Mystery Of Eve


I pour myself a cup of hot, black coffee, then I settle in to check my emails from overnight. There she is again! The mystery woman’s cyber signature spikes my heart rate, as it always does. Her email is different today. Instead of the introductory small talk, passion leaps from the screen in front of me.

To: Jack

From: Eve

I ran outside into the pouring rain where cool drops sizzled on my hot flesh and streamed down my hair like a waterfall. I unbuttoned my dress, ripping buttons along the way. I fell back onto the wet grass and thrust my arms upwards, reaching towards the heavens. A river flowed down from the sky, wild and untamed. Its wet caress was not a lover’s gentle touch. It pounded down hard upon me as I threw open my legs and arched my back. My fingers chased the drops as they raced down my naked body, over mounds, along curves and into my valley. I delighted in each stinging kiss it placed upon my thighs and every wet lick between my spread lips. And I screamed with pleasure as I felt that liquid tongue stroke me in just the right place.

I closed my eyes and let the rain make love to me. The sky turned black and the thunder rumbled as it pleasured me deep within. I surrendered to it and was swept away in a flood of ecstasy. My eyes flew open just as the lightning lit them for my stormy lover. I was drenched as my body began to slide along the grass like a serpent. I could not remain motionless. I had to move in unison with all that surrounded me. The wind blew fiercely through the trees. They swayed to and fro in a frenzied dance, trying to challenge me, but their limbs blew away in the passionate fury until I alone remained. My nails dug deeply into the earth as I rode out the storm. Finally, those black clouds rolled back and I felt the sweet sun on my skin. I stood and smiled as the last drop fell. The storm was over.

Just thought this might get your day off to a good start, Jack.

Teasingly, Eve

Coffee spills over the lip of my cup as a shiver of desire surges through my body. Quickly, I set my cup down. I see her, body glistening, wetness within and without, evoking my own primal urges. A growl escapes me as I envy the torrent falling from the heavens…

My business partner enters my office and begins to discuss some mundane and probably important business detail. I have no idea what he’s talking about. I cannot push aside her image. She rampages along the interlocking bridges of my synapses, wreaking havoc with my soldiers of logic. I muster just enough attention to realize John’s wondering where the hell I am.

“Leave, right now,” I silently will. Somehow he gets the message.

Then I’m there, wanting to crush her in my arms and twine her hair upwards in istanbul escort my fingers so I can nibble the nape of her neck. I move to search her wrists, her palms, and between each finger with my lips, tongue, and teeth, dipping into the pool of her sensuality before I plunge in utterly. Where the droplets join together as a stream along her spine, I desire to drink, my tongue voyaging downstream in a frenzy of exploration. The combination of sweet, fresh water and her own wetness intoxicates me…

I’m back. I look out of the massive window that frames a stunning vista of the Rocky Mountains and feel a little of what the captive lion must as he surveys the world from his cage. I want to be elsewhere, desperately!

Later that day I’m clearing the last bit of work from my desk and planning tomorrow’s priorities when Christine leans in my doorway.

“Your 4:30 appointment’s here,” she announces. I arch my eyebrow in surprise and quickly check my calendar.

“Christine,” I whisper, because my office is near the foyer. “I don’t have a 4:30.”

“Well, if I were you I’d take this one,” she says with a grin.

I contain my annoyance. Possibly, but not likely, I had made an appointment some time ago and entered it wrongly or not at all. I do my usual quick scan of the foyer as I enter. No one sits in any of the plush chairs, but standing and admiring the Daragon print behind Christine’s desk is a tall, dark-haired woman in a black dress. Her dress hugs a rather shapely body with what I consider a world-class ass tucked in rather nicely. I am absorbing all of this when she turns away from the print.

“Good afternoon. My name is Jack Logan. May I help you?” I say this while looking her straight in the eye and trying desperately to remember her. I’m sure we’ve never met, but she is somehow vaguely familiar. In her heels, with her hair up, she is about the same as my own six-foot height. I guess she is probably 5’8 or 5’9, barefoot… and naked (where’d that come from?)

“I believe we were scheduled to meet,” she says.

Meanwhile, she is coolly appraising me.

“I’m afraid you’ve caught me at a disadvantage. I sincerely apologize. My calendar does not reflect an appointment at this time. Nevertheless…”

“If you’d prefer I come another time…” her voice trails off with a wicked, little smile.

“No, no, please step into my office,” I smile in return.

I show her in just as a number of my co-workers are leaving. Paul is slightly bug-eyed as he takes in the sway of her hips. Mike looks from her to me as if to say, “You won this week, big guy,” while Martin walks by with a big grin, giving the universal sign for, “Pound her, avcılar escort man!” I can always count on Marty.

“Please, sit down,” I offer, moving around my desk to my own chair. Before I can ask her name, she asks if I would direct her to the restroom. “Sure, across the hall and look to your left.”

While she is gone the office empties out. A moment later she returns.

“Again, I apologize. How can I help you?”

“Before we start, maybe you should check your email, your Hotmail account,” she suggests seductively.

The sun begins to rise and the fog starts to clear. While outwardly, I think I still appear cool, my heart begins to jackhammer. I half turn to punch the keys that will access my account, glancing over as she places a thick manila envelope on the desk near me. Once I’ve cleared the gates her message greets me. I half-mindedly wonder when she wrote it? I had only cleared my mail a little before her arrival. Even yet it stuns me… Eve!

I turn toward her again. A smile plays upon her lovely lips as she urges me to read the message. I would much rather devour her, first with my eyes. With effort I rip my gaze away from her. I’m thinking, “Those eyes, those lips, her hair, and her breasts… oh, is this the woman?”

I open the message – “If I’m still in your office as you read this, things are progressing nicely. In the envelope there is a gift for you. Open it now.”

My emotions run amok. We stare intently at one another as I reach for the envelope. My attention goes to my task, but I glance at her as I rip open the seal. Do I see a subtle flicker of anxiety? My fingers reach in to touch lace. I withdraw panties. Sexy, white, intimate, panties.

“I just removed them. Maybe they’re still warm,” she tells me.

I hold her panties against my cheek… the scent stimulates some primitive part of me and I think I stifle a growl. My cock awakens, like a bear slowly coming out of its slumber, soon to be ravenous.

“Eve, Eve, Eve, what am I to do with you?”

In answer, she places a red-tipped finger to her lips. Her tongue emerges to slowly bathe it. The bear stirs and flexes. I have a very good idea of what I want to do with her. I lean forward.

“Tell me Eve, that finger, has it ever been me?”

She says nothing. Rather, her lips encircle her finger and ever so slowly it disappears into her mouth, to withdraw again slowly. She watches me watching her. Finally, I remember to breathe. I leave my chair and as I come around to her I close my door. When I extend my hand she grasps it. I’m not surprised at her warmth. I bring her fingers to my lips as I raise her from the chair. A moment later, her back is against the wall, almost touching şirinevler escort it. We are very close. I move closer to kiss her but as she closes her eyes, millimeters before our lips touch, I stop. She opens her eyes to find me so close. We look from each other’s eyes, to lips, to eyes, and back. I don’t know what she is thinking, but I am savoring every molecule of her. I strive to reach her soul. Then my attention is drawn to her full, red, wet, luscious, lips that are slightly parted. I can wait no longer! A kiss, tentative… scouting before committing. She reaches as if to hold me.

“Not yet,” I whisper.

We stand, bodies not quite touching, while our lips explore. I leave her lips to trace a path to her ear, where I nibble just a little.

“Eve, I’ve dreamed of this so often,” I murmur softly.

I lean against her just enough so that her back is to the wall. I feel her breath, warm against my neck. My chest meets her breasts, rubbing ever so slightly. A little noise escapes her. The bear is up now, sniffing and shuffling in his lair. Something artificial combines with her own scent. I’m driven to lick and kiss her neck. I press her upper body a little harder.

Again I whisper in her ear, “I want to touch you, lift your dress for me.” I separate myself from her a bit. It is just enough for her to reach down and raise her dress to hip level.

“Are you wet,” I ask?

“You’ll know soon enough,” she says with a tremble.

“Tell me, baby.”

“Yes, I’m wet for you,” she sighs.

The bear lets out a roar. My fingertips waltz about, absorbing the texture of her lower belly and the tops of her thighs. They slowly approach her center, lightly brushing the lips. All of this while I speak softly to her.

“Do you know how many nights I lay awake imagining you, how you look, how you smell, the sound of your voice, your laughter, how your nipples would taste as I licked and nipped at them? I would wonder how easily, first my finger, then my hard cock would slip into your warm, wet pussy. And when it did, what sounds you would make, how your juices would taste as my tongue traveled the length of you, how big your clit would become as I licked and sucked it. And your legs, as you lay on your back while I taste you, will your long legs be spread wide before me, in offering, or will your knees be crushing your breasts so that my tongue can fuck you deeper and deeper? Maybe you’ll simply raise them straight up, looking between them to watch me pleasure you. And after you’ve cum, time after time, will you still be eager enough for more that you’ll kneel, elbows on the bed, ass raised to me, hoping I’ll take you once more?”

I raise my fingers to my parched lips and drink in her wetness just before capturing her mouth in a hungry kiss. But our passionate moment is fleeting. It is interrupted when she tells me that my 4:30 has arrived. I’m puzzled by this statement coming from her sweet lips, until I come to my senses.

“Your 4:30 appointment’s here,” Christine repeats.

Too bad it isn’t you, Eve.

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