Neighbor Surprise Ch. 02


Two weeks later, Joe found himself on a double date with Karyn, Jen, and Karyn’s co-worker Mark. Really, it was just dinner. Afterwards, each couple had separate plans. Joe thought dinner went well, Jen and Mark seemed to be getting along really well. After dinner, Joe and Karyn went to a play and Jen and Mark went to listen to a local band.

Later, as Joe pulled into the garage, he noticed Jen and Mark on her front lawn, Mark bent down, kissed her, and headed to his car! Joe was shocked, he thought for sure that Mark would be headed inside with her.

A couple of minutes later, Karyn received a text, it was Jen. ‘May I come over?’

‘Of course’.

‘Great,’ thought Joe, ‘there goes my plans.’

“Jen, what happened, did you guys not hit it off?” Karyn asked. “We did,” Jen replied. “I thought he was really great. When we got here though, I invited him in. Then he told me he enjoyed our time too much for that. He asked me out for next Saturday, kissed me and left!”

“Given the cleavage you’ve been flashing, he must have some real self-control!” Karyn joked.

“I guess, but I DON’T! Crap, I’m so horny, I’m soaking through my panties. I daydreamed of him fucking me all the way home!” Jen whined.

Well, this conversation had Joe intrigued. Maybe a spontaneous night would be better than his plans. However, he figured that the next move was Karyn’s.

“Why don’t you two get started, I’ll be back in a minute,” Karyn uşak escort smiled as they went in the house. Joe took Jen to the backroom while Karyn headed upstairs.

The last time, Joe had only seen Jen’s ass. This time, he pulled her dress off, letting it fall to the floor. He moved on to her bra, unhooking it, dropping it to the floor. This released her large, soft tits. Without the constraint of a bra, Joe could see how long Jen’s nipples were, nearly 2 inches!

Joe guided Jen to the ottoman and bent her over it. He pulled off her panties, they certainly were soaked! Jen was already dripping so Joe grabbed a blanket off the couch and placed it under her.

Joe slid his fingers into Jen’s dripping snatch. The heat deep within her was tremendous. He quickly decided to finger her hard. Joe pressed his fingers into Jen’s g-spot. Suddenly, and incredibly quickly, Jen was popping off in a huge orgasm on Joe’s hand, her cream soaking his fingers and dripping onto the blanket. Joe pulled his hand away to unbutton, unzip and drop his pants.

Joe quickly penetrated Jen eager to feel the heat deep in her love box. As Joe began fucking her from behind, he reached down grabbing a nipple. It was swollen and hard. Joe enjoyed the intense heat Jen was producing and the sloppy sounds he was creating smashing into her swollen mound. Jen hit another orgasm and another.

As Joe fucked her doggie, Karyn walked back in. Joe was stunned. Karyn was in his favorite fishnet body stocking, but the thing that surprised him was the big strap on she was wearing.

As Karyn smiled at them, Jen hit a heavy orgasm, her pussy clamped upon Joe’s cock. “Fill me with that hot seed, c’mon Joe, fucking fill me up!” That was all the encouragement Joe needed, his cock swelled, his balls squeezing hard, he did fill her up. His hot cum mixed with her sweet juices making a thick, milky liquid.

As Joe pulled out, the mixture dripped from Jen in long strands of pure lusty cream.

Now, it was Karyn’s turn. Joe handed her a dry towel as she stepped up to Jen. She rolled Jen over onto her back. Wordlessly, she crawled between Jen’s legs. As the tip of the dildo touched Jen’s darkened lips, Karyn hesitated for a moment, a tease Jen couldn’t handle, “Oh, fuck me you bitch!” she screamed.

Karyn slammed the dildo home. She had chosen a long dildo. It smashed all the way to the top of her cunt, knocking the wind out of her. “Bitch?” Karyn teased, “You’ll be begging for more soon!” Karyn began fucking Jen. She took full strokes, fully impaling Jen with each stroke. Joe watched the dripping cream increase to a torrent, dripping onto the towel. Karyn was figuring out how to fuck a woman with her strap-on. She began to get into a rhythm.

Once Karyn had her pace, she picked up her tempo. She was fucking with long, fast strokes. Joe watched Jen’s soft tits flopping in opposition to the strokes filling her over and over. He noticed her face contort, her breath heavy, so heavy, she couldn’t talk as she was near hyperventilation. Jen had hit into a rolling orgasm. Wave after wave hit her, each one taking her away from consciousness. Suddenly she stiffened, screamed out a huge “YES!” and passed out.

Karyn was shocked. She pulled out with a little concern on her face, but once she realized what happened, she couldn’t help but giggle.

Joe quickly pushed Karyn over, popping off the dildo from the harness as he did. He shoved it into her love slot. Joe rammed the toy into her slit while rubbing her clit with his free hand. The sexually charged environment had her ready. Karyn unexpectedly orgasmed quickly, coating the fake cock, and Joe’s hand with her juice. “Give me the real thing baby,” Karyn groaned.

Joe didn’t need a second request. Watching Karyn fuck Jen had gotten Joe hard again. Joe rolled Karyn over, pulled her legs up on his shoulder giving him access to her deepest recesses. Joe methodically raised and lowered Karyn’s ass to hit a different spot at the end of each stroke. He could tell Karyn was enjoying the experience. “Fuck me baby!” she repeated over and over. Karyn’s orgasm caused her to clench and milk Joe’s cock. Joe let loose with his second load of the night.

As Karyn and Joe uncoupled, they noticed Jen watching, smiling. “I haven’t been fucked that well in 15 years,” she said, a glow evident on her face. “I probably should have mentioned that passing out was a possibility, sorry,” she smiled.

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