Nancy’s Alluring Ass!


Nancy’s Alluring Ass!It’s been a long time now since high school. You’d think I would just let some things go but then I recently heard from an old friend and we exchanged emails which was a lot of fun. Of course, eventually, we got around to the girls we dated and he asked If I ever say my main squeeze from back then, Nancy. Unfortunately, the answer is no but I still think about her from time to time.I thought about Nancy and her gorgeous “surfer girl” looks. You know, the straight blond hair, tanned complexion and curvy body? Yeah, that was Nancy. We dated back then and she really seemed to like me. One night, after a football game, she refused to be taken home, actually grabbing the steering wheel so I couldn’t turn onto her street. Even a knucklehead like me figured out what she wanted and we found a private place to park!Oh, and then then kissing started! Nancy taught me how to french…it wasn’t hard to learn, and we really went at it, hugging and kissing and licking and, all that stuff you do on a first time make out session. I had to get Nancy home by midnight so we cut our little party short.But, over the next couple of months we cut the football game short so there would be more time to make out! I began to slowly steal my hand up Nancy’s thighs while keeping her occupied with plenty of kissing. One night, I managed to get all the way up to her panties! This was wildly exciting for me. Touching my girlfriend’s soft little panties beneath which lay her pussy which I assumed was never before touched or even seen.When I touched her there, Nancy grabbed my hand and stopped me, asking if I just considered her to be a toy for my enjoyment. The mood was broken and for the next couple of dates, I stayed away from her panties and tried to be content with just kissing.Then, I think it was Thanksgiving Friday, I was emboldened by Nancy’s delicious kisses and revisited my earlier attempts to touch her pussy through her panties.”Oh, Jeff! No!” She complained. “We can’t do that and you know it.” But I really wanted Nancy! I wanted all of her! Her mouth, her pussy and most of all, her ass! Now, all high school girls are in prime condition as far as their bodies go. But Nancy had an ass to die for! she would wear these “Ski pants” they were called that were really tight and showed off her ass like nobody’s business. I’d never seen heard of anal sex back then but I used to dream of just rubbing up against Nancy’s shapely butt until I came.But Nancy was a “good girl” and letting me fuck her or even touch her panties was a no no so I was seriously frustrated. I think it was that Saturday, she called me and told me her parents and her brother weren’t home and she wanted to have a talk with me. Thinking NOBODY’S HOME! I drove over there right away. Nancy was wearing jeans and a nice blue sweater. She always looked good to me but, somehow, seeing her ass in those jeans just made my cock hard the minute I got in the door. But Nancy had a reason for inviting me over.”Jeff, you know I love you and I want to be your girl.” She began, “But, I just can’t do that kind of stuff you were doing in the back seat.””But Nancy, I love you too but, gee whiz! I get all excited and then you won’t let me express my love for you!”I thought istanbul escort that was pretty good for a spur of the moment thing! Nancy seemed to be considering my comment and then she moved right up next to me. I could smell her perfume and her personal scent that I knew so well from all of our make out sessions.”I used to go out with a boy, I won’t mention his name but I think you know him. Anyway, he took me up to Top of Zelzah and showed me how to make out and stuff. I really cared for him Jeff. At least I thought I did. Anyway, one night he was insistent on me ‘relieving him’ he called it. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. He asked me to stroke him while he touched my panties. I didn’t want to do it Jeff! I really didn’t. But he started kissing me and he took my hand and put it on his…his cock. He told me to just stroke it softly and open my legs a little further so he could feel my panties. He promised he wouldn’t go inside my panties. I was embarrassed but I tried to please him. I opened my legs to allow him to touch my underpants while I clumsily started sliding my hand up and down his stiff penis. He was encouraging me and then his fingers were on my panties. It felt good Jeff. Not as good a when you’ve done it but, it felt sexy. I followed his lead and stroked him harder and faster and then, suddenly, his fingers slipped through the leg band of my little panties and then he was touching my bare pussy! I knew I had to finish him off or he would want to…to fuck me right there in the back seat of his car. I know it was wrong but I opened my legs a little further to give him a little thrill and I used both hands to increase his pleasure. It seemed to work. Next thing I knew he cried out and streams of bleach smelling juice poured out of his cock head and he got it all over my panties.”Well, I was shocked to hear her narrative as you might imagine. I assumed my girlfriend was a virgin in every sense of the word but that obviously wasn’t the case. After pausing for a moment, Nancy continued her recollection of the lurid night she’d experienced.”I thought we were going to be…it seems stupid to say this now but, I thought we were going to be together for a long time. But was I wrong! No, it was never the same for us after that. It was like, once he got me to jerk him off, he lost interest and probably was disappointed that I’d gone along with his demands. He thought I was a nice church going girl which I think I am but…but…”I couldn’t help but interject at this point. “So Nancy, now that you fooled around and ‘went too far’ with some other guy, I have to be okay with hand holding?” Nancy was silent. Then, tears began to flow from her eyes.”Now, I’m gonna lose you!” she gasped. “I shouldn’t have, I never should have…”She sputtered.I put my forefinger against her lips to silence her. I didn’t need to hear any more. I was confused at this point, not sure what to say or do. Maybe it was a mistake, but I gathered my things and prepared to leave. But Nancy was so upset. She’d confessed her innocent sexual interlude and now her boyfriend was heading out the door. I kissed her goodbye and told her “I’ll call you tomorrow.”I avcılar escort spent the night tossing and turning, mulling over the story my girlfriend had told me. I still wanted her but, but things had changed, that’s for sure. The next day, before I had a chance to call her, Nancy called me. She said she needed to talk to me about “what happened” and could I come over? No one was home so we could speak freely. I drove over to Nancy’s little suburban house. She met me at the door dressed in a blue polka dot skirt and white, tight fitting sleeveless top.We sat on the sofa and she began to speak. “Jeff, about the other night. I don’t want you to think I’m just a little tease. I hope you can accept that I did what I did with that other boy but I’m…I’m not ready to go all the way. We both have a long life ahead of us and I hope we get to spend it together but, to…to…” She seemed at a loss for words right about then.”I know Nan…” I told her. I think I understand but, well, can’t we do…something?” My girlfriend brushed her blond hair out of her eyes and without looking a me, quietly said: “Like what?”Now the ball was in my court. I knew what I wanted and I thought I might be able to get if I played my cards right.”Nancy, I’ve always admired your shapely form…especially your…uh, your rear end.” She gave me a little smile. I saw that and took heart. “So, could I maybe just look at your…your ass with no panties and, and take care of myself?”You really just want to look? Honestly?””Well, honestly, no!” Now I was smiling, “But, look, I promise I won’t try to go all the way and I promise we can go back to being how we were before this…misunderstanding.” I think that was the phrase that pays. Nancy looked right into my eyes and asked “So…what do I do?”I just moved my pretty girlfriend to her knees on the carpet with her chest resting on the sofa cushions. My fingers trembling, I reached for her skirt and slowly lifted it bringing her white cotton panties into my sight! I love white panties and it was a thrill to see Nancy’s, that’s for sure! But I wanted more and, after taking a few moments to relish the incredible sight before me, I took the waistband of her panties in my fingers and slowly tugged them down, putting the tightly closed cheeks of Nancy’s ass on display!”Oh my God Nan!” I gasped, “You’re incredible! There it was! My girlfriend’s bare ass in all it’s glory! She seemed unsure of what was going to happen now and I was in the same boat. I guess I was just supposed to jerk off while looking at her shapely ass and that’s what I began to do. But, I was dry and it wasn’t easy. “Nancy is there anything I could use to lube myself up?” I awkwardly asked. “Well, what do you boys use?” She innocently asked. I guess she couldn’t expect to be an expect on such a subject.”How about a little butter?” I offered. Right about then, I got a sly smile from Nancy and she pulled up her panties and went in the kitchen. Soon, she reappeared with a pat of butter on a little plate. She also carried her panties which she’d decided might be in the way in the kitchen. She handed them to me and they were so soft and warm and smelled of her vagina. Of course I smelled them which seemed şirinevler escort to gross her out but it was too good to pass up.Nancy resumed her position, subserviently kneeling on the carpet, and then reached back and lifted her skirt to reveal her now totally naked ass to my excited gaze! I nudged her legs slightly apart which brought the lips of her virgin pussy and her tight little pink asshole into view. Nancy’s ass was not fat or anything, just fully developed and plump and eager to please!I spread a bit of butter on my shaft and began to stroke it lusting after Nancy’s lewdly displayed loins. This was way better than the back seat of some car. No. we were in her living room with plenty of light and all of her charms available for me to enjoy. Well, most of them anyway. I assumed to try and get her to take off her top so I could see her tits would be asking too much.So I stroked myself and Nancy knelt there in front of me. Finally, the pretty blond turned to look at me, I guess to see what kind of progress I was making. Just the sight of her pretty face had me ready to cum right about then but I wanted more. Knowing she might complain, I reached out and slid my oily fingers all over Nancy’s butt crease.”Noooo!” she protested but she didn’t stop me. I touched her asshole and briefly reached down to caress her bare pussy. “Jeff, no! You promised!” “Sometimes in this life, you have to take a chance if you ever want to get something you really want. I took that chance. I pushed Nancy onto the sofa on her belly, tossed her skirt up out of my way and then settled in on top of her, my prick now laying in her delectable anal groove. I began to subtly move to and fro, enjoying the luscious feel of Nancy’s butt cheeks tightly enclosing me.”Dont fuck me Jeff! You promised!” She moaned even though she made no move to escape. No, it settled into me rubbing my cum striving penis into Nancy’s full ripe butt cheeks and her softly responding. For a few minutes, we moved together and then, the unthinkable happened! nancy reached back and took her rear globes in her hands and pushed them together, increasing my pleasure immeasurably!. Just the thought of how hard she was trying to please me made it all that much sweeter. I snorted and began to “fuck” my cock into Nancy’s artificial vagina and I sensed my orgasm rapidly approaching. “Uh…Uh…Uh” I cried out as I felt my prick expanding, my crisis just ahead. Then, somehow, I’ve never been able to really figure out how, but somehow Nancy moved up a little…just a little and my cock head penetrated her little virgin asshole!”Ohhh, ouch!” She complained. But it was too late for me now. I took a deep breath and shoved hard and managed to hilt myself to the balls in Nancy’s tight little pink asshole! And, as you might imagine, my sperm began it’s unstoppable journey to it’s never before violated destination: My pretty teen aged girlfriend’s anus! I felt my cock jerking and Nancy moaned and groaned and somehow, I think, she came to appreciate that, uncomfortable as it was, at least it was over and she’d done her best to please me.Yes, many years have gone by and that thrill was never to be duplicated. Oh, Nancy and I were an item for a few months, then graduation and college came between us and we moved on. I’ve had anal sex too but never with that situation that lead to such hightened anticipation. The thrilling feel of her butt cheeks squeezing me so beautifully, hell, just the sight of her sexual charms. It was never to be topped. Wherever you are tonight Nancy, I love you. You’re the one that got away.

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