My Short Sex Life before I Died


Here I am watching my new family from above and I couldn’t be happier or more prouder. I got to watch my granddaughter take her first steps. Erin walk little Kelsey to school. I was 55 years old on November 16th, 2019 when I died. I was losing hope of ever finding or meeting someone to love me and that I could love back. I sensed even then, not knowing the future that I didn’t have much time left. I never expected to find the true love of a woman, much less another woman loving me as much as a real daughter too.

She was the daughter I never had. Erin was a medium build, a very pretty dark-haired woman of 26. She was generally a happy person, often unsure of herself when making decisions. She thinks of others before herself. I first met Erin as a young newbie at work and we clicked right away. She always came to me for both work and personal advice and if she needed a ride to work or if her car broke down, I was always there for her. The favours have been returned several times. Erin’s been working at the office for a few months as a receptionist and we usually met after work for coffee and a few laughs, sometimes with co-workers.

I walked into work one morning. “Hey Erin, how’s it going?”

“Hi Andrew, it’s going okay, I guess. My mom’s birthday is coming up and I can’t decide what to get her.” Erin fretting.

“Well, I’m not very good at picking out presents myself, especially for women. I’m reasonably sure if you give it to her with love, that’ll mean way more than any present. It’s more about ‘you’ being with your mom and celebrating with her.”

Erin gives me a hug and a little kiss on the cheek. “Thank you!!”

A few days went by. It was a hot, hazy and humid summer afternoon, Erin and I were done work and we were just heading out of the office to meet at our favourite coffee shop. The boss caught me before I got out. He wanted my approval on a new plan for a job halfway across the country. I quickly looked at the papers and they seemed good. I told him a couple caveats to look for and to check them out first. Fifteen minutes later I was finally out the door. I texted Erin, that I was on my way.

I walked into the coffee shop and sitting with her was a very pretty older blonde lady about 50 years old. She was wearing a pink tank top, white shorts with tiny red polka dots and a pair of white runners. A small white purse sat on the table.

“Hey Andrew, I want you to meet my mom Amy.” Erin said with excitement.

“Hi Amy, how are you doing?”

Amy stood up, offered her hand and a hug “Hi Andrew, Erin has told me so much about you. Thank you for taking care of my daughter.”

“Aww, it’s no problem. She’s good kid. An annoying one sometimes but otherwise a good kid.” I joked.

“Hey!!, excuuuse me…what do you mean annoying!” She says with a fake pissed off look. Then we all laughed.

Amy says with a wink “I call her my little ‘Ooops!'”

“MOM!!” Erin wined.

“So, by the way, Happy Birthday Amy!!” Amy gives me another hug then we sat down.

The three of us chirped away for an hour or so. Amy was as smart as she was pretty. She had nice shiny, frizzy blonde hair down to her shoulders with dark roots, big innocent baby blue eyes, a long nose and small lips with an inviting smile. Her hands were manicured with red nails. She had a nice summer tan; you could tell she liked to spend some time outdoors.

Erin handed her mother a little box from a jewelry store. I had no idea what was in it. Erin was just as pretty as her mother. She had freckles and 5’6 a good couple inches taller than Amy and me. She had Amy’s eyes and nose and facial shape, also like her mother she had a pretty smile. Where Amy is petite Erin had a little larger bone structure and much bigger breasts than her mother.

“Here’s your birthday present Mom, I wanted Andrew to be here when I gave it to you.”

Amy looked at me, then Erin. “Thank you, what is it?”

“Unwrap it Mom and find out!” she nudged.

Amy unwrapped the present, opened the box, and pulled out a silver locket. Amy was shaking nervously; Erin was on the edge of her seat anxiously awaiting her mother’s approval. Amy opened the locket. Inside were two pictures, one of her daughter, the other of her. Amy broke down with tears and hugged Erin. Amy got up and gave me a hug too.

We talked again for a few minutes longer. Erin had a date, so she left. Amy got up and pointed to an empty alanya escort bench seat by the window and told me to grab the coffees. Amy ran over and got the seat. I put the coffees down while she was still standing. Amy told me to pick a seat. I sat down expecting her to sit opposite to me. Nope, she sat down right beside me.

“Does this bother you?” Amy asked.

“Hell, no” I answered. “Just a little surprised that’s all.”

The two of us talked again for awhile. Then about a half hour later it suddenly became very noisy in there. I looked up see what the hell’s going on??

“Andrew, What’s happening?”

I quickly scanned the place, looked out on the lot, and saw a big coach bus, then I clued in on what was going on.

“A big bus just came in. Those people came in off it.” I pointed to the people in line then the bus.

Amy grabbed my arm. “C’mon, let’s get out of here, it’s too noisy to talk.” I followed Amy out the door to her car.

“Andrew, I think I’m going to go now. I was wondering would you like to come to my place tomorrow, early, for breakfast? Umm…or are you working?” Amy asks.

“No, I’m off until Monday. But sure, I’d love to come over.”

“Great, see you tomorrow.” Amy gave me a little peck on the lips then got in her car and waved as she drove off.

I didn’t get much if any sleep that night. I laid in bed tossing and turning all night long; I just couldn’t get Amy out of my head.

Amy called her mom. She asked if she liked her present.

“Yes, I just love it, it must’ve cost you a fortune Erin, you know how I don’t like you spending money on me.”

“I know Mom, but I made that money clear and wanted to show how much I love you.”

“Thanks Amy, I love you too. I like Andrew too. He’s a sweet man. Would you be mad if I got to know him?”

“Oh Mom, I’m happy that you do want to get to know him. He’s a great guy. He’s a little aloof and stubborn sometimes but he has a big heart. You’ll see.”

The next morning Amy answered the door. She gave me a little hug then we went into the kitchen. Amy already had her makeup and her hair done and was wearing an ordinary T-shirt and a pair of pyjama pants. We sat and talked over breakfast.

“Andrew, would you like to go to Walmart and run errands with me?”

“Sure, I’ll drive, you shop, how’s that?” I offered.

“Hmm, a girl can’t let an offer like that to go by.” She laughs.

Amy and I went to a couple stores, eventually, we started joking around and feeling comfortable with each other. Before long we were holding hands, stealing a few kisses and hugs as we popped in and out of stores.

“Do you need to go anywhere Andrew?”

“No, I’m good. Next time I shop with you though I’ll get a moving van.” I teased Amy as I loaded her stuff in the trunk.

“You should see when Amy and I shop how much we have.” Amy bragged.

“I’m not sure I could ever be prepared for that sight.” I replied laughing.

I drove back to her place and we unloaded the car.

“Hey Amy, would you like to go to the lake later on today and watch the sunset?”

“Oh, I’d love to Andrew. What time? Are you picking me up or meet?”

“I’ll pick you up around 7:30 ok? Better bring a sweater or light jacket, the breeze gets a little cool out there sometimes.”

“Ok great!! I’ll see you later”

Later, Erin texted her mom. “Hi Mom, how did your breakfast go with Andrew?”

“It went great, then we went shopping all morning. Andrew didn’t complain once about all the stores we went into. He kissed me a few times too.”

“Wow, sounds like Andrew is really into you Mom.”

“Well, I might find out tonight, we’re going to the train yard to watch the sunset.”

I pulled up to Amy’s place around 7:30 as planned. She came out wearing a red V-neck sweater and blue jeans and tossed her blue jacket on the console between us. I drove over to the railroad yard and parked. Then I grabbed a box out of the backseat. Slowly with our arms around each other we climbed a little hill overlooking a large grassy knoll which led down to the lake.

“Wow, I’ve lived in this town most of my life and didn’t even know this was here.” Amy admitted.

“Oh, just wait, it gets better.” I dropped the box on the ground opened it and pulled out a blanket, then a bottle of wine, some salad, a pint of mixed fruits like strawberries, cherries and grapes. I dug my hand back in the box and pulled a bunch of heart shaped little sandwiches a friend of mine who owns a restaurant made special for me.

“Erin’s going to go crazy when I tell her about this.”

“You mean mad?” I asked concerned.

“No, I think she loves you like a father figure.”

“Well…if I ever had to choose a daughter, she’d be my pick.” I confided. “You did well with her Amy!”

“Thanks Andrew” Amy blushed.

I sat with my back up against a big old oak tree. Amy settled between my legs with her back against me. I held her and rubbed her shoulders as we talked and ate our picnic lunch. The sun slowly set beneath the edge of the earth. The sky was aglow in an orange haze, slowly it turned from orange to fiery red, then to a dark rustic red soon darkness filled the evening sky. The stars glittered.

The cool breeze off the lake made it a perfect evening. Even the crickets were singing our song.

I held and caressed Amy as we sat and gazed at the stars.

“Andrew, do you think there’s anything or anyone out there?”

“Hmm…I dunno. I’d like to think that among the trillions of stars out there that there is something or someone out there.”

Amy took her sweater and her jeans off, turned to me and tenderly kissed me. I took off my shirt and jeans. Amy turned away and leaned her back against me again. I placed my arms around her and kissed her neck. Amy always had a habit of giggling whenever I kissed her neck. I laid a few kisses on her shoulders too.

Every now and then you’d see the blinking lights of planes flying overhead.

“Hmm…Do you ever look at the planes flying over and wonder where they’re going?” I asked.

“Hmm…Sometimes, maybe that one is going to England to see the Queen. This one over here could be going to Germany for Bratwurst.”

“Bratwurst???” I laughed.

Amy slowly turn around and pulled my underpants off, took my shaft into her warm ,moist mouth. She’d flick the little head with her tongue while rubbing my shaft up and down with her hand and thumb. She almost had me ready to blow within seconds. I pulled my cock away and placed Amy on her back while I kissed her soft lips. Her breasts I could feel under the dark night sky were soft and smooth. I kissed and nibbled on her tiny raspberries until they became erect. Then I rubbed them between my finger and thumb.

Amy was getting aroused as I deliberately avoided her pussy. Her pussy demanded attention and she thoughtlessly grabbed my hair and pulled me into her pussy almost smothering me. Then she began to squirm from my shameless assault with my karate tongue on her hard clit. Her clit became too sensitive and she kicked me away. But I came back with a vengeance by inserting my 8″ inch pipe inside her.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me tight. Again, we kissed passionately our tongues teased and danced.

Amy was no longer the innocent little woman or mom I met at the coffee shop so many months ago, she was a caged animal. She pushed me to the blanket then jumped on top of me placing my hardened throbbing cock back into her warm juicy hole. Amy was in good physical shape (Too good) as she rode me hard like a cowgirl on a bull. I remembered looking up and seeing Amy’s silhouette against the twinkling stars. She leaned forward put her head beside mine. I wrapped my arms around her. I could hear and feel her heavy breathing as we made passionate love. Seconds later I shot my seeds inside Amy’s love box.

Amy and I slowly put our clothes back on, then I drove her home. Like a couple teenagers in love Amy and I got out, walked to the door where we kissed a few more times. Finally, it was goodnight.

After another sleepless night thinking about Amy I went to work. Erin was organizing stacks of paperwork on her desk, she smiled as I approached her. “Mom told me about your weekend together.”

“Uhh, so, am I still in your good book?” I asked sheepishly.

Erin gave me a hug. “Of course, Mom was so happy this morning when I called her.”

I exhaled “Whew, I love your mother…and you!”

“I know, we love you too Andrew.”

A couple months went by with Amy and I dating. It seemed like the right thing to do. So, I asked Erin at the coffee shop one day if I could ask her mother to marry me.

Erin jumped up and down all excited “YES, you can marry my mom under one condition!”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear the condition, but I asked anyways. “Okay, what’s the condition?”

“That I get to call you ‘Dad’. I’ve never had a really close father and You have been there for me just like a real one.”

“It’s a Deal.” I agreed.

Erin was all smiles; she giggled and gave me a hug. “Thanks Dad!”

It wasn’t a big wedding as Amy already had one when she was 20 or so. She wanted to save it for Erin’s, we just had a few close friends and relatives. I remember being happy about it being a small church wedding and not a big blown out affair.

We flew to Jamaica and one thing for sure is you don’t appreciate the tropics unless its freezing at home. Once we landed and was on the bus to the hotel the pressure was off. Amy, however, was getting hornier by the minute. I have never seen her like this before. We finally got to the hotel room. Amy was sitting naked on the bed waiting for me way before I even got my shoes off. We didn’t even unpack the suitcases before we messed up the covers on the bed. To say she was eager to get laid would be an understatement. I’m thinking what did I get myself into?

Amy’s tan line added a depth of sexiness to her naked body. Her breasts were creamy white with pink nipples. I nibbled and licked them as she moaned softly. Then I kissed her neck, and as always, she giggled. Amy’s pussy was just as pink as her nipples. I could smell and taste her juicy wet nectar which must’ve been building since we left home. Amy started to rub her clit. Seconds later she started squirting her juices at me. At first it was a surprise but then it quickly became a turn on.

“Holy Shit Amy, I didn’t know you could squirt!”

“Yep, ever since I was a little girl. My first husband didn’t even know about it.” Amy confessed.

“Wow, it’s amazing. Tastes good too.” Amy grabbed my face and licked her juices off my face, lips and tongue.

Amy laid on the bed with her legs spread.I rubbing my cock when she demanded. “Brian, fuck me now!!”

I put it in and banged her as hard as I could. Then I felt her legs wrap around my thigh. I kept going until finally I came inside her. I rolled over we were covered in sweat. Before I could recover Amy grabbed my hand. “Let’s take a shower!”

After we showered, we came back to the bed, she opened her suitcase and produced two dildo’s. She laid down on the bed and inserted and played with them. “This is what I do when you’re not home.” She said flirting.

I was content to watch while I got my second wind.

It was the happiest day of my life. The second happiest day of my life was getting the chance give Erin away at her wedding. She was beautiful bride wearing her white wedding dress, long veil. I’ll never forget the look in Amy’s eyes as we marched by.

Amy and I travelled a lot after that, we took Erin and her new husband along too sometimes. She was so happy to have a dad to love her faults and all.

A year later Erin had a little baby girl. She’s my granddaughter. I showed that little girl so much love. One day when Kelsey was two years old, I bought her an ice cream cone and she more ice cream on her and was one big sticky, gooey mess. I took her home to Momma. Erin was livid, she called me every name in the book.

Erin suddenly stopped yelling, she looked at me, smiled, then ran over and gave me a big hug. “I’m sorry Dad, I love you!”

“I love you too Erin!”

The three of us we’re in Las Vegas when I had a massive, eventually deadly heart attack. I laid there hooked up to a myriad of machines beeping and flashing for 3 days. I remembered hearing the oxygen thingy going whoosh.

Amy held my hand every minute she could, and Erin held the other hand. I was finally happy with my life. I wish it could’ve lasted a little bit longer than four years. But I am grateful for the time and the love I was able to give and to receive. As selfish as it seems, I can’t wait to hold them both in my arms again someday.

Amy showed Erin her locket she gave her for her birthday a few years ago. She changed the pictures inside. In the locket was a picture of Erin and a picture of me. “Mom, I miss Dad so much… It’s just not fair!” Erin wiping tears from her eyes.

For me being in the after life,I wish I could whisper or touch her in somehow so that she knows I’m there.

“I’ll bet Daddy’s looking down right now and whispering in your ear that he loves you'” Amy says reassuring Erin.

“I know, thanks Mom…I love what you did with the locket too. I love you Mom!”

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