My Journey to Submission Pt. 09b


This is another chapter in my continuing journey to submission. This story takes place right away Part 9A. I suggest you the previous chapter to better understand the people and how we got to this part of my story.


Karen rose after Lady M said that her Rolf would soon arrive. She came towards me and I stood up. Karen looked me deep in my eyes. She told me about her excitement as were about to begin the second part of the evening. We planned out these adventures and I knew she was so looking forward to her time with Rolf. Lady M came over with a red ball gag in her hand. Karen hugged me and told me how much she loved me. I told her that I loved her too. She gave me a curious smile and told me that the rest of the night will be something we would always remember. She told me that she gave Lady M complete control over me and that I should obey her orders as if they came from her. I knew Karen had discussed everything in advance with her. I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant but I thought it was going to be quite an erotic adventure. Karen left to get ready for the rest of the evening. Lady M came closer to me and told me to open my mouth. I did as instructed and she tied the red ball gag in my mouth. The butt plug deep in my battered ass still really hurt after the hard fucking I had just received from the ladies who had now left.

Lady M told me that she thought that people listened a lot better when they can’t talk and that we had some important things to talk about. She then tied the ball gag and attached the leash to the rope that was tied tightly around my aching cock. She said nothing else as she led away. We climbed a staircase and entered a long hallway. I had to move quickly to keep up with her aggressive stride. We went into the last door on the right. This was her playroom and it was impressive. One wall had a massive amount of BDSM equipment and devices which were neatly displayed. There were whips, paddles, canes, butt plugs, dildos and many things which I had never seen. There was a large king sized bed with chains tied to supports around the entire bed. A large wooden stockade was prominently displayed facing the side of the bed. It looked like one of those that might have been used in midevel times.

Lady M led me directly to the stockade. She folded back the large wooden half board to display the wrist and neck locks. Lady M placed leather cuffs on my arms and legs and ordered me to position myself in the stock. She attached my wrist cuffs to hooks imbedded in the stock. She bent my head down and then closed and locked the wooden device. My arms and head was completely bound. Lady M then told me to spread my legs to the base at the bottom of the stockade. She untied the rope constricting my balls and cock and then attached my ankle cuffs to the hooks. I was completely immobilized and bent facing forward. She slapped me hard in the face and went behind me to grab some other devices. I could not see what she was doing but I heard her remove something from the wall display.

I next felt Lady M grab the base of my cock and balls and pull them roughly through my open legs to be positioned behind my ass. This was an unnatural position and it hurt. She then tightly squeezed above my balls which made them hurt even more. I then felt her release one of her hands and place a wooden device next to my ass. She further pulled my cock and balls. I soon felt a wooden device be clamped between my ass and my cock and balls. I now knew she had placed me in a humbler. I recall I saw that device in a bondage catalogue. Karen had suggested we get one and I was not too keen on that idea. It hurt like hell. My balls and cock were squeezed painfully behind my ass. It also put my cock and balls in a very vulnerable situation. I moaned deeply into my ball gag and the plug in my ass hurt even more.

Lady M circled around to be in front of me. She looked pleased and I could see her arousal. She asked if she had my complete attention. I could only moan and tried to beg her to remove the humbler. Her eyes showed how much my pain aroused her. She told me to take the pain for her. I understood what she was saying. She then pulled up a nearby chair and opened her legs to display her excited pussy. She used her finger to caress her clit and then wiped her finger under my nose. I so wanted to lick Tipobet her pussy and she told me she knew I wanted her but that would have to wait since we had so much to do.

I recall very clearly what Lady M then told me. She said she had come to really adore Karen and that she wanted to help our relationship. She said we had such a deep love and brought out such passion in each other. She said how people crave initimacy and how fortunate we were. She said the relationship between Karen and I was very special and that it must be nurtured to continue strong. Her opinion was that I had wandered away from being a real and true submissive. I was going through the motions and doing what excited me the most. A true submissive wants and needs to serve his Mistress as she desires, not through only what turns him on at the moment. She said Karen had expressed her frustration but did not know how to proceed. She said they discussed the solution she proposed and Karen asked her to proceed.

Lady M said she knew the humbler was a lot for me to take and that there would be a lot more. She said she would soon be caning my defenseless balls and cock. She wants to do that because me taking the pain for her aroused her and that I needed to learn that this was for the benefit of the Mistress and not the sub. Lady M grabbed the side of my face and looked deeply into my eyes. She said that the only thing I could decide was whether or not I wanted to proceed. We are in a consensual relationship and that I could always choose not to offer myself to her. If I choose not to proceed then I would be untied and would leave her studio. Karen would go on with the rest of her evening. She also said she knew how much this would disappoint Karen and that I would have to deal with her afterwards. She pointed the cane to left side of the stock. She told to move my head there if I wanted to proceed and to the other side if I do not want to submit to her desires.

I knew that I must agree to proceed. I wanted to go forward on my journey to submission. I loved Karen and I knew that Lady M and Karen were correct. My intensity had wandered over the years. I was more focused on my needs and not the needs of Karen. I recalled how I felt those many years ago when I was first trained by Kitty, Karen’s mom. I opened myself up to whatever Karen’s mom wanted since I needed to please her. I had to earn the right to be with her. I truly understood and moved my head to the left to offer myself to whatever Lady M and Karen had planned for me. Lady M smiled and said was so glad since Karen and I had something special and that she really wanted me to take the pain for her.

Lady M rose and walked behind me. Not being able to see her increased my concern and anticipation. She grabbed my balls and then rested her cane on them. I heard her pause and take a deep breath. She then very slowly raised the cane and brought it down softly on my vulnerable balls. She tapped my balls and continued to softly tap them with the cane on the same spot. The pain started slowly and then really built. The repeated motion, although it was relatively soft, continued to build to increasing pain. She would not stop. I began moaning and crying which seemed to arouse her more as I heard her moans. After a long time she stopped the caning and squeezed my balls even tighter. Lady M then grabbed my defenseless cock and did the seem thing to the middle of my cock. It hurt like hell. Once again the gentle taps on the same spot built up to an incredible intensity. I was thrashing and moaning but could do nothing but take it. I had to surrender and soon felt the passion of subspace as time seemed to stand still. I was so in the moment. Lady M then paused and moved on to cane the very tip of my cock. This did hurt the most but I was in another world. I closed my eyes and focused on Lady M’s growing pleasure. I was taking the pain for her. I drifted off.

The next thing I knew was Lady M kissing my forehead and telling me how pleased she was. She moved the chair closer to me and stood on it. Her wet and excited pussy was next to my ball gag. She reached around my neck and undid the ball gag. She pressed her wanting pussy next to my mouth. My tongue sought her and I fucked her pussy as much I could with my tongue. She moaned deeply. I then caressed her clit Tipobet Giriş between my tongue and upper lips and soon felt her shudder and release all her juices into my mouth. I savored the moment and then heard the door bell ring. Lady M backed away and told me that I was doing very well. I could not speak as I watched her leave the room to answer the door bell.

I was lost in my revelry and pain. I heard noises and then the door opened and Lady M walked in followed by a large human being. Rolf was big. Big in many ways. He was tall, about six foot four. He was completely naked. He had broad shoulders and strong tree like legs. Rolf had long blond hair then was cut close on the sides and hung down his back. He also had a big smile. He saw me in my very uncomfortable position. He said something in German to Lady M who told me that he recalled being in the identical situation. She also said he was glad to be him and not me at this moment. Lady pointed to bed and Rolf was placed on his back and his arms and legs were secured. His cock was huge. It was now fully erect and looked like someones arm. It must have been at least twelve inches long and very thick. Lady M whispered something in his ear and kissed his lips. She then rose and left the room.

In a few minutes I heard the door open and looked up. Lady M walked in followed by Karen. I can say without hesitation that I never saw Karen look and be more beautiful. She wore a sheer lavender nightgown that barely went past her waist. Her large breasts and erect nipples were very apparent through the sheer material. Her look was one of great intensity and anticipation. She saw Rolf naked on the bed and put a hand over her mouth when she saw his huge erect cock. Karen and Lady whispered something to each other and hugged closely. Karen’s eyes then looked over to me and she blew me a kiss and mouthed that she loved me. I knew exactly what she meant.

Karen then strode aggressively to the bed and sat on Rolf’s stomach. Her hand reached behind and she stroked his powerful legs as she looked him in his eyes. She moved her hips around his stomach. She then reached forward to touch his massive arms and chest. She then bent over and kissed his forehead. She gave me one more look and grabbed the hem of her nightgown and raised it over her head and tossed it aside.

Karen then moved lower on Rolf and raised her hips. She grinded her pussy into his massive cock. She started to moan deeply. Lady M was watching intently from the side of the bed. I could feel her arousal. My balls and cock continued to ache but I was focused on Karen and her great enjoyment. Karen lifted up again and grabbed Rolf’s huge cock and placed the tip against her ready pussy. She gasped as the tip of his cock entered her. She paused and savored the moment and then slowly lowered himself on his massive cock. Rolf remained perfectly still and focused on Karen’s lovely face. Karen moaned even more as gradually took all of his cock into her pussy. She shouted as her pussy took in his entire cock and she rested on the base of his balls. She shouted out that this was fucking amazing. Lady M stood closer to me and told me that this is what Karen needed. A real cock deep in her from a sub who has been trained to not cum until ordered to do so.

Karen closed her eyes and slowly fucked herself with Rolf’s cock. I could see her bliss. She was totally enjoying every inch of his cock. It then became completely quiet as Karen gradually took in every inch of massive cock. She began to scream as she came. She violently gyrated up and down and I took in her total bliss. Lady M gasped and started to finger her own clit. Karen rested on his massive cock and seemed to gather herself as she let the ripples of her massive orgasm go through her. After a pause she looked over to Lady M and said thank you. She then looked at Rolf and smiled leeringly at him. He said something in German that showed he was also pleased with her joy. Karen then asked Lady M if Rolf would now be able to cum. Lady M held up her hand and asked to pause for a moment. Lady M then bent over to talk to me.

Lady M’s eyes glistened as bent towards me. She then told me that I now had another decision to make. She said she would soon instruct her sub Rolf to cum deeply inside of Karen and I would then Tipobet Güncel Giriş lick it all out of Karen and then clean Rolf. She said she knew that was a big step for me as I had previously refused to do anything with men or their cum. She told me this is what Karen wants me to do to show her my devotion. I could decline and then I would be released. She said she knew this would greatly disappoint Karen and then I would have to try to work this out with her. It was then all so clear to me. I knew that I wanted to show my devotion to Karen. I loved her and I now understood that it was all about her pleasure and not what I felt like doing. I told Lady M and Karen that I would willingly do whatever they desire. Lady M stroked my face and told me that Karen and I very fortunate to have each other.

Karen looked over as she rested on Rolf’s cock. She told me that she loved me and that she was so pleased. Lady M then left me and went to Rolf and told him he could come when instructed to by Karen. Karen then rose up to the tip of his massive cock and slowly lowered herself on it. Lady M stood close to the bed and I could see the deep affection between Lady M and Rolf. Karen soon showed her arousal by moaning after she once again fully implanted herself with Rolf’s massive cock. I heard Rolf moan as Karen expertly caressed his cock. I knew Karen had a strong pussy muscles as she did exercises to keep all of her muscles strong. Rolf soon started to gasp. Lady M reminded him not to cum until given permission. I could tell he was struggling. Karen did not seem to notice as she was completely enjoying the second fucking. Karen kept slowly rising and lowering herself on his cock. Rolf continued to struggle. Karen then let out a deeper moan. She looked at Rolf and told him that he was to cum with her. The relief on his large face was clear. Karen start to cum again and Rolf then raised his ass to lift Karen up and down as they fucked with greater abandon. Karen grabbed his chest for support and soon I hear his grunts as he released his load deep in Karen’s pussy.

They eventually settled down and Lady M went behind me. She undid the clamps on my wrists and legs and then raised the wooden stock to release me. The humbler was still on me so it was hard to move. Lady M told me that I must deal with it. The humbler was a reminder that I am doing this for the pleasure of my Mistress. I could not stand up without painfully pulling my balls. I somehow managed to shuffle over to the bed. Karen had rose off of Rolf and was laying next to him on her back. I went to the foot of the bed and Karen opened her legs and pointed at her pussy. Her look of passion and satisfaction was one that I will never forget. I immediately crawled on my knees to be between her legs and smelled the pungent odor of Karen’s pussy and Rolf’s cum. I paused and looked up at her. I told her that I loved her and that I was hers. She reached down her hand to grab my head and told me that she knew and that I was to get busy. I stuck my tongue deep into Karen’s pussy and began lapping all the juices. I could taste the sweet saltiness which must have been Rolf’s cum. I just kept doing it and appreciated Karen’s moans and encouragement. After a long time she lifted my head and told me I was finished cleaning her up and that now it was Rolf’s turn.

I knew this would be the hardest part for me. I had never sucked a cock. Something about it had always bothered me. I pushed aside my concerns and immediately did it before I could think some more. It was fine. His cock was mostly flaccid but was still huge. I took his cock in my mouth and just started sucking. I was so aroused and I saw how intently Karen was watching. Rolf seemed to enjoy it and encouraged me. My mouth started to ache and then after awhile Karen told me that Rolf was now clean and that I could stop. She motioned me to come forward and our mouths paused next to each other. Karen never wanted us to kiss after I ate her pussy so I was not sure what to do. Karen took control and pressed our mouths together. We kissed deeply and passionately.

And yet this was only one of many parts of our activities in Berlin. I savored the moment as I layed next to Karen. Lady M layed next to Rolf and we all talked over the experiences we had all just shared. I asked Lady M if she could remove her humbler. She laughed and said that this humbler was a gift given by her to Karen and that Karen would decide when to remove it. Karen smiled and said that it would now be removed as a reward for me being so fantastic. We then kissed again deeply.

To Be Continued as Parts 10A and 10B.

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