My first work trip wasn’t all work – Part 2


My first work trip wasn’t all work – Part 2The next day on the job went by in a blur. I was very self-conscious, wondering if anyone could tell that I’d been fucked the night before. I felt like I was walking differently, as my asshole felt very sore and stretched. Mingled feelings of shame and desire kept me distracted throughout the day, and it was relief and anticipation that I went back to the room I shared with Mike. The others were going out to a bar, but I wasn’t old enough so I just said I was going back to watch some tv and go to bed early. Mike said he was going for a beer but would be back early.In the room where I given my ass to a man and taken his penis into my mouth, I was restless and nervous. I stripped all of my clothes off and lay on the bed, waiting for Mike to come back in and take me again. My cock stayed semi-erect and I was tempted to masturbate, I was so turned on replaying the previous night’s events, but I didn’t want to waste any sexual energy in case things happened again. I lay on my back with my legs spread, thrusting my cock and balls against the sheet, then turned on my stomach and fantasized about being taken from behind. After a while, I heard the door being unlocked and I looked up quickly to see Mike coming in. He stopped to take in the sight of me lying there naked with my penis throbbing and leaking precum, and smiled. “You getting started without me?” His expression turned stern, and he told me to get off the bed and get on my hands and knees. Nervously, I did as he said, looking up at him as he stood in front of the door. He pulled his shirt off, exposing his muscular, hairy chest, then told me to crawl to him. I felt so ashamed and so full of lust, as I crawled over to kneel in front of him, my hard cock bobbing around as I did so. He told me to to unzip his pants, and with shaking hands I reached up and pulled his zipper down. His jockey shorts were already bulging obscenely, and I could feel the heat coming from him as he stepped forward and put his package right in my face. “Put your mouth on it!” He commanded me, and I pressed my face into the cotton front of his underwear, mouthing his cock and balls through kocaeli escort the fabric and smelling his musky scent.After a few seconds, he stepped away and walked over to the bed. He took off his underwear and sat on the edge of the mattress with his legs open. I crawled over between his legs and caressed his large, heavy balls, rolling them lightly while I nuzzled at the base of his cock, inhaling the fragrance. I grasped his shaft with my other hand and held it with his cockhead pointed up past my cheek while I mouthed and tongued his balls and the firm base of his tool. It all seemed to come so naturally. I was just doing what I liked done to me, but I also felt curiously feminine compared to his confidence and physique, so different from my own slender body.I started kissing his engorged head, lightly sucking on the tip and around the flared part. His cock oozed some juice and I lapped it up hungrily. It was the most arousing thing, and I was making little moans and whines as I started bobbing my head on his huge cock. My jaws felt stretched as I struggled to take in as much of him as I could. He was stroking my hair, neck and shoulders and encouraging me, telling me how good I was, and I felt such pride. I wanted desperately to make him orgasm and to taste his semen. I stroked up and down on his hard shaft with my hand, pumping him while I worked on his cock, sucking harder now. He started moaning and I could feel his cock swell even larger, then it started pulsing and his first shot of cum blasted the back of my throat. I gagged a little in surprise, but I kept my mouth on him as I cradled his sack and continued to stroke his shaft. My mouth flooded with thick, salty semen, and some ran out of the corner of my mouth. He collapsed back on the bed as I eased off, still kissing his penis lightly and rubbing it on my face. I swallowed his hot cum and felt triumphant, proud to have made him shoot his load into my mouth.I knelt there and rested my head against his inner thigh as I stared at his sticky, softening cock. After a few moments, Mike reached down with his hands under my arms and pulled me up onto the bed, onto konya escort my back.Mike rolled on top of me, between my legs, and kissed me hard, running his tongue into my mouth. I opened hungrily and responded to his kiss, thrusting up at his body and rubbing my cock against him. He kissed his way down my chest and stomach, then engulfed my penis with his mouth, taking all of my slender length in. He then took his mouth off my cock and sucked my balls, swirling them around with his tongue. He went back to my cock and took it in his mouth, and after only a few strokes I felt my orgasm arrive with strong contractions. He kept sucking as my penis exploded into his mouth. He stayed still then in the aftermath, holding my cock between his lips but not applying any more pressure, as I was hypersensitive at that point. As my cock softened to a semi-hard state, he lay down beside me, reached his arm underneath my neck and pulled me to him. I was so strange to cuddle there with him, the same way that I would cuddle with my girlfriend after sex, except I was the one resting my face against his chest, feeling his strong arm around me. We both drifted off for a while, then I started lightly running my fingertips over his pecs and abs, exploring him. My cock was swelling as I ran my fingers down his body to stroke his quads, and I could see his penis starting to thicken and lengthen as well. I reached down and gently started to just caress his organ with my open hand, very lightly. His cock grew harder and he pulled his arm from under me, then sat up and straddled my chest, his cockhead pointing at my face. He rubbed it on my lips and I parted them to kiss it, then to lick it. He slid it past my nose to my forehead, putting his balls at my mouth, and I rolled them on my tongue as he had done mine, except there was no way I could get his whole scrotum in my mouth.Mike reached over to the bedside drawer and brought out a bottle of lube which I didn’t know he had. He squeezed some on his fingertips, then reached between my legs and started applying it to my asshole. I wasn’t sure I could take it again since I was still sore from his fucking escort bayan me the previous night, but I wasn’t about to tell him no. The lube felt cool and soothing on my ass, and I started wiggling my hips as he rotated his fingertips around my opening. Oh so slowly, he began to penetrate my ass with two fingers. It hurt, but once they were in me past the first knuckle it felt much better. My sphincter relaxed and opened a little as he worked my ass with two, then three fingers. He removed his fingers from my ass and I felt his strong hands roll me over onto my stomach. He lay on top of me with his long hard cock between my ass cheeks, going up to the small of my back. He was kissing and biting my neck and shoulders as he ground himself against me. He raised up and positioned the head of his cock at my asshole, then slowly started to push. I froze as I again felt the enormous pressure, then the intense pain as he got the head in. I gasped and cried out with the pain and he shushed me, holding still to let me adjust for about twenty seconds or so. Then he started to slide it in further and my resistance crumpled. He was pushing into me slightly more with each slow stroke, in and out, and started feeling the pleasure building. Mike grabbed my wrists and stretched my arms out in front of me, holding me down as he started thrusting more powerfully into my ass. I was making soft little girlish cries with each thrust. My consciousness was totally centered on the feeling of the huge cock shoving into my insides, sawing away at my prostate, and the strength and power I felt in his arms as he held me down and used me. I arched my back a bit to adjust the angle and give him better access to my ass. He responded by pushing in all the way until I could feel his balls against me. He held his cock in me all the way and started rotating his hips, grinding in my ass, and I came, my cock oozing out semen for what felt like forever, not with strong contractions this time but what felt like one continuous contraction, squeezing out all my juice onto the bed underneath me. He grabbed my shoulders with both hands and pushed me down, slamming into me, and I felt the hot blasts of his semen shooting into my insides. As his orgasm subsided, he lay on top of me with his full weight, wrapping his arms around me. We lay like that a while, then he eased off of me and we spooned up, my back against his chest, and stayed that way the whole night.

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