Naked Ambition


There is no question we live in a tough economy. It’s difficult enough for most of us to find any job, let alone one in which we’ve had training and skills. Desperate times called for desperate measures in several of those cases, and during a recent job interview, you could say I was one of the desperate.

I was living on my savings since my unemployment compensation benefits expired after the last extension, but it wouldn’t be much longer before they too depleted. I already cashed in on some of my investments to pay off my condo. During the entire time, I’ve hunted for the same kind of career position I’d held for almost twenty years before the newspaper was sold to a major company was a tough feat.

Journalism students straight from college rarely had success putting their newly acquired degrees to use; at forty-two, it was much more difficult for me. I still sold some freelance articles and stories from home, but I needed a steady income to stay afloat financially.

When I received a response to my online resume to interview for a position at one of the local TV stations, I was thrilled, yet somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that my chances of getting a field reporter spot were slim to none. After all, why should they settle for someone my age when there were so many young, attractive, and equally ambitious women?

I arrived at the studios and gave the receptionist my name. She consulted a list on her desk. “Oh, yes, Jeff will be conducting your interview. Second door on your right down the hallway.”

I found Jeff’s office and knocked on the door. A man’s voice yelled for me to come in. When I opened the door, I faced a well-dressed man who didn’t look much older than twenty-one.

My God, he’s still a kid. This should be fun, I thought.

I cleared my throat and introduced myself. I immediately apologized for being late.

Jeff tekirdağ escort eyed my body from head to toe and I felt the color rising in my neck. I’ve always tended to blush when people stare at me. “Yes, you must be Susan. Harmon,” he finally said and took my resume.

“One thing we emphasize is punctuality,” he continued not looking up from reading the resume. “Not being on time today is one strike against you, and from what I see on your resume, I don’t think you’d be cut out for one of our open positions.”

I was right; this was a waste of time, I thought. I’m just too old.

I explained that I had other qualifications and assets and he should reconsider my application. I was willing to do anything.

Jeff looked at me and a devilish grin crossed his face. “Really? Anything?”

“I’d like to offer my skills to your station,” I replied.

His eyes roamed my body again. “Well, there’s one thing you can do.”


I was practically in shock when Jeff instructed me to take off my top, adding if I wanted a job I had to show him HOW much I desired it.

I’d always prided myself on getting work the old-fashioned way, but since my present circumstances were bleak, if getting even the most menial job at the station meant doing anyone as well as anything, then I should give in to the desires of the man sitting before me. For still being quite young, Jeff was attractive and sexy, so maybe showing him my breasts wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

I pulled off my top so Jeff could see my naked chest and saw him rubbing the rising tent in his khaki pants. He motioned me to drop my skirt and grinned with appreciation after I did. “You got great tits and one fine ass. I love women with a few curves on her, and yours are perfect.”

He asked me to sit on a black leather couch. After I did, he drew closer and removed his clothes. Jeff had an amazing body with a perfect ass, flat stomach, and of course, a very well-endowed cock. I knew what Jeff wanted me to do. He smiled down at me while he stroked his throbbing shaft in front of my face.

I began licking his balls while I stroked his shaft. Jeff leaned back his head back and sighed with content. Taking the cue, I moved my mouth over his shaft, taking down as much of his dick as I could before I felt its head at the back of my throat.

If sucking his cock was going to be the rest of the interview, then I was going to make sure that hot young stud got the blow job of his life!

He pulled his wet cock out of my mouth and then straddled my body. He held my breasts together and then pushed his penis between them. Jeff’s hands pushed my tits firmly together to form a tighter hole while he thrust his cock in and out of my cleavage.

After several minutes, he slid down my body and pulled apart my pussy lips. He pushed his face between my thighs as he licked and sucked my pussy. I rocked my hips bone in motions I never knew I could around his lips as his tongue darted inside me. I didn’t know how many times I actually came, but my body was still shivering when Jeff finished pleasing me with his mouth and then mounted himself on top of me.

My hands pushed against his body as I felt his steel hard cock moving inside me. I moaned with pleasure as his pushed deeper and his thrusts increased. Grabbing my body, he started hammering into my tight sweet spot and my tits bounced with every motion of his hips. Jeff’s body began to break out in beads of sweat as he slipped his arms under my legs and contained to fuck me hard until I exploded in orgasm.

Jeff pulled out after several minutes. “Get on all fours,” he ordered.

I turned over and it didn’t take long for him to plunge back in my pussy and start fucking me in hardcore doggie style. I pushed my thighs back on his hips and our moans began to fill the room. His hand reached below my chest and grabbed my tits while we fucked like animals in heat.

He pulled out and turned me on my back again. It was almost all I could do to keep from laughing when his cell phone rang and he took the call. Jeff casually spoke on the phone with someone who was clearly a friend while he continued to fuck me – I am not kidding!

Jeff finished his phone call just as I noticed the familiar feeling inside me of a man about to come. Within minutes, he pushed his cock deeper and increased his thrusts, grunting each time he slammed his hips against mine.

He let out an animalistic groan as I felt his release in me. After a few more thrusts, he collapsed on top of me, clearly satisfied. We lay like that for several minutes before lifting his body from mine and we sat together, still naked.

“My buddy was right about one thing…cougar sex ROCKS!” he said with a wide smile. “Now, I have some good and bad news.”

I stared incredulously at him. I’d just spent the last half and hour fucking a guy who was practically a stranger and I wasn’t going to be offered a job after all?

“Give me the bad news first,” I said.

“Well, we filled all of the field positions, but the good news is I have something else in mind for you. I need a personal assistant in the worst way, and judging from what I’ve seen, you are far more than qualified. I’ll even throw in medical and other benefits.” He winked. “Be warned, some of those benefits could be..let’s say the ‘physical’ kind.”

“But…” I began.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been cut,” Jeff said, as if he’d read my mind. “Love kids, but no desire to have my own.”

It wasn’t something I’d consider under normal circumstances, but how could I refuse a such another great opportunity, particularly if I can “assist” him in other ways?

I start work on Monday.

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