My Wife Confesses.Part Two.

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My Wife Confesses.Part Two.Linda was like a house afire all week as we waited for the day Gary would arrive. She completely redid our bedroom. She moved her old wooden school desk and chair into the corner where my computer desk had been. That was now in the store room. She hung old school pictures on the wall of Gary and Linda. There was a picture of the two of them, arms wrapped around each others shoulders, taken from about that same time. It sat on her bed table where I used to be.Our bedspread she changed into one she had brought with her to the marriage. It was kind of juvenile and didn’t really fit our queen sized bed, but I knew what was going on here and said nothing about all of this. She even had her old pillow cases which were now covering our pillows. She had her bed table drawer filled with orange Tootsie Pops which she said were their favorite flavor. She made a playlist on her iPod with music they used to listen to…including music their parents listened to.The day arrived and Linda was a loon counting the minutes that lead into the hour when his plane would arrive. Finally we were at the airport. We walked kind of near each other, but not holding hands or being lovey dovey at all. When Gary came through the tunnel into the terminal Linda shrieked and ran up to him. She jumped up into his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist as they kissed deeply. Some people were uncomfortable about this display, but quite a few were charmed at the long separated lovers, most likely husband and wife who were so happy to see each other after a long separation.He had only brought a carry-on so we walked to the car, the two of them holding hands and talking about how fantastic this all was. I walked behind them carrying his luggage.I drove the car. They both sat in the back seat. I had my mirror turned a bit so I could watch them in the backseat fairly safely. Gary had her top and bra off just as soon as we left the airport. They kissed and felt each other. I could smell her cunt as his fingers worked in her juices. It was when she had his cock out of his pants that I was shocked. Her brother has a huge cock. Much longer and thicker than mine. I was dismayed about that but excited too. Linda was sucking on the first four inches of it when I had to swerve for a bicyclist who was careless about where the bicycle lane actually was.I heard a shout in the backseat and Gary said, “Peter, I appreciate your part in all this, but Linda just bit my cock when you swerved. Just watch the traffic man. We will have a whole weekend where you can watch everything.”By the time I pulled into our garage both Linda and Gary istanbul escort were stark naked. They walked ahead of me into the house while I brought his carry-on. We went directly to our bedroom. When I got there Gary had Linda held by the waist upside down and her legs around his neck. He was lapping her cunt while her mouth adjusted itself to the cock that was here now. I set down the luggage and pulled Linda’s desk chair out so I could sit and watch. They acted like there was nobody else in the room but them. As they tumbled over onto the bed I was already taking off my clothes. I had always known my cock wasn’t the largest in the world, but Linda had always seemed to like it. No matter that it wasn’t the largest, it was equally as hard as the hardest other cock in the room.”Gary, let’s do it like we did that first time. You know after I had watched you jack off and then you felt me up. I still think of that fuck almost every time I get fucked these days.” I watched as Gary sat her next to him on the bed, now HIS bed. Linda has wonderful tits, but they are not large by any means. They are 34 B and that was part of what had attracted me to her in the first place.He was running the palm of his hand over both of them, kind of like strumming a guitar. She had her face in his neck whispering to him as he made love to her. She had shaved her cunt this morning to be more like it was that first time. He lightly traced her slit with his middle finger, then moved the tip to his nose and sniffed it. “Hey s*s, your pussy smells just like your panties. It’s nice to know I don’t have to get second-hand pussy smell anymore.” Then he plunged his finger all the way into her. All this was part of the well-known moves of that night so long ago. I watched Linda nervously move her hand to the head of his cock. “It’s so big Gary! Have you ever fucked anyone with this cock?”His scripted answer was, “No baby I was waiting for you to be ready for me.” With that she kissed him again and her hand moved down to the base of his shaft, stroking it a bit awkwardly. He put his hand over hers and showed her the motion he liked. Linda had told me everything that happened that night so I would not have to ask questions when they went into this slightly ritualistic dance of sex.”Kneel on the floor s*s and you can stroke it and have your face as close as you want so you can see everything.” His voice was a bit nervous it seemed, but that might have been acting. I just watched and stroked my cock as they did the play.”You have seen me jack on my cock s*s. Do you play with avcılar escort your pussy?” Linda giggled at that and said a smile embarrassed ‘yes’. He asked how she did it and wasn’t surprised when she opened the drawer and pulled out an orange Tootsie Pop. “Please don’t laugh Gary, but I do it like this.” She rubbed her finger into her slit while with her teeth she removed the orange wrapper. She sucked on the Tootsie Pop while her fingers worked her slit.She became sufficiently juicy I suppose because she stopped diddling her cunt with her fingers and slipped the Tootsie Pop inside. She told me she came for him before they fucked. I knew the script well.I watched her movements of the candy into her sweet cunt. When she came she lifted her feet to the edge of the bed and shoved the Tootsie Pop as far into her as she could get it. Her eyes closed in ecstacy she shrieked when her orgasm hit hard, falling back so her head rested on his belly as went through the last throes of her violent orgasm.Gary waited a moment, as I knew he would, then grasped the stick on the Tootsie Pop and pulled it slowly from his sister’s cunt. He licked it tentatively then placed inside his mouth. “I want to fuck you Linda. Is that something you might ever consider doing?” Linda looked at him with big eyes partly from excitement, partly from fear. “Please don’t hurt me too much Gary. I am very ready for you to fuck me. Someone told me there might be bleeding the first time.” She got up quickly and went into the bathroom. She came out immediately carrying a large white towel. “I can’t bleed on this bedspread because Mom might know something was up. Okay?” Gary laid the towel on the bed, then lay on his back on top of it. “Climb onto me s*s and try it out. I don’t know if I am too big for you, but I sure want to find out. If you sit down on my cock, you can stop if it hurts too much.”He held his prick as my wife, all arms and legs and tiny tits, straddled his hips and pressed her hands on his chest as she lowered her ass to that large monolith of male flesh. She scooted her slit over the dripping head of his cock. She kept up that skating across the slippery area he and she combined to make on the head of his cock. Finally he stopped her, holding onto her hips and said, “It’s now or never Linda.” She gasped and wiggled her hips side to side as she tried to work the head inside of her. When it the head was inside her she shrieked and said, “It’s in me Gary!! It’s in me!!”. She was still eight inches above the base of his cock.She pulled up a bit then moved down, this time a fraction of an inch deeper şirinevler escort than before. She repeated that movement, her cunt marching slowly down the thick long shaft. When there were four inches in her, she asked, “Is this far enough Gary? I think I am too tight for you, but this is pretty good. Your cock is really stretching me. Do you like it? Does my pussy feel good to you?”He moved his hands up her belly, over her small breasts, up to her neck and to her shoulders. “We’ll try it like this, but I really want all of me inside of you Linda. So you work on it a while just on the part that’s inside right now and we’ll see if I can get more into you. Okay?”She nodded her head, biting her lip. She slid up the shaft until the head was barely inside then quickly down to the four inch level again. She had this determined look on her face as she moved. The four inch track was faster now and I watched as Gary thrust up into her as she came to that level again. Now he was five inches into her. Linda gasped and then said shakily, “Oh okay. Wow it’s deep!”She traveled the five inch track for three quick strokes then with a determined look on her face she moved hard down onto him and there was six inches inside her. I leaned forward now for the next part. Linda had told me about this and said it was the most exciting thing that happened that day. “Good job s*s. Pull up one more time and I will help you get the rest.” She nodded her head nervously and slid up his shaft. Her hips hovered, slightly impaled as he put his hands on her shoulders. “Now s*s. NOW!” She slammed down onto him and his hands pulled her hard so that she was now completely impaled. She leaned forward crying and laughing. “I did it!! We did it!!”They stayed that way for several minutes then Gary said, “Let’s fuck each other now Linda. I want to feel my cum shoot up inside of you. This is fantastic. It’s my first time too. I love you so much.” They kissed deeply for the last ten seconds before launch. They did the countdown together…”ten…nine…eight…seven…” Before they could get to six Gary rolled her over onto her back and started pounding her. She was crying and laughing as he opened her pussy with his cock monster.The sound of the fucking was amazing. Her lips made a tight seal around his shaft and she was very very wet. A well-oiled piston made her engine run.They were heavy into the slap slap form of fucking. At last he shuddered as he was all the way down into her. His hips rocked as he shot his load into his sister.I was stroking my cock very quickly now, the tip in the pair of Linda’s panties she had taken off and dropped on the floor. It was the hottest jack off I had ever had. My cream filled the gusset and finally most of the lower part of her panties.They slept like that, cock in her cunt as she lay on her back. I went into the other room and started to make dinner. I couldn’t imagine what else was to come in the three days he was there.

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