My First Guy


My First GuyIt was one of those evenings that had been happening a lot, I had had analmighty argument with my (soon to be ex) girlfriend. Once again I found myselfwandering the streets trying to calm down. When my anger started to cool off Idecided that I may as well carry on onto town as I seemed to be already pointedthat way.Now up until this point I had a little game, almost a way of teasing myself, Iwould occasionally go into a gay bar in the hope that someone would pick me up.It never happened but it sure has hell got me off thinking about what couldhappen.All of my fantasies about sex with guys involved a bit of oral from both sidesthen me fucking him. I didn’t even really have a ‘type’ of guy in mind, just afaceless body with a cock to suck and an arse to screw.I finally made it to the nearest gay bar ordered myself a beer and sat at thebar, hoping that my luck would be in.After 3 pints and an hour later I realised that my luck must be somewhere elseso I left and headed to another gay bar over the street.After about half an hour (or another 2 pints) a crowd came in some of which Iknew, so temporarily I reverted back to my usual self “the easy going guy who’snot afraid to drink in gay bars despite the fact that everyone knows he’sstraight because they know his girlfriend as well”.I drank with the crowd for a further hour before finally making my excuses andmoving off. Leaving the pub I headed for the last of the gay pubs in the towncentre.As soon as I walked in I tried to shake off the straight guy image (not sure howbut I wanted to appear available to anyone who’d have me).I ordered a pint and leant against the bar reading one of the magazines that waslying around.”You wanna look at that one, it’s much better” said another customer from theother side of the horse shoe bar, a tossed over a different magazine. I openedup the new magazine not paying attention to the cover.My eyes nearly popped out of my head, it was a gay porno. I was transfixed buythe guys cocks some of them were sultanbeyli escort mouth-wateringly huge. “Thanks I said lookingup only for a moment before returning my longing gaze back to the guys in themagazine. “Now why do I never meet guys like this?” I joked.Tell me about it, the guy answered.Over the next hour I carried on gazing at the naked men as well as joining inwith the conversation around the bar. I also surveyed my surroundings.The guy that had given me the magazine was called Richard, he was a stocky goodlooking guy but unfortunately he was happily in a relationship. This left onlythe barman and Richard’s friend.Now although I’d always seen myself as the butch side of the arrangement (notthat I am overly butch, but that’s just how my fantasies go) the barman was alittle too camp for me (I’m not a huge fan of mincing Nancy boys).Richards friend (who’s name I hadn’t caught yet) didn’t seem really thatinterested in me, but I gave him a once over just in case.He was shorter than me (I’m 5ft 10, so I’d guess he was about 5 ft 5 ish), hehad a little bit of extra weight on him but not too much, he also had shortblonde hair (almost shaved) and glasses. He was nowhere near the guys in themagazine (obviously) but he looked ok, also he wasn’t too camp which I liked.As the night progressed (and I got more and more drunk) Richard Left leaving thebarman to drool over the Porno, and I chatted to Richards Friend (who I laterfound out was called Brian).I eventually confessed that not only had I never been with a guy, but I hadnever even kissed one.His interest seemed to arrive from nowhere. “Really?” he asked, “Well I couldalways help you out with that if you want?” I told him that I’d like that a lot,so he told me to follow him to the toilets. Without a moment of hesitation orthe slightest thought of hiding what I was doing I followed him to the back ofthe pub and up the stairs to the toilets.As soon as he was inside the archway that was the entrance to küçükyalı escort the toilets hestopped and backed slightly around the corner out of obvious sight.Still without hesitation I walked right up to him and kissed him, full on thelips.His stubble felt odd against my face, but as our lips parted and his tongue metmine it all seemed to fit into place.The next few moments are a blur but before I knew it I had my hand down histrousers inside is boxer shorts. I wrapped my fingers around his rock hard cockand began to wank him, there in the toilets while we kissed.Again without a conscious though I dropped to my knees and undid his zip, hiscock literally sprang out. I slipped my lips over it, parting them as his cockentered my mouth.Here I was on my knees in the toilets of a gay bar giving my first blow job. Iloved it, I didn’t care if anyone saw us I was enjoying myself too much, hedecided to move things along though “do you want to come back to mine?” heasked. I don’t remember saying anything but I must have, as the next thing Iremember we were walking back passed the barman (who winked at me as we left)and out of the pub.A short cab ride later and we were at his flat, I was whisked straight into thebedroom where we both stripped naked. I lay him down on the bed and knelt nextto him I began to once again suck his wonderful cock, this time however I movedit deeper into my throat as well as teasing it with my tongue.He pulled me round so that we were 69 each other, the way he sucked my cock wasamazing, and he also played with my balls then began to rim my arsehole. I wasin ecstasy it was all could I could do not to cum every time he touched me.We switched again I was still on top but now we were face to face, we kissedagain I could feel his solid cock against mine as our naked bodies groundtogether.Then I found myself doing something I’d never even thought of while fantasising.I sat up astride him, squatted over his rock hard cock, grabbing it in one handand sancaktepe escort spreading my arse with the other I guided his cock inside me.I lowered myself down feeling the pop as his helmet was fully inside me, thewaves of pleasure as he eased slowly into my waiting virgin arse.As I relaxed more he quickened the pace fucking me harder until I was unable tokeep my balance. I dismounted him and knelt on all fours.He came up behind me and eased back in without any effort, the feeling of beingfucked had never occurred to me before, I had always assumed that I’d be on topbut here I was being fucked and loving every second of it. So much so that as hepounded into my arse I couldn’t hold my pleasure in anymore, jets of hot cumfired from my cock without me even touching it, flying everywhere as he thrustdeeper into me.I had assumed that I would begin to lose interest at this point, but that wasnot to be, no sooner had the last jets of cum left my cock than I could feelmyself stiffening up again.He laid me on my back with my knees up near my head, arse spread open for him.He rimmed me for a while then teased me with his fingers. Finally when I wasnear the point of begging he thrust his cock back inside me.As he fucked me I could once again feel an orgasm building up inside me. Againwithout even touching my cock, jets of hot sticky cum flew from by now throbbingpenis. This time it was all over me, in my hair, all over my face (I’d purposelyopened my mouth and swallowed some).He leant forward as he fucked me licking cum from my face and kissing me.Finally his pace seemed to increase I could feel his cock throbbing inside me asthe orgasm was building in him. “I want you to cum in my mouth” I told him. Hewithdrew from my arse and I sprang up just in time to get my lips around hiscock as it erupted with fountains of his cum.It seemed to fill my mouth, but I didn’t care I wanted more, I swallowed everylast drop from him.Eventually we collapsed into each others arms and drifted off to sleep.I hadn’t done badly for a guy who had started off expecting to go home and jackoff to thoughts of what could have happened. Instead I had not only kissed aguy, I’d also wanked a guy, given a guy a blow job (in public) been fucked andswallowed my first cum load. Not a bad night at all really.

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