My forst tome.


My forst tome.So it all began when I opened up on xhamster. Never a day in my life didnt i think id find someone here that id meet but it happened. Ive never been with a man but i wanted to so bad, to experience what it would be like to be sexual with one. In my previous post i explained that the only thing i fucked and sucked was my ex girlfriends pink dildo. He made me feel comfortable, never pushed me or forced me to do anything and we spoke for years. We finaly exchanged phone numbers, teased each other with pictures and videos. Until finally i grew some balls to actually go through it. As nervous as i was i stomached up the courage to go through with it. It played out in my head days before i agreed to going ” im going to suck his dick and fuck him ” ” im going to be a little bitch for him ” ” hes going to fuck me and suck me off like i want him too “. I was excited. Like a nevşehir escort k** in a candy store. I knew id be safe going to him and experiencing my first time with him. I text him ” im on my way i hope your ready “. ” of course i am ill be on my knees as soon as you walk in door is open “. It fucking blew my mind when he said that. My cock rock hard as im speeding to his house ready for his touch. ” i just found parking im coming in “. No answer. I get nervous. But i walk in. And there he is. My man on his knees wearing stockings and a shirt like my little bitch he wanted to be. I walk over to him shaking. ” hi ” i say. ” hi relax let me take care of you ” he says in his soft voice. He unbuckles my belt. Pops open my buttons and pulls my pants down and starts sucking my cock like never before. I never felt this warmth from a women. He sucked ordu escort my cock so good until we stopped and got on the bed. As he layed me down he continued to suck my cock. In my head ” this is amazing i cannot believe im doing this “. Im moaning. Loud. I cant stop. ” i want to suck your dick “. I cant believe those words came out of my mouth but they did. ” what ” he replies ” i want to suck your dick ” i push him off and without hesitation i put his dick in my mouth and sucked his dick like if i were a pro. His sweet juices of precum in my mouth. Hes moaning. ” did i just make a grown man moan while sucking his cock ” in my head thoughts are flying. And im not regretting a thing. I keep sucking my cock throbbing from pleasure. He stops me to suck my cock and i let him. I tell him ” i want to fuck that ass ” he without hesitation he grabbed a rize escort condom and hopped on my cock. ” its so big he says ” ” the biggest ive ever had ” it made me smile. Hes screaming now. Not able to take it he jumps off after a little. ” its okay im going to make you cum ” he rips the condom off and sucks my cock. ” im going to cum! ” im moaning so loud im pretty sure you could hear me from outside. He wont stop sucking. I start to shake while im orgasming ” im going to cum ” i yell one final time as i blow my load into his mouth. He swallows every last bit. Not leaving a single drop he looks at me ” that was the sweetest cum it taste so good ” while in shock still im speechless. Loving every minute that a man that i never met blessed my soul with for a moment in time i will never forgot . Until this very day we are still great friends connected for ever and i would never take it back i loved every minute of every second ive spent and spoke with him. Hes my first and most likely my last because i dont want another man i want him always. He turns me on like no other. He is the man in my videos and the man i grew to trust with my first time. Until we meet again.

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