it was nice because as he took turns fucking us we was just kissing then we began to just get dirtier with eachother she was all over me with him doing her from behind. I was so turned on I couldn’t control myself and cum in her mouth again my husband went to put it in me but I couldn’t handle it right away so I told him to have her any way she wants. With a big grin she looked at me got him on his back all the while looking at me, she then left forward and kissed him and began going up and down on him I was getting hot again so I sat on his face so he could lick me as she rode him kissing me we spent most of the night having sex till we both ended up laying on his chest and falling to sleep. I woke the next day thinking maybe I dreamed it as the bed was empty then the door came open she walked I. Said she had to go and get packed up but she has promised to spend Christmas with is and I know what I want for Xmas. Me and my husband still talk to her and are both looking forward to her next visit and she said she will stay longer than just the weekend..

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