My Mistress, Your Slave

Big Tits

In my bedroom, I was waiting for my Mistress. She had called earlier, and ordered me to wait for her to come home. She had told me to cuff my hands to the hook in the ceiling and await her completely naked, only leaving the window open for a low glow of light to wash over the room. There I stood, an hour later, my hands tired and hanging above my head, and my body chilly from standing naked for so long. I wouldn’t even think of trying to change this or move at all for that matter. My Mistress had sounded impatient during the phone call, and I knew from past experience with other women that deviating from her instructions in even the slightest way would result in more pain, and more punishment than I would be already receiving.

I’m nervous and excited at the same time, waiting for her. We had never met in person, and had only explored fantasies and had sessions on the internet. I was not scared though; I knew her well enough that in the end she would take care of me, even if in the process I required discipline or punishment. Breaking my thoughts and the silence of the house are footsteps at the door and I hear it creak open. I had left it unlocked, at her request. My pulse quickens and my cock, which had been limp and cold, jumps as blood begins to flood in and allows it to grow. I hear the sound of a bag dropping to the floor, and then the lovely taps of heels on the hardwood floor, coming closer to the bedroom. In the shadows I see a figure stop outside the door. As she walks in, I can make out the shape of a beautiful woman, dressed in all black. I snap out of my trance quickly knowing I shouldn’t be looking at her without permission, so I bow my head in respect, my hair falling over my eyes.

She steps around me, examining my body and I hope she approves…my mind races and my cock bobs further and further out in front of me as I become more excited. She stops in front of me and her cold skin makes me gasp as she starts at my fingers and runs her hands slowly up my arms, to my biceps and then to my chest, rubbing her hands over my pecs until finally her right index finger runs to my chin and pushes my head up and forces me to look her in the eyes.

“I’m impressed…you look even better than you had said, slut.” she says in a slow, seductive voice. I could have cum just then, from the sound of her talking to me. She sounded like an angel, or perhaps a devil as might be more appropriate for the situation. I looked deep into her blue eyes, and her hand ran along my jaw line, moving to my dry lips and wetting them with spit from inside my mouth as she probed in and out. My heart is pounding in my chest; I’ve never been as turned on by anyone as I am by her. She’s wearing a full leather body suit, from her neck to Bycasino her high heels. I can see every beautiful curve of her body, and the faint must of the leather turns me on.

“Do you like my outfit slave? I bought it especially for you, so you better fucking like it. Tell me, NOW! Do you like it?” she demands.

“Yes Mistress…you look…amazing.” I manage.

“Good.” You say, smiling. “I’m going to uncuff you now, for being a good slave, but I want you to keep your hands above your head. You WILL do that for me, won’t you slave? Because you know what will happen if you don’t…I’ll consider it a personal insult if you lower your hands” she states with an aggressive, yet lustful and beautiful tone in her voice. “And that wouldn’t be good, would it you bitch?”

“No, Mistress. I’ll do anything you say…” I squeak out. I notice just how dry my throat has become from the excitement. She leans in, her slick, body tight leather suit rubbing against my chest as she released the cuffs. My arms want to fall to my sides, but I hold them with all the strength I have left above my head. She runs her fingertips down my arms, staring into my eyes the entire time with a lust and passion that I knew could only be met by my own. Her nails moved to my chest again, swirling around my nipples and sending waves of pleasure to my groin. Suddenly, her nails dig in and she pushes me, slamming me into the wall. I cry out in pain, not so much from hitting the wall but from the bleeding wounds on my chest left by her nails. She grabs my hair with one hand, jerking my head forward to meet her as our lips meet. We kiss harder than I have ever experienced before, and she swallows the whimper of pain that I make. The nails on your other hand, which had just cut me open swirl and play with the blood that is now flowing on my chest. She pulls away, still holding my head with one hand, and she runs her plump, wonderful tasting lips away from mine and down my neck to my chest. My head is forced down to watch and she makes me look on and I gaze in absolute lust and amazement as she licks the blood off my chest, then moving to the open wounds sucks them and drinks the blood right out my chest. I groan out loud, unable to control myself, not from any pain now but from the pleasure of her drinking me, it’s unbelievable. She backs off now, her hands moving off my head and chest and stands in front of me. My cock is throbbing, and I can feel pre-cum oozing out of the slit, covering my head, just as my chest had been covered in blood. I hope that she lick it off the same way…my lust was beginning to drive me insane, and I needed the release so bad that I thought I may explode.

“What would you like now, slave?” she asks. I’m so surprised Bycasino giriş that she would ask that I hesitate, many different things flashing in my head at the same time. For that, she slaps me, quite hard. My left cheek swells and my eyes fill with tears.

“I’m sorry…Mistress…” I say. A single tear rolls down my right left cheek. “I didn’t mean…to…I’m sorry…”

She leans in and kisses me where she had hit me, so gently, right where the tear was. My cock, and indeed my heart, burned with passion, for her, my Mistress, my love. I saw in her eyes that she cared, and that she did it only because she cares about me.

“Don’t be sorry…” she said, before kissing me deeply. Her hands find my chest again and tweak my nipples, making me moan, but again she catches the cries in her mouth and swallows them whole. She steps back now, and moves her hands to the zipper at the front of her leather suit. My hands, my arms, my whole body ached to rush her, take her in my arms and fulfill the need and want my body was feeling. I held back though, if only for a moment. She slowly undid the zipper, removing the suit and tossing it to the side. My cock grew harder, even though I thought it would burst. Her body was perfect, I could tell even in the dim light of the room. Light pink nipples stuck out from her perfectly shaped breasts, hard as a rock. Her hips were shaped so nicely, and she had a birthmark on her left hip. That only seemed to inflame my desire as I watched her hand run from her hips to her pussy lips, and I saw that they were gleaming wet already. She runs her fingers over the opening and lifts them to her mouth

“Is this what you what?” She licks her fingers. “You want to be here, don’t you? In my pussy?” she asks, moving her hands back to her mound.

“Yes…please Mistress. Please.” I begged of her. I could hardly restrain myself against the wall, watching her in front of me.

“Can you make me cum? I want to cum…Can you do that for me slut?”

I’ll make you fucking scream until your lungs give out, is what I thought. But instead of speaking, with the last ounce of self control I had, I just nodded, eagerly. She came close again, and this time lowered my aching arms to her hips. My cock was pushing against her, and I could barely resisting humping her right then, just to feel the friction of her skin against me. She leaned in and nibbled on my earlobe and whispered, “Take me…now…I’m yours”. It was all the direction I needed, as I suddenly became her equal, no longer the slave. I grabbed her hips, the pain in my arms disappearing, and lifted her up. I slammed her against the wall this time and pinned her against it. She put her arms around my neck and held on as tightly as Bycasino deneme bonusu possible, not ever wanting to let go. Her skin was as soft as any silk in the world, and I never wanted to experience a different sensation. She was perfect.

“Fuck me, NOW! PLEASE!” she begs, no longer controlling me, but begging for my cooperation. I would oblige her, always. She needn’t beg.

We look right into each other’s eyes as I push into her pussy, my length disappearing. She slams her head back into the wall, screaming in pleasure. She is so tight that I thought she might even be a virgin, the walls of her cunt squeezing me so tightly that I thought my cock might pop. She was as slick as a waterfall, and hotter than the flames of hell. I pushed into as far as I could go, wanting to be inside her very inner depths, to become a part of her. My slow, even stokes at the beginning became uncontrollable very quickly. My lips met hers with every stroke, eating her screams and cries. I’m in absolute bliss…I could never be happier.

She arches her back now, and offers her breasts to me. I suck on both nipples, swirling them in my mouth and bite them occasionally, making you grip my hair and pull me closer. Her cries are loud and almost breathless as we thrust so hard that the wall could very well give out at any moment. She looks at me, into my soul as she begins to cum. I move my mouth to her neck as she screams and groans, sucking and feeling the vibrations that are moving up her throat to her mouth. Her hands moved to my ass now, squeezing and pinching me.

“Harder…uh…harder…cum with me.” She said trying to pull me deeper inside. Cum with me now!! I’m cumming again you fucking slut, cum with me. NOW! NOW, BITCH!” she screamed. She moves one hand from my ass and slaps me again, on the other cheek this time. I felt no pain though, I felt only pleasure. She did it out of lust and love, and that made the fire in my loin’s burn even hotter. I felt the cum, deep in my sack begin its journey out of me now. I love that she talks to me like that, and I just can’t hold back anymore. I make a few last erratic thrusts, and I groan louder than even she did as the first spasm comes, my seed being planted deep inside you.

“AHHHH…AHH…YESSS…YEAHHH!! Here it is…YOU WHORE! TAKE MY CUM! YESSS!!” I scream out. She screams as well, both of us losing all sanity to the feelings of lust. The pleasure is so intense that I almost lose my grip on her and blackout, but I mange to remain conscious to hold her feel the incredible pleasure waves that shoot over me, again and again. Her pussy milks my cock for every drop of cum and I hold her close and tight, my lips on hers as we scream into each other. I sit down, still holding her and place her on my lap. My dick is still deep inside her, and I have no intention of taking it out anytime soon. She places her head on my shoulder and we embrace, holding each other’s sweaty bodies, no longer as slave and mistress, but as equals.

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