My Fantasy


My FantasyThis is my first attempt at writing, and I am no writer by any means. A fantasy of mine. I just got to your place and walked up to the shop, you are in a housecoat sitting in a chair. I looked down at your legs as I walked in and noticed that you are wearing silky tan nylons. You tell me to strip, I take of my clothes to reveal that I’m wearing black pantyhose You say very nice and tell me to kneel down, once I’m on my knees you open and drop your housecoat to show me what you are wearing. You have on silky tan stockings that run up your legs to a blue lace garter belt you are wearing blue nylon panties that I can see you big beautiful cock through. You tell me to crawl over to where you are standing, I slowly crawl forward on my hands and knees as I reach your feet you tell me to kiss and lick my way up your legs. I slowly start on your right leg kissing the top of your foot I work my way up your calf I reach with my hand to touch your leg and you say no not yet to just use my mouth and tongue. I continue up your leg as I get to your stocking top you tell me to start on your left foot and work up. As I’m doing this you are telling how much fun we are going to have today that you are going to use both my mouth and ass for you pleasure. When I reach the top of your stocking on your left leg you move away and walk over to a chair you sit down in it and have me crawl between your legs, you tell me to lick and kiss your cock through your panties.i move my head to your crotch and start to lick and use my teeth to pull on your cock through your panties. You tell me that I’m doing a good job and to use my teeth to pull your panties down to let your cock out. As I pull them down you cock rubs against my face and I can feel your precum I pull you panties down until they are under your balls you tell me to take your cock into my mouth and to use my tongue under your foreskin as I take your Cock into my mouth as deep as I can. You have me suck and work your cock for a good 5-10 mins when I feel you rase your legs up and spread then onto the arms of the chair. You slide your ass down till it is just at the edge of the chair while I’m still sucking your cock. You stop and hold my head on your cock and tell me that you are close to cumming and that the fun has only started, you tell that you are going to introduce me to the joy of eating out a mans ass. As you pull up on my head my lips slowly sliding up your cock till it pops out of my mouth. You push my head down between your legs, your nylon panties are pull tight between you open ass cheeks you tell to lick your hole through the nylon as you like the feel of it as you pull my head between your cheeks. I use my tongue on your puckered hole, you tell me to slide my hands up and down you stocking covered legs as you hold my head tight to your ass telling me how great my tongue feels tickling your hole. You have me keep licking your hole for a good few minutes. You ask me if my mouth is starting to get soar. I try to say yes but is hard with my mouth deep in your ass. You push my head back and tell me to catch my breath. You give me 30 seconds before you pull my head up to take your cock in my mouth again you start denizli escort to fuck my mouth with you cock working my head up and down. You tell me to suck hard because my first load of cum is on its way. Just before you cum you pull my head up so just your big thick cock head is just in side my lips when I feel you hot cum start to shoot into my mouth. Your cock is jerking and pulsing with each shot. You tell me to be a good cock slut and to swallow all your sweet cum. I’m trying but because this is my first time a lot of it leaks from my mouth and down your cock that is slowly growing soft. You tell me to make sure I clean up all your cum making me lick and suck your cum off you balls and from around the base of your cock. When you are satisfied with the job I have done you tell that I did good for my first time but I will need to practice lots which you tell I will get as you smile. You let me rest between your legs, you reach over beside the chair and pick up a collar and leash. You put it around my beck and then you stand up. You gently pull me up to my feet with the leash. You lead me over to a corner in the shop to a padded bench you have in the corner. You have a small collection of lingerie,toys and a verity of cuffs and ropes sitting on a table close to the bench You tell to lay on the bench so my head can hang off the edge. As I get on the bench you walk over to the table and pickup up two cuffs and some rope. You come over to the bench and have me put my hands up, where you attach a leather cuff to each hand and the rope to one cuff you string the rope through a strap hanging from the roof as you pull the rope my arm raises out to the side and up. You do the same to my other arm. You smile at me after you finish tying my hands and say this is where the fun and training starts. You have position me so my head is hanging down, you stand so that my head is between your legs and your balls are resting on my nose and your big cock is hanging down on my chin. You tell me this is how it’s going to work, you are going to slowly work your cock into my mouth until I almost gag and then pull back a bit then slowly back in pushing a little further you will go easy on me but you want to see if you can get your cock al the way in my mouth. You have me open my mouth and you place your semi hard cock in my mouth. You slowly start to work your cock back and forth each time you push in you tell me to swallow it will help. You continue to slowly guck my mouth as I make gag and coughing sounds your cock is fully hard and you are touching the back of my throat. You stop with your cock at the back of my throat making it hard to breath and tell me that I have done good so far but you are not all the way in, but it’s a good start and there will be more training lots more later on. You walk back over to the table and pick up two more leather cuffs and two pieces of rope. You approach the bench and attach the cuffs to my legs, you hook one rope to the hook on the cuff and the other end to a strap you have hanging from the roof. You attach the other cuff and rope to my other leg and run the other rope to a strap hanging from the roof. You diyarbakır escort then slowly pull both ropes as my legs are pull up and apart at the ankles until you a happy with how open my ass is for you. You then stand above my head looking down at me with a naughty smile. You say that since I did a good job with trying to take your Cock down my throat that you are going to reward me by letting me rim you ass some more. You walk forward so your legs are against the legs of the bench and you reach back and spread your ass cheeks as you lower you sweet ass to my waiting mouth. You moan and say good boy as you feel my tongue on the puckered ass hole. After a few mins of me licking your sweet tasting ass you shift you weight a little and I feel you hand playing with my Cock under my nylons. I have been leaking precum for a while and my nylons are pretty wet. You lean forward I can feel you naked chest against mine then I feel your hot breath on my cock and then your tongue on my Cock licking me through my nylons. I feel the full weight of you as you lay on top of me and pull my cock out and take it into your mouth. After only a min you hear and feel me struggling because I’m close to cuming and you stop and stand up. You back up and are smiling down at me. My face is red You walk over to the table for and pic up a bottle of lube and your phone, you walk over and get between my spread open legs you put your phone down and tell that you want to capture the moment of your big hard Cock enters my tight ass. You then smile and say so let’s get you ready. You pull the small piece of nylon that is covering my tight puckered ass and lean in and start to rim me. I’m moaning after just a few minutes bagging you to please fuck me, I want to feel you hard cock in me. You sit up and grab the bottle of lube you put some in your hand and rub your cock getting it nice and slick you pour some more on your hand and rub my ass and slowly slide in a finger and work in and out of my ass as you reach over and pice up your phone, You point it at my ass as you slip in a second lubed finger, I start to moan and beg for your cock. You say soon my little slut soon I just have to work a third finger in to make sure your good and loosened up. You slowly slide your fingers out of my ass and you slide a condom on your hard cock and place the head of your cock against my ass I can feel your thick head just resting against my slick hole. You ask me if I’m ready for your cock. Yes Sir please fuck me with your big cock. I try to wiggle down the bench to get your cock in my ass, you pull back and tell me to bag. Please Sir Fuck me!! You smile and push into my ass hard then stop just as your cock head pops into my ass. I groan but you can tell it’s from enjoyment of having your cock in my ass. You let me get used to the felling of your thick cock stretching my ass for a few mins, then you reach up to my nylon cover tights and slide you hands up and down them a few times the grab them and use the to pull my ass toward you as you shove you cock deep into my ass in one stroke, I let out another sharp groan in pain as I feel you your balls slap up against my ass. You escort bayan have a big smile on your face a say you have been waiting a long time for this to happen. After a few seconds you slowly start to pull your cock out of my ass till just the head is in my ass you pull my thighs back toward again as you fuck you cock hard into my ass as you balls hit my ass you pull out again, you fuck me like this for a good few minutes each time you stop deep in my you tell this is for all the teasing I have done to you. You continue to hard fuck me till you are close to cumming, you stop and pull all the way out and look down at my ass hole as it slowly closes back up. I’m moaning and asking you to please put your cock back in my ass. You laugh and say soon my slut but first you want to have more fun. You walk over to the table and pick up a toy, you slide in into my loosened up ass and place the nylon cover over it to hold it in. You tell me that, that is to keep my ass open and ready for what’s coming up. You walk back over to my head and place your cock on my lips. I open my mouth as you slip your cock in you slowly work it in and out you tell me that we are going to play a game. I have to make you cum in my mouth before I cum or you will punish me. You lean over my body so you can take my cock into your mouth as you fuck my mouth. I feel you sliding your hands up and down my legs as your hot mouth is on my cock. Suddenly I feel another set of hands move the nylon holding the toy in my ass and pull it out. A few seconds after a thick hard cock starts to slide into my ass. I shoot my load of hot cum into your mouth just as the cock bottoms out in my ass. You suck my cum into your mouth then lean back up your cock still in my mouth. You tell me that I have lost the game and that I will be punished shortly but first I will need to make you cum. I still can’t see who is between my legs with his thick cock pounding in and out of my ass, as you ass covers my eyes as you start to fuck my mouth telling me to suck harder. With in a few minutes I feel your cock grow thicker and suddenly my mouth is full of your cum as you pull your cock out it just the head is in and tell me to swallow down your cum because I have to clean up your cock before you will remove it from my mouth. I swallow you cum it has a tangy sweet taste, you then slide slowly deeper into my mouth as I suck hard on your cock getting all the cum off of it. Your balls are on my nose making it hard to breath and the pounding my ass is getting isn’t help. You slowly start to pull your cock out of my mouth but in stead of move off my face you move forward till your ass is over my mouth and tell me to get you nice and wet so the cock that fucking me can fuck you as well. You grab your ass cheeks wide with your hands as my tongue starts to slide over your ass. Getting you nice and wet. The cock pounding my ass stops and pulls out. You move of my face and I try to look around to see who the other guy is that was fucking me but I can’t see anyone. You move a wide wooden box under my head that’s just a few inches lower but if I lay my head back almost all the way my head can rest on it. You then climb on to the box with your knees on either side of my head your cock and balls are hanging just above my mouth then I see someone else climb on to the box behind you and I watch as his thick cock is placed at you ass that’s all nice and wet from my tongue and slowly start to slide in……To be continued

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