My Valentines Day Stroll


Five years ago I was dating a short man of Irish descent who, despite his small stature, was a very commanding man who loved to control women and at that time in my life, I wanted to be controlled, so we made a very good pairing. He was my Dominant but I will refer to him as my Owner since that is what he did. He owned me at that time.

He was not an attractive man but because of his ability to put me in my place, he managed to keep me aroused and sexually ready for just about anything on a constant basis.

No one could understand why I was with him and quite frankly I was not ready to explain, but I was ready to obey and be dominated as much as he was ready to have a submissive at his disposal.

On Valentine’s Day that year, he brought out a fairly good sized gift box that was all done in red wrapping paper with hearts and bows all over. Included was a lovely card that said, “So happy you BELONG to me for Valentines.” Could I have asked for a more perfect sentiment? Not at all.

Although I was disappointed that he did not give me flowers or candy, I was anxious and eager, so I ripped open the wrapping, once I was given permission, of course. As I unfolded the tissue paper, I found a beautiful studded dog collar, in pink of course, and a matching leash, attached with a tag that read, “put me on I have a surprise for you.”

Without hesitation I put it on and felt the crack of a riding crop across my naked ass, which sent shivers down my spine to my pussy and I could feel my juices begin to flow as the heat and sting from each slap of the crop landed on the same spot on my bottom each time. I moved my fingers closer to satisfy my craving and was “rewarded” with a very strong handed whip/slap and a harsh, “did I give you permission to play with my pussy?”

I lowered my head and replied, “No sir,” and could feel the pain and the overwhelming urge to have an orgasm, which my owner could see by my anxious wiggling.

He smiled and gave me permission to play with my pussy and the wetness I found made it so easy to slide my fingers deep into my pussy. I quickly massaged my clit to a wonderful orgasm, and at just the moment that I felt my orgasm take over, and as he swung the crop, I damn near fell to my knees with the intensity of the throbbing of my pussy lips and clit. Not once…not twice but three times one right after the other!

Oh what a feeling of pleasure I was having at that moment, when all of a sudden he stopped my hand and told me I had to wait for any more. I was crushed but, he told me we were going for a ride and I could not take off the collar Bycasino or the leash.

We had never gone out in public with anything that would show I was a submissive and the thought that others would see me in this way was like a drug to me. To be able to show the world who I was, what I was and who I belonged to was enough to make me dizzy with anticipation!

I asked for permission to lick my fingers and was told I could not, but, I was allowed to rub my scent and my juices all over his beard and mustache so he could smell his submissive all day while we were out. I did as I was told, and smeared my juices and proceeded to sniff his beard and inhale my own pussy scent, which only served to make me hotter still!

He could see this was turning me on and a smile came over his entire face, almost like “the cat that swallowed the canary.”

I was told to wear my outrageously high (3″) sandals, that I wore once in a while but never around my owner (so as not to appear higher than him). I was quite surprised to find he was pleased to see that I was well over 6″ taller than he was.

He brought out a pair of jeans that were a bit too tight but showed off my ample ass and I was told I could not wear panties.

I had my hood pierced and the seam was rubbing my clit and very obviously managed to slide in between my pussy lips and show off my obvious camel toe in front.

There was no mistaking I was a woman at that point. I did not mind, it was arousing and kept me flushed and hot the entire day and I could tell this pleased my owner completely. Keeping me aroused was his intention because that, was part of his pleasure.

I was told to find the lightest t-shirt I could possibly find and to wear no bra underneath, my breast were to be free to bounce and my nipples were to be seen at all times and if they were erect, all the better.

Needless to say as aroused as I was, they were hard, and pierced and aching for attention! So I found a white t-shirt that was worn until it was almost sheer, and ordered to present myself to my owner for inspection.

I was happy at his reaction. I could see he had a hard on in his pants and he pulled me down to my knees, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and forced my mouth down to the bottom so I would choke but be forced to swallow his load which did not take long to be released!

While I licked his come from the sides of my mouth my owner tenderly braided my waist length red hair and made sure it was tight and would be easy to use as a guide, a rope handle of sorts to control me.

He then Bycasino giriş treated me to the pleasurable feel of the riding crop sliding between my legs against my pussy and my wetness. Even through my pants my wet pussy could not be missed. And off we went for what I thought was just a ride.

I did not question our destination, I knew better, but I knew where we were going by the signs we passed. We were headed for New Hope. A Mecca for people who choose “alternative lifestyles” you could say. Lesbians, gays, trannies, those like us into S/M, anything you are into can be found in New Hope and I was about to discover a few I had not encountered before.

He parked the car and came around to open my door and grab a hold of my leash, which caused more than a few people to stare and a couple of men to give my owner the “thumbs up” when I got out of the car and stood tall as I had been ordered to do.

Now February is not a warm month but we were fortunate that year, the temps were in the 60’s and even though that was not cold, it was chilly enough go make my nipples stand out like little cherry pits.

This was noticed by everyone we walked past and as I stood next to my owner who was window shopping, a man came up and whispered something I could not hear into my owner’s ear. The next thing I knew, the man grabbed my breasts, played with my nipples and proceeded to rub against my thighs with his erection.

I could see this was arousing to my owner and of course to the man doing it. It was making me wetter by the minute and as I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations, I was jerked back to reality by the leash and collar and was told NOT to have an orgasm. I dared not show my disappointment or I would not be allowed to come any more this day.

The man again whispered something in my owner’s ear and we all started walking down the street to this old, but elegant three story home.

We proceeded to climb the stairs to the third floor, which was a rooftop glass enclosed solarium that over looked the stream in back of the property. I believe it was a tributary to the Delaware River.

When we got there, I could see a few couples sitting around on well worn but comfortable furniture although none were like the two of us and that made me stand even taller knowing I was the center of attention.

I was told to sit down and advised not to speak, which I obeyed gladly. Several people came over to me and tried to ask me questions but I was silent and I could see this was pleasing to my owner and that was pleasing to me in turn.

I sat there quietly Bycasino deneme bonusu and noticed a few people gathering on the other side of the room and my owner let go of my leash, told me to stay and walked over to speak with them in private.

I could not hear what was being said but I could see they were glancing and gesturing in my direction and my owner shook his head yes and smile at me. I knew when he smiled it was good for me and I would be feeling pleasure very soon.

So the group of four people (two men and two women) and my owner came over to where I was sitting. I was told to open my legs and relax.

You could clearly see the wetness between my legs and seeing all eyes on that spot just made it wetter still.

The four people who had come over got down on their knees and proceeded to sniff my pussy and literally rub my wetness all over their faces before running their tongues down my legs and without hesitation, they all started to lick my toes through my sandals. All I could think was, “oh fuck” the sensation was incredible and my owner told me to close my eyes and enjoy what I was feeling.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I could feel myself ready to explode as two mouths started licking and sucking my wet pussy through my jeans.

My hips moved on their own as I came and my owner took his hard cock out of his pants and put it against my mouth and my lips opened and took his entire length in and he shoved it down my throat until I gagged.

All this time my pussy bump was being tongue bathed through my jeans, and I felt my feet and toes being made love to with tongues and mouths, licking and sucking and I could hold back no longer and exploded like I had never come before!

Right at that moment, my owner shot his hot come down my throat, grabbed my head, shoved his hips forward and fucked my mouth until every drop from his balls was emptied!

When he had finished, of course everyone was ordered to stop and I was yanked to my feet by my leash and ordered to start walking.

We descended the stairs to the street level where the riding crop was brought out and slapped across my bottom until I had another wonderful orgasm as others watched my owner reward me for being a good submissive plaything.

I could hardly stand on my shaky legs but we walked to the car, got in and I was ordered to remove my jeans and sit with my legs open while we drove home on one of the busiest roads traveled by truckers.

There was no missing my exposed red bush or my fingers masturbating my wet pussy in full view the entire ride to my Dominants home. When we got there, I unashamedly walked bare ass naked into his home for all to see.

While others may not think of this as a romantic, Cupid style Valentine’s story, it was the best Valentine’s Day I ever had!

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