Mysterious Angel


I had not been in a long time so when I woke up that morning with nothing else to do I decided to get dressed up and go to church. I had managed to keep a relatively low profile because the last thing I wanted was someone latching onto me and inviting me out to lunch or coming out for visitation. As I had entered the church sanctuary I found the perfect spot located all the way to the right at the front of the back section of pews. Normally I would not sit even this close, but this was the perfect spot because the angle of the wall the second pew was just large enough for two people and I figured no one would bother to sit next to me.

Things had gone according the plan so far; the choir had sang some praise and worship songs, there were a couple of solos and I had even made it through the welcome without talking to anyone. I stood there with my eyes closed in the middle of the offertory prayer when it happened; I suddenly felt someone fill the void next to me. Great, I thought, not only is there someone next to me, but they are blocking my quick exit after the sermon. I had to know who the perpetrator was so I opened my eyes and glanced quickly to the left.

With my head bowed the first thing I saw were black patent leather stiletto heels supporting some of the sexiest, shapeliest legs I had ever seen. The legs were covered in black hose and as I raised my eyes I wondered if the legs would ever stop when finally I reached the hem of a tight short straight skirt that showed off the woman’s thin waist and firm ass beautifully. As I continued up her body she was wearing a soft silky white blouse which clung to her supple tits sticking straight out in front of her. The sleeves and shoulders of the blouse were sheer so you could see she was wearing a black bra underneath. The neckline on the blouse plunged down to give a peek at the cleavage formed as the bra was obviously designed to lift and push her breasts together. As I followed further up her long neck I noticed she had fair skin flecked with freckles. She had thin shapely lips accentuated by red lipstick and a long thin face. She had seductive blue-grey eyes offset by dark eyelashes. She had red hair that was obviously naturally curly, trabzon escort but now was pulled back into a ponytail that fell to mid shoulder. I knew I was in church because this was an angel standing next to me. By this time I was so transfixed by her beauty that I must have just been standing there with my mouth open. She just gave me a little smile then bowed her head and closed her eyes for the rest of the prayer.

During the offering I could not take my eyes off of her legs as she sat there with them crossed moving her top leg in time with the music. As she sat there with her legs crossed her skirt had risen to a point that I could now tell she was not wearing hose, but stockings. I could not believe that I was sitting there in church getting a hard-on just looking at this woman. Not long after the sermon started she picked up her purse, wrote something on a piece of paper, placed it on my Bible and then got up and walked out. I picked up the paper and read Room 214… 10 min. I blinked several times not sure I had read it correctly and then I looked at my watch. My mind raced as I played out several scenarios in my head. After a long six minutes I decided to go look for the room. As I opened the door to room 214 I could not believe my eyes as I saw my angel sitting on a desk located near the front of the room with her legs crossed.

I started to say, “Hi, my name is…” but stopped as she pressed a finger to her lips and shook her head no, and then she beckoned me forward with her finger. As I stepped in front of her she grabbed me by the belt and pulled me forward as she spread her legs to either side of me and began to kiss me deeply and passionately. As our tongues intertwined and caressed one another in our mouths I pulled her close to me so I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest. I broke our kiss off and began to kiss her neck just below her ear. I moved down her neck so I was kissing her chest just above her cleavage. I moved up kissing the other side of her neck as I unbuttoned her blouse. I began kissing her breast, still locked behind the black satin bra. I pulled the left cup down so her tit popped out of the top and I began to lick and suck her trabzon escort bayan nipple as I freed her right breast in the same way. Now with both free for my pleasure I turned my attentive mouth to her right nipple as I massaged her left breast and pinched her nipple. As I focused on her breasts she had reached down and hiked her skirt up around her waist. As I looked down I saw that she had come prepared and was not wearing any panties. I could also see that she was indeed a natural redhead as her pussy was cleanly shaven except for a red landing strip just above her slit.

Without saying a word she put a hand on my head, pushed me down between her legs and then draped both legs over my shoulders, locked her ankles together and pulled me into her. This woman did not need to speak, she knew how to tell me what she wanted without words and I loved it! I spread her lips with my fingers and slid my tongue into her. She was already wet and had plenty for me to lick up. I pushed deeper into her pussy so my nose was buried in her well groomed strip and my tongue licked up her pussy like a child licking an ice cream in the middle of summer. My tongue found her clit and played with it and then I sucked it into my mouth. That was obviously her button as she let out a load moan and I could feel her heels digging into my back. She bucked against my face as she came. Then without warning she grabbed the back of my hair, pulled me up and pushed me away like a discarded toy. As I took a step back she dropped to her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants.

In no time this woman had my trousers and boxers bunched around my ankles and my cock in her mouth. I have to admit she knew what she wanted and she was taking it. As aggressive as she was she was also an expert cocksucker. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft occasionally withdrawing my cock from her mouth to lick it up and down its entire length before sucking it back into her mouth. There is no other way to put it; this woman was using my cock to fuck her own mouth! Almost as suddenly as she started she stopped, stood up turned away from me and walked over to the desk. With her skirt still around her waist she leaned escort trabzon over the desk, placed her elbows on the top and grabbed the edge with her hands. She spread her legs, looked over her shoulder for the first time and spoke, “Fuck Me.”

With the way this woman was going I did not want to waste anytime. I moved so I was standing behind her with my cock pointing straight at her pussy. I took my cock in my hand and began to rub the head up and down her slit. As I did this she began to push back against me obviously ready for me to slide into her. I pushed my head past her lips and heard her moan as her pussy split and then wrapped around me. She was so warm and wet I had to wait a minute to regain my composure, not wanting to blow my load too soon. I slowly slid into her as she pushed back against me. I was surprised at how tight she was. I had slid in so her ass was against my stomach and I had my hands on her hips. Then I just began to pump in and out of her. There could be no mistake, we were not making love, we were not just having sex, we were fucking. There was something animalistic about the way we were going at it. Her ass was smacking against my body with each thrust and she was using the desk as leverage to push back against my cock. As I fucked her I remembered how quickly she came when I sucked her clit so I moved one hand around to massage her clit and put my other hand on her shoulder for leverage as I thrust. As we fucked it was raw and our tempo increased. We were both panting and moaning when I felt her muscles tighten around my cock as she climaxed. That sensation sent me over the edge and I pumped stream after stream of cum into her body.

Sweaty and exhausted I stepped back and fell into a chair. She stood, turned around, wiped some cum that had dripped down her inner thigh and then sucked her finger into her mouth. Neither one of us said a word as she pulled her skirt down, fixed her bra and buttoned her blouse. As she walked to the back of the room she said, “See you next Sunday.”

As she reached the door I could not contain it any longer, “What is your name?”

She stopped in the doorway, looked back at me and said “Heather Simmons” and then she left.

After I recovered and cleaned myself up I made my way to the parking lot with the rest of the congregation as the sermon had ended. As I pulled out of the parking lot I did a double take as I read the church sign.

First Baptist Church

Pastor Herman Simmons

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