My wife and my boss in the elevator


My wife and my boss in the elevatorThat Tuesday I had a nice lunch with my loving Ana and then I returned back to my office to pick up some papers. My wife did not want to wait for me outside, telling it was a very warm day and then she came with me inside the building.At the lobby we found several of my colleagues also returning from lunch. Some of the guys had met Ana before and they greeted her as we waited for the elevator to arrive.Finally Ana and I entered the lift, following everyone in. It was a tight squeeze. I stood just inside against the doors and mostly guys faced me. My sweet wife was almost at the other end of the cabin. I could see she was the only woman among all my male colleagues and mates.My boss was standing close to her.Ana gave a nice smile, as the elevator started to move. She looked so sexy in her business bilecik escort suit, smart white blouse and high heels.With a gentle bump, the lift suddenly stopped between two floors.We were stuck there, as several minutes passed by. Everyone exchanged small talk. I could feel a change in the atmosphere inside the lift. I felt very uncomfortable for my sweet Ana, who was looking at me…After a few more minutes I saw my wife began to pull an odd expression. As if she was slightly embarrassed, or uncomfortable. I was puzzled and then asked Anita if she was fine there…“Yes… ye…ahhh” She replied, in a soft moan. Suddenly she leant forward toward me and took my hand in hers…Then I saw my boss now was standing right behind my wife; a big smug grin across his face.“Uuuuuh… uhhh… oooohh…” Anita bolu escort tried to speak. Then I noticed her skirt had risen right up… I could see the top of her ass. Worst of all, my own boss’s hands were around her waist.“He… He’s… He’s…. He’s soooo big…” Ana barely whispered, as she let go my hand…Then I could see my boss’s hips gently swaying back and forth…Suddenly somebody moved and then Ana could lean again on my shoulder. She whispered in my ear as she moaned softly:“He is sooo much bigger…oooo… uhhh… than you are…babe… I am so sorry… he is so thick also…” My sweet wife could hardly stand on her feet… Then she raised herself up on tip toe to accommodate the size of him.I was really ashamed seeing all my colleagues looking at the spectacle of my wife taking our boss’s huge cock right aydın escort there in front of everybody…Ana hung onto my neck and I held up her; as she was absorbing the deep and hard thrusting of my boss’s huge dick…“Oh fuck… he’s really good… I love it…., sorry honey” My sweet Ana looked at me with tears in her eyes, as my boss fucked her…“I am nearly… Oh my… I am going to… Oh…” She moaned very softly.Then my boss looked at me as he came deep inside my wife’s womb…Ana felt his warm seed filling her and then she screamed in pleasure as she came, still hanging from my neck…My sweet wife could hardly stand up. She was nearly bent on her waist. When my boss withdrew, wads of his cum covered my wife’s back…Suddenly the elevator began it journey again as my sweet Ana regained composure and my boss folded his huge dick back into his trousers.The door pinged open. I stood there in confusion as all the people left the elevator. Anita smiled at me and gave me a peck on my cheek, saying she would see me later, because now she was going to my boss’s office…I continued the journey to my floor, feeling a raging hard on…

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