My Nudist Step Mom


My step Mom always enjoyed being nude. I didn’t know that this was the case, until one day I accidentally found out. I guess she had been doing it for many, many years.

I was 18 at the time. Dad had divorced my Mom when I was 12. No child wants their parents to divorce, but my Mom wasn’t much of a Mom, anyway. Dad was the one who was always interested in my life, even at an early age. Mom had her own issues and was never around much.

Dad got custody of me during the divorce, and then Dad started dating a woman. I liked her immediately. She was nice to me, always treated me with respect, and seemed to care as much as a step Mom could possibly care. Dad ended up marrying her in about 9 months after his divorce.

I felt like this woman easily replaced my Mom. In fact, I asked permission to call her Mom and she said that was fine. We never had conflict with each other about anything. I was respectful to her, and she was the same to me. She acted more like a friend, a coach, a counselor to me, like she was there to assist me to become all that I could become in life. Plus, she was an attractive woman, and even when I first met her at age 12, I totally enjoyed looking at her. She had, what looked to me to be a perfect figure, with a very pretty face.

From age 12 to age 18, I did not know that when I left for school each day, my step Mom would strip down, and be naked all day. I suppose she was what some would call a home nudist, meaning she was not nude around others, only at home.

When I reached age 18 is when I made my discovery. It was on a Saturday and I was supposed to be gone to work all day, but, things were slow at work and they let me off about 2 ½ hours early. Dad was out of town on a business trip. When I came home, around 3 pm, I headed upstairs to my bedroom. I saw that Mom’s door was open to her bedroom so I headed down the hall to say “Hi.” I could hear a tv on, and when I reached her door, she did not notice me standing at her door. She was laying on her belly, totally naked while watching tv.

I was stunned, that not only was she naked, but also at how beautiful she was. I guess all guys have certain things about women that turn them on, and for me, the number one thing was a woman’s ass. Don’t get me wrong, I love all parts of a woman, but I notice a cute ass faster than anything.

With Mom laying on her belly, her cute ass was there for me to look at. I just stood at her doorway and enjoyed looking at her. I could feel my dick starting to get hard inside my jeans.

I must have stood there looking at her for at least 5 minutes, even though it felt longer than that. I kept having to adjust my cock inside of my jeans as it got bigger and bigger. I could see the swell of the side of her breasts, her smooth back, her ass, and legs. I could have looked at her for hours, and never got bored. Finally, she just happened to turn her head toward the door and she saw me. Her response totally surprised me. She did not act mad, nor move quickly to cover herself up. She just stayed in that same position and said “Well, I knew you were eventually going to catch me naked.” Then she laughed, as she said “Enjoying the view? How long have you been standing there?”

I said “Uh, probably about 5 minutes. I came down the hall to say

‘Hi’ and was surprised with what I saw. Sorry Mom. It just surprised me, and I couldn’t get myself to walk away. Gosh, you are so beautiful.” Then I said “What do you mean ‘I would eventually catch you naked?’ “

She said “Well, I might as well tell you now, I am a bit of a home nudist. I love being nude when I am at home. Whenever you are gone, I have always stripped down and stayed naked until just before you are due to be home. I love the feeling of having no clothes.”

The whole time she was talking to me, she was laying on her belly but had lifted herself up onto her elbows, and her head was turned my direction. I could see most of one of her tits hanging down while we were talking, but could not see the nipples.

I said “Mom, I could look at you like this for hours. As far as I am concerned you can run around the house naked around me all you want. In fact, I wish you would start right away.”

She laughed, as she responded with “Well, that is what I would expect a teenager to say. But, I am not sure your father would approve of that. He knows I love being nude, but has always teased me to not let you catch me. He laughs when he says it, though. He always adds to his comment by saying “He is still a boy and if he catches you like that he will want you naked around him all the time. And I wouldn’t blame him.”

I said “Sounds to me like he understands, and he wouldn’t have a big problem with it. I love how realistic my Dad has always been. He is so understanding about things in life. The fact that he laughed when he told you is just a perfect example. Dad is so cool.”

She said “Yes, he is a wonderful man.”

I was still mesmerized by how beautiful she was, as I was trying to think of how I could continue this conversation Esenyurt escort so I could keep looking at her naked body.

I said “Well, I would like nothing better than for you to be naked around me, so why keep hiding it? Feel free to do it around me every day. I would love looking at you.”

She smiled and said “I am sure you would. But, like I said, I don’t know what your Dad would think about that.”

I said “From what you told me about how he teases about it, then laughs, I would say it sounds like he would understand, and be fine with it. Besides, I would never say anything to him about it.”

She said “Well, the other problem with your idea is you are going to get turned on, just like you are right now. I can see it inside your jeans. Then what are you going to do? I am not going to have sex with my step son.”

I smiled and made a gutsy comment of “Why not? Bet you can teach this young guy a lot.”

My comment startled her, as I could tell she did not know what to say, at first. She paused for a moment to catch her thoughts, then said “Well now, seeing your naked Mom sure brought on some gutsy comments from you.”

I said “Sorry Mom. Hope I didn’t offend you with that.”

She said “No, you didn’t. It just surprised me. Didn’t know you had it in you.”

I said “I guess I am an average teenage boy. I have a lot of thoughts you don’t know about.”

She said “Well, when I met your Dad he was like that too. Most women don’t know how to help guys say what their inner sexual thoughts are. Guys end up holding those thoughts inside, which I do not think is good. The more open they can be with a woman about everything they like about sex, and what they fantasize about, the better the relationship they will have with a woman. I wish most women realized that. When a guy hides his feelings about it, he is just going to spend his private time fantasizing about what he wishes he could try some day. I think it is best if he tells his girl, and then they try all of the things he fantasizes about. If there are things the girl doesn’t want to do in real life, they can role play those things. That way the woman fulfills all of his desires, and he never goes somewhere else to find out what those things are like. Anyway, that is my opinion. Like I said, I wish most women realized that.”

“Mom, when I meet the woman of my dreams, would you talk to her about what you just said? Let her know how important that is, because I would love to tell a woman all of my fantasies,” I said.

“I would be happy to do that for you, son,” she said. Then she continued on with “You might want to start by telling me. I don’t mind hearing it all. You are not going to surprise me with anything you fantasize about. I know most every possibility out there. It might make you more comfortable in telling your future woman if you have learned to open up now.”

I said “I would love to be able to tell you things like that. That would be so nice, especially if you didn’t judge me on it.”

“I won’t,” she said. Then she asked “Tell me what would make you more comfortable so that you will start telling me your inner fantasies.”

I said “Well, uh, for you and I to be totally naked around each other. For some goofy reason, it just would make me more comfortable. I guess in my mind it is the idea that you were willing to be naked with me that makes me believe I can tell you anything.”

She said “Wow, you sure snuck that one in. Almost sounds like a plan on how to be naked with your Mom. I am not sure that your plan is really necessary for you to be able to open up to me. But, I have to give you credit for trying.” Then she said “Come over here near my head. My neck is getting sore from looking back at you, and I am not ready to sit up yet and show you the rest of me.” Then she said “On second thought, tell you what, if you promise to be good, just lay down by me in the bed, and we can talk side by side next to each other.”

I said “Shouldn’t I be naked too, to make things equal?”

She laughed and said “Boy, you are really trying your best at this. You are not going to be happy until that happens, huh?”

This time I laughed as I said “Well, just trying to make things equal.” Then I winked at her.

She said “You know what? You really have a sweet and adorable personality. I have always thought that about you. And, with our discussion today, and how nice you have been with me, I could tell some girl is going to really love you.” Then she added “Okay, strip down boy, and climb in bed with me on your belly, and no touching. You have always been a gentleman with me, don’t change that now.”

As I stripped naked I couldn’t help but feel how privileged I was to be doing this, and how privileged it was going to be to openly talk to Mom about sex. My cock was as hard as it has ever been as I laid down on my stomach next to her in her bed. She did not see my cock because I had my back turned toward her as I stripped. Plus, she looked away when I started to get into bed.

She Esenyurt escort Bayan said “There now. You feel more comfortable?”

I said “Thanks Mom. You are the greatest.”

She said “Okay. We are both naked. Now, can you open up to me?”

I smiled an ornery smile, as I said “Well, I could open up easier if I could see the front of you, and we were lightly rubbing on each other’s bodies.”

She smiled back at me as she shook her head, then said “You naughty boy. But, then again, I did ask you to open up to me.” Then she said “Sure sounds like having sex with an older woman is one of your secret fantasies.”

I said “Oh, yessss, definitely.”

She said “Well, I should have expected that. Many teens fantasize about having sex with an older person. And, even older people fantasize about having sex with younger people. Even some women have those type of fantasies, although they rarely ever admit it.”

Then I surprised her by asking “So do you have that as one of your fantasies?”

She was definitely surprised by my question. She paused and then said “Gosh, when you open up, you really open up.” Then she said “I am trying to help you admit your fantasies. This discussion is not about mine.”

I said “Nice answer. You evaded that question quite well.”

She laughed and said “I love this. I am seeing a side of you that I really like. A lot of times when a young person gets horny, they get pushy as they insist on getting what they want. You are not doing that. You are respectful and very playful with it. That is a very good quality.” Then she continued by saying “I love the combination of respectful and playful. It is fun and very sexy.”

I smiled and said “You are still evading my question.”

She said “I am not sure I want to tell you that. Let’s talk about you.”

I said “Answer my question, then I will continue with my own fantasies. Okay?”

She said “Alright, I admit, a teenage boy is a fantasy of mine. But, I would never do it in real life. Are you happy, now?”

I had a big smile on my face as I said “Very happy. I love it. And, for the record, I never would have guessed.”

She said “Well, I guess for me it is rather flattering knowing a young guy thinks I an older woman, like myself, is hot. It is probably an ego thing. And, the other hot part of it is probably the idea of getting to teach a young person all about sex. That is a very hot thought. But, enough of this. Let’s get back to you.”

I said “Thanks Mom. I appreciate your openness to me. I love this talk.” Then I said “Older women are so hot. I have fantasized about them, and even you, many times.”

She said “Well, I am not going to fuck you. So, get that out of your mind.”

To be honest, when she said “fuck” it surprised me. Mom never uses cuss words at all. So, to hear her say it as a sexual term, really turned me on. I could tell that this woman understood a lot about sex. No wonder Dad was so happy.

I laughed at her comment, and then said “Well, it is definitely one of my fantasies, so if you ever want to fulfill your fantasy with a young person, just bring it on. I will volunteer for the job any day you want.”

She smiled and said “You are so cute.” Then she said “I will keep that in mind.”

Then I decided to step it up a notch as I asked “So, have you and Dad role played about playing with a teenager?”

Again, she was shocked as she said “Gosh, boy, stop with the questions about me. This talk is so you can open up to me. It isn’t about me. Your questions are dangerous.”

I said “Hmmmm, dangerous, huh? That must mean you have.” I was really enjoying this little sexual sparring contest.

She said “Okay, fine. I admit we have done that type of role play many times. Your father loves the fantasy of watching me play with a teen. Now, enough of this.”

I said “Mmmmm. My Dad has a very hot mind. Maybe that is where I get mine from. But, again, thanks for opening up to me.”

My cock was very, very hard and I am sure was leaking precum all over her bed. I felt those sexual tingles in my groin area. There was a slight pause as I could tell she was thinking. Then she finally said “So, what else do you think is hot?”

I said “Hmmmm, well I would love to learn how to turn a woman on by licking her pussy. I also badly want to see what it is like playing with a woman’s tits. I bet they feel soft and wonderful. Then, I want to experience a blow job. I have also fantasized about 2 women making out in front of me, then fucking me. Plus, I would love to experience a woman stripping for me and then giving me a lap dance. I have even fantasized about being massaged and it turns sexual. The list goes on and on. Skinny dipping and playing in the lake with a woman sounds hot, too.”

Mom said “Well, it sounds like normal teenage stuff to me. So, you are telling me that you have not done anything sexual with anyone yet? Anything more than masturbate?”

I said “Well, not in person, with them. All I have done Escort Esenyurt in person is hugged and kissed some girls.”

Mom said “Not in person. What does that means?”

I said “Well, you told me to be honest, so here goes. I have played on webcam online in the chat rooms.”

Mom said “Okay. Well, I guess that is to be expected. Did you strip for them? Masturbate for them?”

I said “Yes, I did both.”

Mom said “Did they do the same for you? Oh, and was it guys or girls? Any older women?”

I smiled and said “Look who is asking all the questions now. Are you sure I am not going to get into trouble for telling you all of this?”

Mom said “Nope. You can tell me whatever you want. Our talk is to help you open up and be able to talk about any sexual fantasies you have. So, are you going to answer my questions?” She was smiling.

I said “Well, uh, I have done all of those things. I have played with women, then one or two older women, and even some guys.”

Mom said “Wow. Why the guys? What was the attraction there?”

I said “Well, to be honest, I would answer that three ways. Number One, guys love talking about sex to other guys because they know they will not be judged. So, those conversations happen often online. They feel comfortable telling each other anything.

Secondly, guys get turned on while talking about sex and they want to cum. So, they will strip and masturbate in front of each other. I suppose if they could find women to do that with, that would be their number one pick. But, most women don’t seem to be open enough to do that stuff. So, doing it with a guy is better than nothing.

The third reason for me is curiosity. I wonder what guys look like naked. I have actually found that seeing a naked guy who is in shape, who shaves his cock, is rather hot look to look at. So, I enjoy seeing them.”

Mom said “Very interesting. Well, all of that makes sense. The only problem I see is, after viewing and playing with lots of guys online, you will eventually be ready to meet them in person. It will make you more open to becoming bi or gay.”

I said “I never really thought about that, but you are probably right.”

Mom said “Well think about it. Guys want sex. Women never seem to want it as often as a guy. Then you take the fact that guys know what each other likes. I could see where they would be willing to eventually meet, have their pleasure time, and never admit it to anyone else. I mean, what guy wants to tell other guys that they played with another man? So, in some respect, it is safer than meeting a woman, especially, if the guy is married. What guy is going to get mad at another guy, like a woman might get mad at a guy, and then tell the guy’s wife? No guy is going to do that. So, again, in that respect, playing with a guy is safer than playing with a woman. Affairs with women can be dangerous because some women are revengeful.”

I said “Mom, you are so smart. I never thought about that stuff either. Never thought about any of it.”

Mom said “Well, this world would be better off if women were more on the same page, sexually, with guys. That is why I said it is important to be open with women about what you like. But, it is probably more important for the woman to want the guy to be open with them, and to help them be open. Then the woman needs to learn to enjoy trying all kinds of sexual things. I think most women are scared of new sexual experiences. So, they just ignore it, or at least try to ignore it. They need to learn what guys fantasize about. If they pleased their man, he won’t be playing with other people. Or, if he does do it, it will be a rare thing.”

I said “Gosh Mom. You need to teach classes to women about this stuff.”

She smiled at me, and then said “You are such a sweetheart of a guy. I love your personality. I am going to help prepare you, as much as I can, for your future wife. Women are going to love you once I help you with a few things.”

I said “You mean sexually, help me?”

Mom said “No, not just that.”

Then she changed the subject for just a moment to say “You know, this is getting uncomfortable laying on our bellies and just turning our heads to each other. My neck is hurting again. Tell you what, I am going to turn onto my back, and you can turn onto your side. Guess we get to see each other totally naked. Consider this my reward to you for opening up to me. I will lay completely on my back and let you get a total view of me, and you lay on your side. Feel free to stare at me all you want as we continue this conversation.”

When Mom turned onto her back I immediately saw that her tits were beautiful, even though they were somewhat flattened out from laying on her back. I did not know a lot about boob sizes at that time, but now I can tell you she was about a 38 D. Also, when I looked down at her pussy I saw that she was totally shaved. She was so hot looking, I wanted to get on top of her and fuck her right then and there. I wanted to put my hands all over her body and then shove my cock inside her pussy and fuck the shit out of her. But, I knew that if I tried to do that, it would damage our relationship severely. I knew that, when it comes to sex, guys need to be respectful to the woman. And, I wasn’t going to violate that. I told myself to just enjoy what she allows me to enjoy.

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