My Friend Wife


My Friend WifeOne lovely Afternoon, I just thought about checking upon my close friend after trying his number couple of time and it was not ringing.I knocked on his door, what i heard was a lady voice, ” whos there” I responded “its me”… to her the voice doesnt seems to register, she came at the door, wow there you are, she said, she was just coming out of the bathroom, while i was still asking her about my friend, how long has he been out, when is he gonna be back, then I heard another voice calling out her name, who was at the door he says, not knowing I was still inside the house.Who was that i asked,she said hes just a visitor, then i wonder what he could be doing inside and i asked her, she said he needed to take his bath, and you are just coming out fresh from the bathroom yourself which immediately i understoood she was in the bath with that person, then I insisted and played her to know who that person is, while we were discussing, he just came out dressing up preparing to go looking for one thing or the other, he doesnt even care.Then my friend wife said to me that she is so sorry and wouldnt want me to tell my close friend about it,and I said bakırköy escort I wouldnt…Later that day, I receive a call from my friend because the wife had told him i visited them, the next day she called me with her number and told me she wants my advice on something, she was thankful that i didnt tell my friend anything about what i saw, I said, Pls say everything you want to tell me over the phone then I can advice you, she insisted that its not something we can discuss over the phone,then she said if I cant come to her place, that she is ready to come over to my place and discuss the matter.I agree to have her come over to my place,while she was coming, she bought a good alcholic drink,there she is, just me and her, I must admit i have always wonder what she looks like naked, and i have imagine myself couple of time fucking her, then she began to tell me why she has to involve herself with another man, what has driven her into such thing,then i said to her if she dont stop, it could ruin alot of thing for her and she admit.After minutes of conversation, she asked if I wouldnt be taking from the drink beşiktaş escort before she take her leave, and she said she doesnt mind taking few aswell, i get cups and we started drinking,it was a red label….Thereon, she began to seduce me, she came sitting right next to me, then I ask her if she understand what could happen by her doing all that,she said Yes, she has noticed my dick so hard inside the trouser and i can see through her eyes how much she wants me to fuck her….When she said Yes she understand what could happen then we started to Kiss……..we kissed and kissed while i slowly unbutton her shirt to get access to the nimples,they were so hard and i began to kiss them and completely take off her shirt…….she was holding my dick really hard she was squizzing it and drawing it much closer to herself, i had suspected she just wanted me to put my dick right inside her, but i didnt….She was so wet cos while i was kissing her, i was rubbing my fingers around her pussy, then i take off all her panties then began an oral sex with her, she couldnt hold in, she was screaming, aswell as shivering beylikdüzü escort and vibrating, i suck her pussy and lick all the juice and i dont even know how many time she had cum, she was so liking it and showing a good sign of ecstasy, i dont even remember she is my friend wife anymore, she wwanted and i wanted it, and it is happening, she was just saying I love you over and over….and that i am making her feel great…..After minutes of sucking her pussy,breast, and kissing all over her body, she was so wet, then i dip my dick right inside her pussy, it feels so warm, then i began to go slow at first, she was enjoying it and showing sign of being aroused, then i began to move fast and fast and faster,it was like i was taking her breath away, she will gasp until i slow down a bit and feeling like she is possessed with some spirits,she want the whole of me inside of her…….I know this part of the story where you all like,but i am not very good at explaining all this kind of stuff,she told me she has never had oral sex and dont know what it feels like until i did it with her, she can do anything to sleep with me and i dont know if i am married to her or not, cos it just seems like I am everything she want right from the first sex, she calls me all the time,make time to visit me, and i look so innocent that my friend would never suspect i can sleep with someone else wife and not to talk of his wife. It is a very long story,but no much time to explain it all guys…….

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