My Personal Assistant


Roberta McGarrett was the consummate professional, strictly all-business, crisp and efficient; till she discovered that a touch of bondage and a smack of discipline could do wonders for the soul.


At the sound of the opening door, I heard her scramble off the bed; knowing she would quickly kneel facing the doorway. And by the time I stepped into the room, she had eased back to sit on her tucked-in heels, slipping automatically into the submissive role she now so readily and so eagerly assumed. It was role that excited her and pleased me. Without a word, Bobbi had taken up the “presentation position” — knees spread, lowered head lowered, hands at her sides, palms upward. In this manner, Ms. Roberta McGarrett, now simply known as “Pet,” would welcome me.

I studied the top of her head, the even row of bangs; the crown of shiny dark hair she wore in a neatly-cropped pageboy. I had hired Bobbi as my Personal Assistant after someone I met at a party a few months back was surprised to find that I didn’t have one of those — the sort of indispensable aide everyone else who worked in Hollywood had these days. She came to me highly recommended: good-looking, bright, articulate, and ambitious: A smart young woman with the right pedigree; a degree from Radcliff, and an MBA from Columbia.

An accountant I knew had recommended her; she had worked at his place as temp. He said this girl was the complete package: plenty of brains and a body that wouldn’t quit. No dewy-eyed small town innocent, dazzled by the bright lights of big bad Hollywood, this was a chick who knew her way around. She operated on finely-tuned instincts, and gravitated to men that were rich and powerful. No doubt about it, young Bobbi was on the make, with a smile she reserved for only certain men. A smile that said she could be had.

She turned that smile on me, and I hired her on the spot!

What I didn’t know then, but later came to find out, was that the lanky brunette, besides being a workaholic, also played hard. She would have easily been a runner-up for nympho-of-the-year. The girl gave new meaning to the words: “hot and horny.” Bobbi loved sex, never happier than when she was wallowing in the down and dirty stuff; the kinkier the better. There was nothing that crazy chick wouldn’t do. This pretty and intelligent young woman with her good breeding and her expensive eastern education, was truly happy only when she was placed on her knees before me, naked, a groveling love slave.

I still get an aching erection when I’m sitting at some meeting with a bunch of studio execs and I see my Personal Assistant across the table from me wince in discomfort as she squirms a bit in her chair. I can’t help smiling, knowing that under that the skirt of that expensive gabardine suit in which she looked so trim and proper, that beautiful butt of hers bears the fading, but still painful, memories of a wild weekend at my Malibu place. The delightful picture conjured up of my Personal Assistant laying upended over my lap, while I happily spanked that lovely, bouncy bottom of hers till I had her kicking up her heels and screeching like a banshee — ah well, the memory never fails to send a warm pleasant glow through me, ending in an extra surge of lust that further stiffened my stirring penis.

Now, I looked down on the bowed head of the naked woman. “Look what I brought you, Pet.”

. She raised her head to look up at me with those big brown eyes, then took in the gym bag I held in my hands. She would be curious to know what I had brought for our games today.

I bent down to set the bag on the floor, took out a pair of black patent leather pumps, and set them to the carpeted floor before her.

“Put them on.”

She didn’t get up but shifted to sit on one buttcheek, while she slipped the shoes on her bare feet, and buckled the ankle straps.

Next, I threw a ball gag at her. “The gag.”

Still sitting there, she looked up at me, picked up the ball, then obediently opened up her mouth to stuff the hard rubber ball into place, leaving the straps dangling down.

“Get up.” The naked woman with the rubber ball jammed between her teeth got to her feet and stood before me: a perfectly splendid nude, long lean lines enhanced by the high heeled shoes, small tits jutting out with certain insolence, wide eyes watching me from over cheeks distended by the blue ball. The deepening undulations of her breasts told of her growing excitement; already she was feeling the first stirrings Bycasino of arousal. I knew that she stood there tingling, her cunt moistening till she was clearly wet between the legs. I smiled to myself. And I hadn’t even touched her yet. It didn’t take much. Just the promise of sex was enough to turn my Pet on.

I raised a single finger to draw a circle in the air, and she turned in place, offering me her slender back and those superb high-set cheeks. I took the ends of the two elastic straps to draw them around her head, buckling them in back imprisoning her smooth hair. My Pet was now quite effectively gagged. I couldn’t resist lifting the remainder of her hair in back to give her a quick kiss on her exposed neck.

Now I touched her for the first time, laying my hands on her naked shoulders. I lightly caressed those sloping curves then, with hands clamping her shoulders maneuvered her to the bed, turned her around and plunked her naked bottom down on the satin bedspread.

She sat as I posed her, the gag in her mouth, hands at her sides, feet dangling down, knees drawn together. I reached down to cup her knees and ease her legs apart opening up her lightly-furred crotch to my eyes.

As she sat on the edge of the bed watching me intently with those sparkling dark eyes, I took out the silver metallic vibrator and a tube of lubricant. I could feel her eyes on me as I took my time greasing the shiny shaft.

With sex toy in hand, I went to the girl who I had left sitting on the bed, placed a flattened hand at the top of her chest and slowly pressed her over onto her back, till she lay back with loose legs dangling down the side. Grabbing her under the knees, I hauled her towards me, dragging her butt to the very edge of the bed and opening her further up as I did so. I placed my left hand on her splayed open crotch, coaxing the outer lips open, while with the right hand I placed the vibrator at the entrance to her gaping vagina and smoothly slid the toy right up the girl’s slick cunt, getting a deep throated grunt from the lusty girl. Oh, she was wet all right. Of that there could be no doubt!

“Sit up,” I managed to get out through a mouth gone suddenly dry.

She rose up to sit erect on the edge of the bed, looking down at her splayed thighs and the rounded end of the vibrator sticking out in obscene display.

“Look at me. Look into my eyes. Keep your eyes on me, no matter what.” I whispered.

Her head came up; the submissive eyes that found mine were shiny with excitement.

Looking deep into those big brown eyes, I turned the butt end of the shaft, activating the pleasure toy that abruptly began to tickle Bobbi’s innards with a low steady hum. The girl’s eyes shot wide open, and she abruptly straightened with a tiny wiggle. A muffled squeak came out from around the gag. I left her sitting there with no more than a quarter inch of the capped end of the purring vibrator peeking out between her legs, while I went to dig out a tangle of leather belts from the gym bag.

This handy contraption consisted of a “T” — two leather belts: a wider one to be cinched around the waist, while a thinner one, with one end riveted to the front of the waist belt, tapered to a narrow strip that could be drawn up between the legs. It could then be threaded up through a slip buckle on the back of the waist belt. Once tightly cinched in place, the harness would assure the buzzing sex toy would stay snugly ensconced up the wearer’s cunt. And if the girl’s hands were also restrained so that she couldn’t reach the buckle in back, (as Bobbi’s were about to be) then she would find herself carried off on a long pleasure ride over which she had absolutely no control.

It took only a moment to attach the belts. I had her stand to complete the adjustments. She got to her feet gingerly, moving awkwardly on her heels as she tried to accommodate to the metal phallus that was lodged up her cunt. As I tugged the back strap up and deep into her crack the strap was forced tightly against the rounded end of the vibrator driving an extra inch or so of the buzzing toy up the girl’s pussy.

“Hands at your sides.” My mouth was dry; my voice, low and hoarse.

Even the palms of my hands were sweating as I looped a final elastic strap around her just below her floppy little breasts, tightening down the slip buckle till so the strap encircled her slim body, binding her arms snugly to her sides. I clasped her bare shoulders, and turned her on her heels. Bycasino giriş Then I stood back to admire the view.

Bobbi, her sleek lean body bound and gagged, was an inspiring sight indeed! She was breathing heavily now; her shoulders heaving, an occasional shudder running through them. Her pretty face, distorted by the twin bulges of the gag, was warm and flushed; a sheen of sweat had broken out on her brow. Grinning at her, I ran a hand down her front and onto the smoothly drawn leather that formed a bulge over the butt end of the vibrator. Watching her face intently, I toyed between her legs, pressing on the jutting end, and jiggling the vibrator with my fingertips. A whimper escaped from around the gag, her brow creased with an abrupt stab of pleasure, her eyes widened, then fluttered, lashes trembling at the tingling excitement radiating from her electrified womb. In the silence of the room, you could barely hear the low hum of the vibrator as it did it merrily worked away.

I urged the impaled woman towards the stairs, falling back a step or two behind her so I could better appreciate the provocative rearend the slender nude showed me as she climbed each step in her high heels. I enjoyed watching the way her plump cheeks churned seductively as she waddled in the awkward, mincing steps she was forced to make by the humming vibrator now well-ensconced up her cunt. I couldn’t resist that nicely-rounded butt and simply had to give her a little swat just to hurry her along, sending her scurrying up the carpeted steps.

I guided the naked girl down the hall and, with another affectionate pat on the bottom, urged her into the study where I had laid out a supply of brandy and cigars on the small table set next to my red leather armchair. I knew that as I steered her over to the chair, she might well think that she was going to be spanked, for she had viewed the world upside down on more than one occasion as she lay draped over my lap while I was seated in that very chair.

But Bobbi was a bright girl, and on further consideration she would have realized that I would not have gone to all the trouble of binding and gagging her if a simple spanking was all I had in mind. No, there were other pleasures to be gained from freely enjoying my helpless slave’s body – and it was those that I meant to fully explore.

I took my place in the big chair, and drew her down to perch on my lap. I wondered what thoughts went through her head as she realized that, tightly bound and gagged as she was, there was very little she could do but sit stiffly in my lap, electrified by the vibrator I had inserted up her cunt, while being forced to submit to whatever caresses I wished to indulge in as I freely enjoyed her healthy young body.

I intended to caress her, to lavishly fondle the girl till I heated her up and she was so hot and bothered she couldn’t help but wiggle in the rising heat of passion. Would she make little pleading sounds from behind her gag? I would have her squirming in my lap. I would stimulate her unmercifully, testing her responsiveness, bringing her to a crescendo of ecstasy only to pin her there, and subject her to repeated thrills. Playing her body like a fine instrument, I would take the frantic girl to a surging climax, and then wring orgasm after orgasm out of her pleasure-wracked body till she couldn’t bear it any longer. Then I would wrench yet one more ragging orgasm from her. Before I was through with her, my pet would be made endure the most exquisite torture of unrelenting thrills cascading through her helpless body.

Her big eyes looked down, watching as my hand came up to her chest to lightly cover her left breast. Her skin was warm and smooth, slightly moist to the touch. I fingered a pert nipple. Behind the gag, she whimpered.

My other hand held her by the waist while I leisurely toyed with her precious little handful. Bobbi’s breasts were the size of small doorknobs and stuck with saucy impertinence in the most delightful way. I squeezed; found them firm, taut-skinned and slightly wobbly. Cupping my hand, I flipped that perky tit on curled fingertips, delighting in the way it bounced and jiggled. I plucked the expanded tip, rubbed it between thumb and forefinger, relishing the silky smoothness while Bobbi arched back and pushed her chest forward, her sensually-alive body responding in instinctive offering, her breasts seeking ever more of this affectionate male attention. I gave her a gentle squeeze. The nipple, a rubbery nub, Bycasino deneme bonusu pressed back against my palm. My efforts drew a stifled moan from the woman who arched up and back in a creamy rise of pleasure, like a big cat savoring the moment.

I played with Roberta McGarrett’s floppy little tits to my heart’s content, freely feeling the girl up, rubbing the pliant softness of silky tittie-flesh between my fingers, plucking at the hardening nipples and stretching them out to test their elasticity, while she gave up a gurgled moan. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and after a few minutes I had her nipples sticking out, stiffly excited from all that amorous play.

I brushed my fingertips up and down over the now-hardened nubs of those fully-erected nipples. There was now a greater urgency in the smothered moans that came from her gagged mouth as she wiggled her shoulders and clenched her fists spasmodically — the only movements left to the tightly-bound woman.

I turned her towards me, pressed my face into her shallow cleavage, gave her a few quick licks, lapping up that smooth moist valley. I heard the muffled whimpers of pleasure in my ears as I nuzzled between her moist cuddly breasts.

Easing back, I told her to look at me. She was to keep staring into my eyes, no matter what. She sat as if mesmerized, looking down on me while sitting stiffly erect on my lap as I ran my hand down her front to delve between her loosely spread thighs. I roughly tossed aside her parted legs so that I could slip my fingers into her superheated crotch and then palm her vulva under the softly-mounded leather. Her hips bucked, rocked forward, forcing the soft damp folds of her pussy into my cupped hand. The vibrator was buzzing merrily away; her ass moving in an excited wiggle, as I stroked the silky insides of her thighs.

I moved my curled fingers, feeling around for the butt end of the humming vibrator through the smooth leather strap. Using my middle finger, I gave it poke that sent the girl jacking upward with an abrupt muted grunt. I jiggled the butt end of the vibrator giving her a few extra thrills. By now I had her mewing into her gag, emitting tiny noises that were getting ever more shrill with desperation as she bounded up and down in time with my pumping wrist.

She was sweating profusely now; I could feel the heat of her soft naked ass right through my pants. My fingers explored the rounded end of the vibrator till I was sure I had found the small button embedded in the base. I stabbed the button through the leather strap sending a powerful shock wave electrifying the impaled girl.

Her eyes flew open wide! By upping the power a notch, I sent the pleasure toy pumping manically in its outer sleeve even as the shaft vibrated faster. She shrieked, or would have if the gag had not smothered her screams of ecstasy. As she bounced and shook, the frantic sounds from behind the gag turned into high-pitched keening. She was working her fists; her bulging eyes held a maniacal gleam. I moved the shaft mercilessly, again and again, and saw her wince and toss her head with each new stab of pleasure.

By now I had the girl gyrating wildly, her bouncy bottom grinding on my lap. Her glazed-over eyes were fluttering as she twisted and threw back her head when I pushed on the butt end of the purring sex toy driving it deeper into her wet churning vagina — sending her to a thundering climax that shook her rigid body.

The deep shudder that ran through her taut frame was followed by another less dramatic one, and then quickly by a single powerful convulsion accompanied by a strangled scream of ecstasy that managed to escape from around the gag. Abruptly she pitched over to collapse half on top of me, her warm damp body folded limply over my chest and shoulders. She lay there spent and helpless, as her shoulders heaved in the aftermath of her powerful orgasm.

My own excitement was threatening to boil over. I was powerfully aroused; sporting a tremendous erection that was getting downright painful. It was time for me to use my pet for my own pleasure; finding sweet satisfaction in her lips and mouth and tongue.

I would, of course have to take off the gag if she was going to suck me off. But there was no need to untie her. I would simply slide her hot, damp body down to her knees between my widespread thighs. I would open my pants, and bring out my throbbing penis for her to contemplate. Then, holding her flushed face between my hands I would have her open up and accept my rampant cock. Drawing her head into position then urging her down on me, I would control her bobbing head as my eager pet sucked and licked me to my own rutting male climax.

The End


2002 Copyright, Don Winslow

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