My Husbands First Gay Experience


My Husbands First Gay ExperienceLast weekend I was invited, by Penny and Pat to join them in Vegas for their anniversary.This invitation wasn’t to catch up or celebrate, it was an invitation to fuck them both. I had met Penny and Pat on the speedo Forum that I run. Pat was a swimmer in school and had always had a thing for speedos. He met Penny in college and she is turned on by guys in speedos and encouraged Pat’s fetish. Over the years we exchanged photos and stories.Penny and Pat had experienced sex with more than just each other but only after a game of strip poker and there was no bisexual contact, it was two couples just swapping partners.Pat has no guy/guy experience but it very curious and seeing her husband with another guy is Penny’s number one fantasy.When Penny and Pat decided to spend a couple of days in Vegas for their 6th wedding anniversary they shot me a message asking if I’d like to join them. Of course I’d love to join them!Without further a due, I’m going to hand this over to Penny…———————————Pat and I were soooo excited. It has been a long winter and the idea of hanging out at the pool in 95 degree heat just sounded divine. Who am I k**ding, we were both excited to finally meet the famous Dave Speedo Evans in person and even more excited for what the three of us would get up to in the bedroom.We were staying at Planet Hollywood, Dave was staying at Paris and expected to get in a few hours before we arrived. Since Paris has the nicer pool, we agreed to meet there around 3pm.Despite the excitement, we were both a little nervous for sure but we were both eager beavers. After lining up to check in, we got to our room and wanted to get to the pool ASAP. I put on my black bikini with a loose dress over the top, Pat put on his red speedos (both our favorites). It was only then that Pat realized I hadn’t packed ANY shorts for him. He wasn’t upset but he was bothered a little bit. I figured that if we ate out he would wear jeans and during the day we’d be either in the pool or the hotel room so his speedos should be enough.While Pat was a swimmer in school and a little bit in college, he isn’t totally comfortable wearing his speedo out in public. He definitely has but more often than not it is as a joke, after a few drinks or somewhere that we don’t know anybody. Having no choice but to wear his little red speedos in Vegas was outside the box for Pat but like I say, he didn’t have any choice.We poured a drink, Pat wrapped a towel around his waist and we headed down to the pool.The pool at Paris is gorgeous and huge. I was surprised just how many people were there, hundreds. There was no way to get a chair that close to the pool which made me smile because it meant that Pat would have to walk past a lot of people in his speedo.He did it though, I felt proud that Pat turned a few heads in his red speedo. He still has that swimmers build that I love and he looks amazing just in a speedo. We slipped into the pool with our drinks and continued to look around for Dave…. Pat spotted him first.We had gotten in the pool nearly the complete opposite side of the pool from him but once I saw him he stood out. He was the only other guy, out of hundreds, wearing a speedo, a black speedo. Dave was sitting maltepe escort on the side of the pool just below the lifeguard chair, drink in hand, red baseball cap and looking straight at us with a cheese eating grin that we could see from the 100 yards or so across the pool. The pool isn’t very deep, belly button depth maybe so we started working our way through the throngs of people towards Dave.It felt like we took for ever to cross that darn pool, the whole time I could feel Dave looking at us and as we got closer I could see that Dave looked hot. Unlike Pat, Dave’s tan was all over and didn’t show the white thighs of a guy who doesn’t usually wear speedos in public like Pat. And he oozed confidence.As we got within 10 yards or so Dave slipped into the pool and walked towards us. It was like old friends catching up after not seeing each other for years. Hand shakes and hugs all round, toasting our drinks and laughing about Pat being forced to ‘speedo it up’ as Dave says. While I’m sure Pat felt awkward walking from our towels to the pool, after a few minutes it really didn’t seem like a big deal, or any deal, at all. We ended up sitting on some steps right near the lifeguard, Dave went off to grab more drinks and we settled in for a wonderful afternoon.As the shawows got longer we moved around the pool to avoid the shadow of the fake Eiffel Tower, different people joined us and chatted, we chatted to the lifeguard (just a k**) who took some photos for us. Dave’s mobile phone is waterproof so we had some fun with that (yes I have those photos but they are for private consumption only).Throughout the afternoon the drinks flowed and we really did have a great time.Pat and Dave got a little bit of attention from two groups of girls so perhaps somewhere out there in social media there are some pics of my husband and the famous Dave Speedo Evans in the pool in their speedos. If you find some, please send them through to us.Things finally wound down and it was time to exit pool right. Dave suggested we all get changed and meet at his room for some drinks but I was really horny and keen to get the naughty part of Vegas going. I countered Dave’s suggestion and said he should come back with us to our hotel room. He didn’t argue. We packed up, Dave put on some shorts over his speedos, Pat wrapped a towel around his waist, I threw my light dress over my bikini and we headed back.Things had been so great at the pool that any reservations I had about our first real threesome were alleviated and now I was just horny to start the action. From the semi chub that Pat had in the front of his red speedo for the last hour, he was feeling the same.We were on the twenty something floor and after some people got out on lower floors we had the elevator to ourselves and Dave asked us if we were ready for what was about to happen….. Pat and I both answered in the affirmative, things were about to get hot and I was about to see my husband fuck and suck another man. It felt like the anticipation before I lost my virginity, and I guess this was going to be the popping of our bisexual threesome cherry.————————————————————————————As I begin to write about what happened when the three of escort maltepe us got inside the hotel room I realized that it seems like it was planned or staged which in a way it was. In the weeks leading up to the trip the three of us spoke in depth about the ‘rules’, our boundaries and our turn ons. Although, after the three of us got along so well in the pool, and Dave’s experience I think it probably would have gone the same anyway.Having an extra guy has been a fantasy of Pat and I for years. We’ve both spoken about it a lot. For me, the idea of watching Pat with another guy is probably the hottest fantasy I have. For Pat, watching me with another guy as well as having me ‘spit roasted’ (Pat and a guy both fucking me and me sucking the other off) is his fantasy. And… PatI think it shows how amazing Pat and I are together when both our fantasies are of the other person.Saying that, Pat has never been with a guy. Zero guy/guy contact. He has never made out with a guy, never touched another guys cock and his only real turn on towards guys stems from his days swimming and guys in speedos. We both thought it was a little bit odd until we realized that there are a lot of guys who are turn on by speedos which lead us to meet Dave Speedo Evans.Neither of us are into anal, Pat and I have tried it and it doesn’t do it for me. Obviously Pat has never received anal and while he doesn’t mind a finger (pinkie) occasionally when I’m blowing him in the shower or hottub, it isn’t much of a turn on for him. Fucking Dave… that is something he might be into as you will find out.As for Dave’s rules, if you guys have read anything about Dave he is up for just about anything.Now that we have established all the rules I should return to us entering the hotel room. I opened the door and walked in, my husband Pat wearing a t-shirt and a towel wrapped around his red speedos and Dave Speedo Evans followed us in with a pair of shorts over his black ADIDAS speedos. It really was about to happen, our first bisexual threesome.————————————————-Dave definitely started things off, before the door had even closed behind him, he had ripped Pat’s towel off him and it seemed like in one motion Dave was stripping down to his speedos.Again, this was something that the three of us had talked about online earlier about so I took my dress off (now I was just in my bikini) and I sat down on one of those cheap hotel chairs to enjoy the show that I knew was about to begin. Man handling Pat, who had taken his shirt off and was down to just his red lycra speedos, he and Dave were on the king sized bed on their knees facing each other.Dave asked Pat if he was ready and without replying, my husband kissed a man for the first time.It was unbelievably hot.Pat’s hands were holding Dave’s head and watching Dave’s hands grab my husbands butt pulling them together. They were both hard and when someone wears a speedo it is pretty obvious.The two of them were grinding their cocks together a little bit but this mustn’t have been enough for Dave who moved one of his hands from my husbands arse to the front of his speedo and started rubbing it from the drawstring all the way between Pat’s legs past his balls.Writing this it reads like this maltepe escort bayan was all in about 10 seconds but it was really five minutes or so.I was incredibly turned on and had my hand down the front of my bottoms but enough about me, the real action was going on in the bed in front of me.As if I wasn’t turned on enough, Dave then asked Pat if he was ready to suck his first cock.Dave leaned back and lied down, his cock was straining the hell out of the front of his black speedos and he pulled it out and it stood tall and erect just like the fake Eifel Tower we had been hanging around at new the pool. Pat was still on his knees between Dave’s legs and both he and I were transfixed on Dave’s beautiful, erect cock.My husband put his hand on Dave’s right knee and slid it up his thigh and gripped the base of Dave’s cock just above his shaved balls. Then, Pat lowered his head, opened his mouth and for the first time ever, had a cock between his lips.Afterwards Pat told both Dave and I that as his head lowered towards Dave’s cock he felt light headed and even thought that he might faint. I thought that I was going to faint because it was so hot.Dave was enjoying having my husband sucking his cock and Pat looked like he was doing a pretty good job.Then Dave told Pat that he was about to cum. He asked pat like three times if he was ready and Pat kept that cock in his mouth like a trooper. Dave also told him that if Pat took his entire load of cum he’d get to fuck Dave’s arse.Dave’s hand was on the back of Pat’s head as he threw he head back and came to orgasm. It was then that I had my first orgasm of the weekend as well.Pat took the entire load and didn’t bat an eye lid as he kept Dave’s cock in his mouth during his orgasm. When Dave finally settled down a little bit, he pulled my husband off his cock and started making out with him. The two of them maneuvered back into their original position on their knees on the bed facing each other, Dave tucked his cock back into his speedos and pulled Pat’s cock out of the leg of his red speedosI threw Dave a condom and the bottle of lube. Watching my husband suck cock was amazingly hot, I didn’t realize how hot it would be watching Dave roll the condom down Pat’s cock and then lathering his rubbered up cock with the lube.Dave kissed Pat and told him not to be gentle.Dave turned around, pulled his speedo down below his butt cheeks and bent over looking over his shoulder at Pat. Pat’s hands were on Dave’s hips as he shuffled forward and Dave reached around and guided him. My husband was inside another man and it was so hot. I couldn’t believe I was watching two men fucking each other right in front of me and Pat was going for it pounding Dave’s arse. The grunting from both of them seemed primal.Pat’s grunting was getting more and more and all of a sudden Dave turned around, rippled the condom off and wrapped his lips around Pat’s cock. Repeating what I had seen just minutes earlier but in reverse, Pat’s hands grabbed the back of Dave’s head and he started cumming deep in Dave’s mouth.After a little while, Dave removed his mouth from my husbands cock, tucked it back in his red speedos and started to go in for a kiss but Pat wasn’t keen. Before the weekend was finished I’d get to watch this again and Pat would kiss Dave after blowing a load in his mouth.Our trip to Vegas was amazing, Dave was the perfect third wheel and don’t worry, it wasn’t just about the two guys, i got my share of the fun as well but that is another story.

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