My Giantess in Blue


When I caught the flashing lights out of the corner of my eye, I froze. My muscles instantly tensed up and I recognized the sensation of warm adrenaline flooding my veins. not again. With apprehension, I glanced down at the speedometer. 40 in a 25.

After pulling over and instinctively grabbing my registration & license, I glanced at the side-view mirror waiting for my ticket. In due time the cruiser’s long door opened a pair of legs with knees as high as the door handles. With some effort the officer emerged from the patrol car, standing so tall that everything, the pedestrians, the cars, and even the trees, seemed out of proportion.

Fascinated, I watched it all as if it was happening in slow-motion. The scene was all too familiar: approaching my car with mirrored glasses and a crisp, navy blue uniform, each step confident and assured. One detail seemed out of place, though. This cop had hips. And an auburn pony tail.

In an instant, I completely forgot the all about the ticket. By the time she reached the door I was lost in the moment. I strained to look up at her from my seat down below.

“Do you know how fast you were going, sir?” she asked.

I tried to answer but nothing came out at first. “For-“

“Forty, sir. This is a 25 mile per hour zone.”

“I understand, officer,” I replied. “I guess I wasn’t watching my speed.”

“But you had no trouble watching me, I see.”

I must have caught her on a good day. She seemed amused by my reaction.

She laughed. “It’s OK. I get it all the time. I’m 6’8″, for your information. And no, I never played basketball. Well, a little in high school, but whatever. That’s not the point.”

She dropped the ticket in my lap. Apparently, I hadn’t charmed my way out of it.

“I’m tall,” she said. “Get over it.”

“I’m doing my best, officer. It’s just that I’ve never met anyone- of your stature before.”

She smiled. “Listen, in about a half hour I won’t be a cop anymore. I’ll be at Clancy’s pub just up the road. If you’re still curious in a half hour, come and say hi.”

Of course, there was a very good reason I was speeding at the time. I was running late for a meeting, a meeting that by now had already begun no doubt. No matter what I did now, I’d still end up explaining and apologizing, so I pulled into Clancy’s and I waited.

Two beers later, I began to wonder if my subconscious had made it all up to compensate for stupidly getting another ticket.

“Rick.” The voice was softer now but still deep and imposing. I turned quickly. She was standing behind me with a pair of long-neck Budweisers. She wore jeans and a mint green sweater. Her eyes that had been hiding behind those glasses were soft and green. Her hair was still in a pony-tail but without the hat I could see highlights of reddish brown in there.

I almost asked how she got my name but thought better of it. She had obviously gotten it off my license. She handed me a beer.

“So, what do you do?” she asked çanakkale escort by way of an icebreaker.

“Other than careening through the city at a high rate of speed? Oh, I design stuff. It’s really not that interesting.”

“You’re more interested in me, then? My amazonian proportions?”

In an instant I felt shame wash over me. I had reduced this woman to the object of fetish, and she was right to call me on that.

“It’s a real bitch being this tall, you know,” she said without any real anger in her voice. “It closes off a lot of options for people like me. Hell, how do you think I fell into this line of work? I’m using my most marketable skill: telling normal-sized men what to do.”

“Women, too, I suppose.”

“Yeah,” she smiled, “but that’s not as much fun.”

I took in a long view of her long legs, her large but feminine hands, and felt a tingle deep in my scrotum.

“You get a thrill out of telling guys what to do?” I asked sheepishly. “What kind of thrill?”

I was being way too coy about it all. Again, she saw right through me.

“Do you want to know if pushing guys like you around gets me hot?”

Her voice had changed, sultry but in a way that could be sarcastic. I must have blushed. I could feel my cheeks become hot with shame. She leaned over close to my ear.

“Well,” said very, very slowly. “It does.”

“Oh, God,” I blurted. I put my hand on her knee just to make sure she was real. She put her warm hand on top of mine. Her lips were so close to my ear at this point that I could feel her lipstick touching my skin.

“Especially when the guy is a little scared,” she whispered. “It makes my pussy nice and wet.”

She pulled away with a sly smile on her face. That was her way of testing me. Either I could handle that or I couldn’t. I wanted to let her know that I could, probably more adeptly than any man she had ever known.

As my hand worked its way up her long thigh. I looked her directly in the eye. “We’ll see about that,” I said playfully. Through her khakis I could feel the heat of her sex. I pressed against her through the fabric and her hips involuntarily responded with a subtle squirm.

“I can tell that you’re no liar,” I said.

Suddenly, I felt her enormous palm rubbing the length of my cock, pressing hard against me until it hurt just a little. Lost in the haze of lust as I was, I didn’t dream of complaining.

“We need to go somewhere right now,” she said. “You have no idea how much I need this.”

We took her car. Her hand was never far from my thigh and I could see how turned on she was by her breathing and the subtle movements of her body. We arrived at her apartment just a few minutes later, flushed and overheated.

“Don’t move,” she ordered in her police voice. The sound of it caused my cock to jump.

I stood in her living room, beige walls and vaulted ceilings. The walls bore no framed artwork or family photos, nothing personal at all. It seemed fairly clear that she worked long hours and probably did not spend much time here.

When she returned, my mouth stood open for a moment. She emerged wearing black lace bra and black stockings that accentuated every contour of her impossibly long legs. And even though she was such a tall woman, she wore black open-toed platform heels that gave me a tantalizing peek at her toenails, painted dark red just like her shimmering sensuous lips.

She approached, her heels clicking on the tile. Unable to stop myself even if I wanted to, I peeled off my clothes and stood before her. She towered over me. My face rested right in the middle of her chest. Sensing my fascination, she wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me onto her bosom. I struggled to breathe but was too aroused to care for my own safety.

I kissed her breasts through her bra and caressed her flesh. She leaned down to kiss me. Her hungry tongue filled my mouth. I let my mouth travel down to her navel where I paused for a moment. I prepared to peel down her black sheer panties but before I could do that I wanted to admire her in them a bit more. I came around behind her and ran my hands up the backs of her calves all the millions of miles up to her ass.

I heard her moan a little, enjoying the tension of the moment perhaps. Encouraged, I put my hands between her legs and pushed outward. Again I heard the pleasing clip-clop of her heels on the ground as she spread her legs for me. With both my hands I caressed the inside of her thigh until my thumbs made contact with her labia. Through the sheer fabric of her panties, I could feel how wet she was. I could smell her and it made my mouth water. Reaching through her legs I rubbed her in long slow strokes. I paused to rub her clit in tiny circles through the mesh. Her knees bent slightly to give her more room to wiggle in response.

I pressed my body against her leg. The warmth of her skin and the sensation of her nylons felt so good against my cock I thought i might die.

“You must spend hours shaving your legs,” I said, a bit out of breath in my excitement. “They go on forever.”

She didn’t respond right away, just smiled and put her hand in my hair. I brought myself around to her front so I could look into her eyes as I pulled her panties down, So wet that I could see pools of it clinging to the material as I removed them.

Her eyes closed slightly in anticipation of what we both knew was coming next. “I hunger for your big Amazonian pussy,” I said. “Can I have a taste?”

She casually leaned over, grabbed a nearby chair and placed it beneath her. I sat and leaned my head back as she squatted down over me, her wanton pussy dripping into my mouth like ambrosia. I grabbed her eagerly, working her labia with both hands while licking and nibbling her. I made my way up to her clit, stiff and hard like a little cock. I put her in my mouth and felt her squeeze her legs around me like an anaconda.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said quickly. “I just get carried away.”

“Please,” I said. “Squeeze me all you want.”

I drew her clit back into my my mouth and pulled her down onto my face. She squeezed me again, and it caused my cock to jump with lust. Her hands grabbed my hair roughly and pulled my face deeper into her groin. Her hips ground on me with abandon. I could hear her muffled moans and I could tell she was very close, so I began fucking her with my hands and my mouth to match her rhythm. She cried out. Her legs spasmed around my body and I thought I would cum just from that alone.

“I’m still cuming,” she said urgently. “Get inside me now!”

She bent herself over the edge of the kitchen table, her long arms gripping the other side. She stuck her ass up in the air for me lowered down just enough to be the proper height.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Oh, God now. Fuck your amazonian goddess.”

I grabbed on to her ass cheeks and ran my cock along her sopping wet pussy lips to moisten it a bit. I plunged into her snatch, warm and strong. Her vaginal muscles were squeezing and popping with her continued orgasm all around me. I pumped her from behind, my hands digging into her skin as we fucked.

She turned around to kiss me. She moaned and chuckled a little in my mouth. Pulling away, I saw her lipstick smeared a bit on her face.

“Your big red lips left marks wherever they touch,” I said. “Please, my giantess, coax the cum from my cock with your gorgeous mouth.”

Smiling she pulled her hair away from her face and leaned down onto me leaving little lipstick kisses down my torso. Her lips locked onto my shaft and pulled me in. Her mouth felt so big, so warm and wet, that my hips instinctively began to pump. Her tongue wrapped around my shaft and felt like it was a hand jacking me off. I got very close but then slowed down. I didn’t want to cum just yet.

As she sucked, I could see she was rubbing her clit. It turned me on to see her so aroused and I wanted to be inside her again. As amazing as she was, her big pussy felt a bit loose. So, I pulled out quickly and set to work on her ass. I loosened her rosebud with a brief massage and slowly pushed myself between her giant cheeks. Her ass was nice and tight, and I could feel that I was getting closer to her g-spot like this because her hips were rolling like mad. We were both grunting like animals until I came all over her lower back, my pearly white semen dancing on her skin.

She turned and smiled at me. Her big hands reached down and pumped my still-cumming cock and milked me dry.

“So, do I still get a ticket?” I laughed.

“Yes, actually, you do,” she said. “Nothing I can do about that.”

She squeezed off the last dab of cum on her finger and placed it in her mouth. We kissed again but less lustily. A good-bye sort of way.

“We’ll definitely do this again,” I said as I got dressed again.

“Don’t you play with me,” she said without much humor in her voice. “Remember, I know where you live and I can crush you like a bug,” she said smiling.

“I know,” I replied. “And for some reason I love it.”

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