MY sister’S DIARY: PART ONEThis is just to let you know that my younger sister Bethany arrived unexpectedly on Monday to stay with her Dad over Christmas. She’s with her Mum the rest of the year, but I’m told Mum has finally got a new man friend, so perhaps she wants Beth out of the way over the holiday. Perhaps Mum wants her man to give her a really good servicing. Angie, my other sister, wouldn’t be shocked to hear Mum fucking, as regular readers will know, but perhaps she thought Beth would be horrified. To look at Bethany, you’d certainly think that she was still at the convent. She’s quiet and shy on first meeting, and doesn’t seem to wear revealing tops or jeans. She was always close to her Mum, and adopted easily Mum’s strict attitudes when we were young concerning religion and sex. She was always the one to go up to bed early, so that she could “pray the rosary”: or that was what she used to tell Mum and Dad she was going to do. So it was no surprise when she announced a couple of years ago that she wanted to, “…give her life to Jesus”. Anyway, I was intrigued to know more about Beth and couldn’t resist the urge to go through her things. She went out to do some last minute buying this afternoon and, instead of going with her, I went into her room and unzipped her bag to look through her undies and whatever else might tell me more about her. I always sarıyer escort think that a woman’s undies (or more particularly her knickers) tell you more about her in two minutes than knowing the girl for a whole year might otherwise do. So I expected Beth’s knickers to be what I guess she and her Mum would call the “sensible” sort, and its true to say that most of them were. But right at the bottom of the bag there was a pair of black lace knickers, as well as a see-through red pair with an embroidered pink heart shape on the front. There was also a couple of really short skirts and black pantyhose concealed in a plastic bag. This got me interested because it wasn’t the Beth that me and Angie knew. I wanted to find out more. I wanted to discover the real Bethany – the healthy a****l beneath the mask. I could already feel my cock getting aroused at this discovery of what she wore against her pussy. I knew I had at least an hour, so I spread her knickers out on the bed and started masturbating. I kept sniffing them, imagining the fabric up against her vagina, just like I used to do with Angie’s knickers when I was a teenager, and soon got really hard. I thought I could imagine the stain from her pussy juices on them: rubbing my nose over the crotch and breathing in deeply. esenyurt escort I now wanted to see her soiled knickers, the clean knickers no longer satisfying me, and I desperately started searching for them, eventually finding two pair of them in another plastic bag in the corner of the wardrobe drawer. The crotch was stiff with her now dried juices and I let me tongue lick across it.Fully aroused, with my heart now pumping, I unzipped the side pocket of her travel bag where there appeared to be a book. I thought it was a novel. Instead, I found it was her 2010 diary. I opened a page at random and saw lots of abbreviations and numbers, especially in the months of August and September, which I quickly realised was her own secret code: presumably in case her Mum found it, or perhaps more because she found it difficult to write out the words in full. The earliest entries from January 2010 through to March are innocent enough. Then, on the 4th April, there is the following rather coy entry: “I have been praying hard for courage to resist, but I still went to meet R this evening at 7pm. I don’t know why I did it now . We went for a walk by the river and he put his arm around me. I didn’t stop him! He kissed me up against a tree. I didn’t stop him! He put his hand between my legs. I still didn’t stop him! My faith avrupa yakası escort is being tested. But I am resolved to never let this happen again”.Well, I suppose you can guess what the next entry for 5th April consists of. It describes her at first resisting his telephone call for her to meet him. Then her running – yes running – to meet him in case he was no longer at their meeting place. It describes the first touch of his cock. Her first experience of a man’s fingers going down the front of her knickers, and of her masturbating herself when she got back home after eventually stopping him from having full sex. Yes, her head may have told her to never let it happen again, and all the teaching of her Mum and the Church may have told her never to let it happen again, but her pussy was clearly telling her something else. Nature will always find a way, won’t it, to let us be ourselves. I’ll give you some more details as soon as I’ve had chance to read through it more fully. But I already know the real Bethany is the same as her Mum. A Mum who was always stopping Angie from having sex in the house – she even used to try to stop the two of us from masturbating. I always remember hearing Mum lecturing Angie on “immorality” after she’d found cum stains in her knickers and a letter from her boyfriend. We always had to be very careful never to leave any stains on our bed sheets. Yet all the time my Mum’s bed sheets were covered in my Dad’s cum stains and her vaginal juices. Now that I know from my step-Mum what my Dad likes in the bedroom : petticoats, pantyhose, tying her wrist to the bed posts, and putting his cum over her nipples, I guess his life with my Mum can’t have been too different. TO BE CONTINUED.

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