My Husband, our lover Christy, and Me make 3


My Husband, our lover Christy, and Me make 3I’ve been getting questions from some of our friends in the form of PMs, concerning our lover Crystal, her gender and our sleeping arrangements.I’m going to try and answer your questions here and give you guys some incite on us at the same time.My name is Alex, short for Alexandria. My husband Colt, yes that’s his real name, and yes its soooooooo hot.Anyways We’ve been together for about 20 sum odd years, and life is pretty good. It got way better about 15 years ago when we met Crystal, or Christy as we’ve grown to call her.You see Christy isn’t your average girl, while she is a beautiful woman in every other way, she’s got a not so little secret. Christy was born Christopher, yes she has a penis, and yes it is marvelous!Christy stands about 5ft 6in, killer body and a phone sex voice that could make you pop your cork with just a few words. If I had to nail down who she looks like, I’d have to say Nikki Bella. Only this Nikki Bella has an 8 inch thick, juicy cock that loves to be kissed, licked, sucked and fucked. And a tight puckered pussy that loves to be eaten, licked, fingered and fucked.Christy has the 2nd master suite in the house, but usually sleeps with us, since we get up burdur escort early to make breakfast for the k**dos, they are none the wiser. They have always known her as Aunt Crystal, or as they put it, the fun one….We usually play when the k**s are away at school, or after they’ve been asleep for a while.Not because we’re embarrassed, but because we want them to be a bit older before we open up that door.Now for a little teaser of our last “fun”.So I was having a morning coffee and answering a few work emails.The k**s were in school, Colt was out running errands, and Christy was still asleep. Me time.I got a message from a friend on this site saying good morning, and he asked what I was doing?I told him that I was having a coffee, and enjoying some me time.About that time Christy gets up and strolls to the kitchen completely naked. Now watching that cock swinging from such a pretty girl always gets my pussy dripping wet, I don’t mean that as a euphemism either, I mean it’s like a dripping faucet, if the faucet had very thick almost like syrup cum too.I put my toes on either side of my desk and told her that she didn’t need to find a snack, because I’ve got a hot meal waiting for her çanakkale escort under my desk.She walks over, grabs my coffee and killed it, then proceeds to crawl under my desk and began eating and sucking on my pussy until I damn near drowned the poor girl!I must’ve cum at least 3 times before Colt walked in.Colt started taking off his shirt, pants, socks and boots. He goes commando in the fall, spring and winter months.I noticed that he was starting to get hard, and told him to cum make an honest woman of me, he replied by shoving his whole cock down my throat.That in conjunction with having Christy sucking my clip made me explode all overy Christy’s face again.She got up on her knees and came up and helped me go to town on Colts huge cock. We took turns, and never used our hands, we passed his cock between our mouths using our tongues and lips.Taking turns between his big balls and delicious meat.He started getting close, so Colt and Christy switched places and Colt and I did the same thing, passed that big old cock from mouth to mouth until she came with her cock in our mouths while we kissed and swallowed that protein shake.Then after she caught her breath, she grabbed Colt by çankırı escort his cock, and shoved a finger inside my juicy pussy and guided us into the bedroom. Colt leaned back and Christy straddled him while I sat on his face. I love watching her work her hole with his cock until the head just slides in, it’s a thing of beauty to watch.I hope I look that sexy taking their cocks.She starts slowly grinding on his dick, and I hear the slurping sounds that Colt is making, trying not to waste a drop. I look at the two of them and said “do the thing”With that she bends backwards so that the top half of her body is on the floor. At this point I go sit in the recliner in our room and start working my pussy overtime, because what’s cumming next is one of my favorite sights ever. Colt eases his cock back inside of Christy, and stands up and turns facing the headboard, and eases her cock up his butthole, and they fuck each other at the same time!I immediately start spraying down the room, and having mini convulsions, the whole time they are really picking up speed.I got up on wobbly legs and laid on the bed so that Colt could suck my toes and finger me at the same time.My toes are actually painted like skittles.Each a different color, each with the skittles S on them.I came so hard that I blacked out, no fucking shit, I passed the fuck out. Lol.They kept going for a few more minutes until they came almost simultaneously in each others asses.And that’s why I prefer to have a husband and a wife.I’m just a lucky girl I guess……

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