Neighborly Relations Pt. 21


PART TWENTY ONE: Playing Doctor

CHAPTER ONE, Turn Your Head and Cough

Five-thirty was definitely the last appointment time of the day. Danny pulled into the lot of the clinic noting that there were very few cars there now, and staff members were leaving holding their coats shut over their medical garb. He guessed that the doctor was just eager to get to the bottom of their family dynamic as soon as possible.

When he got to the desk, a young nurse looked over the schedule and said, “I don’t see your name here.”

“I guess you’ll have to ask the doctor,” he said. He shrugged, thinking that maybe they should pay better attention. The nurse stepped away from the desk a moment, and then returned saying, “It was last minute, I guess. Follow me.”

She took Danny back to an exam room and left him, saying, “The doctor will be with you soon.”


Dr. Gail Perkins had finished with her last patient about ten minutes before her nurse came to her small office to announce Danny’s arrival. “It’s just a quick check up for his mother. A friend of mine,” she told the nurse. “Go on home.”

The nurse never thought that a woman like Dr. Perkins would give under the counter medical care, but she couldn’t say that she minded if it was the case. Somebody should get a break on a bill sometime.

“Okay, I’ll, scoot out of here.” she said. “Good night.”

“Good night.” She took her pen to finish the paperwork she’d been doing, hoping that her trembling fingers wouldn’t give her away. She waited another ten minutes before she left her office and strolled down the hall between examination rooms and to the lobby. The lobby lights were cut down to just a few to let the cleaning crew find their way in when they came at eight. Her reception area was dark.

Gail was still marveling at how quickly she had made her decision and acted upon it yesterday. She’d been confronted with an awkward situation and had handled it by seeking to create a situation of her own. Obviously, the Porters weren’t a very moral family. And it was just as obvious that their future was in her hands. She knew that what ever happened, the Porters wouldn’t tell anyone about it. They wouldn’t dare.

Gail Perkins wasn’t one to tell people about her fantasies. Fantasies weren’t public things, after all. But she had many fantasies of a sexual nature, and every time she failed to achieve orgasm with her husband she seemed to come up with a couple more.

Doctor and patient. Now, that was a Grade A fantasy.


Danny waited, and waited, and, though the clock only indicated that twenty minutes had passed, it felt like hours as he sat in the sterile exam room. Finally, a slim, attractive woman of medium height with nearly black hair, a round, inviting face and skin that might well be described as alabaster entered the room.

“Mr. Porter?” she said, closing the door.

“Yes. Danny,” he said awkwardly.

“I’m Doctor Perkins. Gail Perkins.”

She extended her hand and Danny grasped it in a careful handshake. Her hand, when she extended it, seemed to be trembling just a bit, and it was slightly moist, and quite warm.

“Glad to meet you,” Danny said, though they both knew that was stretching the truth.

“So, you’re about to be a father,” the doctor said, picking up a blood pressure cuff.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Danny said, trying to sound clean cut and normal. His mother had said to just go along with whatever she wanted, and he intended to do just that.

“What sort of arrangements are you planning to make for the baby?” She said, as she took his pressure.

“I, well, I guess we’re all just going to pitch in.”

“Sounds fair,” she said. She inserted a thermometer into his ear and took his temperature.

“What plans do you have for raising a child?”

Gail sat back and watched Danny. He was a good looking, well muscled boy of nineteen, and he seemed intelligent. She wasn’t sure what she had expected him to be like, but she knew what she was hoping for. She was hoping for a boy just like him.

“Plans? Don’t people normally just take care of things as needed?”

“Yes, I guess so.” Gail found that she had been staring at him, her mind wandering just a bit. He was the same build as her husband, with nearly the same hair color. Much better looking than she’d expected.

“Do you love your sister?”

“Of course.”

“Would you marry her if it were legal?”

Danny paused, very much unsure of what would be the right answer. “No,” he said at last. “I guess it would a friends with benefits sort of thing.”

“You plan to continue having sex with her? With your mother?”

“Of course,” he said. “No point in stopping now.”

No, there certainly wasn’t. Gail liked his answers. He was being honest. And she liked the small smile he was wearing just then. She liked the way he tipped his head just a bit to the side when he thought.

Gail Perkins was getting warm, and her face felt flushed. When she tried to pick up her pen, she found that her hand was trembling pendik escort even more than before. The supposed need for secrecy was the perfect excuse for an appointment so late in the day. She was hoping, just hoping, that he was as handsome as his mother made him sound. And, if genetics held sway at all, she expected that a boy born of Emily Porter and her husband, the rather formal man at her bank, would be good looking. Now that she’d seen him, she knew that a long savored fantasy was about to come true.

“Stand up and drop your pants and shorts,” she said.

“What?” Danny was surprised, but his mother had said to play along. He sure wouldn’t mind playing along with the beautiful doctor.

“Let’s finish the exam,” she said as she slipped latex gloves onto her hands.

Danny did as he was told. He stood and dropped his pants and shorts without hesitation, and was very glad to see that, while his cock wasn’t embarrassingly firm, it wasn’t shriveled up, either.

Gail knelt before him and took his scrotum in one hand. “Do you often have sex with your mother and sister at the same time?” she asked, watching his cock twitch ever so slightly as she went through the motions of checking for testicular cancer. Danny cock was circumcised and rather nice looking. She wondered how long it got when hard.

“Yes,” he said. “Most usually it’s me and my dad teaming up on one of them.”

“Oh, my,” she said, pressing two fingers against his body beside the right side of his scrotum. She could almost visualize the two men using one of the women at the same time. She could especially see them with the rather regal, intelligent mother. “Turn your head and cough,” she said.

Danny followed her command.

“What about the rest of your family? Grandparents, Aunts or Uncles, what about them?”

“They’d freak out.” Danny laughed and his cock jiggled before Gail’s face. “Besides, they live pretty far away.”

“So it’s just your immediate family. Do you have sex with non family members?” Placing her fingers on the other side of his penis, she added, “Cough again.”

Danny coughed. “Of course, we get together with anyone interested. I mean, well that sounds stupid, I guess.”

“Not at all.” Before she stood, she stroked the tip of her index finger along the top of his penis. “You have a very nice penis,” she said as it thickened at her touch.

“Thank you.”

“Turn and rest your hands against the exam table,” Gail said as she stood. While Danny did that, she applied lubricant to the first two fingers on her gloved right hand.

She stood behind Danny and placed her left hand on his buttock, pulling to separate them just a bit. She brought her two greased fingers in against his anus. “Do you like fucking your mother in the ass?” She thrust her fingers into his ass to emphasize the question.

“Yeah,” Danny said, wincing just a bit. “She likes it.”

“Do you like it?” Doctor Perkins asked. She pulled her fingers back a bit and then thrust them in again, twice. “Fucking your mother in the ass. Do you like it?”

“Not really.” Danny gave up on trying to control his cock. It was clear that she didn’t want him to control anything. He was hard as steel just then. “I just do it if somebody asks.”

“Does your father ass-fuck your sister?” She withdrew her hand and turned to remove her gloves and discard them.

“Sometimes,” Danny said. “We’re not a real big ass fucking family.”

When Gail turned back to him, Danny was facing her with his penis fully erect and aiming at her like a stone wand. He had stepped out of his shoes and pants, too, so his only covering was his shirt and white socks.

“Oh, my,” Gail said, her heart racing. Yes, this was what she wanted. Moving closer, she grasped his cock in one hand and squeezed it just a bit. “Did I arouse you, Mr. Porter?”

“When a good looking woman sticks a couple fingers up my ass, I generally get aroused,” he said, staring into her gray blue eyes. “And my name is Danny.”

Danny wanted to jump her right then, but he held back. He knew what she wanted, but he didn’t know how she wanted it to happen.

Gail stood just a moment and looked at the young man before her. She could barely breathe, and her pussy was so wet that it had soaked through her underwear and pantyhose. She felt dizzy.

She was actually doing this. She had dreamed of finding a way to get a male patient in here. A good looking, young male patient. And now she was actually going through with the fantasy of having sex with him.

She placed one hand on his chest, feeling his heart beating and the movement of his chest when he breathed. His heart was racing, and his breathing was speeding up, too. She held Danny’s cock in a very businesslike manner, stroking him just a bit.

“Do you perform oral sex on your mother and sister?” Gail asked. She had to wet her lips then, for her mouth had gone very dry. “And they on you?”

“We’re a very big oral sex family,” he said, smiling now.

“Do you . . .”

“Are you pendik escort just going to stand there holding my cock?” Danny asked.

“Am I . . .” Gail’s mind had gone blank for the moment. All she could think of was the warm rod in her hand.

“I think you want more than that.”

Danny reached down below the hem of her skirt and slipped both hands over her legs and up, pushing the outer garment up until his fingers were at the top of her panty hose and underwear. She pulled back instinctively, just a bit, but he pulled her close and held her firmly as he slid his fingers under the elastic band and pushed the undergarments down and down again until they slid past her knees and puddled around her feet on the floor.

“I think you want something like this.” Grasping the doctor’s ass, Danny tipped his head and kissed her, and she moved her arms up to hold him. “And this,” he said. He moved his hands on her buttocks so that the tip of his right finger was brushing against the puckered opening of her anus. She shuddered.

He lifted her and turned to put her down between him and the exam table. Then he released her and turned her by the shoulders and pushed her roughly forward on the couch where she caught her self on her forearms.

“But, what you really want is this,” he said, in a silken purr.

Danny flipped her skirt up, marveling at the whiteness of her skin. He slid one hand down over her belly, finding her wet cunt, and pulled her thighs apart with the other. She was a rather short woman, so he hand to lower himself quite a bit to angle his hard cock up between her legs, but he managed it. Then he pushed his rod up along her wet slit until it found his waiting fingers and he could guide it into the slippery tunnel.

Gail leaned on the table breathing quickly and letting the wonderful anticipation roll through her body. She shuddered as he pressed the glans of his penis against her and then popped it into her body, She leaned her forehead on the paper sheet while gasping in breaths through her slackly open mouth.

Danny humped his hips forward and slammed his cock into the willing woman. She cried out briefly, her verbal explosion ending in the word “yes!”

Danny lifted her and stood straight. Her clothing was still effectively tying her ankles, and one shoe was still on, but he ignored them and thrust himself through the narrow opening between her legs. Her knees were bent and her feet rested against Danny’s knees, giving their movements a little extra bounce as she enjoyed the movement of his firm flesh within her gripping vagina.

“Does your husband do you like this?” he grunted as he slammed into her. She moaned. “Or do you prefer getting ass fucked?” Gail made a mewling sound. “You want my cock in your ass?”

“No,” she gasped. “Fuck my va . . . my pussy, my cunt. Fuck it hard!” The fact that she had said such things to a stranger added to the throbbing tingle in her stomach. His cock was so big! His large cock made her vagina feel like a cunt, and she wanted that feeling to continue.

Danny slid her forward so her belly was resting on the exam couch and paused just a moment to lean awkwardly and push her clothing off of her ankles. Once her legs were free, Gail immediately spread them and rubbed her heels against Danny’s bare buttocks.

Danny slammed his rod into her harder then, faster, and rocked her thighs against the edge of the table. The tempo of her moans told him she was about to cum, and his own burst of delight wasn’t going to wait much longer, either.

Gail screamed in pleasure, marveling at the arrival of a feeling she hadn’t had in years. A vaginal orgasm! Oh, yes, and here it was to claim her body, her mind, her very soul. Here it was along with the sudden burst of the young boy’s semen inside her body. Again, and again, the warm liquid squirted up into her as she felt a second orgasm rush in to replace the first.

Danny cried out when he came, a thin wail of delight. He pumped his rod into her even harder then, and, when he was through, he pressed against her buttocks and contracted his muscles in an effort to force any remaining cum out into her eager body.

Finally, he withdrew and sat heavily on the chair by the desk while Doctor Perkins remained laying on her stomach on the exam table, her skirt upturned over her back and her naked ass exposed. After a moment, she mumbled something and found the floor with her toes so that she could stand slowly and turn toward her “patient.”

“So that’s why your mom and sister like fucking you,” she said. A thin line of cum was visible about half way down the inside of her thigh until her skirt dropped back in place. “Jesus.” She pulled her desk chair over and sat staring at him.

“That’s one hell of an exam,” Danny said. “When’s my next appointment?”


Emily Porter sat at the table in her kitchen with a cup of coffee before while dinner finished cooking. It wasn’t anything fancy. Just a casserole. She was too nervous to have prepared anything more complex. It was pendik escort six-thirty, and Danny wasn’t home yet.

Had she been right about that doctor? When she brought up the subject of the Porter’s sex life, she’d seemed to have more than a medical or legal interest. A carnal look had definitely filled her calm eyes, a look of need. Now it appeared that what she needed was Emily’s son.

Emily wondered about her. She was a beautiful woman, with dark hair much like Emily’s neighbor and girlfriend, Patty . She wondered if the good doctor shaved her pussy, and if her nipples were small, like she was, or large. She wondered if her lips were as soft as they looked.

“You’re a fool,” she said aloud then. Sitting here growing wet thinking about the doctor who held their future in her hands, was dumb. Of course, worrying about Danny was equally unnecessary. He could handle himself.


Her son was, indeed, handling himself well. He had discovered that Gail Perkins’ nipples were small and pale, barely darker than the skin of the breasts that sat like half cantaloupes on her chest. She didn’t shave her dark haired pussy, but she did keep it bikini trimmed.

The two of them had sat looking silently at each other for a couple minutes before Danny said, “Take all of your clothes off.” As if on cue, his cock rose about half way and dropped over on his left leg. “I want to see you.”

She remained seated as she unbuttoned her blouse, smiling at the knowledge that there was more to come.

“Do you and your husband practice oral sex?” Danny asked, as he watched her discard her blouse atop her desk. “Do you go down on each other?”

“Not often enough,” she said. If she could get more oral foreplay, she might manage to cum when he fucked her, she thought now. Of course, she wasn’t big on sucking his cock, either. As a doctor, the thought of germs kept flooding her mind.

“Do you like it when he eats you out?”

“Oh, yes, certainly,” she said as she reached behind to unhook her bra.

“Do you like blowing him?” Danny smiled, loving her compact tits and the small nipples. “Do you swallow his cum?”

“No,” she said, blushing. “I, well, I really don’t much like sucking his penis. If we did it more often, I might come to like it.”

“But do you swallow?”

“What does that have to do with anything?” she asked. She stood then and unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor.

“I want to know what you’re going to do with my cum,” Danny said.

The very idea of putting his penis in her mouth while it was coated with both of their fluids was repugnant to her. At least, she thought it was. But if she was so distressed by the idea, why was her pussy tingling and her mouth going dry?

“You’ve got great tits and a very nice cunt,” Danny said. “A tight one.”

As she sat, he stood. He took a couple steps over so that he was standing by her side. “I know what you want,” he said. “And I bet you know what I want.”

“I bet I do,” she replied as she watched his hard cock bobbing just inches in front of her face. Their liquid had mostly dried to a white film, and his pubic hair was slicked with fluid that glistened in the harsh light of the room.

“I want to take your temperature,” Danny said. He held his cock and moved it over her cheek. “Be a good girl for your doctor, all right?”

“I, um,” she began, a protest forming in her mind. But her hand was grasping his cock as she stumbled for words, and she was turning her face toward his wonderful tool before even she knew it.

She kissed the head of his penis. It was a very chaste kiss. She kissed it again, taking most of it into her mouth and lapping her tongue over it. She was encouraged by a contented sound that escaped Danny’s lips, so she took him further into her mouth. Sucking. Rubbing her tongue over the veined surface.

Thoughts of germs faded as her ardor grew, and even the somewhat sour taste of their fluid didn’t deter her now. What she was doing was so against her nature that the thrill of it was almost unbearable.

She pumped his cock with determined strokes while sucking and licking him. He couldn’t expect her to do this until he came, could he? A second ejaculation always takes longer than the first. Of course, the dirty act she was performing on him as he stood stroking her hair was heating her up to the point of combustion. She slipped two fingers into her pussy and brought their combined juices out to lubricate her clitoris as she sucked the young man’s dick.

Danny would have loved to stay where he was until he came, but he had other plans. While she was sending jolts of joy through his cock, he reached over and tugged a couple latex gloves out of the box and then put them on. He had to lean a bit further to get the medical lubricant, moving his cock deeper into her mouth when he did.

His dick struck the back of Gail’s throat briefly, and she pulled back and sat staring at the wet, pink rod in her hand. She continued stoking it, watching the opening of his urethra move like a little mouth. She was afraid that he would cum on her face. Of course, like the vagina, this was an all purpose tool, and he could as easily urinate in her face as ejaculate. No, she told herself, he couldn’t pee because his cock was firm and she was keeping it excited.

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