My two Brother In-Laws


My two Brother In-LawsMy two brother In-Laws.My name is Tina, I am 50 years old.I met my first and only boyfriend fairly late in life and very quickly married, I was 28 when we married and have a wonderful son and a beautiful daughter, my husband was the only man I had ever had sex with throughout my life.Our son and daughter left home a year or so ago so it is now only my husband and myself at home.Since we have had the house to ourselves my husband has hinted that I be more daring around our home, wearing lower cut tops to show off my large breasts, mostly for his eyes only but now and again he would hint that I was more daring around others, (Men) that might visit.As my husband has not been well for some time I decided that I wanted to make him happy so reluctantly I started to do as he asked and wear low cut tops or blouses.At first I did not like doing this much, none more so than when my daughter came round with some male friends, 18 or 19 years old, I could feel them looking at my cleavage and breasts and that did not excite at all.That all changed one day when my husband’s two brothers, Gary and Brandon came round to see us for an hour or so, Gary was 45 and Brandon was 47.I had on a low cut blouse but it never crossed my mind as to how much breast I was showing until after they had left, my husband informed me that they kept trying to have a sneaky look down my top, I remember bending over a few time, stroking our dog but that was it, I told my husband, don’t be silly, as over all these years they had never shown any interest in me and always had been respectful.He told that as he was saying goodbye to them outside, Gary had mentioned my breasts, saying that he did not realise what nice big breasts I had as I had always covered up over the years, and that it was nice to see me like this.I quickly tried to block that out of my mind and went about the rest of the week; every so often I must admit it did pop into my head.At the weekend, while having a lie in with my husband, we were messing about, my husband was rubbing my pussy he whispered into my ear that I should let his two brothers fuck me, not only would I be making him happy but also doing a favour to his two brothers as they have not had sex for a very long time and that they would love it.It was true, I do believe that they had not had sex for a long time as I can not recall either of them having a girlfriend for many years and both never married.Even with my husband rubbing my pussy I still said no, never.Later on that day and with my husband groping my breasts which he does often he said it was okay, he did not want me to have sex with them, but could I do him a favour instead.He reminded me that on Thursday he had a hospital appointment for tests early in the morning and would be there most of the day, his brother Gary was talking him and would be picking him up in the evening, on that day would I wear my bikini and do a bit of sunbathing in the garden and that he new his brother Brandon wanted to borrow my drill later that day and Gary would drive him up here to pick it up, I would be in my bikini and that he would know that more of my breasts would be on show, more than if I was wearing my blouse and that he would really love that.Now I use to swim a lot so have a couple of bikini’s but it was very rare I would sunbath in the garden and then that was when out k**s were young.After being pestered so much I agreed, but only if the weather was good.Thursday came and I was very nervous, just as his brother Gary turned up he reminded me about wearing a bikini later.After an hour or so I decided pendik escort to change into a bikini, the first one did not quite look right, it had been a few years since I had worn one, I tried on my second, I had put on a tiny bit of weight in the last 10 years or so, it just fitted me but the cups were a small and they only just covered my nipples, standing there like this, I did not know if I was nervous, scared or excited, I was confused with my feelings.I was in the kitchen and did something I have not done before; I took out a bottle of WKD, and had a sip to settle my nerves.We are lucky where we live, one neighbour was in work all day while on the other side the house was empty again so I had no problem going into the garden.I had 10 minutes lounging outside, I went back inside, put some music on and finished of the WKD, I went back out to the lounger, I felt very relaxed when I heard the back gate open and Gary followed by Brandon walked in saying they had come round to borrow the drill and to see if I was okay.I quickly got up and we all walked into the kitchen with me offering them a drink as I always do, I asked, tea, coffee? To which I was told, a beer please as it was a hot day.For some reason it did not bother me standing there in my bikini in front of them, it was as if it was the most natural thing in the world.I got two bottles of beer out of the fridge as they both went into the living room to sit down on the sofa; I opened the bottles and took them into them, bending over as I offered the both of them their drinks.At that point I caught Gary looking at my breasts, he spoke straight away, he said, “I have never seen you like this before, Tina”, what do you mean I said, “Like this, showing you’re body off like this”, “Oh” is all I could say, he quickly said, “No, no….you look great”, I smiled but felt a blush come over me and I quickly made my way into the ,kitchen and took out another bottle of WKD.Drinking half the bottle in one go I went back into the living room where they were now standing, music was still playing and I thought that if a faster song came on I might move about a bit more, make my breasts bounce but just another slow one came on, Gary saw me swaying from side to side to the music and asked for a dance, I of course said no, but he came to me anyway, at first taking hold of my hips then he pulled me close so my breasts squashed against his chest, he then took my hand and spun me round to face Brandon who then took over and he too had my breasts squashed up against him, the song stopped and I made my excuse to get away, I went into the kitchen where I finished off the rest of the WKD.They both came into the kitchen, a little small talk followed when Gary said he had an idea, He said, “I know, lets do the ice bucket challenge, you refused to do it a few years ago when everyone else was doing it, and you know Matthew, (My husband) wanted you to do it, but didn’t, and you are perfectly dressed to do it now, go on, do it for Matthew, cheer him up, and Brandon can film it and show it to him later, he will love it”.I again said, “No”, and that I really hate the cold water, that’s why I would not do it.Brandon had a thought, he said, “I know, we will warm the water up, until you are happy with it, I will film it, he will never know that we cheated a little and used warm water”.And after that, all I got was, go on, go on, go on.I must admit it was a good idea and I did want to surprise my husband so I said as long as it is warm enough.I got a towel ready in the kitchen while Gary and Brandon got a couple of bowls ready with escort pendik warm water, a chair was placed in the middle of the garden and I walked to it, a big bowl was placed on the ground in front of the chair where I was asked to step into it and sit down, it was to get use to the temperature I was told, another tip.Gary stood behind me and picked up the smaller bowl of water as Brandon stood in front of me ready to film it all.I asked if he was ready?, I got a thumbs up and I started to speak, I said, “This is for my husband Matthew, the ice bucket challenge, I bet you never thought I would do it”.Gary then slowly poured the smaller bowl over my head; I shot up and shook myself around , my breasts bouncing around, almost popping out of my bikini top, I pretending that it was very cold, and pretended to shiver some more.I then stepped out of the bowl and sat back down, Gary, with a struggle picked up the bigger bowl almost dropping it as it was a little heavy, he started to pour that bowl but lost his grip and the whole of the bowl poured onto me in one big splash, it may have been warm but it was still a shock to me, I could not see for a few seconds as I tried to brush the water and my hair away from my eyes, I could hear very loud laughter from the two of them, then I noticed my bikini top on the ground to the left of me, I quickly covered my bare breasts with one hand and tried to reach down and pick it up, Gary beat me to it but offered it to me for a second, he then changed his mind and walked off to the kitchen laughing some more, Brandon was still filming.I got up and followed Gary into the kitchen as Brandon followed me.I asked for my top back but Gary said that it was too late; they had already seen my breasts and could still see them now.He went on to say that it was nice to see some breasts for a change as it had been so long, go on, just for a few minutes, please, he said.My small hands could hardly cover my breasts as it was so I did not see any harm now.I put my arms by my side and just stood there for a moment, no one knowing what to say next.I spoke, I said that I had better go and get changed, to which Gary said, “Okay, but just one quick dance”, the music was still playing, I did not answer him but he just came over to me and again he held me close, again my breasts pushing against his chest, then Brandon demanded his turn, the same thing happened there. I then said that I wanted to get dressed and pulled away, I had those feelings again, was I nervous, scared or even aroused, I did not know, I spoke as if nearly out of breath, I wont be a minute, I said and turned to leave to go to my bedroom, Gary then said, “Okay, but can I get Matthew’s drill, he said we could borrow it”, I new where it was, it was under our bed, along with some other tools, I said I will go and get it but Gary said he new it was heavy, just show him where it is and he will carry it down.He followed me into out bedroom and I pointed to where it should be, he went down on his knees to look, he did not see it and said so, I bent down to try to have a look, he turned to look at me, my breasts were now dangling right in front of his face, his nose and eyes were almost between my breasts as I shot up with a tingling feeling going through my body, he looked away and said he could now see it and struggled to pull it out from under the bed, he stood up and saying thanks and headed for the door.I followed him to the door and closed it behind him, I was breathing heavy, I went over to our bed where I struggled a little to get the now damp bikini bottoms off, as I got them pendik escort bayan to my ankles I sat on the bed and shook them off, I lay back on the bed feeling a little exhausted, my arms out stretched. Just then the door flew open and in walked Gary saying that he needed the bits that went with the drill, he stopped talking and just stood there open mouthed before saying, “Sorry”, I was frozen to the spot, my arms up above my head and my legs a little apart, my pussy on full show to him, he asked me if I was okay, I said I did not feel too well, I think I had too much to drink, he came round to where my legs were dangling over the edge of the bed.He looked at my face, my breasts and then my pussy and said, “Fucking hell Tina, seeing you’re breasts today was great but seeing you’re pussy as well is awesome”, he then said, thank you, it has been a long time.He stood there, looking at my pussy, then my breasts and then my face before looking back at my pussy.He then asked if he could touch it? Touch my pussy, it might be his only and last chance, I could only answer slowly, “Go on”.He leaned forward and placed both hands on the hair of my pussy, I opened my legs a little and he parted the lips of my pussy.I closed my eyes, I felt him moving up my body, thinking that he wanted to have a feel of my breasts and suck on them.He did, but I also felt that his pants were now down and I could feel his bare cock, first touching my thigh then touching my pussy, he was already erect, I must have been very aroused as he easily found my opening and slid inside me, for the first time in my life, a cock was inside me other than my husbands, he started to move in and out of me, first slow, then I could feel him get more excited and move in and out of me faster.The bed squeaked as his balls slapped against my bottom, I heard a voice, it was Brandon, he had come into the room and was stood there, he spoke again, this time I heard him, he said, “I wondered what was taking you”, he came over to the bed and climbed up, kneeling beside me as Gary continued to fuck me, he had his cock out and I just took hold of it without thinking, he was already hard, I stroked his cock as Gary still fucked me, Brandon then slid forward and offered his cock to my mouth, I said, “No”, my husband is the only man to get that”.He gave a face as if sad, disappointed, I leaned up and gave the tip of his cock a kiss and said, “That’s all you are getting”, and continued to wank his cock.I then seen Brandon tap Gary on the arm, I did not hear anything but Gary stopped fucking me and climbed out between my legs, and Brandon took his place, I did not move, I just accepted it, from the fucking I had just received from Gary I must have been ready for Brandon as he entered me with ease.Brandon was now fucking me as Gary came up beside me where I started to stroke his cock, after only another minute I felt myself close to coming when Brandon stopped and they changed positions, Gary again got between my legs and started to fuck me.Within a minute he announced he was coming, as was I.We came together, it was something I had not experienced before with my husband, I lay back exhausted, but continued to move my hand up and down Brandon’s cock, Gary rolled off me and lay by my side as Brandon came over my breasts.I still just lay there, feeling tired, Brandon got up and got some tissues and cleansing wipes and wiped the cum from my breasts.I lay there exhausted as did Gary, Brandon soon joined us and the three of us lay together, I felt a hand from each lay on the area of my pussy and both put their heads on a breast each. I quickly dozed off, I woke to a noise, the creaking of the front door and then I heard it close with a bang and I was alone, I looked at the clock, it was close to 3 o’clock, I decided to get up and have a shower.

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