my first time with a girl

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my first time with a girlI was 14 and I got a lot of call to babysit since having 5 brothers gave me lots of experience. I had already been changing diapers since I was 10. My mom volunteered me a lot. My neighbor on the next street was getting married and her sister and family were in from out of town and they needed a sitter cause their 1 year old was going to be staying home. Since I was going to be sitting for the 1 year old they figured why not have her other sisters k** stay with me. she never babysat and didn’t know anything about changing a diaper, so I was in for 2 and since it was a wedding, I knew it would be late especially since it was family. I arrived and they gave me the rundown of where the bottles were and diapers and powder etc and then Tina walked in. She was a delicate looking girl with light brown hair and hazel eyes, but it was only 3 :pm and she bursa escort was already wearing her baby-doll pajamas. I thought it was odd, but her parents and aunt said nothing. As everyone left Tina asked if I was going to spend the night. I said I didn’t plan on it. she said if you do you could sleep in the basement where I am cause there is another bed below hers . She was on a bunk bed in the basement.We talked a while and watched some videos and she kept putting her knees up and I could see her undies real well. Then as I got the baby in bed, she sat across from me and said I could use a back rub. I said OK. We continued watching TV and i rubbed her back for quite a while and she said tickle my tummy please. I was getting turned on and liked this idea, so I accepted the request and reached up and began tickling her tummy as she laid on her back. My hand was under her bursa escort bayan top and I could feel her panties. she was getting into it and then she said I have to use the restroom. I pulled my hand out and after she left, I adjusted my cock. I was hard as all fuck now. She returned and laid down next to me again and said OK star. I reached up under her top and placed my fingers on her tummy and was rubbing around for a few minutes when I began wondering if she had any panties on. I rubbed all around and eventually I could feel some peach fuzz hairs and her limited pussy hair and then I felt her slit. I almost shot a load. she held my hand and said um-mm that feels good don’t stop. I continued to rub around but she was now steering my hand and always toward her pussy. I eventually gave in and began fingering her pussy and then she swung a leg over my body and was escort bursa now laying between my legs with one leg straddling each of my legs. She now began to rub my cock through my pants and flicked the button open with 2 fingers. She slid her hand under my underwear and felt my cock. I shot off in my underwear and her hand. she was amazing and I almost passed out. she said please finish doing me too. I started back up rubbing her slit and fingering her and she eventually showed me her clit and i was rubbing it real good cause she came real hard and was almost screaming. I was now hard again and she stood up and pulled my pants off and threw her PJ’s into the corner and straddled me. she lowered her pussy on to my cock and began fucking my brains out. she was making a whole lot of noise and she was coming a lot. and then I came inside her and I collapsed on the bed with her laying on my belly. we fucked 3 more times that night and fortunately i had to change the baby and feed her cause as I was doing that her parents came home. they paid me and I walked home and never saw that girl again.

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