My first time catfishing


My first time catfishingIn my last story, I gave my origins story as to how I became a catfish. If you haven’t read that one yet, go back and read it first. It will give some context to this story. So I was about a year into my marriage and I had started a new job. The job required a lot of travel. One of my first trips with the new job was a solo trip to a small town. I wasn’t really the type to go out exploring at night so, it just meant me being alone in my hotel room after work. Since before being married I wasn’t really getting all my sexual needs met by my wife. We had sex often but it was boring vanilla sex. I had turned to porn to get my needs met. By this point though, porn was not fully doing the trick anymore. When I was single, I would meet cuckold couples via AFF or craigslist for sex. The couples were great because they usually were real, they didn’t usually flake out on me, and they typically weren’t sleeping with a lot of other people. Most of my couples were first timers fulfilling a lifetime fantasy to watch their wives experience a black man. Ok, I digress. On this trip I decided to check out the local craigslist adds to see if I could find anything interesting. When I would single I would either post on the “m for mf” or check out the posts on the “mf for m” section. I wasn’t finding many posts so I decided to check out the “mf kadıköy escort for f” section. Then, the idea hit me, “why not just post as a woman looking for a couple”? Not sure where this idea came from but maybe it was that I had just seen the movie, “catfish” and started becoming addicted to the show. From watching the show, I think the lesson I took away from it was how easy it was to convince people because they wanted to believe it was true. So, I decided to test it out for myself. I visited a porn site that had pics of amateur girls on it. I found one that had a redhead with an amazing body but an average face (Has to be believable). Also picked a girl that had lots of pictures of her both clothed and nude. I made a fake e-mail account and did a reverse Google image search to ensure none of the pics would come up on a google search. Then I started replying to e-mails. I included a picture of the woman but blurred out her face (to make it more believable). I received a good amount of replies. I soon realized it was almost always the male of the couple who replied (it was usually more of a fantasy for him). In my responses, I told them that I was married and that I was bored with my husband and I wanted to try to have an adventure. I asked them if they were ok with üsküdar escort meeting me knowing that I was cheating on my husband (and of course, they always were). I typically posted in big cities like Vegas because there were a lot of couples that would visit vegas that were looking for sexual adventure (I knew that from my single days meeting cuckold couples). I learned that the easiest way to make them think I was real was to ask them to prove that they were real (put them on the defensive). I always asked them to send me a picture with both of them in it together. Typically in the ads the husband would post nude pics of the wife. So, I wanted to see a clothed picture of them both. I told them that if they wanted to blur out the faces, that was fine. This clothed picture request proved to be important because, it was different from what the other catfish were doing. The husbands would tell me that they got lot of fake messages from horny guys pretending to be women. The guys could barely spell and asked for nudes right away. So, by not immediately bringing up sex and asking for a clothed picture, they instantly felt comfortable with me. After a few days I had exchanged pictures with a few couples. I found this exhilarating. I was also terrified. I had never done anything like this and I was sure that the local tuzla escort police were tracking my every move! I was sure the police were going to bust into my hotel room at any moment and arrest me!But, the fear was also part of the thrill. After three days of e-mailing with husbands, I found one I made a connection with. The husband asked me to video chat with him and his wife and I agreed. To set this up, I disabled both the video camera and the audio on my laptop. So when we connected the call, I could see and hear them but they couldn’t see or hear me. I was able to type but for some reason they totally believed my technical “glitch”. During the chat, it was mostly the husband on the call. He really wanted his fantasy to become a reality, so he really wanted to believe that I was real. I told him to put his wife on camera for a bit. She didn’t strip but he made her do a twirl and a little dance for me. She was in her early 40’s, Fillapina, with a soft body. He was middle aged and pasty white. Her dancing made me pull out my cock and stroke it. If they could only see what was happening on the other side of the camera, I thought!I decided to end the chat due to my “technical difficulties”. After that chat, I was hooked. I couldn’t believe I had convinced a couple to video chat with a stranger without much effort from me. The fear and the guilt were no match from the excitement I got from it. After that trip I deleted all the pics I collected and my e-mail account that I had created. I didn’t want my wife to find any evidence and I didn’t want any trails leading back to me. I thought I got it all out of my system but, that lasted only until my next work trip a few weeks later….

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