My Modern Mom With My Tuition Sir


My Modern Mom With My Tuition Sirdeleted I am from Mumbai and I am an engineering student. My family consists of 3 members, me, my mom and my father. My father’s name is Raj Kumar Shetty. He works for a garment company.My mom is Maya Shetty. She is 34 years old housewife. We live in a flat in Mumbai. Now coming to the story, it is about my mom. My mom is a very modern type lady. She makes friends with everyone easily. She is very fair and has a well-maintained body. She looks like a sex bomb in saree.Her most attractive parts are her ass and navel. Her navel is so deep and beautiful. Her stats are 36- 34- 40. The first time I got a bad feeling about my mom was when I was in 12th std. At that time I was bad in my studies and I failed in Maths. So my mom and dad decided to give me tuition.They started searching for a person who can give me a home tuition. Finally, my dad’s friend Kunal uncle suggested a teacher. His name was Mohan Tilak. My dad contacted him and he agreed to take tuitions for me. Next day when I reached home after school, my mom told me that sir will come at 5 pm and Mom was going to take bath.I just nodded and went to my room. At sharp 5 pm bell rang, my mom went to attend it but it was our watchman (Ranjit uncle). He came to give vegetables. Then after 10 minutes or so I heard another bell this time I went to attend canlı bahis and it was Mohan Tilak. I wished him and asked him to sit and I called my mom.When my mom arrived at the hall she wished my sir. At that time I noticed this man he must be 50 years old and has a great physique. He was 6 ft tall and had a mustache but his eyes were glowing and wandering. At that time I noticed he was constantly staring at my mom’s body.But he can’t be blamed because she was wearing her yellow transparent saree, which reveals her fair tummy and her deep navel. She tied it so tight that her body parts were more visible. Suddenly mom asked him.Mom: Sir, do you need anything to drink?Sir: Yes, maybe a tea will do.Mom: Oh sure!Mom went to the kitchen by swaying her sexy ass and sir couldn’t control. His dick started to rise up and it was a great sight. After 5 minutes mom came with the tea. When she bent down to give the tea, her saree slipped off from her chest and revealed her beautiful fair boobs.Sir was mesmerized by seeing those, mom suddenly noticed this and pulled back her saree pallu with a seductive smile. Sir also gave back a smile. Now I understood that things are going easily between sir and momMom: Sir my son is too poor in maths so please help him.Sir: Don’t worry Mrs. Shetty your son will be in my hands.Mom: Sir call me Maya.Sir: Ok then bahis siteleri you call me Mohan.Mom: Ok sir…ohh sorry Mohan.Sir: Hahahaa.Then after that, he started teaching me. It went for 2 hours and my dad came from office and he wished sir. At 7: 30 tuition ended and sir bid bye to me. He asked about my mom and I knew that he will ask me. I also wanted that so I went to mom’s bedroom and told her sir is asking mom to come.And by hearing this she came to the hall. When sir asked mom where is Raj Kumar. My mom replied, “He is in the bathroom.” Then sir bid bye to my mom and went. After 1 week my dad had an urgent meeting in Delhi, so he went for 3 days.On that day sir came at 5 pm and I wished him. He asked about my mom, I called her. She came in the hall by wearing a t-shirt which is tight and doesn’t cover her navel and leggings. Sir’s mouth was open by seeing my mom in that outfit.Mom: Mohan why are you looking shocked?Sir: Maya you are looking like a 25-year-old girl.Mom: Don’t crack jokes.Sir: Seriously I am telling the truth.Mom: I am trying to be fit, but I don’t know any exercises or workout. techniques. I wonder how to fit you are at this age.Sir: I love workouts and I love to dance. It makes me look fit.Mom: I don’t know any techniques.Sir: I will teach you.Mom: Seriously. Please teach me.Sir: But when will I teach.Mom: bahis şirketleri Tomorrow is Sunday. So you come at 7 am and we can work out and after that, you can teach Rohit.Sir: That’s a good idea.Next day morning 7 am Sir came in a Black short and white t-shirt. When sir saw mom he was stunned. She was in white leggings through which her black panty can be seen and a white banian which extended till her midriff. Then sir tried to teach mom some exercises.At one point he asked mom to bend and touch her feet, she was unable to do it. Then sir went behind her and helped her to bend and at this time I watched it from my room that he was positioning his dick to her ass crack. When it touched her ass she closed her eyes.Sir in the pretext of helping her was humping on her. This made my mom hornier. She stood up and turned towards him. He was ashamed to look at my mom’s face. But she started smooching him. This made him horny and he started to kiss back her.She loved him, he suddenly put his hands on her bubble butt and pressed it hard. This made mom moan and she told sir to take her to her room. After some time I watched through the keyhole. I was shocked to see my mom ‘s ass it was too plumpy and his dick was rock hard.He fucked her brains out by fucking her anal hole. She was impressed by his dick and his stamina. Finally, he ejaculated in her pussy. This continued every day by giving me some 3 problems, I enjoyed watching it.This continued till my 12th board exams. Next part I will share how my mom enjoyed the vacation tour. I hope you liked my story.

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