My Trainer : No means Yes


My Trainer : No means YesLord, how I’ve waited for this day. It took such a long time. But here she is on MY bed. The most beautiful face and abs I’ve ever seen and the beads of sweat rolling off them, dripping down on to my mattress sheets. I may never wash them again. This is the first time we’ve done anything outside the gym together and we are ready to have sex! So this girl beneath me is Michelle, but I call her Mishy. We all do. Her students at the gym, I mean. She’s this naturally curly haired blonde with firm tits and a smoking hot bod. She’s been my personal trainer for five years. Okay, really it was only for a year before she moved away for 3 years, but then she moved back and she’s been training me for the last 6 months. I waited so long to be with her and now it’s finally happening.She’s wearing a blue sports bra and black spandex shorts. There are sweat marks along the bottom of the bra and also in the middle where her breasts meet. We call it mountain dew. By we I mean Brian and I. He had been a guy that went to the same aerobic kickboxing class I was in, of course taught by Mishy. Brian would joke about getting with her and he would point out the mountain dew and also the moist spots around her camel toe. I would laugh until I realized he was crude to her and I stopped exercising next to him. Then he stopped showing up so I never had to worry about defending her honor.I look down at her massive tits and can’t believe in a moment I will finally see them fully. I’ve seen parts of them throughout my years of knowing Mishy. She would sometimes workout in loose fitting clothing and I would catch nip slips. My favorite exercise was what she called Mishy’s Fishies. They were composed of first doing 5 pushups, then from the down position we would keep our hips on the ground and lift up our feet, arms, and chest and wiggle back and forth, working out the obliques. I would see so much of her tits when she did this exercise, it gave me a boner.I ask her if I can remove her sports bra. Asking is canlı bahis the right thing to do. Once she says yes, I grab the underwire of her bra and slowly push it up. Her mounds begin to emerge. I lower my face and kiss each tit before the nipples show. Suddenly, the bra reaches the plateau and her giant tits slap down against her rib cage. They’re magnificent and I stare at them for a few moments. My mouth comes down on one nipple and I begin to suck it until it enlarges into a rocket. My hand plays with her other boob. My cock is rock solid under my shorts. I move my face down to her navel and I’m sucking up sweat. I get down to her shorts and once again ask if I can remove them. She says yes. I feel the elastic material and give her thighs a quick squeeze before moving my hand down to her crotch. Even through the tight shorts, I feel a slight bump where I will see her pussy lips in a few moments. I begin to think about our journey and how we got to this spot.—–Mishy took me on as a client when I had hit rock bottom. I was 5’11” and weighed 310 lbs. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to eat. I didn’t know how to exercise. I played video games all day, never had a job, and most certainly never had a girlfriend. My mom bought me an upgraded three month membership to the local gym which included a personal trainer once a week. That first day I resisted going but my mom drove me and I showed up in my stretched out old high school gym shorts and velcro shoes.Then I saw her for the first time. Mishy didn’t look at me like other women did. She smiled and complimented me for coming to the gym. She told me we were going to set goals and accomplish them. Then she gave me a hug. It was the first hug any girl outside of my family ever gave me. She created exercises for me and showed me proper food intake and proper work out form. When I told her I couldn’t afford any extra classes, she let me work out in them anyway.When I first started working out, I was not in shape, obviously. She would tell bahis siteleri me to do 3 pushups, for example. I would try, but I just couldn’t. After two, I’d stop. She would get down nose to nose with me and say, “Can you do another pushup?” I’d say, “No.” Then she’d say, “Well, in my book, no means yes!, so do another pushup.” It forced me to try harder and I realized all that time I was able to do that third pushup. When we got to crunches and I’d say I can’t go any longer, she’d say, “What? You CAN go longer? Okay, five more crunches!” She was tough on me but it began to show. My body slimmed down, I got my first job to pay for my gym membership, and I purchased nicer workout clothes as my confidence grew.One day she pulled me aside and said, “I’m so proud of you. We’ve accomplished so much together. But I just got a job offer across the country, so I’m moving. I want you to continue doing everything we’ve started.” I told her I can’t, not without her. She yelled out, “Yes, you can! Can’t means can!” I said, “No, don’t do this to me. I know it. No, I can’t!” She reiterated, “No means yes! Yes, you can! Do this for me!”When she left, I was terrified. I sat around for a few days, then realized she was right. I had to continue. I found another trainer and continued working on my goals. I ate well. I exercised. I worked hard. Then I began working on a goal we had set, to go on dates and meet girls. I always pictured the girl being Mishy. So I did the next best thing. I found girls that looked like her and had sex with them. Well first it started out as hand jobs. I found massage parlors that catered to happy endings. I lost my virginity to the hand of Ruby, the masseuse. But I yelled out Mishy’s name when it happened!I moved on to prostitutes and social media. I soon had had sex with 20 women and they all had a few things in common. They were all blonde, they all had big tits, and I made them pretend to be workout instructors. When I got tired, I told them to yell at me to keep moving. When I said, bahis şirketleri “No!”, I’d have them say, “No means yes!” Mishy helped me for three years without even knowing it. When I got down under 200 pounds, I found a plastic surgeon that removed my extra skin.When Mishy returned to my town, I was ecstatic. I hired her immediately. Our first hug was so long. Even when she went to pull away, I pulled her back in. I showed her how confident I was with girls now. I had a red sports car, a great physique, and now my main woman was back. After a few months, I invited her to my apartment I now had. She said no, but maybe some other time. Two months later, I told her about some fitness DVDs I found on the clearance rack and how good they were. She agreed to come over and we’d work out to them. I showed her a resistance band I had on my bed. I put my wrist through a loop in the band and showed her how to do a leg raise exercise with it. When it was her turn, I tightened the loop around her wrist so she couldn’t remove it.—–And that brings us to where we are now. Her sweaty, blond haired, big tittied body dripping sweat all over my bed. The woman who has changed my life forever. When I ask her if she’d let me take off her sports bra, she says, “Please, don’t.” But we all know what that means. “Please do.” When I asked her if I can take off her shorts, she says, ”You can’t do this to me.” Of course this means, “You can do this to me.” I slowly remove her shorts. I am surprised to see a piercing on her clit. What a pleasant surprise. She never told me she was getting pierced down there for me. My mouth begins to lap up her sweaty beaver juices. I suck on her metallic clit and touch her asshole with a finger. My cock is on fire.I stand up. I ask Mishy, “May I remove my clothes.” By now, she has tears in her eyes, I assume because she is in ecstasy. “Noooo,” her voice quivers.I can’t believe it; she is saying “yessss.”I remove my clothes. After a little workout wrestling match, I am pinning Mishy and she goes limp in defeat. My cock slams into her body. My sweaty body slips across her skin as my powerful abs pump my shaft hard and quick into her. I finish with a Mishy Fishy: 5 pushups then my hips slip and slide over her pelvis.

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