My One True Love Ch. 11: Epilogue


Well, I can’t believe it’s just been over a year since I last posted! Apologies to all for my absence. I do have a few stories in the works; one of them is in the same lines as MOTL – but longer, and then I have a few shorter stories as well. Would love to hear (well read) feedback.

As always, any characters depicted here in any sexual acts are over the age of 18. There are children present, but they are there to showcase the family and do not partake in any sexual activities.

And as a side note, I do not know all of the intricacies of surgeries and procedures so forgive me if there are inaccuracies there. I did do some research, but am aware my portrayal may be inaccurate.



“Julie, Tamara, come back inside for dinner,” I called to the girls.

“Okay daddy!” they said in unison.

I smiled to myself. It had been a few years since we’d moved to the suburbs. Lindsay and I had decided it would be better for the girls to get out of the city. I heard the girls off in the distance giggling as they made their way back to the house.

I stood on the porch admiring my girls; I took a moment to look back. I couldn’t believe it’d already been nearly four years since we had the girls. Tamara was just two and Julie three – almost four, they’re my little angels. True they weren’t biologically my children, but I loved them regardless. The girls had lost their parents in a car wreck and Lindsay and I had been talking about adopting children of our own. I still couldn’t believe the beautiful family I had. Prior to the girls, Lindsay and I got married four years earlier, a few years after college. I already knew I was going to marry her in college. We took some vacations, traveling the world before I proposed to her.


“What are you giggling about babygirl?” I giggled as well.

“You know!” she giggled again.

I set my babygirl down on the bed. Her dress was bunched up as I had carried her from the limo – bridal style.

“I really can’t believe we did it!” she sighed.

“I know sweetie, I can’t believe it either!”

“You know what you’re supposed to do to your wife on your wedding night, right?”

I merely chuckled. Lindsay sat up on the edge of the bed. The silk of her dress falling down her body, except for the massive tent at her crotch.

“Well, what is going on here?” I asked coyly.

“I don’t know,” she giggled.

“We are wearing panties aren’t we?”

Lindsay just giggled, “Yes…”

“Well if you are, then why is she standing up like that?” I pointed to her obscene state of arousal.

“I don’t know…” she kept on giggling uncontrollably.

“Well, I’d better check what’s going on here… there better not be any funny business here…”

Lindsay just kept giggling and giggling. It had been a long time since she’d been like this. It was understandable though, this was easily one of the happiest times of her life. I’m sure she’d been dreaming of this night since she was a little girl, just as many little girls dreamed.

Lindsay began tugging at her dress.

“Nah, ah, ah, ah…” I interjected, “Let me take care of this…”

Pouting cutely, Lindsay sat back a little. I gently grabbed the soft material of her wedding dress and drove it up her legs. I bunched it up around her waist to see that her penis was already poking out the top of her frilly panties.

“What is this!?” I mock spoke shockingly.

“What!?” Lindsay played along.

“This!” I pointed.

“Nothing! I swear!” she couldn’t help but giggle.

“THAT Does not look like nothing!” I exclaimed.

“She’s happy!” giggled Lindsay.

“I can very well see that! She’s drooling all over your dress! Look at that!” I pointed again, a dollop of precum pulsed out of Lindsay. “We just can’t have this; I’d better take care of this immediately!”

My hands fumbled playfully with her panties. I’d graze her panty covered balls, a gasp escaping Lindsay’s lips occasionally. “Mmm, does this girl like that?” I’d ask.

Lindsay would just whimper, her penis throbbing in her panties.

“Oh, poor thing!” I teased, “Look at this, she’s aching for some attention, isn’t she!”

Lindsay grunted, “Jay… not too much…”

“Oooohh, is my babygirl sensitive?” I chuckled.

“Yes…” she groaned again. By the looks of things Lindsay was on a hair trigger, just the way I liked it! Without giving her a second to think or react I tugged her panties down and off. Her naked penis, balls, and ass were for my taking!

She giggled again and sighed as her cock was freed from its confines. Her glorious cock, her feminine penis. I watched her penis bob in the air, it pulsed with her heartbeat. The musky scent filled my nose, her sex was intoxicating and I had to dive into her cheeks. Gasping suddenly, Lindsay lay back to give me better access to her ass.

My tongue began working its magic, lapping at her crinkled star happyily. I wanted to grasp her cock but she batted my hand away. I tried a few more times before I reluctantly Pendik Olgun Escort gave up. She had said that she was close, and I figured she was serisouly close if she wouldn’t let me do this for her

With a loud smack, my lips left her slick passage and I scooted up on the bed alongside her. Dropping some clothes along the way, I was just down to my tuxedo pants and boxer shorts.

“Get me out of this, quick!” panted Lindsay.

Eagerly I helped Lindsay out of her gorgeous dress afterall, we didn’t want to ruin her wedding dress! It was a painstaking ordeal, only in that it was a bit complicated (for me) and the anticipation was killing me!

We finally got her out; I was astonished to see that Lindsay was wearing a corset. As far as I’d known she’d never worn a corset. “Wow, what’s this!?”

“Oh, nothing!” Lindsay giggled.

“Your body! It’s amazing!” I practically gushed.

“Awe!” she cooed. Her large cock wavered in the air slightly. I knew the praise was getting her going.

“I think we should get you out of it…”

“Hmmm, maybe…”

“Here let me-“

“No,” she said firmly, “I want to keep it on!” she giggled.

“Ooohhh, babygirl… taking a charge I see!” I grinned. Admittedly she looked gorgeous in the corset; I put it in my mind for her to dress like this on more occasions!

“I need you…” she whimpered to me.

“Do you now?”

“Mmmhmm… my pussy’s waiting, she’s ready for you…”

My wandering hand teased her little star. Her hole felt slightly slick already (did she prep herself?). I needed her. And I knew she needed me. Her bouncing cock slapped both of your bodies as we moved about each other. I finally couldn’t take it though as we made out. We kept making out as we both tried to force myself into her. She lowered her body to meet my cock as I pushed my cock into her.

We tried and tried, but her love canal wouldn’t budge. Cutely, she whimpered as we made-out. I groaned into her mouth, our tongues wrestled without pause. It was a dance we’d done many times and neither of us was about to back down.

Finally with a bit of prodding my cock finally broke her anal sphincter. We both gasped, Lindsay’s eyes shot open and I saw the tears well up in her eyes. She didn’t budge though, she raised her butt, making sure I entered her completely. Just when I was about to bottom out Lindsay pushed me away from her lips slightly.

“I’m cumming,” she whispered. I looked to her in disbelief but sure enough her orgasm face showed it all. I looked down to see her cock pulse, thrashing about on her belly, before ropes of cum launched from her tip. Lindsay moaned and moaned, but just three ropes flew from her. I always loved how sensitive she was, I could almost touch her anywhere, she was that sensitive. All I did was enter her, but her special button must’ve been on a hair trigger when I finally nuzzled it.

Lindsay sighed her satisfaction, her ragging hard-on didn’t cease.

I gave Lindsay a bit of time to recover, playfully pulsing my cock for her. She giggled and sighed, before raising her head slightly to lightly kiss me.

“All better babygirl?”

“Oh Jay… I need you so much!!”

Our mouths entwined, groaning to each other. I could barely control myself from plowing into my Lindsay, my bride, but I knew she might be too sensitive for anything.

“MMmmm, mmmm, mmmm… make love to me Jay… give me your love… all of it…” she looked pleadingly to me.

“I love you Lindsay…” I kissed her. I withdrew myself, her tight sphincter trying to suck me back in, I groaned. “Fuck baby…”

‘Yeah?” she whimpered.

“Your pussy is amazing!!”

“And so is your wonderful cock!” she grunted, “husband…”

“My wife…”

“Fuck me!! Give it to me!!” she begged.

And I did. I gave her everything I had, my balls slapped her butt cheeks, the squelching sound of our love making filled the room. Lindsay’s rectum was just as velvety and inviting as we first made love. Dare I say too velvety!

Just a few minutes into my railing I was already getting close. She seemed to sense it too because she kept egging me on.

“God yes Jay!! Fuck me!! Fuck that tight little pussy!!”

“Fuck! Lindsay!!”

“Yes!! Give me that fucking cum!!”

My flat stomach pressed into her throbbing cock as I pounded and pounded her. Trails of precum glided between our bellies and I tried as best I could to give her cock as much needed love.

“Oh Jay!! Yes!! Right!! There!! UUuugggghhhhh!!”

Lindsay’s asshole fluttered around my cock. I felt hot jets of cum exploding out of her again. I grabbed her hips and absolutely pounded the shit out of her, announcing my arrival as well, “Fuck Lindsay!!”

Slowing my thrusts I spewed my love into Lindsay’s hole, plastering her insides. I watched as she threw her head back against the pillow screaming in joy.

“Babygirl…” I panted breathlessly, “that was our first orgasm together as a married couple…”

“I know…” she said raising her head, “And Pendik Sarışın Escort since we’re married now… your last orgasm!”

Her giggling and radiant smile betraying her.

“Is that so?” I gasped chuckling lightly.

“Well… maybe a few more times…”

“Only a few…?”

“Yeah… like a few times a day!!” her giggles enrapturing her.

“That’s what I thought from my little slut…”

“Mmm… tell me I’m your married slut…”

“You’re my married little slut…”

“Mmmm…” she gleefully smiled.

I finally pulled out of my wife and gazed down at the mess she made all over her corset.

“Oh no!” Lindsay feigned distress. She sat up and looked down at what she’d done. “I’d better take this off and make sure it doesn’t get any messier!” She attempted to do so but looked up to me for some help. I got behind her on the bed and began untying her corset. Her matching pantyhose and panties came off as well and my new beautiful wife was finally naked before me. Her cock looked inviting, still semi-hard and wet from our activities.

“Jay… hold me…”

That night we spent all night fucking like rabbits, I lost count the number of times and positions we did the nasty. All I knew was that we went through the night and early morning before we were finally exhausted from all of our efforts. By the end of the night we were both shooting blanks, almost painfully so.

The embrace of my little girls brought me back to reality. They giggled around my legs as they hugged each one separately. “Alright ladies, let’s get back to the house. I’m sure mommy will be excited to see you two in time for dinner!”

“Yay!!” they squealed together.

“There they are!” Lindsay smiled.

“Mommy!!” Julie and Tamara said.

“And how are my girls today?!” Lindsay sounded radiant! “Hi honey! Were the girls good?”

“Perfect!” I softly kissed.

“Wanna help mommy make dinner?”

“Yay!!” they said giggling and scurrying into the kitchen.

“Mmm, I’ve missed you today…”

“I missed you too wifey!” we kissed again. “How was your day?”

“Exhausting… thanks for taking the girls for the day, I needed the peace and quiet,” she giggled.

“They were loud today, but overall they were good girls. We had a blast at the pool and park, then they took a nap and we got ice cream later.”

“Sounds like you and the girls had a busy day too!”

“We sure did, they should sleep peacefully tonight,” I smiled.

“Mmmm… that’s good… I know another girl who might sleep well tonight…! Well, only if you satisfy her…”

“Oh really? Now who might that be?” I grasped her tight ass, giving her a couple of squeezes – out of the girls’ sight.

She giggled and tried to hide her blushing, “Now let’s see if we can get dinner started…”

“After you!” Lindsay spun and headed for the kitchen. I lightly patted her cute little butt and followed her in.

“Okay girls! Off to bed!” I bellowed in my best Sullivan impression from Monsters, Inc., their favorite movie. They scurried away and I followed them, playfully chasing them to the bathroom.

After a messy clean up of the girls I was tucking the girls in when Lindsay came into their room as well.

“There are my girls!” she cooed lovingly.

I had just finished reading a story to the girls, their yawning prompted me to tuck them in and put them to bed.

“Mommy!” they squealed.

“Julie, Tamara, I love you my little ones!” Lindsay gave each girl a loving kiss on their cheeks just as I had a few moments ago.

“We love you mommy, we love you daddy!” they giggled together.

“I love you my little monsters!” I teased them. I kissed my lovely girls one last time before leaving and turning off their light. “Sleep tight, my little ones!” I cooed to them as we closed their door, leaving just a crack open.

“Mmmm…” Lindsay sighed as we left their room. “They are just little angels!”

“They really are,” I agreed.

“Baby… I already cleaned up the dishes,” Lindsay seductively said. “And I was thinking…”

“Oohh… what were you thinking about?” I swatted her ass as we descended down the stairway.

“I don’t know…” she giggled, “What’re you thinking about?”

In one swift motion, I wrapped my arms under her knees and back and lifted her off her feet and into my embrace. She giggled, actually snorted cutely in the suddenness of what I did. I carried her to our bedroom.

Closing the door behind me with my feet I gently tossed my wife onto the bed. She giggled in delight and lied back with a huge smile. It was early for us to be going to bed like this, it was only around 8pm, but I knew what we both wanted.

“I think I know what you’re thinking about…” Lindsay seductively said, answering her own question.

I crawled up on the bed and our lips met lovingly. I felt like a teenager again in the moment, we were both incredibly hungry for each other. My cock was already straining for her in my Pendik Şişman Escort jeans; I wondered how Lindsay was fairing. I didn’t think it was possible, but even now, nearly nine years into our marriage our passion for each other in the bed was just as fresh as our high school and college years.

I gently nudged Lindsay onto her back, I fell above her, our lips never leaving. “Mmmm baby…” she groaned to me. My hands ran up and down her jean clad legs. I wanted her and I knew she wanted me. My hands began tugging at her jean zipper and button as hers did mine.

“Oh Fuck Jay…” she gasped when I finally got her jeans nudged down a bit. While still kissing she raised her cute little butt so I could push her jeans down further until they were at her ankles.

My pants were in a similar state, my cock aching for her touch. “Jay, take your pants off…” We only paused a moment to take each others’ pants off, me hers and her mine.

I couldn’t believe myself, I nearly doubled over in relief when Lindsay released my pants. Lindsay giggled at my predicament, but I could certainly see that she was in a similar state.

I still loved that Lindsay wore sexy panties even now in our relationship. She had this super cute pink lacy bikini cut pair of panties on. “Oh Jay… give me that fucking cock…”

“Woah, already?” I was shocked to say the least.

“Fuck, yes, I’ve been thinking about this all day…” she huskily growled. And she wasn’t kidding, with no modesty Lindsay spread her legs wide open for me. Her excitement for me egged me on and I had to wonder to myself if I was going to be able to perform.

Giggling as she often did, she brought her legs together and high. She pulled the straps to her panties and pulled them up and away from her crotch.

“Fuck… Lindsay… that’s so hot…”

“Yeah…?” she whined throwing her panties in my face. I could smell her excitement in her panties, they were musky and sweaty. She wasn’t joking about being aroused all day. Her panties seemed to be well used throughout the day. Regretfully I set them aside only to see my wife’s legs spread for me again.

“I’m waiting!” her finger curled with a ‘come hither’ motion.

I marveled at the sight before me. True I’d seen her like this for many years, but this past year had been different. “Baby, you are my queen!”

“If that’s the case,” in her most seductive voice, “then you must please your queen!”

How could I refuse her? I scooted up and pushed her legs back until her knees were up by her head. I loved how flexible she was, her ability to tangle her body in imaginable ways never ceased to amaze me. She giggled as I did so, my cock resting on her crotch.

“Baby… you’re so wet!”

“God I know!! I’ve been soaking my panties all day long!!” she groaned, “Please…” she begged me, “please fill me up with your fat, wonderful cock!!”

I pulled away from her and lined myself up with her pussy. And indeed it was her pussy.

“Yes!!” she moaned. I stretched the walls of her inviting pussy, sinking as fully as I could inside her. “Fuck Jay… I’m sssssooooo full…”

“Lindsay… I love your pussy, it’s so wet for me…” I groaned back to her. I leaned over her body and our lips embraced once again. I held inside her for a few moments to let her get used to me. My wait was short lived however, she started rocking below me.

“Babygirl… have some patience!” I lightly chuckled.

“I want you Jay!! I’ve needed you!! I need your cock! Now!!”

I didn’t really blame her, since we’d regained our rhythm in the bedroom; Lindsay’s been as horny as ever – if it was possible, more so than ever. It was true the first few times we finally had sex with her new vagina, it was difficult for her. After her surgery, we couldn’t have sex for months and she had to train her new vagina for penetration. I was patient with her, I wanted to make sure we were doing things right and making the process as painless as we could.

I tried to be as supportive to Lindsay as I could, never missing a single session with her for post-op. I read up on a lot of information about what she was experiencing physically, mentally, and emotionally. She was really cute the entire time, every visit we had with her post-op doc she’d ask when she could have sex again.

Even when she was cleared for sex, it was still a long process until penetration. We did have a lot of fun learning about her body. I found it really interesting that she had to relearn about sex with her new body. At the time I didn’t know what to expect and went through my normal techniques in bed. Some worked and some didn’t. I learned and she learned what she liked and what she needed. I remember her telling me how much more invested in sex she was. I didn’t know what she meant, but she explained – and I read – that for her to experience sex pleasurably she really needed me to be there for her in the moment. That was quite a revelation for me. I had always thought that I was, but with her new body sex was even more of a deeply emotional experience.

The adjustments we made for her were fun, it was like dating a brand new person. But in this case, I wasn’t. I was married to my wife, my adoring and loving wife. One thing that hadn’t change was that we still regularly did anal. In fact, Lindsay – and me for that matter! – loved anal.

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