My First Male Experience


It happened in the April 1979. I was driving to Denver from Maryland to attend a four week technical training course. I could have flown, but I want to have a car since I was going to be there for 4 weeks and I did not have the means to rent one since I was only 19 and had no credit cards.

I was driving through Missouri on I-70 when the weather had taken a nasty turn for the worse. The rain was so hard and thick I could barely see out the windshield. The wipers on my car were useless as this point. I saw an exit sign for a small town and decided to get a room and continue the drive the next morning with better weather, if not daylight.

I pulled into a small no name hotel and noticed the lot was packed with cars. I figured everyone else must have had the same idea. I opened the car door and made a mad sprint towards to the lobby. I was soaked within the first five steps from the car. I got into the lobby of the hotel and noticed a man around sixty at the front desk. He was checking in and I overheard the lady at the counter tell him he got the last room. I took a seat and was trying to think of where to go and how much further in this weather I would have to drive.

After the man paid for the room, he turned around and was heading out the door when he noticed me.

He walked over to me and asked me. “Do you have a reservation?”

I replied. “No.”

He looked at me and asked if I was in the military and I nodded yes. He said he was a Vet from WWII and invited me to share his room. I looked at him and thanked him for the offer. He told me his name was Bill and I introduced myself. He gave me the room number since I still had to go back to the car for my bag. I told him I would be there shortly.

Another useless dash was made to the car and back to the room. I was completely drenched from head to toe and even had water in my sneakers. I knocked on the door and Bill opened it and invited me in. Once inside I noticed only one king bed. At this point I did not care.

Bill noticed how soaked I was after he locked the door.

“Boy, you should get out of those wet clothes and take a nice hot shower.”

“Yeah I should.” I replied. I put my bag down on a small table and began to remove my shirt and jeans. My backside was to Bill and I could sense him looking me over or it was just diyarbakır escort my imagination. I slowly slid my white cotton briefs down and felt the warm air of the room on my damp skin.

I turned around to head toward the bathroom and as soon as I did, Bill was out of his wet clothes and the first thing I saw was his hairy uncut thick cock and hanging balls. I’m about as average as them come in the cock department, but when I saw his, my cock started to respond and I could feel a hard on in the making.

“That’s a nice cock you got there boy.” He said with a smile.

“Yours is pretty nice too.” I added.

“You don’t mind me calling you boy, do you?” He asked.

Without evening thinking of a response, I blurted out. “No Sir.”

Bill walked over to me and asked. “You even been with a man before boy? Had him put his fat cock in your faggot mouth or up your asshole/”

I looked at him and replied. “No Sir.”

At this point his cock was semi erect and a best guess was he was hanging a 7 inch uncut thick one. Mine was three quarters erect at this point and I could not explain why. Maybe it was the thoughts I had years ago, or the fact I was naked with a man twice my size and there was nothing else to do.

“Now since I’m paying for this here room, I think it only fair that I should use your faggot mouth and ass tonight.” Bill told me.

At this point I wanted to bolt, but the other deep part of me wanted it to happen.

“Yes Sir.” I replied.

“Yes Sir what?” Bill asked.

“Yes Sir, you can use my faggot mouth and ass tonight.” I said with embarrassment.

Bill sat down on the edge of the bed. His legs wide open with his cock and balls on the edge.

“Ok faggot, get on your knees and show daddy how you like to suck a big cock. Make me wait and I’ll spank your faggot ass boy.”

I dropped to me knees and was inches away from his cock. I could smell his scent and by now, it was almost erect.”

Bill grabbed my head and pulled me towards his cock. I opened my mouth and felt the tip slid in. I was beyond the point of return being on my knees with a cock in my mouth for the firs time. “Get to licking boy. Daddy loves a young cocksucker. I want you to get daddy all nice and hard so I can open up the virgin ass of yours and dump a load in it.”

My mouth closed around the head and I began to lick it and slowly suck it. I was remembering what girls did when they sucked me off before. The more I licked and sucked the harder and thicker it became. By now, I was sporting a 6 inch hard on.

Bill looked down and noticed the status of my cock. “I see you like sucking cock boy. Go you a little hard on huh.”

With a mouth full of cock, all I could do was nod yes.

“I own a few truck stops across the country and those truckers love young faggot cock suckers. To bad your active duty, otherwise I would have you working truck stops twenty four seven.

After what seem en eternity and my mouth getting sore, Bill pulled his cock back and pushed my head down to lick his big hairy balls. I could smell him deep inside me as I licked his balls and took them in my mouth and sucked them. Bill held me down to lick and clean his balls.

Bill pulled my head up and told me to get on the bed on all fours with my ass up with two pillows underneath and my head on another. As I looked up he took his right hand and grabbed my cock and balls.

“It’s going to be fun putting my fat daddy cock in your ass boy.”

I got on the bed as I was told. My heart was pounding and I noticed his thick upright cock. He reached into his bag and grabbed a tube of KY and he spread it all over his hard cock. I then felt him squeeze some out between my ass cheeks.

Bill got on the bed and knelt between my open legs. I could feel the tip of his cock sliding up and down my crack. After a few minutes, he pushed the tip into my virgin ass. I tried to relax enough to let it in.

“Ok boy, now push your faggot ass down on my cock. You have five minutes to take it to my balls otherwise; I’m just going to push it deep and fuck you hard.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax and feel the sensation of his cock going deeper inside me. The deeper it went the more I felt the urge to take a shit, but that sensation soon past and before I knew it, I could feel his balls against mine.

“Good boy. Now start fucking daddy’s cock with your faggot ass. Daddy has a nice big load of cum to dump in you. I know you like being used like this. Sucking and fucking cock for a room. Most of you military boys are closet cocksuckers anyway. Can’t tell you how many times I had my cock sucked in the Army and how much ass I pounded.”

By now, I was totally his. I gave up all my will and started to slide my tight ass back and forth. I could feel my ass contract at times, squeezing his cock. It was an involuntary thing I thought to myself. I could not be doing this intentionally.

Bill lifted me off the pillows and reached around and man handled my dick. His calloused hand rubbed my balls and dick. I was never that hard in my life.

“Don’t cum yet faggot. Daddy wants to dump his load in first.”

Bill would squeeze it at times to stop me from cumming. I could feel his balls slapping against me and I could feel his cock swelling up. Bill stopped touching my cock, grabbed my hips and pumped me hard. I buried my face in a pillow as he pounded my tight ass hard. After a few minutes, Bill moaned and I felt his man cum filling up my tight ass. He pumped me for all it was worth and I could feel his cum being pushed out of my ass while his cock was still inside me.

For a few moments all you could hear was the panting of two men. I could feel his cock slowly go soft and then it slid out of my ass. My ass felt like it was on fire. The sensation was one of those you could not decide if it was good or bad.

After his cock had slid out, I could feel his cum dripping out. I got up and ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I was passing gas and hearing his cum drop out and hit the water. Bill showed up a few minutes later with me still on the toilet. He cock was clean thank god.

“Oh hell, I need to take a piss, but I see your using it,” he said.

I just gave him back a slight smile and before I knew it he was standing in front of me putting his cock in my mouth and then letting go a stream of piss. I could not swallow it and I just let it fill my mouth and run down the sides and down my front. When Bill was done, he pulled out and looked at me.

“Damn boy that was great using your faggot mouth for a urinal. I gotta do that more often.”

Tomorrow before you leave, I’m going to dump a load up your faggot ass again and send you out of here dripping in your undies as you head down the road.

As soon as Bill left the bathroom, I jacked off and blew a load all over the floor. The next morning he did as promised and I could feel his cum dripping from my ass most of that morning. I kept the cum stained briefs for awhile to remind me of that special day.

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