My Sister’s Master


I had decided long ago that I would always support my sister in everything that she did. She’d always been there for me. So she wanted to meet this guy she had been talking to online. I thought for coffee or lunch or something but she shocked me when she said she wanted me to go away to a beach resort for the weekend. I’m the perfect cover for her; I’m single no strings attached. Not Sara though, she’s married. It’s not the most perfect marriage but are there any perfect marriages anyways? Both my sister and I are submissive. This guy is a Dominant. Her husband isn’t. This is what Sara needs.

So I sit here lounging on the couch in the room we’re sharing, watching her get ready to meet this man. She’s had on 3 different outfits so far and now thinks she should have packed her little black dress. I’ve told her almost 6 times now that the blue silk blouse and black skirt are perfect. The blue matches her eye color. I hope this guy doesn’t rip it off her, it matches my eye color better so I think I’m gonna steal that blouse. Hurray she’s done!!! She’s standing in front of me asking if she looks presentable. Smiling at her I tell her that she looks absolutely gorgeous.

I watch her as she puts the other outfits back into the closet. Sara looks wonderful, she’s excited and nervous about meeting him. I hug her and tell her to enjoy her dinner. Before she walks out I unbuttoned another button on her blouse; she looked at me and smiled. She’s worried she won’t recognize him. Again I tell her to relax; she’ll recognize him. I laugh to myself as I close the door…I’ve already seen him. He doesn’t have a clue as to who I am but I saw him earlier as I went for a walk on the beach.

He was sitting in a deck chair on the patio as I made my way back from the beach. I stopped on the deck to rinse the sand from my feet. The faucet being right next to his chair. I caught him looking at me as I raised my feet to rinse them. I saw him looking at my legs. I was polite and said hi. I turned to slip my feet into my sandals and he reached down and helped me. His hand touching my foot was soft and warm. I fought to control the tingles that went through my body. Next thing I know he’s introducing himself to me. I had to suppress my giggle when he told me his name was Frank. I knew that.

So the next thing I know I’m sitting there with him at the pool bar having a glass of wine. The man is fascinating. He’s intelligent, witty, and so easy to talk to. His voice is so calm and soothing. I find myself wanting to know more about him. He’s brushed hair out of my face a couple of times and each time I’ve felt him touch me my pulse races. He tells me that he’s here for the weekend to meet with a friend. I thought I’d feel him out a little bit so I asked if this friend was a woman. I saw the sparkle in his eyes when he said yes. I quickly picked up my glass of wine to take a sip, not wanting to show him the disappointment in my eyes. At that time I started having this battle in my head…whether to stay and have another drink or to get out of there quickly. My sister was the woman Frank was meeting for dinner! What was I doing?

I wasn’t surprised she didn’t come back to the room…but I’m shocked now. She wants me to meet him and have brunch with them. I can do this…

I’m not imagining it. There is something between him and I. We both played it cool…Sara made the introductions and well maybe there was a hint of a blush to my cheeks, but…it’s all good. When he spoke to me…his eyes penetrated me. He touched my hand a couple of times during the conversation…again my pulse races and I can feel my cheeks flush. I’ve never had to focus on following a conversation or even eating as much as I did at brunch. I saw the way he looked at Sara and the way she looked at him. They are in love…they can’t stop touching each other…I want him. I want him to touch me.

I don’t know why I came back. I was just here last weekend but something made me come back. I sat in the lounge last night for a while, I checked out the pool bar and deck when I checked in last night, and now I’m sitting at the same table having breakfast. Do I really expect to see him? What on earth am I doing? I shake my head, I’ve never felt myself so drawn to someone like I am to Frank.

I finished my coffee and headed back to the room to change into a swimsuit. I laugh to myself as I look at the clothes I brought – Sara’s perfect little black dress, sexy lingerie, high heels…what was I ever thinking?

I’m surprised the beach isn’t more crowded…I must have walked a mile or so and saw only a few people. It’s early-May but it’s so warm. I’ve decided that for once I did something so not expected of me and it turned out as I figured it would. Now it’s time to go home. I turned and started to walk back, looking up I noticed someone walking towards me. As we got closer to each other I felt my eyes open wider…oh my god…it’s Frank. It really is him, I’m sure of it. I stopped walking and just stared at him…. he continued walking to me stopping in front of me.

I saw his hand reach out and brush the hair from my face. Bycasino Watched the smile spread across his face. I swear he can hear my heart…it’s beating so loud. I open my mouth to speak but he puts his finger over it to shush me. I’m dreaming. I know I’m dreaming. I’m not. This isn’t a dream…. he’s pulled me to him and his lips are on mine. They are so soft…I knew they would be. I feel his tongue slipping between my lips. My hands wrap around his neck, my tongue finding his mouth. I feel his hands sliding down my back, holding the cheeks of my ass, pressing me against him. Our lips part for a brief moment for us to catch a breath, then meet again. I can feel his hardness against me as he holds me.

Reluctantly we pull our lips apart. He takes my hand and we continue to walk back toward the resort. He tells me how he had hoped I’d be here. How he didn’t get here until late last night. He said that he felt a connection last weekend. I told him the same thing. I told him how I felt foolish coming here but that I was so drawn…that it was something I had to do. Neither of us mentioned my sister…we didn’t need to. His feelings for her were shown last weekend. We were both so absorbed in our conversation with each other that the next thing I realized we were walking through the lobby. His arm around me, my arms around him. In the elevator he pulled me to him again and kissed me. His hands sliding down my sides. I felt the goosebumps, felt my nipples harden underneath my bikini top.

The elevator stopped and he guided me to his room. Slipping his cardkey in, he kissed me again and I felt him untie my bikini top as he pulled me into the room. Closing the door he pressed me against it, his lips moving to my neck. Kissing me, licking me…. sucking at the skin on my neck. His hands cupping my breasts and playing with the nipples. Then he stopped and walked further into the room.

I remember standing there watching him as he removed his shirt and kicked his loafers off. He turned and looked at me. I could see the bulge in his shorts. I walked to him and felt his hands slip into my bikini bottom, slowly pulling it off my hips. I remember him slowly sliding down my body, his lips kissing my breasts, down my belly as he pulled my bottom lower and lower, helping me step out of it.

I took a deep breath as he looked up at me and his hands slid up my legs. His mouth touching my pussy. His hands pulled my thighs apart a little so he could kiss me there. Then he stood up his hand lifting my chin. I looked into his eyes…as my hands reached to his shorts…unfastening them. I pressed my hand against him and his arms went around me. It was my turn….my turn to unzip his pants and slowly slide them and his boxers from him. My lips kissing down his chest…down his stomach as I lowered myself to my knees, pulling his pants down. Freeing his cock from his boxers. My lips kissing his abdomen, the top of his thighs. After he stepped out of his pants, my hands slid up his thighs. I reached to touch him but didn’t.

My eyes met his. Barely able to speak I said to him…Sir please may I? I saw the consent in his eyes as my hands wrapped around his cock and began to stroke it. I saw his breathing change as my hand moved up and down on him. My thumb sliding across the tip. I kept one hand on him as one hand reached to cup his balls, squeezing them slightly. I smiled as I heard him moan.

As I slid my tongue out to wet my lips, I moved my head to kiss the tip. Again I met his eyes and whispered…Sir please may I? His hands reached down to my head and guided my lips to his hard cock. I felt the head slip inside and let my tongue play with it. Sliding all around it…my hands continue to stroke him, applying pressure. I could feel him throbbing. I pulled the head out of my mouth and kissed his shaft. All the while my eyes barely leaving his, his eyes are like a magnet. I felt his hands stroking my hair…my tongue licking all around his shaft….to the tip. I gasped as I saw the precum glistening and quickly licked it…taking him into my mouth.

I felt him thrust into me. Gentle at first … then more forceful. His hands held my head as he tilted my head slightly. I felt the head of his cock enter my throat and felt myself begin to gag. He pulled out slightly and stroked my face to calm me. Pushing inside my mouth again. Pushing into my throat slightly then pulling out. He did this a number of times, helping me work through the gag…and then I felt it. I felt his cock in my throat. I moaned as he thrust into me. I listened to his breathing. His moans. My hands moved to his balls and as I squeezed them slightly I heard his gasp.

I had never had a man this deep into my mouth before. He was so gentle with me. Yet he knew and felt what he could do to me. I felt him pull out a little…and his breathing quickened. My hands played with his balls as my mouth continued to work his cock. He pushed deep into me again and then pulled out slightly. We went back and forth this way a couple of times until I felt his spasms. I heard his moans. I heard him crying out as his hot cum shot Bycasino giriş down my throat. He pulled out a bit and I sucked hungrily, milking his cock. His cum continuing to fill my mouth. I swallowed his cum. I never thought about not swallowing him. I continued to hold him inside my mouth, then slowly pulled him out. Holding his cock, kissing it…I looked up at him and smiled. Tears flowing from my eyes…he pulled me up to him and kissed me deeply.

He pulled the sheet from the bed and we climbed in. I settled into his arm as his other hand began to stroke my body. My breasts fit in his hand and he was able to squeeze and tweak and pinch and do wonderful things to them. His fingers tickled my belly and I could feel his fingertip drawing pictures on my skin. I giggled a few times and he kissed me. We didn’t speak…we didn’t need to. I know we can read each other’s minds. I knew it when I decided to come back. I knew it by the way we were together. I had never felt this way before. The one comment he had made to me in the elevator about his being old enough to be my father. I had laughed and said yeah so. He pinched my ass and told me I was a smart ass. I felt so comfortable with him. So natural.

I looked over at him and asked if he planned to touch me further. He smiled at me but didn’t answer. Then he got up. Oh no what did I do? I’m a submissive I’m not supposed to be forward. I watched as he moved to the closet, coming out with a small duffel bag. He set it on the bed and I sat up. He looked at me quickly and I knew to lay back down. He opened it and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and made his way to me with them. Again no words were said…his eyes just looked at me. I held out my wrists as he put one cuff on me, then pulled my arms over my head, threading the cuffs through the rail on the headboard and cuffing the other wrist. I heard the click as it locked.

Watching him he returned to the duffel and removed chains and cuffs, which he attached to the foot of the bed, then he held out his hand for my left foot. I moved it toward him as he slipped the cuff around my ankle and tightening the chain so there was no play with my leg. He did the same to my right. Then he spoke to me and said that I had given him my trust. I answered that I had.

Again he disappeared into the bathroom this time. He came back with shaving cream, a wet cloth and a razor. I felt my eyes widen….I had waxed my bikini area but kept a little bit of pubic hair. I must have looked panicked because he walked to me and kissed my lips. He knows already that his kisses calm me.

He sat on the bed between my spread legs. Looking at me…I felt him open my lips a bit. Then he picked up the cream and put some on his hand. Then quickly took the razor to my pubic area. Removing it and wiping with the cloth. He put more cream into his hand and applied it further down along my pussy lips. Again he took the razor, removed the hair and again wiped with the wet cloth. When he finished, he wiped his hands on the cloth and rubbed his hand against me. I could feel by the way his hands rubbed me that I was now completely bare there.

I’m watching him as his hands touch my pussy. The look on his face, the way he glances at me. He knows what he is doing to me. I’m sure he can feel it. Slightly embarrassed I turn my head. I feel his hand go away and look at him. His hand returns to stroking me as my eyes lock on his. It’s at that moment that I feel his thumb slip under my clit hood and I feel a finger stroke my clit. Oh my godddddd that feels good. I try not to move my hips but I do. He smiles and strokes me faster and a little harder. Then just like that he stops.

I whisper to him…. begging. Please Sir, don’t stop. Please Sir, touch me. He looks up at me and smiles. Again his thumb lifts my clit hood and his finger strokes me. His other hand spreads the lips of my pussy and his fingers trace along the lips and inside the lips. I watch as he takes the wetness from there and puts his fingers to his mouth tasting me. Then his fingers return to my pussy. His finger tormenting my clit. My moans becoming louder. I can feel my body beginning to tense. He slips a finger into my pussy, pumping it slowly. Then another finger. My muscles clamp around his fingers as I bite my lip. His finger still tormenting me. Then he stops. Withdrawing his fingers. His eyes stare at my pussy and then I feel him press his hand against me. I push against his hand.

He leans over me, still applying his hand and the pressure to my pussy as he kisses my lips. Then slowly moves his lips to my neck again. Licking at it, sucking it. I moan softly as his lips move to my left breast quickly sucking the hard nipple into his mouth. I feel his teeth as he bites it. Oh my goddd…his hand still pressing against me, and I feel myself grinding into his hand. He moves to my other breast and does the same. Sucking it. Licking it. Biting it.

I hear my voice….begging him. Pleaseee, please Sir. He looks at me and asks what it is I want. Again I moan and beg….please Sir take me. His hand still pressing against my pussy, Bycasino deneme bonusu he lifts his head away from my body. Slowly he removes his hand and I can feel the cool air against me. I can feel how wet I am. I barely have time to take a breath of air when I feel his hands part my lips again. I feel his thumb again lifting the hood of my clit but instead of his finger moving to touch it. I see him lower his face to my pussy and I feel the tip of his tongue against my clit. Flicking at it. Softly at first…then quicker moving back and forth against it. I feel him pull it into his mouth. Sucking at it. One of his hands presses slightly against my abdomen keeping my hips from moving. My moans start softly and my head moves back and forth. The pleasure this man’s tongue is giving me. I feel his hand slide from my hips and the finger continues his assault on my clit as his tongue laps at my pussy. I hear him moan as he tastes my juices. His fingers spreading my lips as he licks at me. Sucking my lips into his mouth. Then I feel the softness of his tongue as he begins to slide it into me. My body is on fire from his tongue, his fingers, from everything he is doing to me. His finger torments my clit relentlessly, his tongue fucking my pussy.

My breathing became deep, I could feel my heart pound as my body begin to spasm. I felt the orgasm build and take hold of me and I knew that there was no way I could stop it. Even if he stopped, which he didn’t.

My first orgasm with him was totally out of control. I felt my orgasm ripping through me and he continued to fuck me with his tongue…lapping at my cum. His finger continued at my clit, which was hard and so sore. Then I had another orgasm and another. Slowly his finger stopped rubbing my clit and I felt his lips tenderly kiss it. His tongue had withdrawn from my pussy and softly he had licked my cum and juices. He unlocked my wrists from the cuffs and massaged my wrists, kissing me softly. I could smell and taste myself in his mouth, on his lips, his face. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me to him as we lay there.

As I lay here watching him … I can’t help thinking of the look on the bellboy’s face as he brought in our room service tray a few hours ago. Frank had just removed one of the ankle cuffs and loosened the chain on the other to allow me movement. I was in the bed covered with the sheet and the bellboy glanced at me and then at the floor where the chain was wrapped around the foot of the bed. It was hard not to giggle. As soon as the bellboy left, Frank pulled the sheet from me and set our meals on the bed. He removed his robe and joined me as we ate our meals.

When we finally finished, he sat up against the headboard and pulled me to him. We talked about everything. His life, my life, the topic we avoided for a long time was my sister. And when we finally did speak about it, it was brief. Neither of us wanting to hurt her but yet neither one of us wanting to deny what was happening with us.

At one point I turned to look at him. I wanted him to see into my soul. I wondered if he could. We stared at each other for a bit and slowly I moved to straddle his hips. His hands held my waist as I moved against his hard cock. I looked down at his cock and smiled. My hand reached for it and my eyes returned to his. I slowly moved the head against my lips and guided it to my entrance. I felt him move, adjust the angle of his body and then I felt him enter me. Not fully but enough so I could feel my pussy start to stretch. I lifted my body up slightly and lowered myself onto him. At that moment I knew. I knew this man could see into my soul.

I rode him slowly. Both of us enjoying the feel of each other. I’d tighten around him and feel him throb inside me, then I’d loosen my muscles. I’d slide up and down slowly…our eyes locked on each other. His hands moved from my waist to my hips….then to my breasts. Cupping them, squeezing them. I loved the way he played with my nipples. The way I fit into his hands.

When his hands left my breasts and returned to my hips, I knew our need was intensifying. I felt him lift me and then lower me. My hands reached out to his chest. Rubbing him. Rubbing his nipples as he lifted me and then pulled me down onto him. I felt his cock drive deep into me. His hips began to thrust faster and deeper into me. I could hear the sound the ankle cuff was making as I rode him faster and faster. I could hear his moans, my moans. I could hear his breathing. Deep. Quick. And then I felt spasm as his cock exploded into me. I rode him faster, wanting all of him. I wanted all of his cum. Arching my back I was going to give him my cum too. I continued to ride his cock as I felt my body shake and tingle. I heard his voice…loud and demanding. Telling me to cum now. To cum on his cock now. I did. At the same moment his cock was thrusting into me is when I came. I collapsed against his chest. I could feel his heart pounding. My hair falling across his face and chest. Slowly I felt him slide out of me and turn over. Laying me on my back. His fingers inside my pussy….then his fingers at his mouth. I watched as he put them into his mouth…tasting his cum and mine. Then he brought them back again to my pussy…scooping more of our cum onto his fingers. Bringing them to my lips. I opened my mouth and took them. My tongue licking at sucking at his fingers.

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