My wife teasing my third pal


My wife teasing my third palLast week in this group sex section I wrote two stories of how I eventually got my ‘shy church going wife’ to cock tease my horny mate. Unfortunately a few years later he emigrated. Then I told another tale when me & another mate tricked her into coming to the Pub with us. She’d been expecting to go for a meal as a foursome.Well here’s another experience with a third & last friend to enjoy her . As you’ll see in the other stories she won’t let another man know she fancies a dirty night & has to have a few drinks & pretend to be asleep . That rule of hers doesn’t bother us as long as she does it, in fact it’s a real turn on.When you think about it we could do anything with her because she wouldn’t have the nerve to wake up when we have her tits out and we are playing with her fanny.One Saturday night a few years ago my mate John arrived as the wife was in the shower. I nipped upstairs to tell her John was here & we were going into the conservatory.I asked her to give us a tease & she shouted out she might.We sat looking through the through the Men’s mags he often brings up. I soon had my cock out because I’d told her to have a spy at us cos she always like to know what us men get upto . Knowing she might peep John got his cock out & we sat stroking . Apart from the dirty books, the thought she might be watching at one point kept us both excited. He’s always fancied my wife right from the very first time we met him at a Club years before when we were a bit tipsy. He kept getting her up to Dance cos I’m not a good dancer & she loves dancing. istanbul escort He was even chatting her up that first night the horny bugger. She came down from showering & dressing & went into the Sitting Room to watch TV & have a couple of drinks .. She knows what we are doing & likes the idea we are talking about her . We usually stay out of her way to give her the chance to have a drink & get in the mood for us. This particular night we decided at about 10pm she might be tipsy by now so we went into the Sitting room to be with her. Just seeing what clothes she’s put on tells me if she’s in the mood & I knew straight away she was. She was sitting with a short buttoned fronted skirt on and a thin white blouse which showed her quarter cup bra through the thin material.The type where her tits are supported but bare. She had her legs either side of the 2ft square Pouffe, watching TV and deliberately looking sleepyI signalled to him with the thumbs up (& she saw me doing it) that it looked like she’d soon drop off to sleep especially when quite a few of her skirt buttons had opened & she hadn’t noticed, and her blouse was already half undone showing her cleavage (36B tits).On the pouffe was a box of chocolates & she had already ate a few so told us to help yourselves. I knelt in front of the pouffe to choose one but soon wasn’t interested in chocolates because I could see up her skirt. I was amazed at how daring she was because she was wearing her black crotchless panties that are usually avcılar escort reserved for me & her freshly shaved fanny was in full view.I had a horn on seeing her bare fanny so told John to come over.. When he came I said ‘ forget the chocolates just look up her skirt and get a good look at that fanny’. She told me later she heard me saying this to him because I hadn’t said it quietly. She pretended she was so engrossed in the TV film she hadn’t heard us talking.John, encouraged by me, spent a few mins just staring up her skirt admiring her fanny and rubbing his cock still inside his trousers. She obviously knew he was staring at it & she said later it was exciting showing it off like that & seeing us so turned on.While he was staring at it I picked up one of the Mens Mags & had it hiding my cock which I got out & sat stroking it. She wouldn’t have been happy with me if I’d done it without the book though .. When she looked over I dropped the magazine to tease her & I was rock hard. Me & John have done this infront of her a few times & she doesn’t mind as long as we don’t do it blatantly to embarrass her. She told me she’d be so embarrassed if we did that when she’s still awake she wouldn’t tease us anymore. She said aslong as we do it like that she enjoys the tease.After a few mins gawping at her fanny he picked a chocolate & sat back on the settee with a horn on & as soon as he saw my cock out he got his out behind his book. He was sitting stroking it even though he was closer to her than I was and she could see şirinevler escort his hand going up & down. He deliberately dropped the magazine once & she noticed. Later she said she doesn’t like us to do that as it looks so obvious so we should wait a few mins til shes asleep.She then surprisingly up to go for a coffee but as she passed him she couldn’t miss seeing him stroking it behind the book. That must have turned her on a bit more because instead of going for a coffee she she went straight upstairs onto the bed. I’d heard her go upstairs so waited a minute before nipping to check what I suspected. I was right, she was lying on the bed ‘asleep’ and waiting for us to come and ‘spoil her’.I came downstairs & told him she’s ready so we went straight up to the bedroom. Within seconds we were lying either side of her. John opened her blouse and started sucking a tit and I unbuttoned the rest of her skirt. I started fingering her fanny which was already nice and juicy. Then I decided to put my cock close to her mouth & she took it in straight away & started sucking it while john went down to her fanny..He eased her thighs further apart and started to lick it which really turned me on seeing her riding his tongue & he made her cum doing it. Then he needed to be in her so I threw him a pillow & we eased her onto it so he could get his cock right into her. We then took turns fucking her & to make it last we both had to keep pulling out to cool off. Then as time was getting on he spunked up her. Once he’d finished he left for home & me & her continued on the bed talking about how horny she’d been.When she goes this far she loves it but she wont do it regularly like I would want. It must be her religious upbringing, going to church & Sunday School every Sunday & her concience stops her doing it a regularly so we have to wait until she decides when she’ll do it again & sometimes its months which is so frustrating .

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